Husband of New Hampshire State Representative Arrested in FBI Home Raid in Connection with 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff


According to reports from both the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Portsmouth, NH, Patch, Jerry DeLemus, a Tea Party activist and husband of New Hampshire state Rep. Susan DeLemus, was arrested this morning in a home raid by the FBI on nine charges related to his participation in the 2014 standoff with federal officers at Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch

Jerry DeLemus Facebook

The charges include, according to the Union-Leader:

conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, according to court records.

They report the indictment is out of Nevada.

A Business Insider profile of DeLemus and his role in the standoff from 2014 describes him as "running the makeshift "militia" of conservatives protecting the ranch, some of whom are armed with handguns and rifles."

The Patch contains this from former New Hampshire GOP chair Jack Kimball, reporting what he was told by Rep. DeLemus:

"She said that the FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and Agents who were in tactical gear," Kimball wrote on Facebook earlier this morning. "They forced their way into Jerry DeLemus and Sue's condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away."

Kimball considers the arrest unjust, and as the very fact the Bundy ranch standoff occurred, as well as its quasi-sequel in Oregon this year, shows, many agree: "A good and Patriotic Marine is now being prosecuted for standing up for Liberty," Kimball said.

Cliven Bundy himself was finally arrested last month for his own role in the 2014 events.

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  1. All thanks to the Obama administration and their war on whites.

    1. Are you and John co-authors of the White Uprising newsletter?

      1. No, but where can I start my subscription?

          1. I don’t always keep track of who is who here but Los Doyers is an asshole. I’ll remember that.

            1. I just want to know how one hunts using Lambda calculus.

            2. The NSFW is implied.

    2. You know who else made everything about race?

      1. Lance Armstrong?

      2. Jesse Owens?

      3. Johann Friedrich Blumenbach?

  2. No real info here. What role did DeLemus have in the standoff?

    1. From the second link =

      “According to the indictment, Delemus was a “mid-level leader and organizer of the conspiracy who, among other things: recruited, organized, trained and provided logistical support to gunmen and other Followers and organized and led armed patrols and security checkpoints.””

      1. gunmen


        1. They had guns and were men. Seems like an open and shut case. Be interesting to watch if it gets in front of a Nevada jury.

          1. This will never go to a jury. They’ll have a choice between losing in court and being sentenced to life in prison, or taking a plea that will allow them to get out just in time to die of cancer.

    2. According to another story on The Patch:

      According to the new indictment, DeLemus was a “mid-level leader and organizer of the conspiracy who, among other things: recruited, organized, trained and provided logistical support to gunmen and other Followers and organized and led armed patrols and security checkpoints.”

      1. So he made a coffee and donuts run for the guys?

        1. I think he also bought lunch a couple of times.

          1. Shit, that’ll cost him a few more years.

  3. Back in the day it would have looked like this…

    conspiracy to commit an offense against the His Majesty’s Government, threatening a Crown officer, obstruction of the King’s justice, attempting to impede or injure a Crown officer and several firearms charges

    …but yeah, round ’em up. These guys are a threat to me.

    1. He clearly was a threat – I mean, look at all he had done! ….. I mean, look at it! He…um, ……

      *slips out window and runs*

    2. I blame Medical Physics Guy.

      1. I blame [rolls dice] Stalin!

    3. Taking of the king’s deer…

  4. Another libertarian moment? Or just a temporary reversal?

    1. /tickles MSimon in the stomach.

      Who’s the cute little-wittle libertarian waiting for his moment?

      /tickles harder and more menacingly.


      1. I looked real hard for the libertarian moment in this. Really.

        BTW virtual tickles don’t work on me. I’m not that ticklish.

  5. conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States…

    But corporations aren’t people and don’t have rights.

    1. No, that means the United States like everyone who’s a citizen. You know, like you, presumably. Remember how offended you felt when this guy participated in a standoff in Nevada two years ago? I was crushed, personally. Had to go on a sabbatical, myself.

    2. Geez, the psychos at Huffpo and Politico are going to be jerking it to this story for weeks. If you head that way to see what the lefties think about this, best bring a sponge rag.

  6. “You plebs didn’t really think we’d forget, did you?”

