Bernie Sanders Wants to Legalize Marijuana…and Maybe Ban Cigarettes?

The senator says there's "almost the question" of why cigarettes are "a legal product in this country."


Feel the Berning cancer stick.

Of the five major presidential candidates remaining in the race, Bernie Sanders is the only one to have called for an end to the federal pot ban. But he also seemed to hint today on Meet the Press that he'd like to add another drug to the list of forbidden substances. Here's the exchange, which came after Sanders explained his opposition to a proposed soda tax:

CHUCK TODD: So you must be against cigarette taxes, too, then?

BERNIE SANDERS: No, I'm not. Cigarette taxes are— There's a difference between cigarettes and soda….

CHUCK TODD: I don't think Michael Bloomberg would agree with you on that one.

BERNIE SANDERS: Well, that's fine. He can have his point of view. But cigarettes are causing cancer, obviously, and a dozen other diseases. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country.

That would have been a nice place for Todd to inquire about just how we should take that phrase "almost the question." Instead the conversation turned to how Sanders' supporters would react to a Trump/Clinton race, and so that brief moment of A Candidate Saying Something Interesting winked out, without any follow-ups.

If Sanders does think that cigarettes should not be "a legal product," I'd like to introduce him to a fellow who once said that "making drugs illegal isn't helping to solve anything." The senator has probably heard of the guy—it's the young Bernie Sanders.

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  1. This is the big problem the libertarians have been facing with the pot legalization movement. It is based on people no longer thinking that marijuana specifically is a dangerous substance rather than some belief in self-ownership. These issues come to ahead when dealing with substances that people think are in fact bad for you.

    Oh and how's that "social liberalism" going.

    1. Oh and how's that "social liberalism" going.

      I can use the ladies room at Target. No government action was involved.

      1. I do wonder how gender-neutral bathrooms and safe spaces are supposed to work...

        1. the infant section is usually conveniently close to the cookie aisle, there you go

          1. Not every Target is a Minnesota Super Target.

            1. Why not? They're the best.

              Fun fact: I went to high school near the first Target, but they've since torn it down and built a Super Target. Lame.

              1. The real estate is too expensive here for that.

                I walked into a Super Walmart in Palm Desert about 3 weeks ago. It was amazing. I could probably live there and conduct a business undetected for an entire year.

                I got a bunch of cheap pool toys, a Big Mac, and a haircut all in 15 minutes. If I needed glasses, wanted my nails done, or wanted to wire money to Mexico, I could have done that too.

        2. Target seems to have decided on a "sex-neutral" but "gender-specific" rule. Why segregation based on sex is unacceptable discrimination but gender based is not is something I do not understand.

    2. It will be an awesome shitstorm for the reasons you pointed out. For some reason a lot of people believe that pot smoke is the only smoke that won't damage your lungs. There were even all manner of writings on how pot is "healthier" for you body than alcohol.

      Now enter the next phase of nationalized healthcare where the FDA is tasked with banning anything that might create a demand on the healthcare system in the future.


      1. I hope they start with things like the Starbucks mocha frappacino.

      2. Speaking of Austria, they just had the first round of their presidential election, and the anti-immigration candidate took first place with 36% of the vote (not enough to forestall a runoff election), while the left-populist candidate (the extremist Greens) came in second, well ahead of the two "establishment" parties.

        I'm sure the establishment is going to propagandize harder on the need to make everybody love immigrants.

        1. You know who else beat the establishment in Germany?...

        2. "I'm sure the establishment is going to propagandize harder on the need to make everybody love immigrants."

          They should. Europe needs all the immigrants it needs.

        3. The Telegraph says that second place is almost a tie btw Greeny and a former SC judge. Razor-close.

          Also, the presidency of Austria is a largely ceremonial role.

          1. "Also, the presidency of Austria is a largely ceremonial role."

            Sounds dreamy.

        4. Austrian Trump vs Austrian Sanders!

          If only they were from the Austrian school.

      3. But (most) users don't smoke pot with anywhere near the same frequency or duration as a conventional smoker. Last night I listened to a couple habitual smokers talk about cutting down from 12-15 a day to eight or fewer with the help of a vaporizer. I don't know how you'd quantify it, but I can't imagine emptying out the contents of even just twelve cigarettes and coming up with less combustible material than your average pot smoker inhales in a day.

        1. And the efforts to ban vaping are well underway.

      4. "Now enter the next phase of nationalized healthcare where the FDA is tasked with banning anything that might create a demand on the healthcare system in the future."

        Please stop. Libertarianism is not helped by unhinged nonsense like this. Canada has the final phase of nationalized healthcare and Canada isn't banning everything harmful.

        1. Phhht.
          Guns nearly impossible to buy.
          Can't smoke anywhere except your own house (for now).
          DUI at .05.
          Mandatory bike helmets.
          Mandatory seat belts.
          And on and on, all in the name of ''well, if I have to pay for your health care the government should be able to make rules....''

        2. "Canada has the final phase of nationalized healthcare and Canada isn't banning everything harmful."

          But Canada should. How can it be justified that one Canadian must pay the medical bills of another Canadian who chooses a lifestyle which maximizes medical costs?

          Logically, if one is his brother's keeper (social medicine), he is also his brother's keeper (stop smoking!) Best summarized as the Big Brother approach to society.

