Campus Free Speech

Professor Run Out of Classroom for Offending Students Will Lose Job

University of Kansas Communications Professor Andrea Quenette is a victim of political correctness in the classroom.


Ethan James Scherrer / Wikimedia Commons

Andrea Quenette, the University of Kansas communications professor subjected to protests and a formal investigation after offending her liberal students, was cleared of wrongdoing. But she is still ultimately out of a job. 

"Andrea has been denied continuation of her tenure," her husband, Scott Quenette, told Reason. "Despite having a recommendation from the tenure committee and her department. The new dean unilaterally denied it." 

This decision was contrary to the recommendation of her department. Quenette will be able to continue at her job for another year, and then her employment at KU will be at an end. 

According to Inside Higher Ed, Quenette, "wasn't granted an extension to her third-year review as part of her pretenure probation." But the reason for that seems clear. 

Last fall, members of Quenette's class asked to discuss the racial tensions on campus. Quenette made the mistake of confessing her own blind spots, and used imperfect language when she did so. She said, "It's not like I see nigger spray-painted on walls," according to her students. She also denied that racism was the sole explanation for some black KU students falling behind in their studies. 

Quenette's statements weren't malicious, and she didn't use the n-word as a slur. Moreover, she's a professor of communications, and the classroom was an appropriate place to have a conversation about these issues—even if the conversation bothered some people. 

But her students didn't see it that way, and published a letter calling on KU to fire her. A lengthy investigation ensued: months later, the university determined that Quenette had broken no policies. 

Even so, her career at KU will soon be at an end. 

I reached out to Carl Lejuez, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, about Quenette's employment. He did not respond to a request for comment. 

But the implication seems obvious: the college made the decision to get rid of Quenette because irate, easily-offended students wanted her head on a spike. This outcome is a setback, not just for Quenette, but for academic freedom at KU. Given the option to discuss current events in the classroom, professors might decide to steer clear of potential controversy from now on.

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  1. Just keep it up you brain dead fucktards. Can I donate to the cause?

    1. Indeed, rather than trying to stop them, we should push them to be even more insane. As our friend Yuri Bezmenov said, it’s like judo: instead of trying to stop a charging opponent, sidestep and pull him so he crashes into a wall.

      1. That seems like part of the Trump campaign strategy.

      2. This is a problem that will fix itself. The cost of many four year universities is now $200,000. Even well to do parents would have trouble paying that, particularly if they have more than one kid. The result is that LOTS of college graduates now have HUGE student loan debt – and they often can’t pay it off because they graduated from majors that don’t allow them to get well-paying jobs easily.
        Why does KU even HAVE a “Humanities” department? If the authorities that grant the student loans used due diligence they wouldn’t allow students to take out loans to pay for majors that don’t provide jobs at graduation. And if you are studying electrical engineering or applied mathematics you aren’t going to have enough time on your hands to waste it on getting into foolish spats with professors.
        Another alternative would be for the university to summarily expel a small number of students for “sedition”, “disruptive behaviour”, or “actions prejudicial to the learning environment”. If you are a senior with $200,000 in loan debt and you are expelled for being rude to a professor, you aren’t going to have the wherewithall to sue the university. And by making an example of you the university will encourage the other students to pay more attention to their studies. If the professors go out on strike in solidarity with the students – fire a couple of them too. Very simple really.

        1. The joke will be on the rest of us when the govt forgives their student loan debt.

      3. The academic left is running so hard into crazy-land that you couldn’t catch them if you tried.

        In the mainstream world, the issue is gay marriage. In the academic world, you can be ostracized for believing that there are only two genders (“Gender binaryist!).

  2. They should keep a list of all the assholes who try to get people fired and circulate it to employers nation-, no, world-wide.

  3. Common Sense 0, Snowflakes 8,904,937 and counting…

  4. “Andrea has been denied continuation of her tenure”

    Does tenure not mean what I think it means?

