Gun Control

2015: The Year in Gun Politics

Public murders committed with guns are used to try to drive gun policy, even though gun policy is powerless to prevent them.


The politics of guns in 2015 was largely shaped by a series of newsmaking horrible multiple-casualty murders in public places. Each one inspired Democratic Party politicians, including President Obama and frontrunning 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to call for a similar set of what they now call "common sense gun safety" laws ("gun control" has lost its luster since Al Gore's 2000 presidential loss).

And from Charleston to Louisiana to Roanoke to Oregon to San Bernardino, we find that neither existing nor proposed tougher laws did or would have done anything to stop the hideous crimes from occurring.

That fact hasn't stopped Obama from talking up potential executive action to, say, impose national universal background check laws (which would apply not just to existing licensed federal firearm dealers, like now, but every exchange of ownership of a weapon), or Hillary Clinton to float trial balloons about Australia-style buyback confiscations.

Major liberal media from The New York Times to The Washington Post were emboldened to openly call for outright bans on some or all guns.

Reviving the useless "assault weapon" (certain arbitrarily defined semiautomatic rifles, of the sort that are responsible for practically no murders) ban of 1994-04 is also a live political topic again. The Democrats tried to use fear of domestic terrorism post-San Bernardino to give the attorney general the power to bar anyone she deemed a terror suspect (but not enough of a suspect to actually detain or charge with anything) from exercising their Second Amendment rights, a move defeated along purely partisan lines by Senate Republicans.

But while all these ideas are being floated, none seem realistically close to happening.

[UPDATE: Within an hour or so of posting this originally with that last sentence, I learned the Obama administration slipped out the news on New Year's Eve that, as CNN is reporting:

President Barack Obama is expected to announce in the coming days a new executive action with the goal of expanding background checks on gun sales, people familiar with White House planning said.

Described as "imminent," the set of executive actions would fulfill a promise by the President to take further unilateral steps the White House says could help curb gun deaths.

Remember, more background checks would have done nothing to stop any of the public atrocities that allegedly inspired the move. Indeed, I'd be interested if the White House could deliver verifiable numerical facts about how many gun murders in the past few years could reliably have been prevented by such background check law expansion, even if they assumed the insane: that indeed no one ever would sell a gun citizen-to-citizen without a background check if there were a law against it.

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An ATF attempt to ban a certain common variety of AR-15 ammo as allegedly "armor piercing," though it was not according to the agency's own statutory definition, was abandoned (at least for now) after public outcry back in March.

In the courts, the Supreme Court continued its post-2010 trend of ignoring gun-related cases, even though it left unanswered many question about how its Heller doctrine should be applied to a plethora of state and local laws restricting citizens' Second Amendment rights. The Court in December, over disagreement from Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, declined to hear Friedman v. Highland Park and thus let stand a local Illinois "assault weapon" and large magazine ban.

In May it similarly declined to take up Jackson v. San Francisco, a case challenging the city's requirement that handguns at home be kept locked such that they are never available for instant use—a law that Heller watchers considered clearly illegitimate under that case's ruling.

In lower court gun rights action, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld most of New York and Connectictut's post-Newtown bans on certain "assault rifles" and large capacity magazines. On the brighter side, in Mance v. Holder, a Texas federal District Court overturned the federal interstate handgun transfer ban as unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Social scientists and those cloaking their politics in a pretense of social science continued to produce results they claimed proved the public safety efficacy of gun laws, from specific ones such as universal permit and background check requirements for gun buying to the mere existence of ill-defined more and stricter gun laws. As usual their results didn't hold up to close scrutiny.

Politicians such as California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is advocating adding even more to California's already extremely stringent gun laws (the state already has pretty much all the things that the "common sense gun safety" folk want to impose on the nation), including a confiscation of some existing large-capacity magazine, should note that states like New York and Connecticut who have tried similar retroactive registrations or restrictions of previously legal weapons are seeing vast citizen civil disobedience.

There are always attempts to bedevil the rights of innocent gun owners, and some states are and continue to be less pro-Second Amendment than others. In unfortunate cities such as San Francisco such regulations have driven out all retail weapon outlets as of 2015. (In the meantime, Texas switches to an open-carry policy for legally owned weapons.) And the Obama administration is trying to bar people on Social Security who have a fiduciary handling their personal affairs from legally buying guns now.

But despite the clear desire of a class of Democratic Party politicians, no enormous amount of additional concrete damage to  Second Amendment rights happened in 2015. The American people continue to like it that way, and continue to add to their personal supply of weapons in record numbers, such as the likely 185,000 single-day Black Friday gun sales figures. Although 2015 also featured great brouhaha over mostly bogus claims of an epidemic of public mass shootings, national murder rates in latest available year to year figures continue to go down.

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  1. They aren’t interested that their proposed gun control laws wouldn’t have stopped any of the mass shooting events. They want to change the culture and demonize gun owners the same way that they demonized cigarette smokers, as reprobates that harm everyone just by breathing.

    The same fervor that the gay crowd brought to destroying the lives and careers of people who oppose gay marriage, they are going to bring that level of zealotry to destroying the lives and careers of gun owners.

    1. At which point we have nothing left to lose by making them water the Liberty Tree.

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    2. the gay crowd

      Care to be more specific?

      1. You know, a crowd that gets gay with one another.

        1. Like you have a better plan to keep the goobacks from takin oor jerbs.

      2. The crowd that believes that gay marriage is so important that it is worth it to ruin people’s lives and careers in order to obtain it. That crowd. It is being focused instead against gun owners. Mark my word

        1. Thanks for the clarification.

        2. Ah, when you say “that crowd”, you mean Evangelical Christians!


  2. It’s funny. My largest single ammunition asset is Lake City M855. I have a couple of crates. You should totally come and get it.

    1. For the 5.56mm round and at today’s prices I believe I will pass. I stocked up heavy and deep in 7.62X51mm and 30’06 Milsurp back when it was going for a bit more than ten cents a round. Now I just look for relatively good deals on 45ACP and 6.8X43mm when they pop up.

      1. This goes back a few years. Back when those 480 round boxes were on sale.

      2. You should totally publicise this on the internet with your real name and home address.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

        1. If you bother to trace the location where I am posting this from you will find a hotel a bit north of Tokyo.

          Everybody isn’t as much a dumbass as you think.

          1. Then good for you.

            I am impressed.

            I liked your posts from the first time I read them some months ago. The name caught my attention because I;am a multigeneration Texan with lifelong Tejano friends. I though that name might be a deriviative of that.

            Good on you brother. I wish I knew how to do that.

            1. Hey, it’s all good.

              I am Guedo who grew up in a predominately Mexican and Mexican-American part of El Paso. Hence the handle I chose. Noit really multi-generational Texan but it’s all I knew. I hope to be a credit to the state and it’s traditions.

            2. Ha! It’s not a proxy.

              He is in fact in Japan.

              1. Yup, but the truth is that I wouldn’t be talking about my firearms if there was a way to trace my posts here to the location of those items.

                It’s pretty obvious that I can’t have those guns here in Japan. But in the years since I have moved to Japan I have changed my state of residence three times and most, but not all, of those guns are stored in a facility connected in no way to any residence I have had. Even the payments for that facility come via a checking account set up about 25 years ago.

  3. …we find that neither existing nor proposed tougher laws did or would have done anything to stop the hideous crimes from occurring.

    So suddenly making me feel better isn’t part of a sound public policy.

    1. I want to know how they count the # of guns in These States: do the guns used by cops in Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Ferguson, Carolina, etc. count as gun deaths among socialists? Do cop service pistols enter into socialist gun counts?

      1. To answer:

        They don’t; no; no.

        Guns carried by the King’s Men are different.

  4. Happy New Year’s Eve, you deliciously evil, privileged, orphan hoarding, gun loving, insanely entertaining shitlords!

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      1. I see that you and Trigger have not “othered” enough of the rest of us.

        Clearly the (L)(l)ibertarian in you has not fully committed.


        1. Fuck it, I’ve went full on BIG FUCKING L! And I’m not trying to hide it!

  5. Just remember, all rights in the bill of rights are for individuals. The idea someone placed one in there for militias is just stupid. 🙂

    Making that clearer could go along way toward the 2nd amendments defense.

    1. And militias are made up of…

      1. This is the most amusing part of the “militia” argument, that the people making it obviously have no idea what militias are.

        1. …or that the militia (not the national guard) was defined by US Code a long time ago.

    2. Just remember, all rights in the bill of rights are for individuals

      Actually, they aren’t. They are specific limitations on government power, concerning individual rights.

  6. 2015 New Year’s Eve at home with the family, cozy as well. Crispbread from Finland, Swedish mustard-herring and cheese, akvavit imported from Denmark. Amazing smoked whitefish and p?t? produced domestically. That’s just the appetiser spread! The things we have access to and take for granted for on a daily basis at fairly trivial price points just blows my mind and makes me thankful as hell. I raise my glass to the twin life-improving tines of the fork that improves life perpetually: capitalism and globalisation. Salud.

    1. I raise to you this glass of Fernet Branca, as bitter as our reality in 2016.

    2. Why don’t you have any Norwegian grub? Hater.

      1. I was going to make a crack about Norwegian cuisine, but I love smoked salmon…so I got nothing

        1. I hear that Norwegian people are good looking, intelligent, and well hung.

          1. I have found the first thing to be true…second, well…..third, no

            and that’s all I have to say about that

            1. You’re just trolling me for a response. If you’re not careful, it’s going to be in the form of dick pics.

              1. Why should he be rewarded?

      2. Silly me, I forgot my Linie booze is Norwegian. Hating on Danes tonight I guess.

        1. Hey!! 🙁

          1. Hej I’m sorry! If I had some Aalborg I would drink it!

            1. Thats better!

              How about some Gammel Dansk to settle the stomach?

    3. We used to smoke gallons of whitefish in season. Smoke the fuck out of it, so it lasted for quite a while. Then at some point Mother would take and pressure cook it, I’m not exactly sure why. It was edible after being smoked, and abominably disgusting after being smoked and then pressure cooked. But I guess you got to have something to go with your fish jelly to make it seem less horrible.

  7. As the President is undoubtedly planning some Executive Order along the lines of some “common sense gun safety” regulations in early 2016, the line no enormous amount of additional concrete damage to Second Amendment rights happened in 2015 might seem hollow by February.

    1. It seems unlikely he will succeed, and even if he does that his success will last long.

      1. Oh he’ll succeed alright… in boosting gun and ammo sales once again.

        1. Sometimes I think this guy is actually trying to start a civil war.

        2. I was waiting in line for 15 minutes at our local Cabelas to check out an M&P 9mm. 5 out of the 6 customers ahead of me purchased AR’s. Responding to my query regarding the “assault rifles” flying off of the shelves the clerk said, “Obama has been great for business.”
          Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that none of this legislation is going through- and that the crowd pushing for it is unintentionally causing the number of guns owned to explode

  8. Roll with it dude, roll with it.

  9. The One is just getting warmed up:

    Obammey don’t like none them gunz

    1. “Setting cultural norms,” said Everytown research director Ted Alcorn, “is something that laws do.”

