The Rise of Potentate Trump Shows That "Real" Americans Are the Big Threat to Limited Government

Can we quit blaming Hispanics for Big Government?


Conservative restrictionists have long depicted Hispanics as an existential threat to America's core limited

Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

government ideals because Hispanics are allegedly welfare queens who'll always vote for Big Government Democrats. But if the rise of Donald Trump, an autocrat with the worst bouffant in the Western world, proves anything, it is that "real" Americans are no less lovers of Big Government. In fact, more so.

Everything in the Trump platform, such as it is, screams Big Government, I note in my column at The Week. His plan to Make America Great Again is nothing if not one long paean to Big Government. Almost every item in it involves using the government's muscle to bend private companies and foreign governments to his will.

(Hey, and libertarians who are attracted to him because he's at least not a neocon on foreign policy are fooling themselves. Trump will arguably be worse because he's obsessed with pay back. He's on a hair-trigger margin against America's enemies, both real and imagined. He considers even Vietnam a threat to America's economic greatness, for Pete's sake. He isn't opposed to starting wars, only losing them. "We will make our military so strong that no one will mess with America" isn't the song of a dove but an ignoramus who doesn't know that America already spends as much as the next seven countries combined. It also shows that he doesn't understand that military might wont deter a low-tech, low-budget venture like terrorism.)

Trump has the manner and understanding of a Third World potentate that ought to revolt a country with 200-plus years of democratic governance under its belt. If "real" Americans are still willing to embrace him, then Hispanics are the least of this country's problems.

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