Bernie's Job Interview, Lessons From the Panama Papers, and Racial Disparities in Cop Violence: The Fifth Column Podcast Returns

Matt Welch, Kmele Foster and Michael Moynihan argue about the meaning and value of "democracy"


Didn't get enough last week of The Fifth Column, the new politics & argument podcast featuring Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan et moi? You're in luck! As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or listen to it right here:

Among the topics of Episode Two: Was Bernie Sanders' Daily News interview really all that bad? Should we be rooting for undemocratic results in the presidential election? What are the policy lessons from the Panama Papers? And why is Kmele mad yet again about an article showing unarmed black people get shot and killed disproportionately by the cops? And there will be the usual jackassery and digression, along with a choice version of "Some Idiot Wrote This." Subscribe today!