      I detest Progs for this very reason. Laws are supposed to reflect cultural norms, not set them!

  10. Is this finally the REAL New Years Eve thread?

  11. Your North American species already outguns the entire population of Omicron 8. And that was a nasty domination. Perhaps Your Future Reptilian Overlords will wait a bit before conquering your puny world

    (We’re also waiting for a permit)

    1. We outgun every fucking body. That’s by intention. Shall not be infringed, fuck you, cut spending!

      1. + 1 fuck off slaver, yeah!

    2. Our North American Species has also avoided the fascism, communism, theocracy, and other forms of totalitarianism that have been rampant in the rest of the world, including the oh-so-civilized Europe.

      1. the oh-so-civilized Europe

        One vast graveyard.

  12. I felt oddly like a terrorist last week when I walked out of the gun shop with a thousand rounds of ammo. Granted it was only .22lr, but still. A thousand rounds. Any news agency would paint me as such simply for having that.

    1. You should have tried to spot proggies on the streets. Maybe just see someone getting out of their Prius and walk by them and smile menacingly while not trying to hide your huge stash of evil ammo.

      1. Yeah, well, this isn’t a place where such opportunities present themselves.

        1. A thousand rounds of .22lr? That’s how big, like a shoe box?

    2. I guess you can imagine the shiver that runs up my spine looking at 3,000 rounds of 30’06 on metal links I have to feed my full auto Browning 30 cal.

    3. You bastard! I can’t get a thousand rounds of .22LR anywhere around me, and I live in a low gun control state.

  13. Fuck, I’m confused. Is the thread of the year about abortion, titties, or guns? I like titties and guns at least, so can we get a new thread that somehow combines titties and guns?

    1. Abortions can be performed with guns, can’t they? I mean, sure, it’s like a bit messy and stuff, but it can be done, right?

    2. abortions, titties, and guns

      Sounds like a party.

      1. I’m sensing a new theme for 2016, out with Mexicans, pot, and ass sex, in with abortions,titties, and guns.
        Who’s with me!

        1. Let’s mix it up. Mexican Ass Sex, Titties, Weed, and Guns?

          1. And cats.

            1. Ok, and cats.

              1. Were you trying to make the train of thoughts more…

                Oh, nevermind.

                Perhaps next year.

            2. You mean pussy?

        2. No one ever clarified if it’s GAY ass sex. NTTAWWT.

  14. You say, “Uproar”, I say “Downmeow

    Added bonus = R.Kelly

    1. I somehow feel quite confident that the cats don’t really like the idea of being tossed out of a plane. That being said, I find it amusing that it trolls the pants shitters. Keep on skydiving, kittahs!

      1. Unfortunately they didn’t actually throw any cats out of a plane.

        1. Yeah I know. You’re ruining it, damnit!

          1. My bad, I was mistaken, everyone, they did actually toss cats outta that plane, and only half had parachutes, sorry for any confusion.

            1. Let the pants shitting commence!

    2. Too fucking funny.

    3. CNN, the “I’m going off to have a beer, just run some YouTube videos until I get back” station.

      1. Yes, i thought the “SITUATION ROOM = W/ Wolf Blitzer” introduction was Brass Eye-worthy self parody

    4. Under socialism, human beings are united in gratitude for their share of human dignity and honor. Under capitalism, those same people throw cats out of airplanes for entertainment.


      1. I’m voting for throwing cats out of airplanes.

        1. I don’t like you anymore.

          *Pets cat, “No, the bad man didn’t mean it, no he didn’t, who wants a belly rub… Ow.”*

          1. Did I say without a chute? They always land on their feet anyway and have nine lives. Didn’t you hear about that?

            1. BTW, I love cats, just so you know. They’re the perfectly libertarian critters. Who can’t love that?

            2. Cats don’t need chutes anyways. Their terminal velocity is insufficient to kill them on impact most of the time. It’s their fur getting windblown for so long that really pisses them off. This is why cats hate you, Hyperion. Grooming time.

              1. Cats fucking love me, man. We have an evil pact to take over the world and make libertarian cats the supreme overlords.

                1. My cat perks up his ears, wants in.

    5. These are for Garfield when he sky-dives.

  15. Angels Envy and the Cotton Bowl.

    1. Two turntables and a microphone.

  16. Happy New Year’s to all the Liberty lovers out there in reasonland. Keep on fighting for freedom in whatever ways you can. I hope your 2016 brings health, wealth and happiness. It’s time to fix up a Manhattan here and start it out. I got 24 oysters in the fridge for shuckin and all the fixings for a seafood paella.

    1. I got 24 oysters in the fridge

      Damnit, why didn’t I think of that. My oyster knives has a sad.

      1. A dozen Kusshi for eatin raw and a dozen Marin Miyagis for quickly broiling with Parmesan and garlic. My oyster knife has been getting a workout lately. Everyone needs some more zinc in their lives.

        Cheers to you Hyp

        1. Cheers. Round these here parts, we mostly get the Chincoteague oysters. Blue points are good too here. I eat all of them on the half shell, no cooking.

          1. Never had a Chinco. As much as they are incredible raw, if you have never done them broiled with good cheese and garlic you should try it. Two minutes about 6 inches under the broiler, enough to make them slightly crisp and still hold their liquor. I use a healthy base of salt to hold them in place in the cast iron.

            1. I’ve had them broiled and cooked in various ways.
              I just love them on the half shell. BTW, Chincoteague are the best, IMO.

              1. I had a very tasty variety last week from the Chesapeake side of Maryland called Choptank while visiting VA. Really dynamite.

