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California Freelancers Suffer From Totally Predictable 'Unintended Consequences' of Gig Worker Protection Bill

Plus: Is there anything the upcoming spending bill doesn't contain? And more...


Vox Media is laying off hundreds of freelance writers and editors due to a new California law that was sold as a way to protect the state's contingent workforce. That law, AB5, was adopted in September. To comply, New York-based Vox Media would have had to reclassify many of the freelancers it uses for sports platform SB Nation as full-time staff.

Instead, the company decided to cancel the contracts of some 200 or so freelancers that now work for SB Nation. It will "replace them with 20 new part-time and full-time staffers," a "source familiar with the decision" told the Los Angeles Times.

AB5 "makes it impossible for us to continue with our current California team site structure because it restricts contractors from producing more than 35 written content 'submissions' per year," explained SB Nation's John Ness.

Vox Media's flagship publication, Vox, previously called the California legislation "a victory for workers everywhere."

A lot of folks are now describing freelancer firings as an "unintended consequence" of AB5. But this facet of the bill was well-known and discussed beforehand.

It's not an "unintended consequence" so much as one that folks who wanted to stick it to Uber and Lyft (or at least get press for pretending to stick it to Uber and Lyft) deemed an acceptable consequence.

Mainstream politicians and pundits love to cite "unintended consequences" when their preferred policies cause harm in the exact ways libertarians said they would. It's a brilliant way to get credit for trying to Do! Something! about a problem while absolving one's side of any blame for the negative consequences of that action.


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  1. Vox Media’s flagship publication, Vox, previously called the California legislation “a victory for workers everywhere.”


      1. Skip this while thread, Jeffmike shit all over it like it was a San Francisco sidewalk.

    1. A victory for some workers somewhere.

      1. Some workers are more equal than others.

    2. Who gives a fuck about Vox. They are an unsuccessful business model who only survives based on donations. It is why they are slanted to their donors, the left.

      1. Likewise, they are currently leading the charge on pro-censorship policies at FB, Twitter, YouTube, and elswhere. They can go fuck themselves.

        1. But no freelance fucking–only full time fucking with benefits.

      2. I don’t give a fuck about Vox. But the anti-liberty “gig worker” bill is evil nonetheless, and it’s interesting to see that the very champions of the bill were harmed by it.

        1. I find it hilarious that the industry that votes so vociferously for liberals in California are harmed by their own choice.

          1. Agreed, lots of schadenfreude here.

      3. According to Wikipedia, Vox Media is a private company, that has raised it’s money through investment firms.

        Still, I’m with you in that I don’t care about them, because of their bias and dishonesty. If the MSM was honest, it would be asking all the reporters who worked for Vox, how they felt about being fired (or keeping their job), and report it as the news it is. But somehow, I don’t think former/current Vox reporters want to answer the question. Someone could at least call up Alexia Fernández Campbell who wrote the article praising the CA legislation as a victory for workers everywhere, and ask her about the consequences and how it’s a victory for the net 180 people now without an income.

    3. Meh. Probably some freelancer wrote that.

    4. Fist is back from his “day off”.

      1. His one day gig as a freelance writer is over for some reason.

        1. Probably because he was too much of a smart-ass.

          1. Watching you run this boring ass sock is tiresome.

    5. Well, it’s not like the folks at SB Nation were actually working.

    6. Duh, Californians, do I have to tell you how to run your business to work around AB 5?

      Freelance journalists, ever hear of syndication? You think Popeye has “submissions” to publications? You produce your articles, put them on the Internet via license to Web publications. You’re not an employee, you’re selling a product. And you’ll be making more money because it’s instant advertising of the availability of your product to other potential licensees.

      Uber and Lyft, your drivers aren’t exempted because (see text of AB 5) they’re providing a business service to your customers rather than directly to you. So change your program for California. Do explicitly what you’ve been doing implicitly. Your drivers will pay you, the company, for the datum they want: the location and phone number of someone who wants a ride. Drivers, you call these people and negotiate a ride, including the price. What’s hard about this? You’re not working for Uber or Lyft at all, and they are not offering your services, you are.