    1. She wasn’t yet tenured, just tenure-track, and was reaching the point where the options were A) tenure, B) extension, or C) no tenure. Her department recommended A or B, but the dean picked C. Like the military, universities operate on the up-or-out system, so being denied tenure means getting the boot — it’s normal, though, for rejected candidates to be given a year’s grace period while hunting for another job.

  5. “members of Quenette’s class asked to discuss the racial tensions on campus.”

    Professors should react to this the same way they’d react to a middle-aged guy with a crew cut approaching them in a park and saying “would you like to buy some primo weed, dude?”

    1. Who cut your hair, dude?

    2. I was at an outdoor rock concert a few years ago and there was a pudgy 50ish guy with a crew cut, wearing a tight t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers with black socks, wandering around, with a huge, overstuffed backpack and carrying a skateboard (!) (it was a jam band concert, not really a skateboard crowd). He kept yelling “drugs! will anyone sell me some drugs!!”

      It was pretty hilarious, and the concertgoers were all wisely keeping their distance. My buddy wanted to go up and fuck with the guy, but we talked him out of it. Nothing to be gained there.

      1. you should have sold me some drugs CA.

        scribbles name into notebook……

      2. LOL I’m sure glad his department spent so much money and time teaching him how to work undercover.

  6. Maybe the libertarian moment is going to arrive after all. It will be the moment when the last old leftist professor has been destroyed by his very own creation and we have nothing left to conquer except for the fragile snowflakes that were that creation.

    1. Can we mulch the beds of liberty by woodchipping the fragile snowflakes?

    2. It’s like a modern Frankenstein fable.

    3. We used snakes to get rid of the rat infestation, but then we had a snake infestation. So we brought in cats to eat the snakes. Then we brought in dogs to control the cats. HOWEVER, the gorillas should be very effective in dealing with the dogs.

  7. She can always teach at one of those small community colleges, which seem to fall beyond the radar of status-obsessed media types, who already assume the worst about icky CC’s. The students might be less rigid, and her dean/bosses would perhaps not be so intolerant.

    1. Eh, no — community college jobs are not readily available for people in her shoes. If she stays in academia, her fate is more likely to be working as an adjunct lecturer teaching on semester contracts trying to cobble together enough income to live on.

  8. the college made the decision to get rid of Quenette because irate, easily-offended students wanted her head on a spike.

    With all due respect, it seems keeping a decent, tenure-track professor and letting the offended, easily-replaceable students choose to go elsewhere would be the better decision.

    1. Tenured professors are a liability and cost a lot of money – they’re great if the professor in question comes with a shitload of prestige or is super awesome at teaching. Otherwise adjuncts are not only a better deal, there’s probably 10 adjuncts desperately looking for more teaching hours or desperately willing to tow the college line in order to snag that now open TT position.

      And the students are a revenue source.

      1. Good points. However, pacifying irate, easily-offended students is also not without its costs.

      2. Tenured professors are a liability and cost a lot of money – they’re great if the professor in question comes with a shitload of prestige or and is super awesome at teaching getting Federal grants.

        Fixed it for you.

        1. Yeah, teaching has nothing to do with tenure.

      3. And the students are a revenue source.

        Just wait until college is free!

  9. Given the option to discuss current events in the classroom, professors might decide to steer clear of potential controversy from now on.

    What’s magic about “current events”? Jim Crow, the Holocaust, and the Big Bang set these clowns off.

  10. Actual heads on spikes is where this is all heading.

    1. So, we’ll see a spike in actual heads on spikes?

      1. Actually the spike in heads on spikes is coming to a head..


  11. It’s ludicrous but I really can’t feel sorry for any of these prog academics, they are reaping what they have sown.

      1. The Thermidorians ended the Terror and replaced it with cynicism and corruption.

        The snowflakes and the sinister forces behind them won’t end the PC craziness – they’ll intensify it.

        Think the Bolsheviks purging the Mensheviks.

        1. In a hundred years we can have our own Putin?

          1. Haven’t you heard? We’ll have ours in six months.

            1. Better Putin than hillary

      2. So Trump is Napoleon, not Hitler.

        His fingers are even comparably diminutive!

