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French tax authories say they are going to start searching social media to ID possible tax cheats. They "will be able to see that if you have numerous pictures of yourself with a luxury car while you don't have the means to own one, then maybe your cousin or your girlfriend has lent it to you… or maybe not," said Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin.

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  2. I'm not really seeing a Brickbat here - the whole point of social media is to broadcast stuff, it's hardly a privacy issue. And if you're broadcasting a brag about your bling, don't be surprised if it gets the attention of some bad people who'd like to get their hands on some of it. You're obviously an idiot, you're an easy mark. If you're lucky, it's just the tax authorities showing up to make sure they get a cut of the loot and not some guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty who want it all and also want to impregnate some young white girl before they leave.

    1. Good reading, but did you have to throw in the porn bit about impregnating the white girl.

      1. Yeah, c'mon man. D-Money et al didn't get to where they are today by carelessly leaving DNA evidence like that. Besides, if the white girl wants to be impregnated then that is an entirely separate arrangement from whatever they are appropriating from said fool.

  3. Umm, so the government doesn't have access to car registrations? If someone owns a luxury car they intend to drive, I'm pretty sure they'll have it registered with government.

    This sounds like a particularly lame excuse for generalized snooping about what people might be sharing with their friends online. The French government is probably trying to find out who might be criticizing the Prophet or something.

  4. The alt text "luxury car" helped me tremendously. I didn't even notice the cars in the photo at first.

    1. Absolutely! I would borrow her car and drive her anywhere she wanted to go.
      I have a little game I play with Reason photos. Are they picked at random, picked by a bot that was written by a low bidder, or selected carefully by someone with a twisted sense of humor?

      1. I believe they are all picked by ENB to be as sexy as possible, while The Jacket looks up from his desk now and then to say "would", or "did, just last week actually", while nonchalantly lighting a cigar. Rico tries to join in but nobody's buying it.

    2. You are both obviously binary cis gendered shit lords; glad to know you.

      1. Relax, man. It's just an alternative life style.
        You are required to embrace it.

  5. If you have enough money for an instagram account then you have enough money to make sure every other Frenchman has the month of August off.

  6. Frankly, if you're a Frog the only auto you should selfie with is a burning Citro?n.

    1. Vive le France!!

  7. Maybe they are looking for evidence of a mistress someone cannot afford by their reported income.

  8. Wait, what? Taxpayers in the socialist paradise don't willingly line up to pay the massive taxes due to their fellow participants?
    Say it ain't so!

  9. Hilarious! I dont own a Lamborghini but rent one in Nevada to experience it.

    1. So just don't post it to social media and then move to France.

  10. "will be able to see that if you have numerous pictures of yourself with a luxury car while you don't have the means to own one, then maybe your cousin or your girlfriend has lent it to you... or maybe not," said Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin.

    This is the liberal West for you.

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