      1. Duh, Californians, do I have to tell you how to run your business to work around AB 5?

        Smart ones? No. Vox writers? Yes.

      2. Fuck off Hihn.

    7. For the 20 that have a job it is great, for the 200 unemployed not so much.

    8. California is not doing it to “protect” the gig workers. They are doing so they can collect more payroll taxes. If the law results in 90% of gig workers losing their jobs the California legislature sees that as a good thing because they will collect payroll taxes on the remaining 10% who will become employees. It is always about the money…

      1. Nah, Mac. The reasoning is simple and explicit. This bill was pushed by the unions. Many progressives have drunk the koolaid and think that everyone wants to be in a union and it’s only evil corporations preventing them.

    9. I emailed the stupid cunt who wrote that article.

      She’s been laid off.


  2. It’s not an “unintended consequence” so much as one that folks who wanted to stick it to Uber and Lyft (or at least get press for pretending to stick it to Uber and Lyft) deemed an acceptable consequence.

    And now the coder labor market is going to be that much more competitive.

    1. Yet it’s still impossible to find a good COBOL programmer.

      1. We are easy to find.
        Look on park benches, beaches, libraries, cruise ships, and all the other place happily retired programmers sit and laugh at the current political situation.
        STOP RUN.

        1. Life is good knowing you cannot be replaced by a very small shell script.

          1. So your sock ass life is shitty then?

        2. He said good.

  3. A measure to raise the legal smoking age to 21 across the entire country has been tucked into the massive spending bill before Congress.

    Teen smokers are just a small percentage of those who get thrown under the omnibus.

    1. Opening black markets creates jobs!

  4. Only 63 percent of Americans in a new survey “said they would miss freedom of speech if that right was taken away.”

    Enjoying the freedom to be shortsighted.

    1. Went through two links on USA Today, and not one link to the actual study.

      1. Typical.

      2. I went to the poll site and it wasn’t there either.

        1. It was removed as hate speech.

      3. If you place the cursor on the link, it will show you it goes to USA Today, and you need not bother with the actual click – – – – –

    2. If I may speak freely, I have no interest in freedom of speech.

      Thank you very much.

    3. The Silent Majority is now a minority?

    4. That figure is terrifying, but I find it highly suspect. Either it’s worded strangely or there’s some selection or priming bias going on.

  5. Rudy Giuliani is saying the quiet parts out loud again.

    She was stealing office supplies.

    1. She pretty much straight out admitted that she believed she was above the president in deciding foreign policy. If I go into work and unironically tell my boss that he works for me, and then refuse to follow his orders, I’m gonna get fired too.

      Let’s not also forget that John Solomon has a Ukranian official claiming that she gave him a list of names the first time they met that the Ukrainians weren’t allowed to investigate. Names that included the folks involved in the Steele document

      1. It is illegal to put the elected president above deep state actors with their own agenda.

  6. “Only 63 percent of Americans in a new survey ‘said they would miss freedom of speech if that right was taken away.'”

    That’s encouraging. IMO the First Amendment goes too far if it protects the speech of alt-right white nationalist bigots who oppose Charles Koch’s immigration agenda.

    Let Reason contributor Noah Berlatsky explain: Is the First Amendment too broad? The case for regulating hate speech in America.


    1. Leave him wherever he is.


      1. Berlatsky the moron that is.

  7. Rudy Giuliani is saying the quiet parts out loud again.

    This is how you take one for the team.

    1. I mean, she’s a high ranking government official. I assume she’s corrupt just like I assume all the rest of them are, including Trump.

    2. So now it is a scandal for a political appointee from the previous administration to be fired? Or is this one of those “because Trump did it I should be outraged” type of things?

      1. Did you either view the tweet or watch the interview? Is this just another case of you reflexively needing to defend a bonehead play?

        1. I did both. But then again I understand what political powers the president has and he could have fired her for any reason.

          So again, my question stands.

          Or are you too dumb to understand what political appointees are? I can go through the long list of previous presidents who replaced political appointees if you wish. But my fear is that you are willingly ignorant on the matter.

          1. Ok, you’re just reflexively defending a bonehead play.

            1. Again sparky, why should I be outraged a president fired someone he had every right to fire for any reason he cared?

              I see you’re still going with willful ignorance.