          1. Its been known for a while that smokers are actually a bonus for the government coffers. They pay more in taxes to support their habit and typically don't live long enough to recoup all of their social security or medicare. They often die faster too, so they do not require as much long-term care

            1. Citation?

              Let's say you pay $2000 per year in cig tax. After 40 years you've paid $80,000. You'll blow through that pretty fast treating your cancer/COPC,etc.

      5. But that hasn't happened in other countries (which is practically all of them) w socialized medicine. Why would the USA be different in that regard?

        1. Because the people pushing socialized medicine in the United States are generally malicious control freaks.

      6. Now enter the next phase of nationalized healthcare where the FDA is tasked with banning anything that might create a demand on the healthcare system in the future.

        Keep in mind that things that kill you quickly and young are excellent for reducing demands on the healthcare system in the future...

    3. Nicely put. I bet if I lit up a cigarette at a pot legalization convention, half of the attendees would be on their cell phones calling the cops because i violated their safe space. Make no mistake. These people do not believe in individual liberty. They're just another generation of small d democrats who believe the majority should decide who the government should harass. Pot and abortion good, guns and cigarettes bad.
      I recently gave up a 40 year 3 pack a day cigarette habit in favor of vaping. I've had a whole battery of tests done and it turns out I don't have cancer, I don't have emphysema, I don't have COPD. In fact my lungs are in very good shape for an old fart like me. But you've got millions of people out there that believe that cigarette smoke is something like plutonium because they saw it on TV.
      I still smoke cigarettes occasionally, not because I have to but because these assholes have pissed me off for so many years I kinda want to stay in the game so I can irritate them as much as possible.
      Oh and by the way, fuck you Bernie. I hope you die a slow and painful death. Of course I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  2. The senator has probably heard of the guy?it's the young Bernie Sanders.

    That presupposes a sort of coherence within the mind and being of Berni Sanders. Such a presupposition is not warranted by the evidence.

    Also, fuck Bernie Sanders. My body, my choice. And I usually choose not to smoke (FTR).

  3. Liber.



  4. Hey, Bernie! You can take my cigarettes from my cold, dead, yellowishly-brown stained fingers.

    1. yellowishly-brown stained fingers

      I smoke and I don't have that. But I have seen some people with it.

      1. I don't either, most of the time. Call it rhetorical exaggeration.

        1. Next you're going to tell me that you're not dead.

          1. Fine, you caught me. I'm not quite dead yet. Happy now?

  5. Bernie Sanders isn't the same Commie he was in the 1970s. He's an entirely different sort of commie now.

    1. Nonsense. The commie pinko types of the 1970's were also, broadly speaking, for pot and aganst tobacco. Amd that neither was any of the State's pox-raddled business would never have occured to them.

      1. Exactly. This is the same line I heard from my hippie friends in the '70s. They also thought Scandinavia was a socialist paradise. Same old, same old.

    2. He's a democratic commie now.

    3. Yes, he has turned from a democratic socialist into the national kind.

  6. Banning smoking has been the goal all along. Now that Bern's broken the seal expect to hear it a lot more.

    1. Libertarian Moment!

    2. Sometimes I wonder. Big tobacco goes out of business, people start growing their own, and then it will be OK again.

      1. I have some FB friends that are all up in arms about capitalism contaminating pot by making into a BUSINESS!

  7. I was under the impression that Cruz thought it should be left up to the states?

    1. Donald J Trump called for the legalization of ALL drugs for over 20 years. He's not campaigning on it but he also hasn't recanted his position.


      2. He's not campaigning on it but he also hasn't recanted his position.

        I'm afraid he did.

        1. Never touched drugs, nor alcohol, tobacco, or coffee

          The fact that he is some sort of alien is more off-putting than anything else he's said or done.

          1. Wouldn't that line describe Mitt Romney, too?

            1. I have my suspicions about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, too.

          2. "The fact that he is some sort of alien is more off-putting than anything else he's said or done"

            I too don't do the big 4 mentioned.
            I have no desire to, there is absolutely no "sacrifice" being made. It isn't a religious deal. It isn't even "abstaining". It's as if those products don't even exist.
            I have no doubt I am a better person for it.
            I have even more no doubt that my bank account is far more robust for it.

        2. I wouldn't want to call for the legalization of all drugs "right now" when right now is in the middle of the campaign for the Republican Party presidential nomination. For someone who is usually all over the place and on both sides of every issue Trump articulated a consistent position on drugs for decades right up until it became a campaign liability. You don't recant a heresy by saying it should be subject to further study.

          1. SIV, hates the johnson, loves the trump... *shakes head*

          2. Stop lying. When you tell lies you spray Trump jizz out of your moutg. Unsightly.

        3. Donald Trump on Drugs

          That was totally not what i was hoping it was

  8. Which Lex Luthor had the most evil Plan? Gene Hackman wanting to send California into the Ocean or creating Nuclear Man? Or Kevin Spacey creating a new continent? Or Jesse Eisenberg? Or Lyle Talbot spawning the creator of Salon.com?

    1. I thought Spacey was great as Luthor and wish he had gotten the chance to do more with the role. I was actually sort of disappointed that Superman Returns wasn't received better. I thought it was quite watchable and frankly enjoyed it more than Man of Steel (I missed out on Batman vs Superman in theaters so I have no opinion on that movie). The only casting I didn't like at all was Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. Totally didn't work. She just wasn't believable, kind of like Natalie Portman as an astrophysicist.

