Don't Call 911 About Weed, Say Helpful Toronto Cops

...with a little help from "Distracted Boyfriend" guy.



Toronto's cops would like to make a public service announcement: Don't bother us if you think your neighbor is growing or using marijuana.

As of Wednesday, Canada has legalized weed on the national level. That same day, the province of Ontario (where Toronto is located) passed a bill permitting people to light up in many public places. Ontario residents ages 19 and higher can carry up to 30 grams of pot in public. And they can grow as many as four plants in the privacy of their own homes.

So the Toronto Police Service doesn't want to get any 911 calls about people legally smoking or growing marijuana. To make sure people got the message, the cops enlisted the help of the guy from the distracted boyfriend meme:

The distracted boyfriend doesn't show up in these, but they're pretty funny too:

These aren't just entertaining. They represent a positive change: cops acknowledging that pot isn't worth their attention. A lot of places in the U.S. could benefit from similar inaction.

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21 responses to “Don't Call 911 About Weed, Say Helpful Toronto Cops

  1. “cops acknowledging that pot isn’t worth their attention”

    Lolwut? How about “cops acknowledging that they can’t arrest someone unless there is a crime.”

    1. “Don’t waste our time with shit that don’t fill our quotas, eh.”

    2. Does that usually stop them?

      1. Depends on whether they can claim they didn’t know it wasn’t a crime.

  2. Can America call 911 (a number stolen from us, btw) to report Canuckistanis hoarding extra U’s?

    1. Its Caunuukiustauniu by the way.


  3. I tried calling 911 to report my neighbor smoking a joint but I was so high I couldn’t find the 11 on my phone.

  4. Canada is the wrong kind of liberal. When California legalized medical marijuana, the Obama adminstration sent in the feds to arrest child cancer patients. That’s True(tm) liberalism.

  5. I live in the USA, which is the ONLY nation on the planet that requires a PRESCRIPTION before one blows on a cheap plastic flute known as a “lung flute”…

    … So then… Should I, or should I not, in the USA, call 9-1-1 if I KNOW full darned well, that my neighbor is blowing on a cheap plastic flute, and has NOT been authorized to do so, by a licensed, degreed, credentialled Doctor of Doctorology?!?! THAT is the question in MY mind, at least!

    To keep y’all USA citizens and residents on the up-and-up…

    (To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see ) ? This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

    1. Hey, you’re a funny dude and all – but you’re getting to the same level here as that dude who keeps posting about some dude who got arrested for satire or something.

  6. Canadian sensibility offends me as an American.

  7. I don’t see the problem with banning transfats, they can just refuse to identify as fats and the government will respect their self-definition.

    1. Wow, dude, I forgot what thread this was.

      1. Look at my hands, there huuuge!

  8. i mean, who’s not a little surprised they figured out 9-1-1 at all up there in America’s Hat.

  9. I love how in their announcements directed at the public, the cops show their patronizing contempt for “civilians.”

    Most of the Canadian public probably knows about the new legal developments on marijuana – for those who don’t know, the cops could take out ads saying “MARIJUANA IS LEGAL – WE CAN’T ARREST PEOPLE FOR IT ANYMORE!”

    But they have to post ads with members of the public looking stupid, as if the cops get off on that sort of thing.

    As if legalizing weed was the cops’ idea – if they’re like U. S. cops they resisted to the bitter end.

    1. More honest ad: Picture of Canadian cop looking sad.

      “Remember when we could rush to the scene and make arrests if you reported your neighbor using dope? Yeah, we miss those days, too. But with the legalization of dope, we can’t do that stuff anymore. :(“

    2. Look, to be fair – most of the public is stupid. And people actually call 911 for the sort of stupid shit listed above.

      1. And until very recently, Canadians *could* call the cops on dope-smoking neighbors and the cops would have responded. So it’s not really comparable to those other things listed, which to my knowledge cops never *have* responded to (at least not usually).

  10. I agree! You can discuss with other side. That’s how you learn and expand your view points.…

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