              1. It’s not what Trump did, it’s what Rudy said. Although I’m not surprised that you don’t consider that to be boneheaded at all.

                1. Cry more about it bitch.

            2. By the way dumbass, is it still boneheaded if Giulliani actually ends up presenting evidence Yovanavich lied during her testimony about Shokins denial of his Visa? Would the motive be non corrupt in your view? Or are you stupidly sticking with everything Trump does is bad because reasons?

              1. Do you understand that pushing an issue that doesn’t need to be pushed because of dumb reasons is a bonehead play?

                1. Look at who you are talking to. A guy who spends several hours every day at a website where he doesn’t like the writing, and proudly doesn’t contribute money to the foundation that runs the website, so he can complain about the bias of the staff.

                  1. Apparently that’s the way rational people are.

                    1. Cry more.

                  2. You spend all day crying about him though “mike” so where does that put you on the totem pole.

                    By the way, forming a coalition with Sparky is stupid because Sparky is roundly mocked and knows it.

            3. What is boneheaded about firing an ambassador who won’t convey the current administrations wishes and policies? Not firing them is boneheaded

    3. Acquittal in the Senate is a foregone conclusion. And the impeachment will probably make Trump more popular than ever among his base. A discrete personal attorney would leave it at that, but Giuliani doesn’t do discrete.

      1. Discreet.

        I mean, Giuliani is also discrete, in that he’s clearly just one person clearly separated from others, rather than a Siamese twin. But you meant discreet.


        1. Thank you, PedantryBot7.4!

  8. “Since I introduced my legislation earlier this year to raise the minimum nationwide purchase age for tobacco products from 18 to 21, stories of vaping related illnesses and deaths — especially among young people — have stunned Kentucky and the nation,” McConnell said

    Sheesh, Mitch — then withdraw your legislation immediately!

    1. Fuck you Mitch, you know all of those stories are complete bullshit.

  9. “Vox Media is laying off hundreds of freelance writers”

    That’s too bad. But they’ll be alright as long as they keep Ezra Klein around to provide insights like It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician.


    1. ‘It’s time to admit Hilary Clinton is an extraordinarily corrupted politician.’

      1. “It’s time to admit Hilary Clinton is an extraordinarily repulsive individual.”

      2. Along with her bladder and her sphincter.

    2. Vox… where Matt Iglesias admits to lying to the American people to gaslight them, such as with the Tax Cuts.

      1. Nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success, but progressive groups did a really good job of convincing people that Trump raised their taxes when the facts say a clear majority got a tax cut.

        — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) April 8, 2019

        1. “High five!”

  10. By making it hard for employers to misclassify employees as independent contractors, potentially millions of California workers who’ve been kept off payrolls will get basic labor rights for the first time, like overtime pay and unemployment benefits. This includes janitors, construction workers, security guards, and hotel housekeepers — and yes, this group also includes Uber and Lyft drivers.

    Wait, who snuck freelance writers in there?

    1. That’s quite a string you had going there. Are you secretly fed the Roundup ahead of time? Or you’re just that good?

      1. Fuck. That was meant for FoE up thread.

        1. FoE hinted a few years ago that he’s part of the Reason staff; it’s why he’s (assuming it’s a dude) typically able to put up multiple posts on the Roundup articles before anyone else comments.

          If you can beat Fist on a Roundup post, take a screenshot, because it doesn’t happen very often.

          1. If you can beat Fist with a Roundup post, take a video.

          2. No shit?!

            Wow. I don’t know where I was when that happened, but that’s a big revelation to me!

        2. We know. No one has ever called Sparky “good” or anything approaching it.

  11. A measure to raise the legal smoking age to 21 across the entire country has been tucked into the massive spending bill before Congress. And that’s just the beginning…

    Also tucked into the bill is a measure requiring all future bills to be single-topic and at most three pages long, right? RIGHT?!

    1. That is correct. Also, using clever acronyms for bill titles is banned.

      1. The “Ban Asinine Names” act.

    1. Sadly they are mostly in D.C. and New York.

    1. A little pre-Festivus airing of grievances.

      1. Imagine ENB getting her ass kicked at the feats of strength on the Eiffel Tower.

    2. So, business as usual in France.

      1. Pretty much. I once heard some strikers complaining tjat the strike was too exhausting. I didn’t have the heart to tell them why I was laughing at them.

  12. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $61.9 billion

    This means he’s only up $2.47 billion this year. Clearly Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies are to blame for this pathetic rate of growth.


    1. He’ll be homeless in no time!

  13. SHOCK PHOTO: San Fran man defecates in grocery store aisle

    Not only can your driveway and walkway smell and get stained with actual shit but now your food can smell like shit.

    Way to go Commifornia!

    1. If that is not a metaphor for progressive government, nothing is.

      1. This isn’t the metaphor, this is the result:
        “SF mayor orders budget cuts as city takes on homelessness, mental illness”

        Screw the streets, the cops, and all the rest; we’re spending money providing free-bay-front housing for bums. And then wondering why we have so many.

    2. So, the People would not miss freedom of speech or religion, as long as they have the freedom to shit.

      1. Just don’t talk about it.

        1. Shit Club? Of course not, it’s the first rule.

      2. If you pose the question that way, well yes.

        1. Go away Jeffmike, he didnt ask for a pile of shit, he was, simply talking about one.

      3. freedom to shit

        Nice album name.

        1. +10

      4. Every time I fart, i am reminded how wonderful it is to be alive.

      5. Most of what they say is shit, so what’s the diff?

    1. Homelessness is a tragic but predictable consequence of the abysmal Drumpf economy.

      Fortunately we can solve this problem. The Koch / Reason agenda of unlimited, unrestricted immigration and no minimum wage will bring us out of the #DrumpfRecession.

  14. ‘Boy Meets World’ star Maitland Ward: I make more money doing porn

    Mickey Mouse is a lot kinder on that ass than porn is.

    1. “”Mickey Mouse is a lot kinder on that ass than porn is.””

      I guess you’ve never worked for Disney.

    2. Best pull quote: “If you talked to my younger, more virginal soap-opera self, I never would have seen this coming out of me.”

  15. What’s more dangerous.. circle game or targeted killings? If you said circle game you are correct.

    Neutral mike will be along shortly to yell local news story.

    1. Workplace violence.

      1. Does that one still work?!?

  16. Justice for Curtis Flowers

    If only Americans had some constitutional right to bail.

  17. Will just leave this here.

    “The argument, ‘Why don’t you just wait?’, amounts to this: Why don’t you just let him cheat in one more election?” Schiff

    By schiffs only definition, the impeachment is being done to boost democrat prospects… will he impeach himself?

    1. Well, he spent 3 years on “asking for help from foreign governments is treason”, despite having been caught on tape asking what he thought was the FSB for naked pictures of Trump…. So I’m gonna go with “no”.

    2. If you know hes gonna cheat… And you cant stop him. .. Why should YOU be in charge?

  18. Sanna Marin: Estonia apologises after minister mocks Finland PM

    Oh man. Estonia drops its Baltics on Finland PM.

  19. A lot of folks are now describing freelancer firings as an “unintended consequence” of AB5.

    I’m pretty sure there is an Iron Law about this…

    1. Any day now, after 2 years of predictions, the inflation signal will show an increase… then it will be Boehm’s time to gloat.

      1. Haha. Yeah. Boehm is just biding his time when the US economy does have a market correction.

        All Boehm’s predictions will finally come true!

    1. The trade gods will punish the wicked and reward the faithful. You just wait!!

      1. Krugman has spent 30 years always saying a recession is coming with every republican bill, only to gloat when the regular cycle shows a downturn. I think Boehm is auditioning.

  20. Congress debuts $1.37T spending deal that sidesteps border fight

    The impasse over border wall funding was solved this time with a trade-off. Money for the U.S.-Mexico barrier will stay static during the current fiscal year, at about $1.4 billion, rather than the president’s request for $8.6 billion. Budgets for the nation’s two immigration enforcement agencies — Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement — are also largely flat-lined.

