Drug Testing

Watch Matt Welch Bash Workplace Drug Testing and Trump's Ferguson Affect on Red Eye

Tune into Fox News at 3 a.m. ET for ugly Pennsylvanians, cultish Bernie fans, sexist Marvel casting, and more


I will be appearing tonight on the great Fox News current events/humor program Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue at 3 a.m., along with comedians Joe DeVito and Sam Roberts, plus regulars Joanne Nosuchinsky and TV's Andy Levy. Subjects are slated to include:

* Hillary Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell saying that Donald Trump's leering sexism will hurt him because there's "probably more ugly women in America than attractive women."

* Trump saying, erroneously, that the city of Ferguson, Missouri is "among the most dangerous in the world."

* Actress Frances Fisher getting all creepy about Bernie Sanders.

* Employers getting all sad-faced because they can't find people willing or able to pass a stupid drug test.

As a palate-cleanser, here's a little clip from the last time I was on, about D.C. license plates:

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    1. Shit. Thats terrible.

      1. Yeah.

        Best case scenario: Shitty Airbus problems.

        The other scenario: Likely President Trump.

        1. The other scenario: Likely President Trump.

          Can’t tell if sarcasm.

          1. Or a statement that Muslim Terrorists will elect Trump…

          2. If there’s a major terrorist attack before the election, particularly with American victims, Trump will win by a landslide.

            1. No kidding. Any newsworthy terror attack, migrant trouble, or illegal alien crime helps him. And what unexpected news would help Hillary? Hard to think of any.

              Interesting: among the 66 aboard were three security personnel.

              1. I don’t see how they could prevent either scenario. Can’t fly a broken plane, and their bodies can’t stop a bomb from blowing up a plane.

                1. I’m not saying they could have helped in either scenario. However, it makes a traditional hijacking seem unlikely, and wow, that’s a high percentage of security people. What’s the energy cost and economic drain of 4.5% non-paying passengers?

        2. Please be best case.

        3. Trump’s buddy Putin shot it down. Accidentally.

  1. Actress Frances Fisher getting all creepy about Bernie Sanders.

    That’s one thing Clint and Bernie have in Common.

    Or: Frances Fisher knows her natural disasters

    Or: Frances Fisher knows how evil the rich are she played one in a movie.

  2. Even though I don’t take drugs, I can’t pass a drug test because I refuse to take them.

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  8. Been completely clean for a long time now. Too lazy to force myself a swig of the alchy…. I don’t know if I’m healthier this way or not.

    I have a much more active mind, that’s for sure.

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  11. is this show filmed in the middle of the night or just broadcast then?

    1. It’s just aired then. It’s recorded sometime during the day.

  12. may be his is the president

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