      2. Not to give you a sadz but I just took the boat out to a reef I know and picked up two five gallon buckets of singles in about 10 minutes.

        I do that twice a year and eat all I can and freeze the rest.

        1. And I don’t seem to be much of an oyster snob as some but I would proffer that if these Galveston Golds were marketed the same they would be considered as exotic as the rest.

          I’ve been to one of the oyster snob resturants once.

          As someone who has always been able to gather my own oysters for free I laurghed at their prices and snobbery and never went back because there is little to no, (mostly no) discernable difference.

  17. Just chillin here at home, eatin and drankin. Wife sort of wanted to go out and see ‘people’, but I got to say, people are overrated, they mostly suck.

    1. NYE is amateur nite. Thank god I am old now with three kids and have no urge to try and recreate some of the madness of years past.

      1. Yeah, I’m mostly content with making a fool out of myself in private these days.

        1. Your wife catches you masturbating too?

          1. And she likes it! Which is why I get caught.

    2. Anyway, you have the Internet, that’s like having the whole world in your living room without having to get dressed up or fix anyone dinner!

  18. Stymie the Dems with a constitutional amendment like this:

    “All citizens who are qualified to vote are qualified to bear arms.”

    Watch them try to explain why people who can’t be trusted to carry weapons for self-defense can be trusted to delegate to others the power to use deadly force on their behalf.

    1. And I suspect that for all their rhetoric about white ranchers in Montana with gun stockpiles, Dems will target many of their own voters for disarmament.

      And incidentally, if disenfranchising convicted felons is OMG racist, then what about disarming felons – is that racist, too?

      1. “…the Obama administration is trying to bar people on Social Security who have a fiduciary handling their personal affairs from legally buying guns now.”

        Yeah, but if anyone suggested that such people shouldn’t vote, OMG Voter Suppression!

        1. It’s true.

          One of the Dems’ principles is that firearms should be removed from civilian hands whenever possible, and this principle trumps their goal of *appearing* anti-racist and populist.

          Another fine example of this is Obama’s sudden love of the no-fly list. I seem to remember Democrats going apeshit (rightfully so) over that list when Bush was in office, but now, suddenly, it’s all hunky-dory to make the 2A null and void if you’re on a secret government list – and I’d like to point out that that list is populated overwhelmingly by people named Akhmed or Mohammed… But don’t expect the “anti-racist” Democrats to find any fault with that.

  19. Happy New Year my friends. Tomorrow, we shall brew again.

  20. FWIW, I didn’t score with the mother in law last night. Thanks for the encouragement, though.

    1. So I suppose I shouldn’t be referring to you as Benjamin Braddock?

      1. I’m flattered to be referred to at all.

    2. Dude, I’m just gonna make a suggestion. When trying to score some MILF, try to make sure that the mother of your wife is not involved. It might go better, just sayin.

      1. Go back to Saudi Arabia, you prude!


        1. I sort of have this obsession about not wanting to be the star of the next Jerry Springer episode. I know it’s prudish and all, but I can’t seem to get over it.

          1. I was just making fun of the reflexive libertinism of some staffers and commenters.

            In other words, I’m just pursuing an ongoing feud.

        2. I’m pretty sure that ISIS says you can’t fuck both of them, even if both of them are your slaves.

      2. Puritan.

      3. How else do you do a threeway?

    3. This discussion reminds me of a half drunken conversation I had in grad school with a student from Mexico. This dude had moved in to his wife’s family`s huge mansion when they got married. He then proceeded to bed nearly every female relative – including his MIL – and was just barely juggling the whole mess. At the time he told me that he was thinking to just stay in the US after graduation.

      1. Machismo is a thing, is it not ?

      2. Who wouldn’t have to be dragged away from that situation? Unless they were the Kardashians.

  21. So, are you all looking forward to tomorrow?

    1. You’re such a cut-up

    2. Who’s feasting on circumcisions? SICK-O!

    3. Seriously, though,

      “According to the Fathers, Christ underwent circumcision for two reasons. In doing so, He kept the Law given by God perfectly, including this rite that incorporated a child into Israel; by doing this, He also “emptied himself” to become just like one of us, even though He was in need of no purification of any kind….

      “Our covenant with God, the new covenant in Jesus Christ, involves a circumcision even more complete than that of the Old Testament: it requires “the complete submission of our flesh and all its desires to God” (Father Lev Gillet)….

      “This day is also a feast of the Name of Jesus, since it was on this day that that name was given to Him – “the name that is above every other name.” Believers are encouraged to invoke this name throughout their lives – a name in which so many miracles have been done (Acts 3:6) – and the use of the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”) is a precious tradition in the Christian East.”

      1. Your link(s)?

      2. Is this a problem for you ?

    4. I abide by P. J. O’Rourke’s Circumcision Precept.

      1. You can take 10% off the top of *anything*?

        That was part of hid budget plan, IIRC.

  22. I have four job interviews lined up in the next week. Anyone not too drunk to give advice?

    1. lap83,

      What are your concerns? Are the four interviews for jobs different than the ones you held before/are they in the “same line of work”/are you inclined to sell time shares for the last night on Earth 2015?

      1. My main concern is that I don’t have a personality. How do I fake it? But seriously I suck at the subjective aspect of interviews. Actually I had two interviews with a place last week and they seemed to love me and then I didn’t get it. (I even came in for an interview on Christmas Eve, *grumbles*) So I don’t know. I just thought I’d ask for random tips.

        1. Just relax and picture the interviewer naked…

          …with a dildo up his ass.

          1. Anyone not too drunk to give advice?

            That includes your drunken fantasies.

            1. Don’t wear your Hells Angels colors.

          2. No, really. You are going to shake hands, sit down, think of this and smile.

            And you’ll owe me a beer when you get the job.

            1. I’m afraid I’d laugh

        2. Dress better than the guy interviewing you.

        3. You don’t need personality. Just figure out a way to ask the interviewer any question about themselves or the work that you can think of. It doesn’t even have to be interesting.

          Basically, think “what can I ask this person to get them talking about themselves or their work or something, what they think about anything, etc.”

          The effect is that the interviewer starts talking about themselves or their experiences, and this is their favorite, most comfortable topic (they’ve got nothing to lose), and you come across as personable and good natured because you cared enough to ask and let them talk about themselves. You’re interested in people. You have personality and are relatable. And all you did was ask a question and start nodding.

          Of course, if they’re an asshole, that doesn’t work, but, then, assholes probably don’t care about your personality, anyway, unless you act like a pussy or something.

          Then, there’s always jokes. My favorite from an interview is when someone asked me about my desire for management/leadership, and I told him that not only am I interested but, upon hire, I would insist on being put completely in charge of all projects I’m involved with.

          They stared at me like I was nuts until I laughed, and then they all lost it. I was in from that point on.

          1. The more and longer they talk with you, the more they feel invested in you. That will continue to work in your favor.

    2. 1) A lot of companies now ask you to tell them about a time you were in a certain situation and will ask you to answer the question in the STAR format. Below is a brief summary of that but I would suggest googling STAR interview questions. There are plenty of sites that offer tons if examples. Pick 5 to 10 of those across various types of situations and write down how you would answer them and then practice answering them verbally out loud in that format. Chances are you won’t get the exact questions you pick but you can improvise or modify as needed. Even if you don’t get them it’s still good interview practice.…..-interview

      1. Thank you. I think I’ve seen Lou Adler (the recruiting guy, not the Hollywood guy) mention that system, but I haven’t put it into practice yet. I’ll try it this weekend when I prepare.

    3. Here’s what I do.

      Don’t think about it. At all. When you get in there, be natural, just be yourself. If you know the job requirements and can prove it and just stay relaxed, trust me this works. The worst possible thing you can do is obsess about it. Don’t do that, just stay relaxed and do not think about beforehand, AT ALL.

      1. I work in IT – occasionally I give interviews and I might ask a few technical questions just to see if they’re on the level but really the only thing I’m looking for is can I understand and/or get along with the person.

        1. I’m a software engineer and independent contractor. I’ve been in IT for 20 years. I still sit in on interviews for my clients… I don’t know why they ask me to do this, I like to think it’s because they trust me to spot potential talent.

          Anyway, I like to ask some technical questions right off. What I’m doing is trying to spot someone who is not prepared to back up what the resume has on it. But also, you are spot on about what you said. We always try to identify someone who will not get along with others and will be a problem. That’s the 2 most important things, skills and ability to work on a team with other people.


            1. Yeah, I can’t wait until we don’t have to deal with pesky and annoying humans anymore and can just deal with the bots, who don’t have emotions and assholes.

            2. Nice mat.

          2. I have a buddy who’s a manufacturing engineer. He is smart and knows how to get manufacturing processes simple and cost efficient. He’s usually the first on laid off because “he’s not a team player.”

        2. get along with the person.

          AKA sexually harass them without getting in trouble.

          1. Sadly, I’m only interviewing Indian men. They don’t seem particularly interested in my advances.

      2. I will try not to obsess leading up to it, but I think I’m going to practice some common questions this weekend.

        1. That’s good, but just don’t worry. Relax and clear you mind before on the day of the interview. You’ll know what so say and you’ll be fine.

          1. I second most of why Hyp says.

            I haven’t been on an interview in about 6 years, but i used to give them all the time about 10-12 years ago… and 99% of the time, “the over-prepared and nervous” person was tossed and the “perfectly comfortable and curious” person was hired.

            – i.e. the people who seemed to have done tons of ‘homework’ seemed uncomfortable because they were just waiting to talk about their homework-stuff. When asked to just talk about some open ended subject they seemed bored and unhappy facing the fact that there was ‘stuff they didn’t know’.

            Whereas there were other people who were comfortable and not worried about ‘what they didn’t know’ and happy to talk about what they did, and what they wanted to learn.

            there’s nothing wrong with preparation, but it should simply be used to help you feel comfortable. most of what people are measuring is whether they’d be comfortable sharing space with you for extended periods.

            1. First interview I ever had, I was so fucking nervous and I totally blew it. Someone I spoke with after that gave me the exact advice I am giving now, and it just fucking worked. It worked and it never stopped working. What more can I say?

              1. What I am saying, is that the day of the interview, clear it all completely from your mind. Do NOT think at all about what you are going to say and relax like it doesn’t fucking matter. Walk into that room like it doesn’t fucking matter and you don’t give a shit. Wait until they talk and then be your most awesome self.

                1. Why do you keep needing to have job interviews ?

            2. what they wanted to learn

              Yeah, this is really important. I focus on finding out if they’re eager to learn.

    4. I haven’t been on a job interview in 15+ years. Good luck.

      1. It’s been about 10 years for me. I got it down to a fine art and it just consists of being qualified and relaxing, not worrying at all.

        Still need to do interviews when taking on new clients, but it’s just routine now, no worries.

      2. Yeah, about 15 years for me too.

    5. Anyone not too drunk to give advice?

      Surveys the clutter of aluminum on his desk, says “Sorry you’re on your own.”

    6. Make sure not to threaten to throw the interviewer into a woodchipper if the interview starts going poorly.

      1. Don’t yell Allahu Akbar and pull off your sweater to reveal a suicide vest. That helps also.

        1. Well it might depend on their political views and how far they’d go to not appear islamaphobic

          1. Which leads to the greatest advice of all: wear a burka and bring your lawyer.

    7. Not too drunk to give advice? Let me tell you something! Wait, what’re we talking about? Oh yeah, fiat currency always goes to zero, man.

      1. And never buy meat from Wal-Mart.

    8. Oh, one last thing. You should send a thank you email or letter to everyone in the interview. Thank them for the opportunity, tell them it was nice talking to them, tell them you want the job and tell them why you think you are a great fit for the position.

    9. Dont forget to test for degenerate cases if thry gave you programming problems. For example, if writing a fibonacci subroutine, test for negative inputs.

      1. I agree with Rob. Make up some gibberish and see if they know you’re full of it.

        1. Yu tha man Playa.

          I loved dat shit.

    10. 1) Have one good question about each company that shows you know a little, but admits that you don’t know everything. Something about the industry and how this company is different in that space.

      Ask the interviewer to explain something that forces the interviewer to “sell the company” rather than just sit there and be a dick.

      – warning: often they will dodge this because they are HR people and they don’t know shit.

      if the person doing the interview is someone from the department you are being interviewed for… they will enjoy being asked. Getting them to explain their own world makes them actually LIKE YOU better. It creates the impression “you care” about what they do.

      Don’t ask something where the person can be like, “uh, if you read our 10K you’d already know…”. Something about the qualitative nature of their operations. What kind of organizational dynamics, how do they sell, what kind of clients do they value the most…

      2) think about a few questions focused on “what you want” rather than “what they want”

      “Will i be able to travel” “will i get my own projects to develop” “who am i reporting to = have they already done my job (i.e. worked their way up) or were they slotted sideways from somewhere else; what kind of background do they have” “how long did the last person in the position stay”…

      The most important thing about both is how it shows you care about what’s going on there. They remember that.

      1. How does she find a company that lets you go to Cabo for a month?

        1. easy, go to wall st. wait for financial crisis. get excessive severance package. have friend with time-share.

      2. Have one good question about each company that shows you know a little, but admits that you don’t know everything. Something about the industry and how this company is different in that space.

        Ask the interviewer to explain something that forces the interviewer to “sell the company” rather than just sit there and be a dick.

        I like this idea partly because it would reveal their management style. I do better with managers when I can be honest. I’m not a cog.

    11. Anyone not too drunk to give advice?

      Since when has that stopped anyone here?

  23. 2) know something about the company. The more you know the better. Know how they make money. Many companies will have investor pages on their site with how the company is doing and where they are going and challenges. Sometimes you can find financials. You don’t need to study them but if you can look at what their largest revenue items and largest expense items are that can give you some insight into operations and what drives their business.

  24. 3) Be confident but not cocky. You should relax but not be casual. Shake everyones hand. Smile as much as possible and don’t ramble. Pretend you’re having fun:)

    1. “confident but not cocky. You should relax but not be casual.”

      Perfect example

      1. The little skip in his step as he enters the room is the best part

  25. Happy New Year my Reason bretheren.

    Stuck at my in-laws’ one more night. The only alcohol in the house is a couple of cans of Miller Lite in the fridge.My father-in-law was talking to the TV about how Tamir Rice should’ve listened to the police and it’s his own fault he’s dead. And I need to get my roof fixed when I get home. Whee.

    May your 2016 be as free from nutpunches as possible.

    1. That’s sounds… utterly horrible.

    2. “May your 2016 be as free from nutpunches as possible.”

      I think I perceive a continuing/growing market for protective gear.

    3. Poor bastard!

      Happy fucking new year.

  26. Be early. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks. Good tips

      1. Although JB wanted to get sweet on the bald, female version of me, he seems to have good advice in this instance . I recommend dousing yourself in axe body spray and audaciously winking at your interviewer.

        1. Guilty as charged. Bug spray is cheaper and smells exactly the same. According to Riven, winking with both eyes means you want the D.

        2. Do they make axe for women? That’s a frightening thought


          2. Not all people that wear axe body spray are rapists, but all rapists wear axe body spray.

  27. Seriously using executive orders to curtail constitutional rights (Who Know Who Else…)? Along with the budget situation doesn’t anyone realizing how terrible this situation is? Real Weimar Germany just before Hitler shit. Not to mention the Dems are pretty close to getting that fifth vote on SCOTUS to gut the First and Second Amendments. Libertarian Moment!

    Oh and Happy New Year.

          1. That’s the second time I’ve been called that today:) My father would be so proud!

            1. I am holiday cheer incarnate. Merry fucking Christmas.

              1. Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.

              2. I hate to disappoint you, but she’s 23 now. She’s like an old maid.

                Here she is portraying a guy named Don Bogman.

                1. 23! That’s like a dried up old hag.

  28. New Year’s Rockin’ Eve has “One Direction”. Jesus, kill me now.

    1. I have a nearly 7 year old daughter. One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift (ok I actually like her), Demi Lovato, and the like. All. the. time.

      One Direction’s done one good thing though: The video to “Steal My Girl”, because it has Danny DeVito in it and he’s almost in character as Frank from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

      1. This is probably the only night of the year I’m exposed to “popular music” like this. Oooooh here comes a Taylor Swift video OMG OMG!!

        I don’t get it. Is the reason this is so popular because it’s completely bland and non-threatening…?