      1. Eisenberg was a completely atrocious Lex Luthor. He played him like the Joker or something.

        1. He was Luther Jr from the new 52. Different character

      2. There is no such thing as a good Superman movie. Superman is the worst superhero ever. He sucks and that is why his movies suck.

        1. agreed. his achilles heel is space rocks? stupid.

          1. Disagree.
            Superman can fly around the world so fast he makes time go backwards. That's the No. 1 superpower, no question.
            Batman? Rubber fetishist who lives with a boyfriend.
            Spiderman? Driven by guilt like some kind of Brooklyn Jew.

    2. I didn't know that of Lyle Talbot, but he was the best Luthor, oozing contempt & superciliousness. (Superciliosity? Spellcheck no likee.)

      1. OMG, it's true! David Talbot was Lyle's son! If that doesn't make him the most evil Luthor, I don't know what would.

  9. So are Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn evidence of the Libertarian Moment?

    1. No. The states passing various anti-forfeiture laws and tax cuts are.

  10. I quit cigarettes about.... 5 years ago? but i really feel like I want to take up cigars more seriously just for the added "Fuck Everyone"-factor

    1. I get that, it's kind of like a personal FYTW to all the nanny-statist pricks out there. When I read your comments though, I really imagine you as a pipe tobacco type.

      1. I would have figured him for a gitanes ma?s sort of guy.

        1. a gitanes ma?s sort of guy.

          That spectrum seems to run from this, to this

          re: Pipe tobacco.... my dad did that for a while when i was a kid. I don't really know how it would work out for me. Seems too fruity and dank for me.

          A guy i know who youtubes* does videos sharing his pipe-smoking insights, among other things.

          (* he seems to have gradually turned libertarian over the years, which i credit partly to my own input)

          I enjoy a lot of cigars. not all, but a variety. i like mellower stuff more. back in the early 2000s i bought a couple of 50 packs of Shimmelpennicks and smoked my way through it and decided it was a lot more pleasing and economical than cigarettes, except for the fact that other people tend to dislike the stank, and they're just harder to always have handy. I prefer macanudo minis now, and still get some every now and then.

          1. Cigarillos? I have always associated you with Burt Reynolds...

            They would probably make a good summer BBQ smoke, though. I will have to try some out.

            1. My best friend is a cigar buff who's been trying to get me started... To no avail. Once we smoked a certain type that supposed to taste like BBQ pork or some such. He went on and on about the subtle flavors he was tasting, but for me it was just burning tobacco, same as always. Blech.

              1. I used to be a pretty heavy cigarette smoker, so I like having something like a mild cigar to puff on while hanging out at a bbq, and a cigarillo seems like it would be perfect for that purpose. It also keeps people from bringing their babies too close to me, which is an additional benefit.

                1. I tried a cigarillo once and it was like smoking ten cigarettes at once.

                  1. I tried a cigarillo once and it was like smoking ten cigarettes at once.

                    well its definitely far more "tobacco-y" than cigarettes in terms of the stink and mouthfeel, but its actually less nicotine than your average full-flavor cigarette (like a winston or a red)

                    its sort of like "espresso vs regular coffee" - people think its much stronger because of the flavor, but it actually has far less caffeine.

                    1. its actually less nicotine than your average full-flavor cigarette

                      Which means I would probably smoke *more* of them - gah

                  2. "I tried a cigarillo once and it was like smoking ten cigarettes at once."

                    It's like an orgy of tobacco goodness.

              2. Why doesn't vape come in flavors like that?

                1. Barbecued pork, I mean.

            2. full size cigars definitely taste better and are a better overall quality experience. they also defin. cost more money per pop

              cigarillos are sort of a compromise that offer convenience (they light easy, burn quick, and you can throw them away rather than trying to preserve 1/2 or whatever), and a pleasant nicotine charge without being overwhelming. The huge taxes on cigarettes also made them much much cheaper relative to cigarettes in NYC (given a pack of smokes is like $14, a 8 pac of Mac minis is like $10-12)

              1. a pack of smokes is like $14

                At the Rite-Aid on my corner (Brooklyn) it's 10.79.

                But I mostly buy in NJ near my office where it's 9-something.

                1. ok, replace "much much" with "almost" 🙂

    2. That's really stupid. 'Fuck everyone' will not make you happier, just more cancer-y. The taxman will like it though.

      1. 'Fuck everyone' will not make you happier

        It does for me.

        1. People are notoriously bad at perceiving their own happiness.

          1. LOL

            You are seriously obnoxious.

            1. Smugness is not exclusive to lefties.

              Objectivists have a strong record of exhibiting it as well.

              So, no surprise. Lots and lots of unsurprises ITT.

          2. People are notoriously bad at perceiving their own happiness.

            How is...what...huh?

          3. Saving the world from the menace of false consciousness, one prole at a time.

    3. I quit cigarettes about.... 5 years ago? but i really feel like I want to take up cigars more seriously just for the added "Fuck Everyone"-factor

      Come over to the dark side! I'm a pipe guy (on rare occasion) and have cigars on even rarer occasions. The pipe is very nice when I'm having philosophical discussions with friends on the back patio.

  11. from than 70's Bernie quote:

    If heroin were legal, at least we'd know the dimensions of the problem, and be able to deal with it rationally.

    If heroin was legal, we'd have better statistics to better plan the budget for the Department of Rehabilitation.

    1. better statistics to better plan the budget

      Heh - that's not how it works.

