Sean Penn's Interview with El Chapo Helped Lead to Drug Lord's Capture

Mexican authorities say the actor's interview with the notorious fugitive kept the trail hot.


Do El Chapos dream of electric sheep?

Oscar-winning actor and activist Sean Penn interviewed recently recaptured Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán ("El Chapo") Loera last September, the text of which was published tonight in Rolling Stone. A two-minute video featuring Guzman accompanies the piece. 

In an article spanning more than 10,000 words, mostly a blow-by-blow travelogue of the events that led to the interview but of which very little actually comprises the interview itself, Penn writes of earning Guzman's trust because of the actor's "willingness to be vilified through associations" such as his close friendship with deceased former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Penn's questions included:

How was your childhood?

We hear avocado is good for you, lime is good for you, guanabana is good for you. But we never hear anyone doing any publicity with respect to drugs. Have you done anything to induce the public to consume more drugs?

Do you have any dreams? Do you dream?

How is your relationship with your mom?

The Associated Press reports that Mexican authorities credit Penn's interview with helping them to hone in on Guzman, ultimately leading to the fugitive's recapture this past Friday following a gunfight in the Mexican state of Culiacan. Guzman had reportedly been interested in having a flattering biopic of his life produced. 

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  1. So – what’re the odds Penn lives to see 2017?

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer actor.

    1. He sure picked a good time to get rid of all his guns.

      (Though I imagine his bodyguards are armed to the teeth)

      1. He got rid of his guns?

        Yes because this will show them!

        Think about how this people think for a second. I own guns. I’m not a criminal. Because I think guns kill I will get rid of my guns.

        It’s retarded.

        1. He got rid of his guns because his girlfriend demanded it.
          Then she left him.

          1. He’s a bigger goof than we thought!

    2. Heh. I was thinking that.

  2. Somebody should ask Penn who is the greater hero – Castro, Chavez, or Guzman.

  3. We hear avocado is good for you, lime is good for you, guanabana is good for you. But we never hear anyone doing any publicity with respect to drugs. Have you done anything to induce the public to consume more drugs?

    NORML doesn’t count I guess. Conan O’Brien toking up with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube while driving around town doesn’t count.

  4. Fuckin’ commie snitch. Decent people can only hope he expires with his own severed genitals in his mouth.

  5. “willingness to be vilified through associations”

    Ooo, what a rebel this scumbag is.

    /rubs avocado in Penn’s face.

    1. + James Cagney

  6. Penn lacks a moral compass sounds like. Or at least, it’s off.

    On one side he sees no problem with associating with people who hold terrible ideological beliefs that usually impact people negatively and murderer mobsters and on the other cares for people enough to get rid of his guns without seeing the irony of the fact he pals around criminals who wouldn’t give theirs up because, you know, they’re criminals.

    Man, it’s insane.

    Also, the Bengals are natural born losers. I still don’t know what I witnessed. The Steelers either have pictures or own the biggest horseshoe in America.

    1. On a day when even the Chiefs put an end to their playoff losing ways, the Bengals still couldn’t break through despite Pittsburgh doing everything to give them the game. Holy cow are they losers.

      I think more than it being the Bengals, I think it is Marvin Lewis. He is just too much of a nice guy and players’ coach and too tolerant of knuckleheads. His teams are not disciplined enough to win in the playoffs.

      1. I’m not going to argue any of that John, but fuck did they get hosed on the helmet-to-helmet non call when Shazier hit Benard. Caused the fumble, probably took points off the board.

        Helmet to helmet has been a huge issue these last few years, but they don’t call that one. And traditionalist suckups Jim Nantz and PHEEEEEL Simms keep saying, “Legal hit! He’s a runner now!” Assholes, you don’t get to do literally anything you want once a guy becomes a runner, or else the facemask tackle would be legal. So would the horsecollar.

        1. The NFL has been in love with the Rooneys and fucking every other team in their favor since the 70s when they consistently screwed the Raiders. I really hate the Steelers, even though I loved them as a kid.