    But the deal does not tie Trump’s hands in being able to shift cash from other pots of money, as he has done in trying to siphon more than $6 billion from military construction projects, a Treasury forfeiture fund and Pentagon counter-drug efforts. While the number of immigrants ICE can keep detained at any one time will stay the same under the measure, the compromise does not bar the administration from transferring money to increase that detention number if there is a surge in incoming undocumented immigrants.

    The wall funding also comes with fewer stipulations than before, giving the Trump administration more flexibility to continue building the structure in new areas if Congress keeps spending static next time by resorting to a stopgap spending bill.

    Haha. Trump 1000 Lefties 0

  21. GOP push to reform FISA gains momentum in wake of Horowitz report

    Uh-oh, Deep State. Time to try to coup other Republicans out of office.

  22. Democrats in dissension over all-white 2020 frontrunners

    “It’s hard to answer the question of, how did you go from Barack Obama to Donald Trump?”

    Lefties cannot honestly answer this question which is why the Democrat Party is losing national political power.

    1. What is the honest answer?

      1. ^^ My point.

        1. So, you are being coy about exactly what you meant by “cannot honestly answer this question”.

          1. Because they are unfamiliar with this thing “honesty”?

      2. HA HA! Still haven’t figured it out? LOL

  23. Flynn judge crushes hopes for tossing guilty plea, says ex-national security adviser waived constitutional rights

    Always demand a speedy jury trial. Its the only way to not get fucked by “waiving your constitutional rights” forever.

  24. Florida trucker arrested in Colorado cold case murder of woman, 21, nearly 40 years ago

    More attacks on the 4th Amendment.

    Once police have everyone’s DNA and biometric panels, ALL CRIME WILL BE SOLVED!

    1. Uh…. Somehow I don’t think that the “safe spaces” crowd is gonna be all that worried about that. Maybe shouting that having everyone’s DNA will allow police to solve crimes isn’t the best strategy right now.

      1. What me worry!?!

  25. he NYT is PISSED that there isn’t yet a Trump recession, and they’re gonna flog it until there is one!

    “A Recession Hasn’t Arrived (Yet). Here’s Where You’ll See It First.”

    I’m pretty sure the first sign would be the election of one of the D commies.

    1. Well, Krugman is ranting again about Trump’s economic failures.

      1. Will the markets EVER recover?
        (imagine weeping woman image)

      2. It amazes me how everything that gets published in the Times and the Post is just gas lighting to encourage the faithful.

        1. Remember when everyone’s 401-k was a 201-k?
          Mines a 601-k right about now.

  26. DHS issues warning after state allows illegals to get drivers licenses

    Wait, are drivers license for driver aptitude licensing or National ID cards?

    1. Yes

    2. Most states will have both types of cards, one just for driving and a national ID that allows you to travel by plane. Believe the new date is 2021.

      1. Number of scheduled passengers boarded by the global airline industry from 2004 to 2020

        More and more people are flying too. Perfect time to force people to give up more and more privacy.

    1. No… I definitely saw a story about this on CNN and I am sure that they said that the IG report proves that Trump is a liar and all the republicans are liars.

      Yeah, that was definitely the story… I think I saw the same thing on NBC’s Today show…. it debunks all of the republican claims.

      And I know they were being super-honest because they said that the IG report has some disturbing stuff about mistakes that were made.

      1. The IG said there was no political bias. Just ignore the people about to be indicted. They were just low level people who made some mistakes by not following procedure.

      2. Some people did some things.

  27. Opinion: Trump shakedowns are threatening two key U.S. alliances in Asia

    Trump shaking things up again….

    Japan caused the Korean divide by invading the sovereign nation and then letting the Russian Commies overrun their Kwantung Army in 1945. Of course Japan and South Korea need to assume the greatest role in their defense from Commies in China and North Korea.

    1. Acting in the nation’s interests is nothing but a shakedown. Words no longer have meaning to these people if they ever did

      1. That’s actually an interesting observation…. They latch on to whatever the fad is.

        Now we are calling ordinary diplomacy “bribery”, so it makes perfect sense to extend the metaphor everywhere.