  12. Well, obviously, somebody has to decide what we can or can't do. And who better than Bernie?

    He cares about people.

    1. I have taken to calling Bernie a National Socialist in casual politic conversation and nobody seems to get the joke. It's almost as if the education system hasn't educated anyone.

      1. Kevin Williamson did the same thing and Sanders supporters lost their shit, even though it's obviously an accurate statement.

      2. "It's almost as if the education system hasn't educated anyone."

        Sad isn't. Even though it can offer us some amusment as with your joke.

  13. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country.

    *** meekly raises hand ***


  14. What else would you ban from entering my mouth, Bernie? Would you ban things coming out of my mouth? A sin tax on syntax?

    1. Cock? He would ban blowjobs... or at least tax them.

  15. Comrade Sanders is happy to announce that this month's weed ration has been increased to 1/2 an ounce.
    Also, due to intense fighting on the Eurasian Front, the monthly cigarette ration has been reduced to 1/2 an ounce.

  16. If they're going to ban smoking and sugar and fat and snowboarding for the danger factor, I want them to outlaw old people sex for the eww factor. Nobody wants to imagine Bernie and his old lady in the throes of passion "oh, baby, yeah, give it to me in a socially-conscious, equitably distributed manner! Prole me faster!"

    1. You'd take jobs away from Asian Carly Fiorina? You monster!

      1. It takes a long time for her to get to the point.

        1. Just the tip.

    2. Ellen Barkin still looks great, and she's in her 60s .

    3. Ellen Barkin still looks great, and she's in her 60s .

    4. Ellen Barkin still looks great, and she's in her 60s.

      1. She looks pretty good, that is what I'm trying to say.

        1. It was even better the third time, though.

        2. She's hotter than Georgia asphalt.

    5. Christie Brinkley is 62. Your argument is invalid.

  17. "BERNIE SANDERS: Well, that's fine. He can have his point of view. But cigarettes are causing cancer, obviously, and a dozen other diseases. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country."

    More people die from shitty diets in this country than cigarettes. I know I shouldn't expect logic or intellectual consistency from Sanders, but if you believe we should ban cigs then there's no reason a ban on sugary drinks should be off the table.

    1. Baby steps.

    2. There certainly is the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country. There are also several answers to the question, including but not limited to:

      1. Banning cigarettes would produce a huge black market leading to crime and violence without curtailing the use of tobacco at all, as seen with alcohol prohibition and the war on drugs.

      2. Eliminating tobacco would destroy the economies of several states.

      3. It would create a road toward banning anything "bad for you" that people might enjoy.

      4. Fuck off, slavers.

      1. The fact that vaping is being equated to smoking in every way that matters tells me that the government does not give two shits about "health". Even health insurers are joining the public shaming effort - no doubt at the insistence of the government.

        1. I'm not sure what to make of the whole vaping thing. It certainly seems to be much better healthwise than smoking in general, but there are people who act as though it can have no ill effects whatsoever. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Certainly there's no justification for treating the two as exactly the same thing.

          1. It's hard to find unbiased information on any of this.

          2. My wife was recently in the hospital for 3 days and both she and her roommate vaped openly in front of the staff with no complaints. My guess is that management has decided that they're better off with happy vapers than pissed off smokers so they're libertarian on the issue at present. Unless you live in a hellhole like NYC or SF people really don't seem that worried about vaping. But undoubtedly that will change once the federal government gets involved.

          3. "Certainly there's no justification for treating the two as exactly the same thing"
            There's no justification for government being involved in either so I don't really see your point.

            1. Private entities could certainly make that distinction, if they were free of government meddling.

            2. I'm sorry you don't. Perhaps you should try thinking about it.

              1. ^
                Snark? Sarc? Stupidity?

        2. It's not about health, it's about non-smokers not wanting to be exposed to smoke and also that they don't understand the differnce between vapor and smoke even if you explain it to them.

          1. It's funny because growing up I was against smoking at a time when it was pretty much everywhere. Just as the tide was turning, I started smoking. So... I can see both sides but I never imagined the antis would gain the upper hand so comprehensively.

            1. Rhywun, serious question coming: You are clearly highly intelligent. At one point you were "against" smoking". How did you then choose to start and continue smoking?

  18. it's still better than his opinion that the only correct time to declare war is when the kids won't get off his lawn or play music too loud.

  19. This isn't surprising. The reason we support legalization of drugs is because they make sex more likely. Even marijuana has this effect, as I'm sure you guys are aware. It also dulls the mind; stoners make perfect sheep. Tobacco, though, just makes people gross and shortens their lifespans. There's no reason it should be legal.

      1. I suspect he was mocking Sanders. I know I can't prove that was sarcasm, but I suspect it was.

        1. Poe's law: making converts and enemies of libertarianism every day!

    1. Tobacco, though, just makes people gross and shortens their lifespans. There's no reason it should be legal.

      Fu-- *cough*? ck you!

    2. Why would people who have been warning about overpoulation since the seventies be against people voluntarily shortening their own lives? It's the freedom to choose for themselves I suspect is the answer. The governnent should be the ones who decide who lives shorter lives.

      1. The fact that the longer life is prolonged, the more expensive those last years get, seems to not be getting any attention.

        1. That's because it blows a lot of the "we need to control/outlaw this because of health care cost" arguments out of the water.

        2. "The fact that the longer life is prolonged, the more expensive those last years get, seems to not be getting any attention."