        1. True fact: Napoleon was not short for his time.

    1. What about this story suggests the professor is a “prog academic”?

      1. She displayed her proggy privilege by enunciating the N-word. If she were a closeted non-progressive, she would have never done it.

        1. Her mistake was not waiting for the clear notice of:

          Achievement Unlocked! You may now say “nigger”.

          1. Isn’t that while Rachel Dolezal self-identified as black?

  12. Spot the Not:

    1. Liberals Are Better at Grammar

    2. Liberals have less self-control because they are less likely to believe they have self-control

    3. Are Liberals Smarter? Study Indicates The Answer Is Yes

    4. Study finds those with graduate education are far more liberal than peers

    5. Study: Conservatives and liberals smell different

    6. Study finds liberals are happier than conservatives

    1. I remember 3 – wasn’t it on here?

      I don’t remember 6 – I thought it was the other way around.

      1. #6 – Everybody knows ignorance is bliss so Conservatives should be rapturous – but otoh, liberals sure do seem to be happiest when they got something to whine about.

    2. #2. Doesn’t feed the narrative.

    3. #5

      It’s the only one not referring exclusively to liberals or praising them. How can they feel smug about it?

    4. I am guessing 5, even though experience tells me it’s true.

    5. 6 is the Not. The actual study says: Conservatives report, but liberals display, greater happiness…../6227/1243

      I forgot to give this round a title. I meant to write: Adventures in Confirmation Bias

  13. Hey, you got to give the customers what they want. They want four years of baby-sitting followed by the awarding of a piece of paper with a gold star certifying that they were a good little boy and/or girl. Too bad you decided to sell your soul as an institution of higher learning for a shitload of government money in the form of student loans. Now you’re so dependent on the student dollar to pay the (incredibly bloated) administrative overhead which actually now constitutes the meaning of your existence that you can’t say no to any warm body that’ll fill a seat. Nobody really gives a damn about teaching the kids, it’s all about providing cushy jobs for administrators. That’s the real purpose of college, and this professor just learned that the hard way. The kids know they’re the ones calling the shots, too – you think the hoops they’re going to start making you jump through to get them to stick a dollar bill in your academic robes are going to get any easier to jump through? Not on your life, there’s too many other desperate colleges that’ll take anybody with a pulse for the students to take any crap from some teacher that expects them to meet some sort of standard. You try making them learn something and they’ll just go whine to an admin and threaten to take their money somewhere else and that admin’s gonna come to your classroom and slap the shit out of you for not recognizing who’s in charge here.

    1. Soon we won’t even give out gold starts. It’s unhealthy.…..79917.html

    2. Soon we won’t even give out gold starts. It’s unhealthy.…..79917.html

  14. Nothing melts snowflakes like the actual n-word. I don’t know how they listen to rap. A communications professor should be aware of that. She was a liability to that business.

    1. I’m not saying those students are easily triggered
      But they freak out easily at words like…

      1. Trigger warnings, Maryland style:

        “…whatsoever person or persons shall from henceforth uppon any occasion of Offence or otherwise in a reproachful manner or Way declare call or denominate any person or persons whatsoever…an heritick, Scismatick, Idolator, puritan, Independant, Prespiterian popish prest, Jesuite, Jesuited papist, Lutheran, Calvenist, Anabaptist, Brownist, Antinomian, Barrowist, Roundhead, Separatist, or any other name or terme in a reproachfull manner relating to matter of Religion shall for every such Offence forfeit and loose the somme of tenne shillings sterling [the person(s) insulted getting half]…[but if the fine isn’t paid] then the person or persons soe offending shalbe publickly whipt, and shall suffer imprisonment without baile or maineprise [bail] untill hee, shee or they respectively shall satisfy the party soe offended or greived by such reproachfull Language by asking him or her respectively forgivenes publiquely for such his Offence before the Magistrate of cheife Officer or Officers of the Towne or place where such Offence shalbe given.”

        1. Barrowist: A follower of Henry Barrowe, one of the founders of Independency or Congregationalism in England. Barrowe was executed for nonconformity in 1593.

