Election 2016

Pre-game and Post-game Your GOP Debate with Matt Welch on SiriusXM Insight

Channel 121, noon and 11 p.m. ET, call in at 877-974-7487


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As in the previous two days, I will be riding shotgun today in driver Michael C. Moynihan's version of the Sirius XM Insight Hour (Channel 121) at noon ET, and like yesterday will be joined by Freethink Media impersario Kmele Foster. We will be talking about tonight's GOP presidential debate, last night's Black Lives Matter interruption of a Hillary Clinton event, and plenty else. Call in at 877-974-7487 to join the melee.

Then tonight on SiriusXM Insight channel I'll be back at 11 p.m., or whenever the Republican debate finally ends, along with an all-star cast of by-then drunken comics and political analysts, orchestrated by Pete Dominick. The last time we did this, Moynihan squeezed some outrageous Hurricane Katrina confessions from a sloshed Matt Taibbi, so the prospects for WTF entertainment value are high.