          True. At this point in my life, looking toward a somewhat distant old age, I am sincerely committed to exiting this life before becoming a burden. Will be interesting to see how my thinking changes when it comes time to walk the walk.

          Also, I am concerned that global warming will result in fewer ice rafts with which Eskimos can cast away their elderly and infirm.

      2. Overpoulation? Too many chickens?

    3. Nicotine also prevents Alzheimer's another progressive voting block.

      1. That's a dubious claim. Research is very preliminary on the 'benefits' of nicotine. By default, you should avoid the stuff.

        1. BZZZT. WRONG! Nicotine and caffeine both have tremendous long term benefits. The problem is the delivery system.

          1. I can't wait to hear the specifics you so far haven't shown. Tell me, what study did you skim over in the local press?

            1. It's not academic research, shitbag, it's proprietary. You won't know about it until an NDA is filed with the FDA.

              1. That is some good trolling.

                1. I can't speak for PM's sources, but perhaps it's building upon the findings of Heishman, Kleykamp, and Singleton (2010) who conducted a meta-analysis of "41 double-blind, placebo-controlled laboratory studies" and found that the "significant effects of nicotine on motor abilities, attention, and memory likely represent true performance enhancement because they are not confounded by withdrawal relief."?

                  1. The principal researcher on this particular study is my mother in law, which is why I'm not linking it. All of the people who worked on the study started using nicotine patches. All non-smokers.

                    The patent lawyers are sorting it out now.

                    1. 'And the empty-headed blowhard 'toxic has already gotten more information that he deserved.

        2. My cursory understanding is that the dangers of smoking come entirely from breathing burning stuff.

          1. My cursory understanding is that is a lot of it-the lion's share-but nicotine also has negative effects of its own. There is also formaldehyde in that mix and other nasty stuff that isn't necessarily combustion by-product.

            1. Did you learn that in your D.A.R.E. class?

  20. So: DS3. Should I go back and play the first two before diving in?

    1. Is this some new Star Trek game I haven't heard about?

      1. What did you think happened to Deep Space 1-8?

        1. They were Deep (Space) Sixed?

          1. *wipes tear from eye, begins clapping*

    2. 1. The first is still the best IMO. I'd recommend the PC version (the 360 version is almost unplayable on certain levels; I don't know about the PS3 version), although make sure to get DSFix because the stock graphics are limited to 1280x720 no matter what you set the resolution to (it just gets upscaled). Regardless, make sure you get the Prepare to Die Edition (which is the only version on PC).

      2. The second is not bad but skippable if you don't want to spend a lot. The differences in combat mechanics are a little jarring at first if you get used to DS1 but it's not insurmountable. Get the Scholar of the First Sin edition (I don't even think they sell vanilla DS2 any more, but you CANNOT upgrade it to SOTFS so don't buy it).

      The lore of the games is very subtle; the story continuity from 1 to 3 is stronger than from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 (so far), but you will not be left clueless in any of the games having not played any of the others (you WILL be left clueless early on in all 3 of the games, that is just the nature of them).

  21. Yemeni troops and allies drive AQAP/ISIS out of seaside towns.


  22. I despise smokers. I wouldn't mind one bit if tobacco use was criminalized.

    1. We wouldn't mind one bit if you stuck your head in a woodchipper; we despise slavers.

      1. Smokers should be fed feet first into woodchippers. Then the bullies who defend them.

        No, I don't own stock in woodchipper companies, unlike some of you:

        1. "the bullies who defend them."

          The irony...the lack of awareness...

        2. "I hate these people... I wish they were rounded up and incarcerated... they should be murdered violently... but YOU'RE a bully."

          1. Also: grow the fuck up. Anyone using the word bully in any context other than their child's or their own childhood is a chump and a pussy. If you're an adult and you're being bullied, that's on you.

            1. You just invaded AddicationFaggot's safe space.

        3. Inhales... exhales long languid puff of smoke. Yeah I hate you too.

        4. AddictionMyth|4.24.16 @ 9:49PM|#
          "Then the bullies who defend them."

          This from some fucking ignoramus who would use the power of the state to impose his preferences.
          The stupidity is beyond measure.
          Fuck off, slaver.

    2. I despise farters. I wouldn't mind one bit if farting was criminalized.

      1. Today has been a rough day for me. I'm responsible for all of today's global warming.

      1. Is Addiction Myth actually a Scientologist?

        That would actually answer a lot of questions.

        1. Click on his moniker.

          If you dare.

          1. And then check his bank account.

            Yep, it's empty, and he's still retarded.

          2. "Click on his moniker.
            If you dare."

            I did.
            If you assumed an adolescent blow-hard, you just got confirmation.

    3. Smoking has been entirely removed from your purview - why do you care anymore?

  23. Whatever you do, don't say "can campus activists get any stupider?" Because they will proceed to answer your question with a resounding "yes."

    At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, activists are protesting the arrest of a black student on charges of vandalism. They demand that the charges be dismissed, to atone for the fact that the cops came calling when he was in class (they say they hadn't been able to reach him). Of course the campus leaders have apologized fulsomely for defiling the classroom environment, but they're still pressing charges.

    Are the protesters claiming that the guy is innocent? Apparently not. This SJW student suggests that, sure, the arrested student may have graffitied 11 locations, but graffiti is and "art form people of color created" and needs to be respected...and the article gets stupider from there.

    Meanwhile, demonstrators invade the library and block traffic near campus. No justice, no peace and quiet.

