Civil Liberties

Democrats Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Threaten Journalists

Sen. Richard Blumenthal would give journalists special federal protections that they don't need.


Following reports that a violent parody video depicting President Trump murdering a bunch of journalists was shown at a pro-Trump conference over the weekend, Democrats are calling on Congress to make it a federal crime to threaten or attack members of the media.

To that end, they are revisiting the Journalist Protection Act, which was announced last year.

"I offered this bill last session, before any of these videos surfaced," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.) in a recent interview. "It is a priority for me to protect news gathering operations, no matter what their form."

Blumenthal explained that the proposed bill would address "the continuing threat of physical violence, whether by guns or other means," against members of the press. His bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Bob Menendez (D–N.J.), and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–Calif.) has sponsored the House version.

The Journalist Protection Act is a bad idea, for a number of reasons.

First, it should be noted that the anti-media sentiment expressed in the Trump parody video is protected speech. It's vile and offensive, but clearly satire—not a true threat of violence against anyone. The person who digitally transformed the infamous church shootout scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service into a Trumpian Battle Royale is protected by the First Amendment, and any attempt to criminalize such expression would be unlikely to survive judicial scrutiny.

The House version of the bill doesn't actually attempt to criminalize mere threats. Instead, it establishes "journalist" as a protected class, and defines the category very broadly as "anyone engaging in regular gathering, preparation, collection, photographing, recording, writing, editing, reporting, or publishing concerning a local, national, or international event or other matter of public interest." Causing bodily injury to a journalist carries a penalty of three to six years in prison.

Journalists don't need a new law to protect them from violence, though. Needless to say, it is already illegal to cause bodily injury to another person. At best, creating an additional law at the federal level is pointless. In reality, such a law could have the effect of infringing upon the civil liberties of people accused of violence. When something is criminalized at both the state and federal level, or criminalized on several different grounds, prosecutors have additional opportunities to bring charges. In practice, additional charges often give defendants little option but to plead guilty in exchange for a deal: The authorities simply have too many chances to convict them.

When I testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights at a briefing on hate crimes, Commissioner Gail Heriot (a contributor to the Volokh Conspiracy) expressed concern that federal hate crime laws violated the principle of double jeopardy—a person should not be tried twice for the same crime—since they give federal authorities a rationale for pursuing additional charges against a defendant. This could easily be the case with the Journalist Protection Act as well: A defendant could face state charges for assault, and federal charges for assault against a journalist, specifically.

Journalists do important work, and Trump's denigration of the entire "fake news" media as an "enemy of the people" is cartoonishly wrong. But journalists neither need nor deserve special legal protections. Keep in mind that the First Amendment, the most important legal protection of the kind of work that journalists do, does not specifically give these rights to a class of people known as journalists: It prevents the government from violating anyone's rights.

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  1. I wonder if someone asked the Senator, “You mean, like Andy Ngo?”

    1. Well, since he supports wrong think he had it coming to him, so no it wouldn’t protect him.
      I’m ashamed that I have to point out this is sarcasm.

      1. “I’m ashamed that I have to point out this is sarcasm.”

        Never tell them if it is sarcasm or not.
        Maybe the ones who can’t tell will have a heart attack, and thereby reduce global climate warming change.

    2. “Andy Ngo isn’t a real journalist”

      That’s the answer you’d get.

      1. And that right there is the truly insidious nature of this bill. It would essentially lead to politicians finally getting to decide who is and who is not a journalist, because without that critical categorization, this law is useless. Moreover, once you have the “battles” over that argument, then the floodgates will be open about giving other “privileges” to “journalists” and denying people (under penalty of law) the ability to do their own damn “journalism”

      2. What about James Rosen? SHARYL ATKISSON?

    3. Or all those people busted by cops for recording their encounters. They’d be journalists, right? What happens when a politically immune class runs up against a legally protected class, hmmm?

    4. Alex Jones, anybody?

    5. That’s the rub–this won’t apply to Antifa, because they are the Dems’ shock troops, at least in Pacific Northwest.

      Here’s hoping the dude that got pasted by an SUV in Portland the other night is just the beginning.

  2. Two alternate headlines that would be more accurate:

    Democrats Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Threaten Democrats

    Journalists Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Threaten Democrats

    1. Democrats want to make cartoons a federal crime.

  3. Blumenthal, you’re trying to hard. You have a D after your name. You already have them on your side.

    1. Maybe he’s just providing fan service.

      Or – and I’m sure this isn’t true at all, or only like a one percent chance of being true – there’s something about himself he doesn’t want the media to report, so getting on their good side will help encourage them to focus on his good side.

      1. LOL – As if. Blumenthal ain’t worried about nothin’, that badass motherfucker fought and *died* in Vietnam for your freedoms, son. He’s proven himself and his valor and don’t you forget it.

        1. If he’s back from the grave, that would make him some kind of zombie.

          But zombies *like* brains.

    2. If Journalists be with us, who be against us?

      1. I am.

  4. What if we all become journalists?
    As of this moment I am a journalist.
    Seeing as I don’t need classes, a license, a permit, or anything to certify it I assume my title is legit.

