Marijuana Federalists Lead the Republican Field

Chris Christie, the most pugilistic prohibitionist in the race, remains stuck in single digits.


CBS News

Chris Christie has made no bones about his intent to shut down marijuana legalization if he is elected president. But Republican voters do not seem to be attracted by Christie's cannabis combativeness. The New Jersey governor, who finished eighth in the Iowa caucus on Monday and may take sixth place in New Hampshire next Tuesday, has never scored higher than 5 percent in national polls. Meanwhile, as I explain in my latest Forbes column, most of the other Republican candidates, including the two at the top, have explicitly rejected the heavy-handed federal intervention Christie favors:

With Rand Paul ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, the GOP race has lost its strongest supporter of drug policy reform. But the remaining Republican candidates are for the most part not as retrograde in this area as you might expect, especially on the question of how the federal government should respond to state legalization of marijuana.

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  1. I can understand why Fat Bastard wants to keep marijuana illegal. Being that he’s one of the “That which is not forbidden is mandatory” types, if the stuff was legal then he’d be forced to smoke it. Then he’d gain even more weight thanks to the munchies. So for health reasons, it makes total sense that he wants to prohibit the stuff.

    1. He’s afraid the smokers will eat al the snakes.

      1. All the snacks, proof reading,what is that?

        1. You don’t see the snakes? You haven’t been smoking enough.

      2. Guess he’s not Irish.

  2. From what I’ve seen of Christie the Hutt I would say he is in politics because he gets off on being in control of his realm. Making pot legal means one fewer thing he can arrest and charge people with doing – where’s the fun in that?

    1. He’s a former prosecutor. For him. what could be more fun than throwing people in cages? Fuck that fat-assed cheeseburger addict.

  3. Christie is clearly vying with Kaisch for the coveted crotchety old people GOP voting bloc.

    1. He’s vying to be someone’s AG.

      1. No,don’t even think that, His favorite shirt color is brown.

  4. sad news in the world of extreme sports.

    Of course Hufftards have to make it anybody else but his fault in the comments. Sad day for his widow and orphans.

  5. When it comes to marijuana, Christie is awful. He want’s to continue giving people criminal records for weed.

    One good thing that Christie did in reference to drugs is that a person reporting an overdose is free from prosecution. That’s at least a good step in the heroin side.

    1. One step forward, three steps backwards.

      1. I refuse to believe he can take three steps back with out falling. Or rolling.

  6. I’m not entirely sure of the point of this article. We already know Christie is an authoritative cunt, and Cruz will flip flop on the issue for his perceived political expediency. This isn’t news.

    I live in a purple state and a bluish purple city that affords me the chance to speak with people across the political spectrum. Those who predominantly vote R) that I’ve spoke to tend not to fixate on the legality of marijuana as an important factor in their decision making process for president.

  7. Every time I see and hear Christie I think of Baron Harkonnen from the Dune movie. Just more evil.

    1. More like Jersey the Hutt.

      1. He should DIAF, Along with everyone he knows.

        1. Do you know how long a grease slick like that would burn? It’d make Centralia look like a cigarette.

          1. A pig-roast gone bad.

      2. Newark Goering?

  8. Fucfk that fat bastard that wants to tell us about our health.

    1. He’s you better,bask in his shadow. Should be easy to do from two states away.

  9. Well, Trump and Cruz are federalists on the issue (sort of). As explained in the article Rubio leans much closer to Christie: “in a Meet the Press interview last August, host Chuck Todd asked Rubio whether he would “use the federal government to supersede those state laws.” His reply: “Well, federal government needs to enforce federal law.” Todd tried to draw him out more, and Rubio reiterated, “I believe the federal government needs to enforce federal law.”

    It’s sad from this issue to foreign policy, sugar subsidies, etc., there is just nothing even vaguely libertarian about Rubio. He’s basically the kinder, gentler Christie Kreme. The Republican Obama with a bigger “war boner.”

    Rubama 2016! Because you know you want the same old shit, just wrapped in different packaging.

    1. He’s little man that can’t wait to command the military. You know who else???

      1. Hence the high heeled boots.

  10. Christie will forever remain a symptom of unzipped New Jerseyian denseness and will gain traction beyond that place like shit sliding up and out of a ceramic catchment.

    No matter how you spin, fondle, massage, or re-imagine it to be somehow better the brutal headbutt into the concrete blocks spitting blood and skeleton chunks every fucking day in front of us is that regardless of their proclivities or marketing misdirection all the fucks lining up to run this place will perpetuate draconian strategies designed to ‘secure’ Americans from their vices, appetites, and pleasures.

    This rotgut with a bloody broomstick in angel wings continues the penetration of the American butthole as she struggles strapped to the rusty hood of a ratty GM truck behind the goddamn square buildings built out of fucking quarry blocks with fucking bronze public-sounding names stapled to their motherfucking dark cornices.

    Yea, fucking God Bless America- but not her goddamn citizens.

  11. “It is therefore not surprising that Republican voters don’t seem to be rewarding Christie for his conspicuous cannabis combativeness.”

    Nice alliteration.

  12. Libertarian Moment!!

    Do ya miss Rand yet…..

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