          1. Barrowe was executed for nonconformity in 1593.

            Nonconformity…..I am so screwed!! Oh…..1593…….whew!

    2. I don’t know how they listen to rap.

      That’s why they listen to rap. They can’t say nigger themselves, and they really really want to, so they try to live vicariously through the performances (can’t call it music) of dregs like “snoop dawg” and “kanye west”.


  15. Spot the Not: Todd Starnes

    1. People with nontraditional genders are like people who want to identify as a pine cone or a chicken or a weed whacker.

    2. Obama: “We don’t know everything about the origins of the gospels.” One word sir– Jesus.

    3. It’s no secret that our nation’s public universities want to transform American young people into a bunch of hyper-sensitive, intellectually-neutered cream puffs.

    4. I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gaither Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a June bug.

    5. If the folks coming across the border were evangelical Christians hoping to homeschool their kids, Obama would call out the Marines.

    6. God is under no obligation to protect people from eternal destruction, not even for one moment. It doesn’t matter how religious someone is or how much they pray. Until they believe in Christ, God is not obligated in any way to protect them.

    1. I was going to say you (derpy) had written 4, but you’ve never said “happy as a June bug” before.

      Let’s try 3

    2. Until they believe in Christ, God is not obligated in any way to protect them.

      But once they do, he’s obligated?

      So much for omnipotence! God, what a loser.

      1. Agreed! God, assuming the deity has the qualities attributed by the Xtians, is either sleeping off a great MJ high or is completely uncaring about what his/her believers are praying for. The idea that an omnipotent,omniscient benevolent entity who cares about every fart of every entity in the world is so preposterous as to be unbelievable in the extreme. Either your Xtian deity is omniscient, omnipotent and all merciful as the bible describes or else everything is a fiction created by man in the careful editing of the bible as has been handed down from the edicts of the RCC.

      1. [takes Winston’s wikipedia away from him]

    3. 6 is the Not. I adapted it from the sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

      4 is a real quote:…..ebook.html

    4. I copied # 4, no copyright infringement intended, it just cracked me up [which I had to explain–by reading it– to my co-workers, one of whom informed me of the innate goodness of Bernie Sanders and the other just walked out probably because she is a Hillarian; good times!!].

    1. “Christians never lie about anything”

      Who are you refuting?

      1. No one in particular. Just thought it was interesting that so much effort went into a lie, particularly by people who claim to be the keepers of morality.

        1. Two can play at that game:

          “[Chinese President Xi Jinping]has also referred more to Marxism ? and recently to the importance of promoting atheism, in a nation with a growing number of religious believers…”

          1. Xi Jinping push for ‘unyielding atheists’ worries religious groups

            “Politics and religion must be separated, Mr Xi stressed. “In no way should religions interfere with government administration, judiciary and education.” Prosyletisation by any religion is strictly banned….

            “Under Mr Xi, the authorities in Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang province that has become famous for the numbers both of its successful entrepreneurs and of its Christian followers ? about a million people ? have cracked down hard on the churches.

            “Since the drive started two years ago, the crosses on more than 1300 churches have been pulled off the buildings, allegedly because they were “unsafe”, about 20 churches have been demolished and hundreds of followers have been held for questioning.”

            1. Now they say the article is subscriber-only.

              see this instead

              “Under Mr. Xi, authorities in some parts of the country have orchestrated large-scale efforts to knock down crosses from churches and, in some cases, razed churches themselves. Christian pastors have been arrested, as have the lawyers who defended them. Earlier this month, a woman was buried alive when she protested a government-ordered church demolition. Large numbers of human-rights defenders ? many of them religious believers ? have been detained.

              “Authorities have passed new rules in recent years governing dress for Muslims in the country’s far western Xinjiang region, which have included banning the wearing of burkas and, at schools and government offices, beards and mustaches.

              “China has taken an assertive tone with Tibetan Buddhism, too, emphasizing that Beijing holds authority over the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. In November, Zhu Weiqun, a top ethnic and religious-affairs leader, wrote that having political control over reincarnation constitutes “an important manifestation of the Chinese central government’s sovereignty over Tibet.””