  7. “”””conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, “””””

    Why go all the way to NH, they can find thousands doing this every day in Washington DC. And since they work for the Federal government they already have their home addresses

  8. It seems like the DoJ were just holding those charges over their heads until the whole Oregon standoff happened and they thought it was high time for some retribution or maybe they were afraid of what seemed to be a blossoming secessionist movement.

    1. Who would want secede from such a wonderful, just system?

    2. Same DOJ that hasn’t indicted Hillary. Republicans are going to have a field day as it becomes more and more obvious that she killed Chris Stevens with her email scheme.


      1. The FBI is going to have some real problems if it keeps bringing the hammer down on ranchers and ignoring traitors.

        1. I doubt it. No one in Congress is going to hold them accountable so they can act with impunity. It’s the same with the DoJ, IRS, etc.

          1. I wasn’t thinking about the Feds.

  9. Well just to prove who is the “KING” of this land known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. and if you try to exercise your Soverignty over them they will either lock you up or just kill you. Any confrontations must be by convincing the masses that “WE THE PEOPLE” have ultimate power over our lives, but that is not in their interest of forever “CONFLICTS” they call wars, no real congressional approval needed as they (congress) where formed under different rules(oldest rule on the books) He who controls the Gold controls the world, and it ain’t the American People, we where sold out a long time ago.

  10. Imagine what they’d do to this guy if he had his own private server with secret gov’t comm on it!
    “Conspiracy”, the hell you say!

  11. So, here’s an example of what it looks like when you use those 2A rights to resist the federal government. Here’s a guy who I’d argue did nothing particularly wrong, certainly not SWAT worthy, and two years after the fact he gets yanked out of his home on some of the most vague charges I can imagine. If the man was an actual threat to anyone they could’ve charged him in 2014 and grabbed him on the flight home, or pulled him over on the drive back. This is revenge, pure and simple. When you embarrass the warden, you can be sure you’re gonna pay for it later.

    1. Yep. It isn’t like it took 2 years to “investigate” this. The folks there in Nevada were pretty much right out in the open.

  12. Is this the one where Harry Reid tried to sell a guy’s land to the Chinese and the locals got uppity? And there was never any actual gunplay – so everyone went home and forgot about it? But the Administration didn’t forget and now they are out for revenge.

  13. I grew up under LBJ and Nixon. And yet, I still can’t believe the level of overt use of government power to achieve political gains that continues to escalate under this administration.

    1. These guys erred in not realizing the the US is now a police state. The US government brooks no overt disobedience, it is draconian in its punishments, and it honors no rights that it finds inconvenient.

      The US was not yet a police state back in the 60s and 70s. Eric Holder was a ringleader and active participant in the armed takeover of the Columbia University’s ROTC buildings. Holder’s militia got off scot-free; or, in the famous words of Obama friend Bill Ayers regarding his own terrorist charges, “Guilty as hell and free as a bird. America is a great country.”

      1. Bill Ayers really tried to kill people – and got off completely free on technicalities.

      2. The declaration of independence says that when government no longer represents the interests of the people, the people have both the right and responsibility to remove the government by all means necessary including armed revolution.

        The founding fathers were terrorists I suppose.

        1. They absolutely were violent revolutionaries. They didn’t bomb women and children, but they did keep shooting grown-men dead until the Brits decided it wasn’t worth sending more for them to shoot.

        2. They also believed, as Washington demonstrated, that the government has the power and ability to put down such rebellions.

          1. It doesn’t say that the government can’t try to stop the rebellion, just that the people can fight them.

          2. Followed by various people arrested in the rebellion being pardoned if they weren’t acquitted.

            I like reminding people in other forums of that when they bring up Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion in reference to the 2014 Bundy/cattle protest. It’s funny how quickly the subject changes or crickets invade the thread in leftie forums.

  14. how long do you think until the media starts to focus on the wife… trump supporter who called the pope the anti-Christ about a week ago.

    1. 5…4…3…

  15. “A good and Patriotic Marine is now being prosecuted for standing up for Liberty,”

    Too late. Long ago Lady Liberty was beaten to death and her corpse defiled in a fashion that would make Warty blush.

  16. I worder if this will make more people join these militias.

    1. Nah. Remember back when the British marched a battalion up to Lexington and Concord to bust up those militias – everything settled right down afterwards.

  17. Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue

    Uncommon Valor was also a great movie that I saw several times in the theater while I was in bootcamp.

  18. Man, it’s fucked up to see just how petty and sadistic this administration really is.

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