          The NFL basically gave them the Super Bowl against the Seahawks a few years ago. The Steelers get appallingly favorable treatment in every game they play.

          1. Know what? Calls always seem to go their way and ‘things’ always seem to fall in their favor no matter how poorly they play. They played like crap down the stretch and still have wins in their pockets. When that boob fumbled I told my wife watch, the Steelers are gonna throw it, it will be a poor play but they’ll get the flag and win the game. Bang. Exactly what happened.

            All I heard was how dangerous they are in the get in the playoffs that’s not a dangerous team, it’s a lucky team. I agree with what you wrote up top. The Bengals literally GAVE them the game. They could barely beat a team without its QB.

            And how did Porter not get a flag himself?

            I hope Denver crushes them and puts an end to this. I can’t stand watching teams get gifts.

            1. “…if they get in”

        2. If I were the Bengals, I would fire Lewis and hire Tom Coughlin. Coughlin would bring a level of dicipline and professionalism the team desperately needs. And Coughlin has won two super bowls with a can be okay in the right situation QB like Dalton.

          1. What an epic meltdown. One for all-time – in any sport.

          2. If I were the Bengals, I would fire Lewis and hire Tom Coughlin. Coughlin would bring a level of dicipline and professionalism the team desperately needs.

            You know, that’s actually a pretty good idea. Not sure if Coughlin wants another NFL job so soon, but I think he’d be a damned good fit for Cincy. And that defense is loaded.

    2. He didn’t get rid of his guns because he cares for people. He got rid of them for pussy.

  7. Penn-itentiary.

  8. Another Curtis Reeves-related story, though it’s a couple years old, just like the shooting itself.

    This guy is a former Marine and used to be, like, a total Second Amendment supporter.

    But then he had his “Curtis Reeves moment,” and almost shot some kids who were trying to run his car off the road. After that – “I chased them down the interstate for about a half mile when the muted, dull throb in the back of head that was my conscious finally broke through and screamed “Calm the fuck down! This is insane!”…

    “I don’t carry a gun with me anymore. It has taken me years to transition from a rabidly pro-gun guy to a gun control advocate, but this incident was the catalyst….

    “Firearms are too easy to use especially when you give yourself license, when you tell yourself you’re justified you have it. It’s your right after all. You’re not like everyone else, and I’m sure that’s exactly what Curtis Reeves, a retired police officer and firearms instructor thought. He was a good guy with a gun until he wasn’t….

    “But I was almost Curtis Reeves. If we want to get serious about gun control that’s where our focus should be….”

    1. Er… our focus should be on avoiding letting our emotions run roughshod over our better natures? Bravo! I’m happy you realized you couldn’t trust yourself well enough not to murder a car load of kids over a road rage incident. For the rest of us not taking up residence in crazytown, we’d like it awfully much if you’d not lump us in with those of you who have.

    2. That’s funny – I’ve got a friend of mine who, a couple of years ago, a couple of guys tried to run off the road. He used his gun to force them to stop, held them for the police, they got arrested – and then deported.

  9. Spicolli: Dude, el chapo, whatever you call yourself bro. We hear you sell some knarly blow. And break out of jail! Righteous man! Can you tell us how you manage to rock out and evade the federales? Can I call you dude, sir, el chapo?

    El Chapo: Si, come tu quieres.

    Spicolli: My honor, my hombre!

    El Chapo: Pinche gringo, tienes un wire?

    Spicolli: You are bummin me out with that kind of harsh, Chapo.

    El Chapo: Mira, you tell me. My story, it is un Oscar, como no?

    Spicolli: Dude, I didn’t even hear what you said. Is that a tiger cub playing with three models and a chimpanzee?

    El Chapo: Si, como no! Don’t pay attention to that! I was trying to tell you my story. I need you to help me with Hollywood. I feel my story needs to be to,d.

