Hillary Clinton

'Keep in mind Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama's sentencing reform in 2008'

Matt Welch talks about the 'ugliness' of Clintonian crime politics on Rev. Al Sharpton's PoliticsNation


On Sunday, I appeared on MSNBC's PoliticsNation to discuss Election 2016 stuff with host Al Sharpton, and fellow panelists Joan Walsh and Tara Dowdell. The segment below deals with Hillary Clinton's tricky relationship with Bill Clinton's tough-on-crime legacy:

Reason on criminal justice here.

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  2. “On Sunday, I appeared on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation to discuss Election 2016 stuff with host Al Sharpton, and fellow panelists Joan Walsh and Tara Dowdell. ”

    I’m so sorry, Matt.

  3. She missed an opportunity to really s…., I’m gonna say sound sincere, be sincere and sound sincere about the impact of that bill.

    Keep waiting for Hill to snag those opportunities, Joan.

    1. The only thing Hillary snags is her socialist virgina.

  4. Sharpton says he opposed the 1994 crime bill and welfare-reform bill but admits that he didn’t have most black people on his side.

    Which suggests that most black people, by Sharpton’s admission, were for welfare reform and tougher sentencing.

    1. How messed up is it that Al Sharpton is one of the more honest participants in this discussion?

  5. Sharpton wrapped Bubba’s welfare reform into the mix of the former president’s albatrosses.

  6. Look at the springtime garb Mr. Welch brings to the debate.

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  8. There’s no questions in the debate about how the Democrat candidates would change welfare reform because that voter base is just expecting either of them to open up taxpayer wallets for them without it needing to be said.

    1. They didn’t ask Welch about it. That could have been awkward.

  9. Admit it, Matt. You have hatched an evil plot to trick us into watching horrible television programs.

    1. Please! Think of all the open-minded, independent thinkers Matt exposes to a libertarian perspective. At 8AM Sunday. On Al Sharptons MSNBC show. With Joan Walsh. Ok, now that i’ve said it out loud it seems the “evil plot”-theory may actually have some merit.

      At least he wasn’t wearing a pink shirt.

      1. Seeing the lowlife, vile gutter rat who incited the Crown Heights riot being granted such undeserved dignity never fails to make me want to puke.

        1. Please. Welch had nothing to with the Crown Heights riots.

          1. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

            And you’re right — I need to get pink back into the rotation.

            1. You need to get some ties that work better w/ it. Navy w/ stripes would be banging. Spots also work.

              1. Plus, learn some grown-up knots for your ties. “Simple” and “four-in-hand” are for kids, or for really heavy fabrics.

                Personally, I’m a Windsor guy. Nice, full, symmetrical knot FTW.

                1. Half-windsor

                  (throws down gauntlet)

                  Full Windsor is often too pretentious-looking unless you’re fat, and a;ways wear spread-collars. Also, you mention heavy-fabrics – thick-weave silk makes a half-windsor just as plump and triangular as a full, but is easier to get the right length every time.

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