        1. You can’t put a Band-Aid on that bullethole, Bub.

          1. What happened to Rock’n’Roll? Dick Clark must be spinning in his grave.

        2. speaking of which, I saw a picture of Taylor Swift on wsj today that made me laugh immaturely. I’ll post it here so Crusty can make it his new desktop background…..080044.jpg

          1. We represent the lolly pop guild

          2. Her eyes aren’t quite right. Other than that…1

          3. Just a little gas. My 1 year old does the same face.

          4. Am I the only one with a high school level sense of humor who imagines Taylor Swift’s middle name should be “Notso”?

      2. google hound dog taylor…best slide guitar ever, he’s the man despite being dead for 40 years.

  29. 2016 resolution:

    If I don’t have a different job at the end of 2016, please shoot me. I’ve been here for 10 years and I can’t take it any longer. Also, I need to get out of Florida.

    1. Here’s what you do.

      You quit the job and move into a rusty van by the river.

      Then in hindsight the job won’t seem so bad!

      Just let me know if you want any more supportive comments.

      1. I have no alcohol, so I’m spending New Year’s in depression and self doubt.

        1. Any possibility of starting your own business like this girl did?


          1. Yeah, like I’m gonna click on that headline.

          2. So her mother set her up to go on a sex offenders list for the rest of her life…

            THANKS MA!

    2. I said that back in March about this year. Start my new position Monday:) Still gonna be thinking about retirement though:)

      1. I got word today that was I am going to keep my low-paying, miserable job that makes me miserable, so the fact that you found another job gives me hope. Also, happy new year.

        1. Happy New Year to you too bud. Just keep after it. I find things always have a way of working out.

      2. Congratulations! I’m starting a new job on Monday too.

    3. Seriously, though, I shall add you to my prayers.

  30. Happy New Year, Halifax.

    1. One love to my homie Jesse Dangerously, the 3rd hardest rapper in Halifax.

      1. That sounds like damning with faint praise.

        1. Something something something in Halifax
          Something something something just the facts

        2. You clearly possess a fine ear for subtlety.

          Jesse mah man was joking about his 3rd-class status in the Halifax Rap Scene back in the 1990s.

          (*please take a moment to dwell on the absurdity of this idea from the perspective of young DJ-me in NYC)

          …but then he played some mixtapes for me of some of the other people coming out of there

          Halifax is the most rappingest city in the rapverse as far as Canada is concerned.

          I have no idea where Jesse stands these days, but is apparently still pumping out jams, and now refers to himself as “Rap Legend”. He hasn’t lost any weight, however.

    2. With all our northern neighbor commenters do we have any from the Maritimes?

  31. I can’t even remember how I found this, but I sort of like it:

    Rock band from Singapore

  32. What a way to end the year: Got a cold, somebody stole my gloves, my paycheck still hasn’t posted, and i broke my tooth.
    I can’t wait till next year.

    1. You’re pretty much Michigan State.

      1. He has a cold and an upper peninsula? You make no sense, you meat addled lunatic.

    2. On the plus side, just set that to music and it will soar to the top of the country music charts.

      1. …but you should probably add something about your buddy getting killed in the war and your woman leaving you.

        Other than that, perfect.

        1. and baby blue jeans

          1. Well, i could buy a dog and then run it over with my pick up truck

  33. Terrorist attack thwarted in New York…..rochester/

    Authorities allege he and the source went to a Walmart on Tuesday and bought two ski masks, two knives, a machete, zip ties, duct tape, ammonia and rubber gloves.

    sounds like an average Walmart transaction

    1. I own four things on that list.

      1. Five things.

          1. For what occasion did you buy machetes in bulk? And did you get a good price?

            1. Reasons. You should be more concerned about the ski mask and ammonia.

              Good deals on Amazon. I ran one through the diamond tipped sharpener. I can shave with it. Can, but don’t.

              1. I can get one shaving sharp with a file. Ontario Knife makes the good ones.

                If I really have to use one I’d rather use a bush hook. It’s better than a power tool until the trees get over 4″ in diameter.

                1. Yeah, I got an 18″ Ontario from Amazon.

                  I went through a 3″ branch like it was butter. I was absolutely not expecting that.

                2. Ontario Knife makes the good ones.

                  I’m a fan of all things Aranyik. They may not be pretty, but they are built like fucking tanks. Are you a fellow cutlery enthusiast?

                  1. “…fellow cutlery enthusiast?”

                    Hah! I forged my own 39 inch broadsword from 4140 stainless between semesters in undergrad.

              2. ski masks in bulk? are you still hiring for your ninja army?

    2. Looks to me like “the source” set the whole thing up. Imagine that.

      The city announced later Thursday that it was canceling its fireworks show

      Rochester Strong!

      My hometown making me proud *tear*

    3. They’re really good at catching retards, but it doesn’t seem very cost effective to me.

      1. Well, yeah. You find a retard, convince him to pull some shit, then arrest him. Rinse and repeat.

        1. This time, with a twist! New Years Eve!

          Seriously, after reading that, it’s Lenny trying to tend the rabbits.

        2. If that’s their MO, they’ll run of money before they run out of retards.

  34. I’m going with my usual routine on New Years: I’ll strip down, rub myself all over with compound butter and go try and tackle some nuns at the nearby convent.

      1. It’s so easy to get a compliment from you.

        1. Mention cats. He’s a sucker for cats.

              1. Happy New Year! I stop now.

  35. Happy New Year to Elizabeth, Nicole, Kristin, Riven, Illocust, Mrs. Struthers, and all the other women here of whom I am either blanking on names or did not realize were women. Your intellectualism is super sexy; definitely your most attractive asset.

    All the dong-havers can suck an egg.

    1. It’s not my fault I have one, but now that I do, I’m keeping it.

    2. “or did not realize were women”

      You’re quite the charmer, you.

    3. or did not realize were women

      I identify as a gender that hasn’t been invented but is perpetually offended by any mention of cisgender, just fyi.