    1. Here's what he's accused of doing (suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).

      "After an investigation that spanned six months, UW-Madison police officers arrested Denzel J. McDonald, 21, in connection to at least 11 instances of graffiti on campus, officials said.

      "In one instance, a bystander tried to intervene and stop McDonald from defacing a building, but McDonald allegedly threatened to kill the bystander if police were called.

      "According to the release, the total cost to clean and repair the graffiti damage was more than $4,000."

      1. Building on my corner just changed hands, and during renovations of course the taggers hit it last night. They are vile scum as far as I am concerned. Like animals pissing to mark their territory.

      2. Eh, I'll give a shit when Banksy sees some jail time.

      3. "the total cost to clean and repair the graffiti damage was more than $4,000."

        Probably less than $40 if Denzel J. McDonald were required to do it.

    2. Damn you, Notorious! You broke my derpmeter. It exploded and the springs are embedded in the ceiling.

      Since I am a white, male and heteronormative person, I am not going to try to speak to the outrage many people must feel from this event. It is not my outrage to have, and I do not want to drown out those with more important voices on the matter."

    3. "This piece in particular is McDonald's boldest effort. Using his artist name, God, he directly links the white man to the devil. While this is upsetting to some, it makes an interesting point."

      He made garbage art with no actual meaning beyond his bizarre political views and caused several thousand dollars of property damage in the meantime.

      Everyone really needs to read the art "analysis" in that article. It's something wonderful to behold.

      1. He made garbage art with no actual meaning beyond his bizarre political views and caused several thousand dollars of property damage in the meantime.

        Just like Banksy.

        1. It doesn't matter how much other people like the graffiti. If someone painted Starry Night on the hood of my car, I'd still be mad and it'd still be a crime.

          I'd be OK with this, however.

          1. I'm saying, 'Banksy is a fucking hack'.

            1. Agreed. He's not as much of a hack as the guy in this story, though, because no one has ever been this much of a hack.

                1. That's clearly a case of the jews appropriating the black man's art form, derp.

            2. Heroic Mulatto|4.24.16 @ 11:02PM|#
              "I'm saying, 'Banksy is a fucking hack'."

              Beside his claiming that he can use any personal property as a canvas for his art (and it is 'art', as much as the basket-weaving by any community-college student), his message is soooooo worn out.
              "Edgy!", like SF comics making jokes about Bush.
              BTW, it you are an Artist, you are a pro; you make a living at it. Other than that, you're a hobbiest, and probably still making ash trays from the ceramics projects.
              Rembrandt learned to make prints, Monet could turn out a water lilly water-scape by 3 in the afternoon as a grocery-getter.

    4. April 14, a graffiti artist ? yes, an artist, not a vandal ? was arrested in connection to 11 counts of graffiti and one count of disorderly conduct for harassing a bystander. Was the artist, Denzel McDonald, arrested privately, in a quiet manner? No, of course not. Police officers interrupted his class and asked him outside, making a spectacle out of what could have only been a grave error, or sinister fear-mongering.

      For what? Spray-painting messages against racism and racists. All the while, no headway has been made on the people who defiled public spaces with racist iconography.
      It's bullshit. McDonald's cause was good ? he was trying to help society by challenging people to consider their own racial prejudices. Whether or not you agree with the message is not important, because that is what art is meant to do.

      Since I am a white, male and heteronormative person, I am not going to try to speak to the outrage many people must feel from this event. It is not my outrage to have, and I do not want to drown out those with more important voices on the matter.

      Instead, what I can do as a student of arts and humanities is to critique and inspect his art. Artists do not deserve public shaming or embarrassment. The punishment may have not fit the art, but I hope my following interpretation will.

      1. "Its presentation bolsters this idea. The striking red paint and unfinished E's and A reinforce the subversive, though accurate, statement he is making. Finally, the contrast between devil being a white man, and God, the artist, being black offers a powerful subversion of roles that throughout western history, have been made the reverse. For more information, see descriptions of the Devil and God in famous western literature."

        So subversive. Much rebellion against the heteronormative status quo.

        1. ""For more information, read history and look at art and shit""

        2. Such bullshit.

          1. Art has long stood for modern philosophers as the vanguard of good in civilizations Which means you're wrong.

            1. Fuck art.

              There, I said it.

            2. Writing white people are the devil in spray paint is art but writing "TRUMP 2016" in chalk is a hate crime.

              1. Exactly. You have clearly studied art.

                1. Honestly, i think this is one of the funniest fucking sentences i've ever read.

                  For more information, see descriptions of the Devil and God in famous western literature."

                  Its *so sincere*

                  It reminds me of my 9yr old niece who has recently become precocious; she routinely starts sentences with, "Uhhhhm, I don't know if you know this, BUT......."

                  (and then says something absolutely everyone has known since they were 8, but which she expects to come as a surprise to people, as though previous generations were denied education because we were too busy toiling in the pre-internet dark ages)

                  ..."uhm, we like totally stole this country from the Indians? which is why...."
                  ...."...uhhh, like soda? has LOTS of sugar made from corn? which is way worse than normal sugar..."
                  ...."like, Asian people aren't all the same, which most people don't realize


                  1. What's funny is that I don't even know what the fuck he's trying to tell me about these representations. Is he implying that God is normally seen as a white man...but that Satan is normally black? Because that's not even true. Most older art avoided showing God *at all* while Satan was normally seen as either a monster or some seductive being who could lead you into sin.

