Gary Johnson

Fox News: '2016 the best chance yet for a libertarian candidate?'

Red Eye panel feels the Johnson and is bullish on the LP, because "a lot of people are libertarians without realizing it"


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Fox News

At the end of last week I participated in a Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue episode on Fox News that included a discussion about the prospects of presidential aspirant Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in this year's election. Move past the MacGuffin of Johnson's toes (sorry, GarJo!), and focus instead not just on your narrator's assertion that "eight months of Hillary versus Trump" is going to be "awful" and "make us feel bad to wake up every morning as Americans," but rather on the robust support for libertarianism on the panel. Actor Matt Walton claims that "a lot of Americans identify with libertarian policies," and thinks that the LP could stand a fighting chance within a couple of election cycles. And Joanne Nosuchinsky says "I do think that a lot of people are libertarians without realizing it."

Watch part of the segment below: