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Marine Le Pen
Panoramic/ZUMA Press/Newscom

French prosecutors have asked a magistrate to charge National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen with "circulating violent pictures liable to be seen by children" for tweeting images of atrocities committed by the Islamic State. Le Pen has already been stripped of her parliamentary immunity against being prosecuted.

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  1. Doesn't she know that ISIS has a right to be forgotten?

    1. Well played!

    2. In the dust bin of history. Like the Vichy government ?

      1. Vichy and the Nazis tried like hell to make sure history forgot about the Jews. Was that not right? Were they not just ahead of their time?

  2. Interesting how these things are global phenomena. Trump and Le Pen have been lumped together in the populist/nationalist bucket and derided by the world press as being similarly given to Nazi tendencies...

    Yet in both countries it is their political enemies that use the power of the state to attempt to silence their voices.

    Perhaps this "projection" idea really is a thing?

    1. I don't know a bunch about French politics but:

      National Rally (French: Rassemblement national; RN), until June 2018 known as the National Front
      The party maintains that the nation is concrete (that is, a reality) rather than an abstraction; such point of view is in direct opposition to the French Revolution itself and its legacy. One of the primary progenitors of the party was the Action Fran?aise, founded at the end of the 19th century, and its descendants in the Restauration Nationale, a pro-monarchy group that supports the claim of the Count of Paris to the French throne

      These people literally are so Right-wing that they want the French Monarchy back.

      Left-Wing are Socialists and Nazis and Communists.

      Trump is surprisingly Libertarian-ish, which is Centrist.

      1. "...Restauration Nationale..."???

        I thought that they simply want to nationalize all restaurants!!!

        The French language is very strange!!!

        1. "I thought that they simply want to nationalize all restaurants!!!"

          Well, that too - - - -

      2. And yet in both countries it is their enemies that are using the power of the state to silence them. Odd that.

        Oh, and Libertarian is only centrist if you deem "not socialist" and "not pro-military social conservative" as centrist. You could just as easily argue that Libertarians are farther left on social issues than the left, and farther right on fiscal issues than the right. Which I do, frequently.

        When my proggie friends try to pigeon hole me as a conservative, I challenge them that I am way, way more liberal than they are - and proceed to trot out social issues on which my politics are way more "out there" than they would be willing to accept. The same goes for my conservative friends when they want to paint me as a leftist - I trot out a ton of fiscal issues on which they are way, way to profligate for my tastes. Although that one can be a little trickier. Some conservatives have reservations about Social Security, so pointing out that it is an unconstitutional ponzi scheme doesn't always work.

        In any event, one thing professing libertarian views is always guaranteed to do is to put you into the kooky-oddball basket. Nobody views libertarians as being "middle of the road"

        1. Good point

        2. On a Left-Right political Spectrum:

          Left- Communism, Socialism, Nazis, Democrats

          Centrist- Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism (maximum Liberty and freedom is Centrist since authoritarianism is Right and Left-wings)

          Right- Conservatives, Monarchs, Theocracies

          1. Left?right political spectrum

            Most of the images of the L-R Political Spectrum have Nazis on the Right to keep the National Socialists away from spoiling Socialism.

            1. Political spectrum

              At least on this 2-axis political chart, communitarianism is the opposite of individualism (unlike Nolan chart). Nolan has Libertarianism as the opposite of authoritarianism. Libertarians are okay with tiny and limited government.

          2. Andrew Melechinsky's spectrum went from anarchism on the left to constitutionally limited liberal gov't in the middle, then fascism followed by socialism & communism on the right. Or maybe I have L & R reversed; arbitrary anyway. As LaRouche said, the seating arrangements in revolutionary France did not freeze political discourse for all time.

        3. And yet, 40 yrs. ago the Kochtopus tried w 1 or 2 tentacles to paint libertarianism as just that: MOR. That was what Inquiry magazine was about, it was a theme of "Byline" radio commentaries from CATO, & it was the posture of various commentators therein such as Nicholas von Hoffman.

  3. Does the Louvre keep all the paintings of martyred saints in the "adults only" section? Does Notre Dame keep the crucifix behind a curtain? Are mentions of Holocaust museums verboten in Paree? Or is it just The Religion of Peace that you're not allowed to malign by reporting the news?

    1. Yes, portraying the suffering and crucified Christ on the cross is "circulating violent pictures liable to be seen by children".

      According to WHO do you think killed Jesus... Jews, Romans (Italians), space aliens, yada-yada...

      To portray the crucified Christ is obviously traumatizing the children, AND maligning the peaceful Jews, Romans (Italians), space aliens, yada-yada!!!!

  4. Libert?, ?galit?, fraternit?
    - Maximilien Robespierre, 1790
    Antoine-Fran?ois Momoro

    1. Liberty, equality, fraternity: pick any two (or sometimes only one).

    2. Universit?, sororit?, fraternit

  5. So it is a crime to post publicly available pictures of ISIS as a counterpoint to people who accused you of being as bad as ISIS? What is our world coming to?

    Is anyone else reminded of the movie Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind? In one scene, the ladies of the town thought Scarlett was having an affair, but were scandalized at the retort that Scarlett stated that she was alone with the man for less than 5 minutes, not long enough to take off her corsets. They were able to throw accusations, but mere discussion of the act itself was considered so scandalous that her defense was itself a crime.

    1. Yes, your analogy fits!

      French truth-speaker: "Way-way too many Islamic folks are arrogant, pushy, violent jerks."

      French speaker of political correctness: "You can't say that, you're being intolerant. You criminal!"

      French truth-speaker: "Here are photos of Islamic folks being arrogant, pushy, violent jerks."

      French speaker of political correctness: "More intolerance! You criminal!"

      1. That's not really how it happened. The incident as I understand it was that someone told Le Pen that she was as bad as ISIS. In response, she tweeted back several pictures of atrocities saying "This is ISIS. This is what you are accusing me of". It's not letting me post the link, but here's the article from a French news source concerning the incident.

        France 24 - French prosecutors want Le Pen tried over tweet

        That's even worse than what you initially thought.


          Take https:// and strip out the "S" to create http://w... And then will auto-shorten it for you...

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