        They do this with whatever the hot topic of the moment is… and if they run out of current memes, they always have their old standby of “Racist!”. Which explains why the “Racist” interjection so often pops up in completely orthagonal ways.

        1. All Trump is doing is saying that if these allies want our support, they have to give us something in return. And that has now become a “shakedown racket”.

  28. Battle of the Bulge

    The German commander, Generalleutnant (Lt. Gen.) Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, requested Bastogne’s surrender. When Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, acting commander of the 101st, was told of the Nazi demand to surrender, in frustration he responded, “Nuts!” After turning to other pressing issues, his staff reminded him that they should reply to the German demand. One officer, Lt. Col. Harry Kinnard, noted that McAuliffe’s initial reply would be “tough to beat.” Thus McAuliffe wrote on the paper, which was typed up and delivered to the Germans, the line he made famous and a morale booster to his troops: “NUTS!” That reply had to be explained, both to the Germans and to non-American Allies

  29. “Vox Media’s flagship publication, Vox, previously called the California legislation “a victory for workers everywhere.””

    And Krugman swore the markets would never recover!
    Hint: short proggy predictions; you can’t go wrong.

  30. Back in the summer I got down voted to hell on Reddit when I asked about the possible effects of AB5 on California’s large freelance economy. The film industry relies heavily on it. For the sake of the workers, I hope some companies figure out a loophole to avoid this stupid overreach.

    1. Move out of Commifornia.

      The movie industry has partly done that to survive.

    2. Duh, syndication! Did contractors forget this even existed?

  31. “Unintended consequeces” can translate into “we did not think it impact us, just those nasty people we do not like.” It is a consequence of letting your emotions drive what policies you support and not considering “what else does this change”?

    Unless they thought that they were unethical employers due to having freelancers and that they needed to be stopped by a law.

  32. “A lot of folks are now describing freelancer firings as an “unintended consequence” of AB5. But this facet of the bill was well-known and discussed beforehand.”

    Talking to people on the left about this stuff is like talking to anti-vaxers. It’s strange, too, because economic thinking is the same thinking that underlies evolution. It often appears to be the case that the left doesn’t really understand the underlying issues–only what’s fashionable. Because creationism isn’t fashionable, they think it’s stupid, but their own inability to comprehend basic economic concepts makes them dumber than creationists. Again, it’s just about fashion rather than anything like reasoning.

    The reason Reason is called that is because the way the real world works has a libertarian and capitalist bias, if we can just get people to reason, we’ve already won most of the battle. That’s still the case. The impact of this legislation on California’s workers, the ultimate effects of ObamaCare, the likely consequences of Chavez’s and Maduro’s actions in Venezuela, maybe people on the left always act if they’re surprised by these results because they are genuinely ignorant.

    1. No, real socialism has never been tried. Venezuela was close, but the imperialist Americans interfered and destroyed Chavez’s beautiful vision.

      It is known.

      1. Probably the fault of big banana.

        You will have to pry my banana toast from my cold, dead fingers.

      2. The problem is Maduro. He doesn’t really care about people.

        Barry Sanders and Liz Warren care about people, so this time it’ll be different.

        1. “Barry Sanders”

          Fucking ELECTRIFYING, no one better ever.

  33. One of Trump’s flaws is that he really cares what the press says about him.

    I’m reading elsewhere that McConnell wants to have a quick impeachment hearing with no calling of witnesses, etc. Just take an up or down vote and get it over with already. The resistance to this idea is apparently coming from Trump himself. He wants his day in the court of public opinion. He wants a full airing. He wants to be vindicated. He wants the Democrats to admit they were wrong, and he wants the news media to admit they were wrong, too.

    That will never happen, but, more importantly, it doesn’t matter.

    He can walk away from this with a huge win. The Democrats have embarrassed themselves tremendously. Do the smart thing, and let them shoot themselves in the foot by making moderate Democrats in the House take a vote. Get your revenge by seeing the Republicans take control of the House in 2020.

    I don’t think he’s capable of just letting this go–not even when it’s in his best interests to do so.

    1. I’ve seen those articles, too. I believe (maybe incorrectly) all his conversations with McConnell about this have been private and he hasn’t tweeted about it, so we shall see if the articles are true.