    Spicolli: You totally remind me of my old bud! Hugo! Dude is no longer among us but was just like that, also a crazy story. As long. It’s for the people man. Let’s get a pie.

    1. I was just thinking that very thing. A brain damaged idiot talking to a criminally insane retrobate makes for some fascinating conversation.

      1. I’m trying so hard to get at least halfway through. I don’t think I’m going to make it. Every single sentence is like a kick to the testicles.

        1. The intro reads as if he’s a terrible writer who wants to sound like a great writer. I’m guessing Penn does these sorts of things so he can continue to convince ditzy left-inclined women he wants to sleep with that he’s a fascinating guy instead of a washed up has-been.

  10. Holy shit. Sean Penn is Mr. F.

    1. A Mentally Retarded Female?

  11. Fucking Rolling Stone. That article is free, and it’s still overpriced.

    1. That’s nothing compared to how the “journalist” gouged Rolling Stone.

      “How much money will you make writing this article?” he asks. I answer that when I do journalism, I take no payment.

      You’re so fucking deep, Penn.

      1. I’m hearing that as capital-J “Journalism”. God what a douche.

        1. “”How much money will you make writing this article?” he asks. I answer that when I do journalism, I take no payment”

          OK, spell journalism.

      2. Wait, does he have a degree from the Columbia College of Journalism?

  12. Even Gawker is tearing this shit apart. You know it’s bad when those idiots are on the right side of something.

  13. Behold the awesomeness that is Werner Herzog Motivational posters.

    1. Are those supposed to be funny?

      1. I think they are but only because they are so bluntly true and dark.

    2. What the fuck is that?

    3. “When I fart, even tall pines bow down.”

  14. So maybe you can make friends with the Devil Sean. He’s your kind of people and you will be meeting him soon no doubt. I doubt he’ll tolerate your stupidity though.

  15. Espinoza and I have traveled many roads together, but none as unpredictable as the one we are now approaching. Espinoza is the owl who flies among falcons. Whether he’s standing in the midst of a slum, a jungle or a battlefield, his idiosyncratic elegance, mischievous smile and self-effacing charm have a way of defusing threat. His bald head demands your attention to his twinkling eyes. He’s a man fascinated and engaged. We whisper to each other in code. Finally a respite from the cyber technology that’s been sizzling my brain and soul.

    I take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals, nor do I have any gloating arrogance at posing for selfies with unknowing security men.

    I guess Penn is too famous for an editor.

  16. At 55 years old, I’ve never learned to use a laptop. Do they still make laptops? No fucking idea!

    Sean Penn yells at clouds.

    Alonzo asks us to surrender our electronics and leave them behind ? cellphones, computers, etc. I had left mine in Los Angeles, anticipating this requirement.

    Wait, whut? So Penn and his team brought desktops to Mexico?

    1. 55 years old and he’s still less knowledgeable than the average 15 year old.

  17. While it was enjoyable watching Penn die as F.A.G. member in Team America: World Police, watching him die as Guzman’s snitch should be even better.

    1. We sit within quietude of fortified walls that are old New York hotel construction, when walls were walls, and telephones were usable without a Ph.D

      1. Rodrigo is the one who has me concerned. The look in his eye is far away, but locked dead on me. My speculation goes audio. I hear chain saws. I feel splatter. I am Sean’s dubitable paranoia

        Who told Sean he was James Ellroy?

        1. That interview is way too long.

  18. I can’t believe that there is now a Sean Penn story that will overshadow his Katrina (didn’t put the drain plug in the boat) story!

    1. I’d never heard of that. The fact that he brought a personal photographer along in that tiny boat makes it seem as if he wanted to be seen helping more than he wanted to help.

  19. Spiccoli sure loves those bloodthirsty thugs, doesn’t he?


  20. The Mexican Mafia killed three consultants on the film American Me because of the way they and one of their leaders was depicted in the film. #Mexican_Mafia_reaction

    Sean Penn should consider putting on a wig, changing his name to Caitlyn, and moving to somewhere in Greenland.

