Super Bowl

Enjoy the NFL Playoffs. You Paid for Them.

The top 5 NFL hits to taxpayers


The NFL playoffs are underway with eight teams fighting to move past the wild card round. As this 2015 Reason TV video reminds us, no matter who wins this weekend, taxpayers have already lost.

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    1. Peyton should have retired two years ago…

      Go Chiefs!

      1. Go Bears.

        What? They are already gone? Well then.

        1. Go Panthers!

  1. And the vast majority can’t afford to go to the game.

    I don’t like to myself. I’ve been to a few cowboy’s games through the years. They were fun times but it’s been there done that for me.

    I have my own private stadium where the beer is cheaper and isn’t watered down, the food is better , and the cheerleader is just as good looking and she puts out. .

    1. YouTube or it didn’t happen.

  2. Applicable: stadium ownership by percent publicly and privately financed

    *It would be nice to include these kind of facts so we can properly apply our hate or at least be able to argue intelligently.

    1. Can’t read the logo on that; who do we thank for the info?

      1. Me. You can thank me.

        Or these guys.

        1. You’re right; thanks to sloopy for linking it. And them for preping it.

          1. I’m just kidding. But the way this article is sourced is nothing to
            ::pulls off sunglasses::
            Bragg about.

    2. The interesting thing about that seems to be a trend where the poorer the location, the more public funding is dumped into the project.

    3. I oppose all public funding of stadiums but comparing Houston and Dallas (which is held up as a largely privately funded stadium) Jerry World still cost more to the public because it costs so damn much. And NRG was funded by basically taxes on visitors (hotel and car rental taxes) and taxes on the games themselves (parking tax, ticket surcharge, and sales tax in-stadium). That’s about as friendly to local taxpayers as can be. Jerry World was funded partially by a sales tax increase and county contribution (likely a property tax increase).

      1. And you have to wonder if that sales tax increase goes away when the stadium is “paid for.”

    4. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back…mostly because it only took me 3 minutes to find that and verify it was from a half decent source.

      Why can’t journalists do that?

    5. NYC for the “win”. I sense that these figures don’t include e.g. infrastructure improvements around the stadia.

      1. The taxpayers in Atlanta are only on the hook for $200 mil of the $975 mil $1.2 bil $1.4 bil $1.5 bil stadium for the Falcons. Well, plus the $20 mil or so in construction tax rebates and the $30 mil or so in free land. And the 2.75% hotel/motel tax that will pay off the $200 mil will stay in place long after that with that money being turned over to the Falcons for upkeep and maintenance and improvements – a projected $17 mil per year until 2050. So only a tiny bit more than $200 mil, around $600 mil. (I can’t figure out how a guy who made a few billion dollars building a DIY building supply company can’t build his own damn stadium.)

        1. DIY=Dick In Your taxpayer’s ass

        2. He did uild his own stadium.

          He just used OPM to capitalize it.

        3. And the Falcons will want a new stadium somewhere around 2035.

      2. NYC doesn’t have an NFL stadium. I guess that is a win of sorts.

        1. I guess I meant “NYC area” – i.e. MetLife.

          Of course, we got ass-raped for two new baseball stadiums, so I should probably shut up now.

          1. Don’t forget the Barclays Center fucking. That was criminal, IIRC.

            1. Yep, another ass-raping – though less of an ass-raping (511M) than each baseball stadium (total 1.6B).

    6. To be fair, some of those heavily-public-financed stadiums are used for lots of events that have nothing to do with the NFL. The main reason Heinz Field and Soldier Field have such bad surfaces during the season is that they get ripped up for soccer and lower-level football games and concerts.

      1. Or because they haven’t switched to nexturf yet.

      2. All of which are private events we shouldn’t have to pay to support.

        1. The city gets lease and other payments for private events held in those stadiums. Some of them are not private such as public HS football games.

          In Libertopia one might argue that all these smaller private entities should join together and fund the infrastructure themselves, but in the real world that’s unlikely. So the government has to act as the catalyst to make the infrastructure available.

          1. “…So the government has to act as the catalyst to make the infrastructure available…”

            Man, that statement STINKS of tulpa. You’re full of shit.
            For starters, it’s a lie; there is no ‘has to’ involved, and secondly, if it were worth it to the participants, they could easily find a way to gang together to fund it.

          2. High school sports games can be held at high schools. That’s what mine did, and no one was the worse for it. Claiming that public funds towards an NFL stadium is a good use of public funds because high school football might get played there from time to time is like when I buy a $750 sound bar and tell my wife I did it so she doesn’t have to waste time selecting an audio source on a receiver.

            1. As if football is a proper function of public schooling *grumble*.

              1. Katy Independent School System a bedroom community of Houston recently built a nw football stadium for it’s Texas State powehouse football program. Katy Tigers are mainstays of State Champinship playoffs.

                They spent a mere 20 million dollars for their high school team.

          3. I suppose the government “has to act” to build office buildings and shopping centers too. You know, since smaller private entities could never joint together and build them themselves.


  3. OT –

    I’m totally for stand your ground laws, but I’m totally *not* for having a stand your ground hearing before the trial, like in this case.

    Curtis Reeves, an ex-cop, is charged with murder for shooting a guy dead in a movie theater. Reeves claims stand your ground. OK, in a trial the prosecutor would have to *refute* stand your ground, beyond a reasonable doubt, in order to win a conviction.

    But in this early hearing, Reeves gets another bite at the apple and will try to prove to the judge that stand your ground applies, in which case he’ll be exonerated without having to go to a real trial at all. If he doesn’t persuade the judge, the case goes to the real trial, where the prosecutor has to rebut stand your ground or Reeves gets acquitted.

    And now the stand-your-ground hearing has been postponed: “[Judge] Barthle set a status check hearing for March 18, when she’ll schedule the weeklong proceeding for April or May.”

    Then they have the SYG hearing, and if Reeves loses they’ll have the “can we have the trial already?” trial.

    I wonder what the victim’s widow thinks of all this.

    And even though this is Florida, the media will make it look like this extra hearing and these delays are the inevitable result of SYG, not some weird add-on that Floridians stuck in there.

    1. The reason for the pre-trial hearing is to prevent a person who legitimately acted in self-defense from having to spend the enormous amount of money and time that a murder trial entails.

      In this case, it’s being abused for the benefit of an agent of the state. Call me Jack’s complete lack of surprise, but it doesn’t invalidate the good reason for the pre-trial hearing in general.

      1. I get the rationale, but it sounds like with all the preparation for the pretrial hearing, discovery, etc., it’s already getting kind of expensive.

        Maybe if they could just hold a quickie hearing, enough to weed out some of the abusive prosecutions?

        Or maybe have a panel of ordinary citizens examine the case and if they think it was legitimate self-defense, the defendant won’t have to go to trial. We could call this citizen panel something like a grand jury.

        (IIRC Florida is a grand-jury-optional state)

        1. The prosecutor doesn’t have to *disprove* SYG in the preliminary hearing – only show that there’s decent evidence/chance to prove a lack of self-defense at a trial. That is, that there’s a legitimate question as to whether or not the homocide was self-defense or murder/manslaughter. But it doesn’t require a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ showing lack of self-defense.

          At the trial, SYG is just a self-defense plea. The defendant would show that he was in legitimate fear for his life – like in any other homocide trial where the defendant is pleading self-defense. The only thing different about SYG at the *trial* level is the defendant doesn’t have to answer for not retreating – SYG basically says that you *do not* have a duty to retreat before resorting to lethal force.

          What seems hinky about this case is that it looks like they’re delaying things deliberately – possibly to allow the cop to set up the best defense he can and to let the media lose interest and move on to something else so they aren’t all over the inevitable prosecution screwups that lose the case.

          1. Are you kidding me? No way in hell would a prosecutor mail in a case against a former cop. They go out of their way to prosecute those cases as well as they can to protect “civilians”.

            At least that’s what they say.

          2. “The prosecutor doesn’t have to *disprove* SYG in the preliminary hearing”

            I didn’t say he did.

  4. Was ist N F L ?

    1. I don’t even dare give Chris Rock’s answer to that question.

      1. “Octagon.” That’s funny.

  5. I wonder how hard Iggles fans are kicking themselves after watching Reid win today.

    1. I don’t know, but Hoyer should probably flee the state.

      1. That’s what happens when your starting and backup QBs are both Browns castoffs.

        1. I cound not agree more.

      2. Why bother? They’d just intercept him at the border.

    2. He’s proven himself a good coach, but it was time for a mutual parting of ways.

  6. I’m not enjoying it at all….

    1. Lay back and think of England.

      1. We weren’t supposed to make that playoffs at all but that was disgusting.

    1. Here is the only space jam I’m watching tonight.

  7. I actually won a punt, pass and kick competition as a kid. Should’ve used those skills as an NFL owner.

  8. In the the 80’s and early 90’s some friends and i would sit in the dog pound a couple times a year.5$ parking,18$ ticket,dollar beer and hot dogs right to your seat. I was there for the ’89 game vs Denver when they changed ends in the middle of the 3 qt due to the pound noise and flying bones .Good times.Used to always smuggle in a bottle of scotch too.

    1. and cigars,football,drinks and cigars.

    2. I used to be able to go up to the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and then the dome in the pre-Vick days and buy $27 tickets from scalpers for next to nothing since a crowded game was a 40% full stadium. It wasn’t until I went to a Chiefs game out in KC that I realized just showing up at game time and buying a ticket for a few bucks was not normal – and it wasn’t normal to see more of the visiting team’s colors in the stands than home team colors. Drafting Vick started selling out the stadium and put an end to affordable games. (If only Atlanta had held on to their #5 slot and snagged that nobody LaDainian Tomlinson I’m sure they wouldn’t have become such a hot ticket.)

  9. OT =

    Was reading an article about new incident of people getting kicked out for protesting at a Trump rally

    noticed a semi amusing juxtaposition of text to the photo immediately to the right of it.

    Its also sort of amusing they couldn’t cite any ‘anti-muslim’ commentary from Trump except for the below =

    “”The hatred is so incredible,” Trump said. “And the danger, when we have people willing to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and many other things, we’ve got to solve it.”

    You know who else desired Final Solutions?

    1. Chemistry teachers?

      1. Alcohol is a solution.

        /chemistry teachers

    2. The Chicago police department?

    3. The #resistcapitalism crowd?

      1. no,too much work

  10. “Enjoy the NFL Playoffs.”

    Nobody is enjoying this game. Jesus, it’s hard to watch.

    1. And I’m out of beer

      1. Shame. I’m just getting started.

        1. I’m on Shiner Bock #6.

          And I don’t need to hear about the much better beers everybody else is enjoying. I take what I can get. And Shiner is good enough for me.

          1. 4.4% ABV. You must like getting fat, but not getting drunk.

            1. Most American beer is ~3.5-4% ABV or so.

              If you go over 5%… well, I’m feeling you homie

              1. Tonight: Green Flash. 8.1%

                1. i’m curious if states carved out exceptions for smaller brewers. Maybe laws have changed since i was in the game. It seems some states still have legacy definitions.

                  “Underneath the name of Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Lager, for instance, was the note “In Texas, malt liquor.” Even closer inspection would reveal that the word “beer” did not appear on the label.

                  The labeling quirks were the result of a law that required all malt beverages (read: beer) containing more than 4 percent alcohol by weight to be labeled as either “ale” or “malt liquor” to be sold in Texas. The same law also prevented any drink with an alcohol content of more than 4 percent from being advertised in Texas as a “beer.” “

                  Does the label actually have the word, “Beer” on it?

            2. “Your legs are strained and your ass is clenched…” my beer has this on the label… Help me

          2. Shiner is good and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Ziegenbock is pretty damn good too.

            1. Shiner Ruby Red. Full stop.

    2. Well,I do have some brandy from Christmas,think I’ll open that for the second half.

  11. In more Media-Messaging confusion

    As per my comment on ENB’s last post on the subject…. labeling the Oregon protesters a “militia” by default suddenly becomes problematic when *actual militia groups show up*

    Now they’ve been downgraded to mere “Oregon occupiers”, to help differentiate them from the Oathkeepers, the Pacific Patriots Network, and presumably the Baseball Furies….

    However, their occupation has also been upgraded to a “Siege”. Which is weird, because they’re on the inside, and last i checked no one was trying to breach the perimeter.

    In fact, its unclear what exactly the news here is, since the Militia were told not to actually join in the protests, and are just kind of hanging around in the event they’re needed

    “The militia members are not joining the occupation, but are sleeping in their vehicles or in hotels in Burns, he said.

    Rapolla said he had also taken sausage McMuffins to FBI agents who are stationed at nearby Burns Municipal Airport to monitor the occupation and had coffee with deputies from the county sheriff’s office on Thursday.”

    If that’s not terrorist behavior, i don’t know what is. Its like the Alamo meets 9-11 meets KKK.

    1. That perimeter is not going to secure itself.

      1. I was just confused as to the “Siege” lingo, because that’s when people are trying to ‘break into’ a heavily defended place.

        But no one’s trying to do that at all. As the piece itself notes, the cops aren’t even on-site. they’re down the road near the airport, where the donuts are fresher, and where the wild geese won’t shit on their cars all day long.

        1. It is essentially a non-story, and they are desperately trying to make it into something interesting. The feds seem to have learned a lesson from their last tangle with the Bundys .

          1. We can’t have people talking about German cops water-cannoning people protesting against bringing rapists into their country, can we?

        2. Language torture.

        3. These are the people who call a dressed-up 10/22 an “assault weapon” and a room with a shotgun and two pistols an “arsenal”.

          1. “Ryback’s on that train?”

            1. ‘Yes sir,I’m here”

            2. Feed him more

    2. Do you know how much cholesterol is in a Sausage McMuffin? Heart disease kills just as surely as a bullet.

      1. I considered that. I suppose the point was to communicate the shared cultural heritage of the cops and the redneck militias.

        “we are both white-trash, you and i;
        let us share McDonalds a’fore we die
        We begin to be aweary of the sun,
        And wish the BLM were now undone.?
        Ring the alarum-bell!?Blow, CNN! Come, NYT!
        At least we’ll die on live TV”

        1. Now that you mention it, I guess both the cops and the ranchers are opposed to the BLM so why shouldn’t they be pals?

    3. Just wait,it’s not gonna be long before a card game breaks out.

      1. Old Maid.

        1. Not War?

          1. What’s that good for?

            1. Absolutely nothing!

              1. You can say that again.

          2. My redneck family and I are pretty big on euchre. Could be a PA thing, though.

            1. You’re all production assistants?

            2. How about tong?

            3. My family likes buck euchre, although I don’t think it goes by other names outside of the midwest

              1. blah, *-don’t

                (gets more riesling)

              2. What is this fairy water you guys are talking about?

                1. Riesling is my go-to wine when I want to spend less than $10

                  Hey, at least it’s not white zin or moscato

                  1. Some people turn their noses up at Yellow Tail. Not me.

                    My Grandma’s favorite was Gew?rztraminer. I’ll drink that if it doesn’t matter if I have a headache the next day.

                    But mostly, I just like beer. Sorry, not sorry.

                    1. Gew?rztraminer

                      Yeah, that has a very nice bouquet. Kind of hard to find though.

                      I like beer too. Wine is my favorite when I’m celebrating, which I am because I got a job offer a couple of days ago.

                    2. Some people turn their noses up at Yellow Tail. Not me.

                      IMHO if you’re spending any more than that, you’re throwing money out the window. Anything over 10 bucks a bottle tastes the same to me.

                    3. I mostly agree, but it also depends on the type of wine. Riesling seems to be a great value and I like the crispness and the balance between dry and sweet, so I usually get that. Pinot Noir, on the other hand, seems impossible to get for under $10. Then there is this type of Burgundy wine that you can only get for about $15,000… But if you’re not an extremely wealthy connoisseur I don’t think there’s any reason to spend very much. A lot of it is psychological.

  12. OT: If any of you win the Powerball, which island will you buy to make libertopia?

    1. Manhattan.

    2. Pedophile Island?

      1. +1 Slick Willie

      2. Motto: Visit and you’ll feel young!

        1. That instant rimshot was wasted upthread!

    3. Isle of Doctor Moreau?

    4. I’ll wait a few months and buy the Americas

      1. Since the Americas are not an island, I’ll just assume that you failed the third grade.

        1. In a few months the polar ice caps will melt and then we’ll see who failed the third grade

  13. “Cow Palace gun show gets boost from Obama’s firearms sales rules”
    “The event took place just days after President Obama announced new rules on gun sales and sellers, sending the stock of gun manufacturers soaring. People rushed to buy guns and ammunition before the market tightened up.”…..747928.php

    Grand-standing idjit helps weapons market!

    1. It remains to be seen, but Hamrod Clinton is likely to follow in his footsteps. If Smith and Wesson and Ruger have any sense, they better be donating to her campaign.

    1. Their worth far more on the open market?

      1. 18 were Asylum seekers? Damn. They can’t go with the “They were immigrants that were already here” argument anymore. That one was reassuring.

      2. I love the backpedal signaling:

        “There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.”

        Give it up – you’re teaching a class on how not to rape the natives.

        1. How are they going to entice people to come? “How to get girls without being arrested” seems like it might work, but it’s too honest

          1. phrasing…

          2. “Watch this or you don’t get any bennies.”