    1. I don’t play the what-about game. A liar is not excused because other people have lied.

      1. What’s with the “Christians never lie” snark?

        Unless you actually have an example of someone making such a claim, it’s a straw man.

        1. So if you can cite some alleged misconduct by someone somewhere in the context of attacking the group to which they belong, why can’t I do the same?

        2. It’s sarcasm. I thought it was obvious.

          1. I thought you were sarcastically saying “Christians never lie.”

        3. Don’t get pissy about this, its not like your fellow co-religionists don’t insist that the only reason we’re not all murdering each other and eating the corpses is because of the discipline that fear of God and promise of eternal reward provides.

          With that shit going on you’re going to get some pointed sarcasm launched back on occasion (and don’t try the ‘but literally nobody has literally ever said that’ deflection technique) and sometimes, if you’re standing too close to the target, you get some splash on you.

          1. “(and don’t try the ‘but literally nobody has literally ever said that’ deflection technique)”

            Why shouldn’t I point out if something isn’t true, and why is that a deflection technique?

            “your fellow co-religionists”

            Well, if we’re going to do a lot of guilt by association, I’ve already got some stuff above about your fellow atheist Xi Jinping.

            1. So are we going to get a bunch of “no true Scotsmen” deflection?

              1. Eddie, you tried it again and got told to fuck youself.
                Well, fuck yourself and get lost, asshole.

          2. Was that pointed sarcasm? I certainly didn’t understand the point of it, since?oh shit, your preemptive attempt didn’t work!?no one claims that Christians never lie. It’s as meaningless and targetless as sarcastically quipping that “Christians never sin.”

            your fellow co-religionists

            Oh, fuck off. Why are you on a libertarian board if you’re so willing to collectivize and apply guilt by association?

    2. Lots of people, in my experience including actual scientists, have fallen for the false story about Huxley’s rebuttal to Wilberforce.

      Does that make them liars? No, it makes them gullible.

      So if some Christians are repeating the urban legend about young Einstein vs. the atheist professor, it would likewise reflect gullibility.

      1. I can say this: As an atheist, I was brought up on the legend of Huxley totally pwning Wilberforce. It was such a perfect story that it *had* to be true. I learned later that it wasn’t.

        But I suppose you’re going to give the purveyors of that story a pass and say it was simply an honest mistake. Which actually it probably was.

        1. “I can say this: As an atheist, I was brought up on the legend of Huxley totally pwning Wilberforce. It was such a perfect story that it *had* to be true. I learned later that it wasn’t.”

          So you decided to become an idiot as a result.
          Damn, you’re tiresome. Go fuck yourself.

          1. Oh, Sevo, you may seem grumpy on the outside, but on the inside you’re like this.

  16. So, is this dean an SJW cunt himself, or just a coward?


    1. Could be two mints in one.

  17. Robbie, please stop ‘reaching out’. You sent him/her an email. made a phone call, sent a text, FAXED, sent a smoke signal, whatever. You can tell us what you did and that way we’d have some idea regarding any resistance to responding.

  18. Honkies in Kansas are scared of the word “Nigger,” News at 11.

  19. That was idiotic of her. I’d completely embarrass that woman if I was putting food on her plate, and she had the audacity to use a slur in a business setting. Pathetic, she’s in communications? She communicated no respect for someone that pays her over-compensated ass.

    Fire another one.

    1. You’re a passive-aggressive bitch still punishing society for your daddy issues.

      1. Yeah, you’re behind. I’m fine with free speech, but if you go around talking shit and end up getting punched in the face… well, that’s the beauty of free speech; you learn how people really feel about you.

        If you go around swearing, especially in your profession, you appear a lot less dependable.

        1. Please–the only thing you’ve ever punched was the plastic wrap on a pack of ring dings.

    2. And LOL at your “Freethinkers Discussion Board”–free to think, but not say words that might trigger your shitty feelings?

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  21. “…professors might decide to steer clear of potential controversy from now on.”