    1. On second thought, Sean Penn might be safer putting on a burka, changing his name to A’ishah, and moving to Syria.

  21. About his befriending ruthless killers and trying to put a human face on them.

    I personally now mobsters. I grew up with guys who later became mobsters, enforcers, soldiers etc. Same with my father who had to deal with them in a different way.

    I kinda know the mindset, psychology and profile of the sort of guys that go into this, erm, profession.

    If you’re endowed with a properly calibrated moral and intellectual compass (as well as having proper guidance from responsible parents reminding you to ‘keep your eye open’ and not to get sucked in to the game – not that I have the talent for that job), you know how to keep your distance and proper perspective about such people. Yes, when I see them they hug me and ask about the family but they’re fucken MOBSTERS. And to try and make light of this and the fact they kill is an abomination and Sean Penn is nothing more than a despicable individual.

    Penn IS Spicoli. WHOA!

    1. know. My God. I’m the Bengals of grammar.

    2. “…but they’re fucken MOBSTERS.”

      He’s been in H’wood too long; he thinks their all whores with hearts of gold.

      1. their = they’re.
        What was that about the Bengals?

        1. Unforced errors and lack of discipline.

          1. There are times that describes one of my entire days…

  22. Sean Penn is a self-indulgent prat.

  23. How do you say schadenfreude in Mexican?

  24. Got this little gem from the Daily Caller.

    “I take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals,” Penn wrote. “Not since Osama bin Laden has the pursuit of a fugitive so occupied the public imagination.”

    “But unlike bin Laden, with the world’s most wanted drug lord, are we, the American public, not indeed complicit in what we demonize?”

    “We are the consumers, and as such, we are complicit in every corruption of an institution’s ability to protect the quality of life for citizens of Mexico and the United States that comes from our insatiable appetite for illicit narcotics.”

    Is Mexico corrupt because we buy drugs from them, or are they able to sell more drugs to us because its government is corrupt to begin with and has been compromised by influence of the cartel?

    The cartel moved onto human trafficking and other business years ago.

    1. Someone is trying hard to rationalize his decisions.

      Yeah Sean, maybe those are all part of the problem but it still doesn’t mean you rub elbows with those committing the crimes.


    2. The cartel moved onto human trafficking and other business years ago.

      Not so much ‘moved on to’ as added in as an addition ‘since we’re building the tunnels anyway’. The ‘human trafficking’ they do is not moving slaves – its helping Mexicans and South Americans evade the US border controls for a fee. Paid in advance. Not even like the Hollywood depiction of Chinese traffickers that bring you over on credit and then effectively enslave you while you try to pay off that debt.

      And smuggling people into the US is nowhere near as lucrative as smuggling drugs.

      Again – legalize the drugs and the power of the cartels is effectively broken. They won’t *die out*, but they’re going to have to diversify into a lot of other less profitable crime and will be far easier to manage – as the mob was after the end of prohibition.

  25. I felt his amusement as I put my cards on the table. He asks about my relationship with the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with what seems to be a probing of my willingness to be vilified through associations. I speak to our friendship in a way that seems to pass an intuitive litmus test measuring the independence of my perspective.

    I read this faux-sensitive tweener babble with what seems to be metaphorical vomit in my mouth.

    1. I fear that widespread wealth that will develop in the next few generations will, in conjunction with the explosion of trivia that is the Internet, lead to more Sean Penn-style preeners, only they’ll be spread throughout every corner of the world rather than confined to ghettos of bored semi-literate lefties.

      Perhaps the only choice humanity will be offered before we finally go extinct is between the misery of impoverishment and farm life on the one hand and artisanal, locally sourced fabric stores run by the descendants of Commie Kid on the other.

  26. Nice to see he is still full of himself as usual..

  27. Add Sean Penn’s “writing” to last year’s rape article scandal, and P.J. O’Rourke’s fake dispatch from China is looking pretty damn good.

  28. El Chapo to Sean Penn: YOU DICK!!!

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