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The National Association of Scholars is sponsoring a conference this upcoming weekend at Chapman University in Orange County, California on "disgrace as a tactic of the progressive left, and the real disgrace that falls on colleges and universities that countenance such tactics."

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The Department of Education's Obama-Era Initiative on Racial Disparities in School Discipline: Wrong for Students and Teachers, Wrong on the Law (Part 2)

The Obama Administration took the position that Title VI regulations issued in 1966 turned a statute that prohibits intentional discrimination only into one that presumptively prohibits actions that have a disparate impact based on race, color or national origin. If so, that's an extraordinary extension of the statute. Too extraordinary, given that everything or nearly everything has a disparate impact on some protected group.

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UC Davis Law School Commencement 1978: California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk's Finest Hour

Students were enraged over his opinion for the California Supreme Court holding race-preferential admissions unconstitutional in Bakke v. University of California Regents. They demanded that he withdraw as Commencement speaker. He refused. "Judges," he told them, "cannot be intimidated," and "Lawsuits are won and lost in the courtrooms, not in the streets."

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