      Giuliani is certainly acting as if he does not want to let the Senate trial quietly acquit Trump.

    2. Two reasons he won’t let it go:

      1. This is why people love him.
      2. People are going to vote for him because otherwise socialism anyway.

    3. Eh, knowing Trump, it could just be a bunch of smoke and mirrors to keep the press squawking. He might be a drama queen, but he’s been cagey enough to act like a clown while McConnell fills the benches with his judicial nominees. When he says stuff like, “You know, maybe I will testify!” it’s a pretty good tell that he’s just shitposting to get a rise.

      We’ll see, but I suspect he’ll back off and let McConnell do his thing.

      1. McConnell could meet Trump half way and call Hunter Biden, or the ‘whistleblower,’ etc. to testify and when they squawk and refuse to appear then he calls the vote to end it.

        Otherwise the rules of tit for tat apply and the only way the Dems learn the error of their ways is for the Senate to go full tat.

    4. I suppose the way it could go is that the Senate trial wraps up quickly, but then Trump and Giuliani keep making accusations about the Bidens unofficially on Twitter.

    5. Addendum with new news:

      “WASHINGTON—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed requests from Democrats for new witnesses and documents in the expected Senate impeachment trial, saying it was the House’s responsibility to build the case to remove President Trump from office.

      “It is not the Senate’s job to leap into the breach and search desperately for ways to get to guilty,” said Mr. McConnell.

      The Kentucky Republican’s remarks, delivered on the Senate floor on Tuesday, came in response to a letter on Sunday from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), laying out his vision for the trial. Mr. Schumer requested the Senate subpoena four witnesses: acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney ; his deputy, Robert Blair; former national-security adviser John Bolton ; and Office of Management and Budget official Michael Duffey.”

      The President’s desire to draw out the impeachment proceedings in the Senate presumably dried up the moment Schumer sought to continue the witch hunt with more witnesses. In fact, that may have been Schumer’s intent–to head off a lengthy exoneration of the president exercise in the Senate. I don’t think the fact that it’s the week of Christmas should be lost on us, here. They’re doing this when as few Americans are paying attention to the news as possible. If the Republicans want to draw it out longer than that, Schumer apparently wants to make it as painful for the president as possible. And look at that list of witnesses Schumer wants!

      Everyone assumes Bolton wants to turn on the president because Trump is the polar opposite of Bolton on foreign policy (old school pragmatist vs. dyed-in the wool, pro-intervention neocon), but it’s also because Bolton is a slimy reptile. Bolton would lie to the Secretary of State and the American people if he thought it would make them support one of his interventions, and I wouldn’t put it past him to say anything and everything necessary to get rid of Trump–if it meant getting another neocon in the White House either.

      1. “ In fact, that may have been Schumer’s intent–to head off a lengthy exoneration of the president exercise in the Senate.”

        I think it is simpler than that. When Democrats are out campaigning or in town halls back home, they can use the denial of their witnesses in the Senate as a talking point. (Just as Republicans can point to House Democrats doing the same to them.)

        Plus, there was a non-zero probability McConnell would have said yes, but for McConnell to say yes he had to ask.

        1. I think it is simpler than that. When Democrats are out campaigning or in town halls back home, they can use the denial of their witnesses in the Senate as a talking point.

          Agreed – “please make this go away before we need Sanders or Warren on the campaign trail, and please make it go away in a manner we can complain about while we campaign.”

          1. Finding things about the other team to complain about seems to be the main activity in Washington, D.C.

      2. What is Pence’s neocon rating? I hear a lot about his very conservative views on domestic matters, but don’t know much about his foreign policy views.

        1. What is Pence’s neocon rating?

          He’s maybe not Bolton-level “we-must-be-everywhere-at-all-times,” but he’s certainly Neo-Con Adjacent.”

          1. Even Bolton has trouble maintaining Bolton level.

            I’ve seen the editorials fantasizing about enough Republican Senators having a secret grudge against Trump for him to be removing from office, but I wonder how many Republican Senators secretly wish Pence were President.