    1. You might want to change your handle, though. Not that you have to be literate if you’re a TV journalist.

      1. You’re being ableist. I have made it through life using voice to text and remembering logos.

      2. Given some “interpretations” of text that make it into articles, like say ones talking about the Mueller report, I would argue that you apparently don’t need to be literate if you’re a journalist in any media.

    2. What if one journalist attacks another.

      1. Lay back and enjoy it?

      2. Need to know their political affiliations before answering.

        1. Mainstream left and extreme left.

          1. Tomato tomato

      3. First one to report on it wins. If no one reports then it didn’t happen.

    3. That was, after all, one of the rationales behind the Citizen’s United decision.

      “Who is the Press?” The only viable answer is “Anyone who wishes to be”.

  5. Journalists do important work, and Trump’s denigration of the entire “fake news” media as an “enemy of the people” is cartoonishly wrong.

    I blame both sides. 50% Trump, 50% cartoonishly fake news media.

  6. Because giving certain people extra legal protections based on their caste, er professional classification is such a progressive notion.

    1. It is.
      It very much is.

    2. Correct.

      And it’s about time you dirty proles learned that!

  7. Can we the American people please get protection from Progtard Older Senators [we can shorten this to POS, if desired]? Lord knows, we need it. 🙂

    Journalists do not need special protection; this smacks of Animal Farm mentality.

    1. as King James said you have the right but there are consequences, and the media is seeing the consequences of their fake news.

    2. All journalists are equal, but democrat shills are more equal.

  8. How about we make it a federal crime to publish, speak, or spread by any means anything that could be construed as “news” unless it has two or more named, reliable, verifiable, sources; NOT including other “media”?

  9. Seditious Coup Deserves Stiffer Penalties For Democrat Resistance Party Media Partners

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          1. This is the most informative thing to hit reason in weeks.

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    3. No preview emoji?

    4. I find it telling that the Bitcoin sign is one of the few that works.

  11. (D) wants qualified immunity for the Information Police der.

  12. Well, you wouldn’t have this problem if you didn’t have a free press in this country.
    If we were smart, we would have just have one State controlled news outlet like those wise and foresighted socialists in the former USSR had.
    You never seen any of those journalist working for Pravda get threatened now did you?

  13. ah yes, because everyone knows that peasants love it when the despised nobility gets even MORE privileges to set them aside from the groundlings.

    1. I find it fascinating (terrifying) how in 21st century America the Estates General, Fourth Estate and the Committee of Public Safety are the same thing.

  14. Blumenthal explained that the proposed bill would address “the continuing threat of physical violence, whether by guns or other means,” against members of the press. His bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Bob Menendez (D–N.J.), and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–Calif.) has sponsored the House version.

    Swalwell certainly knows about threats of physical violence, whether by guns or other means.

  15. Keep in mind that the First Amendment, the most important legal protection of the kind of work that journalists do, does not specifically give these rights to a class of people known as journalists: It prevents the government from violating anyone’s rights.

    Damn – my respect for Blondie here just shot up a hundred-fold, he seems to understand that freedom of the press is just an extension of freedom of speech, a right to broadcast your message.

    1. It’s an act. As soon as someone mentions libel, Robbie will fall back on his years of constitutional journalism to explain how misinforming people is and should be a crime unless you misinform lots of people unwittingly as a journalist; that fraud is a narrow crime and unprotected free speech but slander and defamation are different because the victims tend to be more high-profile and the audience is bigger.

  16. Would this have saved Jerry Wolkowicz?

  17. Oh, look! Another Democrat Senator wants the Congress to pass a law that defines “journalist”. I’m positive that they won’t use that to say that only journalists by the federal definition are covered by “Freedom of the Press”.

  18. This is state, not a federal issue. All federal laws and regulations should be eliminated, except for treason, piracy, and counterfeiting.

  19. So would the good Senators in their infinite wisdom extend their protections to people wearing MAGA hats?

    1. Why would a communist sympathizer journalist be wearing a MAGA hat?

      Wait a sec, I may have that backwards.

    2. But you don’t understand, Sstocky, that’s different. MAGA hat wearers are racist something-something, not real people like journalists are.

      Do you know how offended Shikha feels when people have the nerve to point out that she’s lying, when she’s lying?
      Or how uncomfortable Suderman feels when people compare his unhinged TDS clickbait against his wife’s columns?
      What about when Welch reads criticism and has a sad?

      The fact is that journalists are more noble than you or me, and need to be protected against the evils of legitimate criticism.

  20. “Democrats Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Threaten Journalists”

    So….workers at CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC are safe because they’re not journalists.

  21. I wonder how those in favor of this would also feel about making it a federal crime to attack someone for wearing a MAGA hat? Who wants to hazard a guess at what they’d say?

    1. Well, that’s… um… different…. somehow.

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  23. I will agree that journalists don’t need special protection from violence or threats of violence, as a class, if we can all agree that police officers don’t need it, either.

    1. That’s preposterous. How many journalists have been randomly murdered juts for being journalists? Ever? It happens to cops (for whom I have no soft spot in my heart) occasionally for real, not in your vivid imagination.

      1. See, but killing cops is already illegal. You don’t need to make it extra-illegal, do you?

        Same arguments apply against cop-killer statutes as apply to journalist-killer ones.

  24. So why aren’t the Democrats calling for imprisonment of Kathy Griffin? It’s pretty much the same thing, although threatening the President is an actual crime right now.

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