      3. If you believe rape is wrong then don’t rape…

  14. Yes, I’m enjoying these two lopsided shutouts.

  15. As always, fuck the Steelers.

    1. You guys need a new rival.

      1. Yeah,pretty crappy game,and the Browns are at home warm and dry.

        1. They are every January.

          1. It’s a tradition.

            1. You got a spare coach? Owner? GM?
              Checking for a friend…

              1. Marvin Lewis might have one free time soo.

              2. Marvin Lewis might have one free time soo.

    2. That’s a big job,even for you Warty.

    3. Amen to that, Warty.

      Berfict’s hit was a clear foul that embodies the worst of Bengal-dom’s past. It was wrong and stupid and cost the team hugely. And yet, somehow I understand. I’m not saying it was right…just that I understand.

      I also think that the hit on Bernard was a foul. Not as obvious a one, but still clearly a targeting.

  16. Ryan Shazier is an absolute beast. He was in college and he is now.

  17. Oh no. This became a game.

    1. Who Dat?

  18. Well,the Bengals scored,Ben’s hurt and damn,this brandy’s good.

  19. ABC is reporting that Sean Penn is under investigation by the Mexican authorities over the El Chapo interview.

    Please let this be true. Please.

    1. Him and the Hildacunt going to jail in the same year would be fantastic.

    2. Maybe they could be cell mates.

      1. “Chavinista” Sean wouldn’t have any TP to wipe her server clean. Health hazard.

    3. Check out these two 19 Korean girls experimenting with lesbianism.
      *makes point about not providing a link*

  20. I’m calling tulpa sighting:

    Mr. Teatime|1.9.16 @ 10:17PM|#
    “The city gets lease and other payments for private events held in those stadiums. Some of them are not private such as public HS football games.
    In Libertopia one might argue that all these smaller private entities should join together and fund the infrastructure themselves, but in the real world that’s unlikely. So the government has to act as the catalyst to make the infrastructure available.”

    1. Playa called it a thread or two ago.

      1. Oops; I been goofing off today….

    2. Sevo, he’s also American Socialist. It was a long con, and now it’s over.

      I feel so… dirty… after engaging.

      1. Playa, I’m not yet convinced that tulpa = commie-kid.
        See the (oh, so, reasonable!) claim that the government must act as ‘catalyst’, above. Commie-kid has never hinted at that sort of sophisticated sophistry; his/her ‘arguments’ are obvious straw-man take-downs.
        Gotta ask why you find it so?

        1. I think playa was noting some similarity between remarks that Amsoc made and a known tupla-troll handle.

          I agree w. you tho. Amsoc is a dim bulb. Tulpa’s various incarnations have their obvious douche-smug thing, but he’s not so bone-dense dumb as Amsoc, who just repetitively makes the same exact rhetorical swipes about how everyone here must be SoCons and pretend faux-innocense when he’s told to quit poo-throwing… etc.

          Amsoc has far less ‘range’ than tupla, who prefers to get into argumentative tete-a-tetes over the details of issues. Amsoc never does that and just repeats the same stupid cliche quips.

          1. Long reply. I’m going to Shellback to get hammered with friends. Will answer later if I can still type.

            1. No rush. None of us are getting out of Dodge any time soon. But I am curious.

          2. Tulpa’s various incarnations have their obvious douche-smug thing, but he’s not so bone-dense dumb as Amsoc,

            Agreed. Tulpa thinks s/he is clever; commie-kid doesn’t even bother trying. Both are insulting, tulpa in claims of nuance, commie-kid in shock-jock statements.
            I’ll see what Playa has to say, but that difference would seem to require a schizo personality that tulpa hasn’t yet shown.
            Mary did; I was amazed when she was busted as WI.

            1. Oops; reply to G.

  21. Time to move to the bed room and watch the rest of the game,later

  22. Guess Merkel doesn’t like her own flag.

    1. Or… it’s an 8-second clip taken out of context that doesn’t tell me anything other than 800 people felt the need to comment on it lolwut?

      1. Of course it’s out of context. It’s politics.

  23. Referees 18, Bengals 16.


    1. The Steelers playcalling during that drive made absolutely no sense unless they were expecting to get 30 yards of ticky tack penalty yards from the refs all along.

    2. You’re retarded.

      1. That’s tulpa.

  24. Hahahahahahahaha

  25. Stillers 15
    Pacman 3
    Bungles 16

    1. Where is the defender supposed to hit a wide receiver who may catch the ball? Brown’s head was all over the place during the catch attempt. And the defender only hit him with the shoulder pad, he wasn’t leading with the helmet. Apparently the only way to avoid a 15 yard penalty is to stand back and let the receiver catch the ball and only hit him after he’s secured the ball and started running?