      3. The US Senate makes their own rules. As in the majority of Senators make the rules. Schumer is not in that majority.

        I think based on the letter Trump sent to Congress about the impeachment, Trump and McConnell might go forward with a short Senate trial.

        Call Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Comey, McCabe and get their statements locked into a record under oath.

        Since they wont appear, acquit Trump on that note.

        1. …and subpoena Barack Obama and Hillary.

  34. “freelance” and “under contract” aren’t polar?

  35. I had to take my bro-in-law to the VA clinic this morning for a blood draw, 3 hour wait for a 5 minute procedure, and while I’m there, I see a Forbes sitting there and I start looking. It’s been years since I had seen one, I had a subscription 20 years or so ago when they jumped the shark on the e-commerce shit and fired the one lone columnist they had that persisted in claiming the internet stock bubble was a bubble because it was absolutely insane to think companies like Webvan and were worth billions of dollars. When they published the “things have fundamentally changed and history doesn’t matter anymore” column, I realized they were on drugs and making no sense and I canceled my subscription.

    So anyway, November 30, 2019, Forbes is officially insane – their lead editorial is on “Reimaging Capitalism” wherein they announce a partnership with Just Capital and Global Citizen to redefine capitalism not in terms of making money but in terms of social responsibility.
    Corporate accountability is the heart of this “stakeholder capitalism”. Philanthropy and “giving back” are the goals, there’s nothing worse than building up a big pile of money and then leaving it for your kids, that’s just wrong. “Inclusivity” too, of course. They issued a “please sir may I have another” whimpering mea culpa for a previous feature on top innovators and only later realized – much to their horror and embarrassment – that there weren’t the correct number of women on the list. Their take-away is that free-market capitalism did a lot of good for its time, but now its time to move beyond that into the brave new post-capitalist future. Jesus wept, and so did I. I mean, when the slogan of your magazine used to be “Capitalist Tool” and now you’re full-throated SJW? That’s got to be mentioned somewhere in Revelations as a sign of the End Times.

    1. Although, on the up-side, they’re starting to push back against climate alarmism from a ‘non-skeptic’ perspective, so there’s that.

    2. I will consider singing up for their reimagined capitalism right after I see a successful demo of a good replicator powered by an anti-matter reaction contained by dilithium crystals.

      1. Signing… Food replicator… Thank you, iOS auto correction.

    1. Hey, Portland, hold my beer…

  36. it restricts contractors from producing more than 35 written content ‘submissions’ per year,

    Up next – Reason commenters who post more than 35 times per day have to be hired as Editors.

  37. Trump just published a letter addressed to Pelosi denouncing the impeachment proceedings in the House.

    It’s scorched earth stuff. He’ll be lambasted for the letter in the media, but you don’t need the media to read their favorite parts to you. You can read it for yourself here:

    1. I think my favorite part is when Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of having Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      LO fuckin’ L.

    2. Ugh. Double spaces with proportional fonts. OK, I’ll try to overlook it, and read the actual words.

      1. Just a tad rant-y.

    3. +10000000000000

      MAGA Trump!!!

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  39. It’s not necessarily “end times” stuff, it’s just another example of the political/social realignment that’s taken place. Forbes always saw capitalism as an end in and of itself, and their view fits far better on the globalist end of the current political spectrum than the nationalist one.

    Their adoption of the social justice mantle makes perfect sense in this regard, as global corporations adopt these platforms in order to gain positive press from the center-left media complex as a means of promoting their brand. Just look at Chik-fil-a, which dumped a bunch of “problematic” organizations from its charity list after a former Obama/Hillary donor, Rodney Bullard, took over as the Newspeak “Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

    1. That was meant as a response to Jerryskids above.

  40. How do you ‘lay off’ a freelancer? Isn’t the definition of freelance work a state of perpetually being hired and fired?

    1. Tomorrow I’m laying off my barber. At least until I need another haircut.

  41. HA HA HA DUMB FAGGOTS. How you like that faggots?

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  43. So the progressives bough the goods that the politicians were selling! Now that they have found out the politicians were lying to them what are they doing?

  44. It’s ironic that Vox Media freelancers are suffering from something that Vox is in favor of. But has anyone learned a lesson from this? I doubt it.

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