                    God isn't even described in human terms in The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost. In Paradiso he's just a really bright point of light.

                    More modern art tends to show God more frequently, but I can't think of any time Satan's been a black guy. It certainly isn't a trope and we also have black God from the Bruce Almighty books.

                    So the claim he's making is not only Oh So Precious and Pretentious, it also appears to be wrong.

    5. "but graffiti is an "art form people of color created"


      I give up!

      1. You should be able to tell that one was SJW because they used 'people of color' instead of 'niggers.'

        One of my all time favorite "SJW or Stormfront?" moments was when a white UCLA student told a black police officer you'll never be as successful as the white man because you're black, at which point the cop had to inform her that when he was young he lived in Jackson, Mississippi during segregation.


        1. Jackson, Mississippi is a Black Town with a Black mayor since the 1990s. They're still de facto segregated but it hasn't been law since the mid-60s. The segregation is more from taxes than racism.
          Higher than the city of Atlanta. You have to be wealthy to live on Eudora Welty's street. You can afford a nicer place outside the city limits.

    6. graffiti is an "art form people of color created"

      Neanderthals were people of color?

  24. A socialist dunce - oxymoron ?

    1. No, it's more one of those "but I repeat myself" things.

      "Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself."

      -Mark Twain

  25. Remember that moron Jesse Myerson? Yeah, he's still at it:


    1. That's from 2 years ago, which is about when he wrote all those dumb articles he's still known for.

      He is still at it though. I follow him on Twitter because I value the laughs more than my sanity.

      1. Also, it's Sam Seder's show, so I'm not entirely sure Myerson is even the dumbest people in that video.

  26. Kevin O'Leary objectively beats an anti-GMO teenager in an argument, anti-GMO idiots pretend otherwise and chortle about her brilliant victory.

    The anti-GMO people are dumber than posts. This teenager spews nonsense she read on internet message boards and anti-GMO activists eat it up.

    My favorite part is that they claim O'Leary was 'bullying' her, thus proving that 'bullying' just means 'you're beating me in an argument and that saddens me.'

    1. My favorite part is when O'Leary discusses using GMO's to provide nutrients to people who might not otherwise be able to get those nutrients as part of their diet and the girl just says "DO YOU REALLY THINK WE SHOULD BE MESSING WITH MOTHER NATURE!?!?"

      Yeah, tremendous arguments on display. I can see why she's become an icon of the anti-GMO loons.

      1. I can barely watch that stuff. It makes me freaking furious.

        (don't mess with mother nature? every single thing in that room is the product of "messing with mother nature". I'm pretty sure every stitch of clothing she was wearing was either a product of GMO cottons, or synthetic fibers etc. )

        naturally 99% of the commenters all agree *how awesomely right* she was and merely dispute the level of 'bullying' going on.

        1. Forget GMO and synthetic, almost everything we've eaten or worn since the invention of agriculture has been "messed with."

    2. Trueman claims parents in the far east would rather their children die than eat Golden Rice.

  27. Every time I've gone to a concert in SF or Portland, a huge portion of the audience has taken smoking breaks. I doubt these people don't sympathize with progressive ideology?or even outright purvey it.

    Then again, I've met a handful of Sanders supporters who are chain smokers; who themselves agree that smoking should be banned; or at least that the minimum legal smoking age should be raised to 21 (even though they all started in their mid-teens, so why would it make a difference?).

    BRB. Need to smoke and shrug. Bernie is an authoritarian boob, yes. Nothing new to see or learn.

  28. So one of the guys who got reamed at the annual White Privilege Conference was James Loewen. He is the author of Lies My Teacher Told Me, which is about all the crap that gets taught in US history classes. I love that book.

    "At this point the judge took over the questioning. "Didn't lynchings happen in Mississippi?" he asked. Yes, admitted the rating committee member, but it was all so long ago, why dwell on it now? "It is a history book, isn't it?" asked the judge."
    ? James W. Loewen

    Loewen coauthored the state history book and on the cover was a photo of a lynching. This made a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad move.

    1. That's one of those books on my shelf I haven't read yet.

    2. I found that book pretty dull. I didn't know about Helen Keller, so that was pretty fascinating, but the book quickly became trite. Perhaps the facts weren't common knowledge when the book was originally published.

      Perhaps I'm just a dullard!

      1. Upon future readings, I noted more lefty argle-blargle, but it was refreshing to read a book which actually talked about controversies in US history.

        1. Given that the writer of that book willingly spoke at a white privilege conference, I'm surprised more of it wasn't lefty aargle blargle

        2. Pulling it off my shelf just now, I see an approving blurb from Howard Zinn - which scares me off.

          1. It has its moments, both for truth and for derp.

          2. It's derp. Deep, smelly, derp.

            The exceedingly few things that aren't actually derp are pretty well contaminated by their proximity to derp.

  29. Do you feel old yet?

    The first Ramones album was released 40 years ago yesterday.

    53rd and 3rd

    1. I watched End of the Century recently. Really good. Johnny sure was an unpleasant asshole, but I guess an integral part of the band since nobody else knew how to market themselves.

      I've realized the crux of their greatness is Joey's vocals. And their classically great pop songwriting. And that guitar sound. But his voice primarily. One of the best vocalists ever.

      1. The "crux of their greatness" was Dee Dee's songwriting. That and Johnny's work ethic. They played more live shows than pretty much any other band ever and it showed in tightness and precision. If you ever saw them live you got your $$$ worth.