      The foul on Pacman was even more ludicrous.

      1. But this ^ is certainly a tulpa sock.
        Oh, and fuck off, tulpa.

      2. Brown’s head was all over the place during the catch attempt.

        It was after Burfict tries to take it off.

        He tried to put an exclamation mark on the game. With a totally unnecessary and dirty play. He’s an idiot.

        1. His head was all over the place BEFORE the hit. There’s no way the defender could have avoided that penalty unless he’s a Jedi pod racer.

          1. You’re retarded

            1. sloopy, it’s TULPA! What do you expect?

  26. I think part of the reason for the crappy playoffs are having 4 divisions in each league, many of which are full of crappy teams.

    They should go to league based standings, not division. This would also make it easier to expand

  27. Biker Jeff (…..2012/02/08 ) and both of his buddies don’t get their free lane quite yet.

    “Bay Bridge bike path questions could bring further delays”…..748350.php

    They’re certainly not wealthy owners of sports teams! Oh, no! They self-righteous twits who presume their moral superiority requires the taxpayers to make sure they have safe, smooth places to ride!

    1. Stupid question – but if a bike-path was desired (and they must have known it would be), couldn’t it have been designed with the bridge instead of bolted on later?

    2. “It’s really quite simple,” he said. “There is an architecture vocabulary, and this fights with the overall design of the bridge.”

      “it’s really quite simple” is usually followed by utter BS and nothing resembling simplicity

      1. “”it’s really quite simple” is usually followed by utter BS and nothing resembling simplicity”

        That’s the “but” in the discussion about free speech, etc.
        In this case, I really don’t care about the design integrity; it’s the $10m free ride from the taxpayers for the 5 or 6 people who will commute by bike on nice days three times a year.
        Stuff your bicycle up your butt for simplicity.

    3. I don’t really see much difference between the city building bike lanes and building roads. Neither should be happening, but if at least one does it follows that the other will too as soon as the number desiring it is high enough.

      1. lap83|1.10.16 @ 12:42AM|#
        “I don’t really see much difference between the city building bike lanes and building roads”

        Really? Do you buy gas and pay the road taxes? Buy bicycle tires and pay, uh, well, nothing at all while demanding space on those roads?

        1. I meant that in the sense that once you are cool with the idea that building infrastructure is a legitimate function of government, you’re giving them power to build infrastructure you may not use as much.

          1. If we’re honest, taxes do not go to what they say they’ll go to. It’s a classic bait and switch tactic of politicians.

            1. lap83|1.10.16 @ 12:54AM|#
              “If we’re honest, taxes do not go to what they say they’ll go to. It’s a classic bait and switch tactic of politicians.”

              Which doesn’t excuse them from doing so.

              1. You’ll get no argument from me there

          2. lap83|1.10.16 @ 12:50AM|#
            “I meant that in the sense that once you are cool with the idea that building infrastructure is a legitimate function of government, you’re giving them power to build infrastructure you may not use as much.”

            Uh, you’re happy with NFL stadiums built with gas-tax money?
            No, I don’t think accepting some limited government activity is a blanket approval for any and all cockamamie schemes some politico invents. Yes, I have a strictly limited acceptance of taxation, the basis being ‘use it for what you claimed it was collected for!’
            See, oh, Solyndra, as an example; it’s ‘developing a new infrastructure for (bullshit parade)’ No, I’m not cool with that.

            1. Uh, you’re happy with NFL stadiums built with gas-tax money?

              Not at all.

              I have a strictly limited acceptance of taxation, the basis being ‘use it for what you claimed it was collected for!’

              Call me cynical, but I think it’s easier for the money not to go to the wrong place by not collecting it in the first place than by complaining about what it should be used for.

              I guess my (admittedly very bleak) view is that San Fransisco and other cities like it will probably never get less statist. That’s why I choose to live in a relatively hands-off region of the country.

        2. I don’t know about that bridge, but aren’t local roads paid for out of the general treasury? But yeah if cars are paying a toll on this bridge then bikes should too.

      2. “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” – Bastiat

  28. Yes, we understand we’ve paid for those stadiums. Some of us happily pay for something we want (pro team in town). All of us unhappily pay for many things we don’t want.

  29. Nice touch giving the naming rights to some big corporation or wealthy dude; makes it seem like they paid for it.

  30. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me.

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