    They’re professors, so I think ‘might’ is an understatement since the only other job they’re likely qualified for is…professor! Doubly so for a Communications professor, and considering the reason for her soft termination it could take a long time to find another gig. Of course, this could be the subject of this professors next research study. Grants, ahoy?

    I do find it interesting that there are certain words that can’t ever be said by one particular subgroup and, if they are uttered, mean you are forever ruined. It’s just a word. A word that plenty of people say, and are allowed to say, but they must be the right race. If this was a black professor that used the word ‘honkey’ or ‘cracker’ in the context of a conversation, where it wasn’t meant as a slur, would they also be fired? No, of course not. If not for double standards, we would have none at all.

  22. Subject-area competency testing will soon start competing head to head with degree programs and will utterly dominate that competition. Degree programs are not just be a less accurate measure of competence but they come with radical left-wing political indoctrination that is absolute poison to employers.

    Job applicants will just put their test scores on their applications and leave off any degrees they have earned. Long before that they will stop going to university at all, but will get their education from rapidly expanding online sources.

    Who is stupid enough to go into massive debt to get a degree that is seen as a liability when you can learn online at little cost as quickly as your abilities allow? Faster, cheaper, better, and no poison pill. Goodbye academia. As always, the left-wing parasite kills its host.

    1. “Hey bra, where’d you get your ‘Comp ‘zam?”

      “Yo bro, I got mines from Phoenix Online! You?”

      “DeVry is fly, Phoenix will fry!”

      *Unintelligible fist fight ensues*

      Note: Government licensing requirements are therefore better than a college education Alec? I’m curious who you think the government is going to let in on their education/licensing turf?

  23. I hope all these demanding, retarded snowflakes don’t mind getting fired any time THEY make a mistake….

  24. We are witnessing the death, at least in the short term, of the non-STEM college education. The programs have become nothing but money sponges. Nothing useful is learned.

    Repeat after me, “You want fries with that?”

  25. RE: Professor Run Out of Classroom for Offending Students Will Lose Job
    University of Kansas Communications Professor Andrea Quenette is a victim of political correctness in the classroom.

    Sounds like a case of stupidity on steroids.
    The only cure is free speech.
    Sadly, this vaccine is rare in Amerika.
    Professor Quenette has my empathy.
    However, since she’s going to be fired (I”d love to challenge this in court. Someone get the IJ on the line.) I’d tell the hypersensitive students that were offended to go screw themselves.

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  28. so the kids are run the school system now. Even though the students are adults I use the term kids because that is how they are acting, like kids, but then they are the product of their educations so i guess the professors shouldn’t complain they are getting what they asked for.

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  30. It’s never as clean as some here would make it out to be. Sounds like she’s screwed herself by her continuing comments about students and department members and this was finally the last straw.

    “Aside from these most recent transgressions, there are a number of other concerns we have about Dr. Quenette’s continued appointment and presence in the department. These concerns include, but are not limited to: jokes about suicide when asked how we should discuss a recent on-campus suicide with our students, disclosing personal information about other students that may pose external safety risks, and disdain and mockery for graduates in the COMS 930 course who request additional resources and support.

    Dr. Quenette has created a culture of disrespect for all students by calling undergraduates “stupid” and doubting their intellectual abilities. Dr. Quenette has made it a habit to disparage the reputations of veteran GTAs in the Communication Studies department by naming them and mocking their classroom policies and procedures, and disclosing private information regarding research projects involving other GTAs. Dr. Quenette exposed information about the personal location of a former GTA in the midst of a domestic violence situation. Dr. Quenette breached FERPA regulations by showing the midterm grades of previous students during the new GTA orientation, specifically, the grades of Cassandra Bird and Michael Eisenstadt.”

    1. Whoa ho!! You see this, Red Rocks Rockin? I hope you realize the type of people you’re defending, you fucking faggot.

      1. Feeling triggered, shitlib?

        1. lol, wanted to see the reply. There’re liberals out there that believe in gun rights… w-w-watch out!

          1. Your Super-Soaker doesn’t count as a gun.

  31. So, the State Legislature is involved, yes?

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