Prison Guards Are '#FeelingCute' About Threatening To Assault Inmates for No Reason

"Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today, IDK."


Regular Reason readers know that we're regular critics of police activity on social media. It's not that we want to censor them, it's just that their attempts to be witty or brag about confiscating a bit of weed and a $2 bill usually fall flat.

There's a big difference, though, between posting a cringeworthy joke and actually threatening to use your power to hurt people for no reason. It's the latter that's sparked multiple investigations in law enforcement agencies around the country.

It all started with the #FeelingCute challenge, a social media craze in which users post selfies of themselves suggesting something they may—or may not—do later. I suppose it can be funny, if you're into that sort of thing.

Apparently, the viral challenge was particularly popular among members of a (now-private) Facebook group called Correctional Officer Life. But the actions some of the group's nearly 30,000 members claimed to be considering can only be described as cruel.

"Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today, IDK," one user posted, along with a selfie of what appeared to be the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) employee, according to the Houston Chronicle's Keri Blakinger. A photo of a different person in TDCJ uniform included the caption: "#feelingcute my gas the whole wing later."

"Gassing" is a prison slang term referring to when inmates throw human waste products at guards or fellow inmates. The posts from alleged TDCJ employees could be suggesting that they be the ones to throw feces or urine at inmates.

"The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is aware of the so-called feel cute challenge currently on social media," TDCJ communications director Jeremy Desel told the Chronicle. "A handful of correctional officers employed by this agency are under investigation for on and off-duty conduct violations as a result of the alleged posting of inappropriate photographs on social media."

"If any of these allegations prove correct then swift disciplinary action as severe as termination of involved employees will occur," an agency spokesperson added to

It's not just Texas. A woman who identifies herself on Facebook as a correctional officer at Wheeler Correctional facility in Georgia wrote: "Feeling cute; might put your baby daddy in the shower for 6 hours, since we aint got no beds in Seg. But I don't know yet."

Another alleged Wheeler employee wrote: "Feeling cute, might shoot your baby daddy today…Idk," according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"The alleged actions of these individuals do not reflect the conduct expected of any GDC employee, and will not be tolerated," Georgia Department of Corrections spokesperson Joan Heath told the newspaper.

Another user, who KOMU identified as a corrections officer in Jefferson City, Missouri, wrote: "Feeling Cute. Might take your homeboy to the hole later." Missouri Department of Corrections Director Karen Pojmann told the outlet that prison employees "are expected to help ensure that interactions with offenders and fellow employees are professional and respectful."

The police accountability website America's Police Problem took screenshots of many of the posts. Some of the more noteworthy examples can be seen below:

  • "Feeling cute, may find drugs on your Baby Mama that 'isn't hers' later but idk yet."
  • "Feeling cute: might take your baby daddy to the box later."
  • "#feelingcute might take the hot pots and TV cords out the dorms today idk."
  • "Feeling kinda cute, might take your BM to the hole tonight."
  • "#feelingcute might just tase your gf later! It's an electrifying experience!"
  • "Feeling kinda Cute Tonight!!! Might search your boyfriend Cell and Mess it up!!! Idk yet still thinking."

The best way to read these posts would be as jokes that are in very, very poor taste. The problem is, there's no guarantee they're just jokes.

Abuse of inmates in prisons and jails around the country is a very real problem. Reason has documented egregious cases from Texas and Georgia, for instance, where inmates died after spending months in jail because they couldn't afford to make bail. (The Marshall Project also has a useful page linking to stories about inmate deaths nationwide.)

There's no evidence any of the corrections officers who posted about mistreating inmates actually did so. But it leaves a bad taste when prison guards joke about it, given how often it ends up happening and how little accountability there is when it does.

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21 responses to “Prison Guards Are '#FeelingCute' About Threatening To Assault Inmates for No Reason

  1. …there’s no guarantee they’re just jokes.

    No, but I’m sure they are. The problem with them is that there’s a basis in truth, that the prison system is big business for all involved and have about as much accountability as law enforcement. That breeds the kind of abuse jested about here.

    1. It could be argued that prison cells have bars to protect the inmates from the guards.

      1. It could… if you forgot who has the keys and weapons.

  2. It really is very simple. “Joke” or not, many of those “feeling cute” are threats of violence. If we take threats seriously, people will stop treating them as jokes. And then we don’t have to wonder whether a threat is a joke or not.

  3. When I’m god-emperor, on days I”m “feeling cute,” don’t be a pig in a uniform.

  4. COTDAMMIT, 2, TWO Fcvking stories above this one, this magazine is standing up for the right of criminal rappers to threaten to have police officers, by name, murdered in their homes.

    So is it the hashtag that ruffles you so? Because SPECIFIC threats of MURDER seem to be an OK form of constitutionally protected artistic expression. Or so says Reason when the crosshairs are on the blue foot

  5. #FeelingCute, might log off, get in some random cop’s face and tell him he isn’t going to infringe on my constituational rights. Maybe not, IDK yet.

    1. What an odd suicide note.

  6. ‘“If any of these allegations prove correct then swift disciplinary action as severe as termination of involved employees will occur,” an agency spokesperson added to’

    That just sets the upper limit of the possible disciplinary actions. I smell paid vacatio….er, I mean suspensions all around.

  7. #FeelingCute – might stick a pig in a woodchipper, might be headfirst, might be feetfirst, idk yet.

  8. I guess it’s just me but some of those are funny. People letting off work stress. So what.

    1. Maybe then, its the ‘job’ that’s the a societal problem…if ‘work stress’ moves you to maiming and killing people that are ‘wards of the state’ then maybe you ought to do us a favor and blow your brains out. Anyone who jumps to a pig’s defense deserves the same as them, a trip to the gallows; then they can all jerk each other off in Hell.

  9. “might take your BM to the hole tonight”


    1. “baby mama”

  10. Glad to see along with Reason’s skew leftward they have lost their sense of humor like all of the MSM scolds.

    People with hard jobs have a dark sense of humor.

    Keep in mind these are the people whose 9-5 involves keeping murderers, rapists and other assorted scumbags from assaulting your family members.

    A few years on that job and be happy all they have is an inappropriate sense of humor.

    1. I hope Satan unleashes a hellhound to brutally rape your wife.

      lol look at me!

      My job is hard! It’s okay!

  11. We must get rid of private prisons, because this sort of thing would never happen in a public prison.

  12. In other words, the police spoke like people in a no snitch neighborhood normally speak. Some people cannot take a hint, because they are rarely involved in criminal activity.

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  14. Wow. What a bunch of old women scolds.

  15. “Prison guards have crass humor. “

    No shit.

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