        1. If you ever saw them live you got your $$$ worth.


      2. Yeah I think it's mostly the songwriting myself. It's like sixties girl-group but with dudes.

        1. Yeah, but I think his vocals lifted them above mere higher-tempo pastiche. Like Mary Weiss' lead lifted the Shangri-Las above their peers (or made them stand out? I do love the other prominent 60s girl-groups). But obviously the songwriting is an important basis. Can't move anywhere great without it.

          1. The Shangri-Las are the touchstone for all the great mid/ late 70s NYC sound. Most were kids from Queens.

  30. Bernie will propose putting a picture on all cigarette packs showing the true dangers of smoking. A picture of Eric Garner.

    1. Garner in a headlock should be Bernie's icon. Serious violence for breaking petty laws, that's the essence of socialism.

      1. Instilling fear of your arbitrary power into everyone's psyches by blacklisting certain people, causing everyone else to turn on them, as self-preservation. Serious mob violence. Collective violence built on implicit individual fear.

        Vastly insufficient supply to meet demand, begetting Stockholm Syndrome.

        Cranky, lazy, failed academics and intellectuals who feel they know better than everyone else what everyone else needs, should do and should be able to do. Envy.

        Serious violence for FYTW.

        1. OneGreat Leap Forward for Bernie, one Giant FYTW for mankind.

  31. Spot the Not: Woodrow Wilson

    1. The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation?until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.

    2. Segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen.

    3. God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle self-contemplation and self-admiration. No! He has made us the master organizers of the world to establish system where chaos reigns.

    4. The domestic slaves, at any rate, and almost all who were much under the master's eye, were happy and well cared for.

    5. Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.

    6. In the matter of Chinese and Japanese coolie immigration, I stand for the national policy of exclusion. We cannot make a homogeneous population out of people who do not blend with the Caucasian race.

    1. Amma take #3. Sounds more like...Charles Lindberg?

    2. I'm guessing 5, it sounds like a TR quote.

  32. All of you NYC jerks:

    Is Spumoni Gardens considered deep dish?

  33. Really? This is the best you can do? He isn't wrong. I'm a smoker and know first hand the damage cigarettes can do. On the other hand, taxing soda is ludicrous since the very same sugar and additives can be found in countless others foods the would have to be taxed as well for such a thing to make any sense.

    1. I'm a smoker and know first hand the damage cigarettes can do.

      If it bothers you, then quit. Saying it should be made illegal is saying that someone should be thrown in jail for it. I'm sure you think you'll never go to jail -- and you might be right -- but the fundamental point is the same. There is no deterrent effect without some exercise of force; whose skull should be cracked so that you can be scared straight?

      On the other hand, taxing soda is ludicrous since the very same sugar and additives can be found in countless others foods the would have to be taxed as well for such a thing to make any sense.

      This is Bernie Sanders we're talking about. "Tax all the things" is not out of the realm of possibility.

  34. I cant imagine anyone with a single brain cell taking this bernie dude, or hillary seriously lol.


    1. Anonbot is smarter than 53% of the population.

  35. That puppet is not representative of Bernie Sanders. He does not smile in real life.

  36. Its curious how the leftist position on all things tobacco-related has become identical to the cultural conservative position on homosexuality and pot. It wasn't always so, but changed in the mid-90s when the documents that suggested cigarette companies conspired to deceive smokers on the risk of their habit were released and the term "Big Tobacco" was coined. The government actually funded research on developing reduced-risk cigarettes until the 1980s. So if the government knew smoking was dangerous too but continued to allow it, why are the tobacco companies only to blame?

    I have no doubt that once pot becomes fully legalized and more profitable than tobacco, Altria and RJR will enter the market. Wonder what Bernie and friends will do then?

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  38. The old fart is just pandering to the nannies who want tobacco banned.

    "Well, that's fine. He can have his point of view. But cigarettes are causing cancer, obviously, and a dozen other diseases. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country".

    No kidding? You do don't say? Of course cigarettes and other tobacco products are terrible for your health, but it is up to the individual consumer to decide what they wish to consume. Further, why does he feel that politicians can have their own POV, but doesn't grant that same privilege to citizens?

    People need to look past his promises of free shit to see what kind of man he really is.

  39. "People need to look past his promises of free shit to see what kind of man he really is."

    If someone is giving you free shit, they could care less what kind of person you are, or what kind of freedoms you might want to take away so long as they don't think it will affect them. Proggies claim to hate tobacco, but then turn to it to fund all of their pet projects, especially child care, health insurance, etc. So if they ban it, what will they tax to pay for it? Of course, we know that math and economics are not their strong suit...

  40. Netherlands has an interesting take on this. They have had more or less legal cannibis sold in coffee shops for several decades, but it is illegal to smoke tobacco indoors in any building. I was about to fire up a well rolled joint in a coffee shop one day when the proprietor came up to me to ensure it was not a tobacco cigarette. If it had been tobacco, I would have to go outside to smoke.

    I suspect we are in for a similar situation as legal cannabis becomes more widespread in the US.

  41. RE: Bernie Sanders Wants to Legalize Marijuana...and Maybe Ban Cigarettes?
    The senator says there's "almost the question" of why cigarettes are "a legal product in this country."

    You can't have a nanny state without a nanny.
    Comrade Sanders would make a great nanny.

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