    4. Happy New Year right back at you.

  36. Happy New Year everyone

    Around this time last year, Ebola was the big scary thing in the news. My hope is that by this time next year, ISIS and Hillary are the new Ebola. There will probably be some new scary thing, but maybe it will be relatively mild like kids snorting toothpaste to get high.

    1. ‘snorting toothpaste to get high.’

      Wait are you saying that works?!?

      ok, the burning is pretty bad, but my brain has never felt so minty fresh

      1. No no no. You have to butt chug it. Make sure it’s spearmint and has extra menthol.

        1. christ that’s horrible.

          could you not find at least something sonically forgiving? Extra Width has far far far more appeal as “rock noise” You have to love a song about the New Jersey Turnpike.

          1. I love the Exile on Main Street cassette. Half of it is pretty damn good.

            Maybe you should stick with the hits

            1. People always told me the pussy galore stuff was like the real shit and everything JSBX did was watered down.

              but then it was easy to see JSBX live in the 1990s, and it was basically impossible to see the Boss Hogg or Pussy Galore things unless you were just local or lucky.

      1. That was the 1990s. You couldn’t be a hipster. It was just rock&roll; in an era when people were listening to the backstreet boys on the radio, and Pearl Jam was fucking lame.

        1. There was no Rock&Roll; in the 90s.

          1. you seem to have had a great perspective under your rock

          2. Meh, I’ve been hearing this shite my whole life, “no one makes good (insert your favorite music genre here) anymore” or “the (insert the decade you grew in here) had the best music and (insert a more recent decade here)’s music sucks”…..Wah Wah Wah… at any given time someone somewhere is making killer fucking music in whatever fucking style you wanna name. If your too lazy to find it yourself and rely on “main-stream media” to find it for you tough shit. I guarantee that right now some teenagers are in a garage just ripping a dixieland jam that would melt your ear holes, if you dig it, find it, throw the bands a bone or two, quit with the “my particular tastes aren’t being catered to in the manner that I feel entitled to” bullshit and pleasure yourself, to speak.

            1. Totally agree. I’m 46 and therefore completely mystified at what is “popular” now yet I have way too much stuff I like coming out every year to even listen to. I never expected that.

            2. OK, where is all the great modern harpsichord music then, Mr Smartypants?

              1. FYI, I’m only half-joking, if someone does make great modern harpsichord music I want to know. I love it.

                1. Me too.

                  FWIW I have a friend who composes classical music for recorders. It’s sick.

                    1. LOL that’s talent

                2. A little late, but Emilie Autumn (poss trigger warning for some folks?) – does some beautiful work on harpsichord. Nice concept albums too – albeit potentially disturbing.

         (live performance, but albums available on itunes)

            3. “I guarantee that right now some teenagers are in a garage just ripping a dixieland jam that would melt your ear holes

              or maybe the blue vipers

              1. Nice. I’ll have to check them out, ahem, so to speak.

        2. 90’s meant dressing like a nerd unironically. It was also an innocent time when no one worried about rape culture or problematic lyrics. (Imagine the twitter shitstorm if this song came out today)

          1. It was also a time when chicks did crazy shit and didn’t complain that the world was oppressing them.

            I’m thinking particularly of the mormon girl who grew up down the street who disappeared after highschool and turned up in oregon in a lesbian riot grrrrl band

              1. I can’t believe there was a time people didn’t consider that a comedy act.

              2. I see your Kriss Kross, and raise you Ultramagnetic

                1. Nice….

                  What else can I reply except with a halfsharkalligatorhalfman?

                  1. I think Doc Oc was less crazy-groundbreaking at the time than Aceyalone’s “Book of Human Language” which was something of the apex of “smart rap” before the backpackers and Co Flow got into it.

                    i was so smitten with the production on that that i spent many years and much money getting the same kind of repertoire together to offer people.

                    1. I’ll have to file that away for a listening tomorrow.

                    2. The second somebody dies somebody else is born
                      People are celebrating while other people mourn
                      Home may be home to you but to me it’s foreign
                      Even the matador don’t pull the bull by the horns
                      One man’s enemy is another man’s friend
                      One man’s poisons is another man’s medicine
                      So let us stand, let us sit and let us view
                      The changing of the guard oh it’s so hard to keep it true
                      It’s the balance of the scales it can’t be challenged or expelled
                      Soon as somebody lost somebody else prevails
                      Some someone is quiet at the same time someone yells
                      Half full or half empty water in the well
                      Now check your Balance Beam with a feather and a rock
                      Whether or not you find the answer is really not the plot
                      See it’s like love and hate (love…and hate)
                      The same emotion, different weight
                      People love to hate, so I know you know, just how this all relates
                      It’s the posa- and the nega-tive, mini and mega live
                      Arm, a leg, a leg, an arm, headed by a nigga
                      Like big and small, short and tall
                      Night and day and so on, some people are bashful
                      Some people just love to get their flow on (they flow on)
                      So here goes one to grow on
                      I’m a go on and on and on, till the principles are laid out
                      The scales of justice weighed out, ’til your memory starts to fade out
                      And your game of life is played out, got to balance out the power, don’t we?

                    3. Some people say life is about taking chances, choices and decisions
                      Voices and opinions, politics and religion
                      Clues to the past and cash and keys to the future
                      It’s a possibility and probability, on who’s gonna execute yo ass
                      You can disbelieve or doubt, or even shout, or leave it in your mouth
                      Cause, how you gone reason with grand, Mother Nature?
                      Running Mother Earth, controlled by Father Time, who’s the chaser?
                      It’s living and dying homey, laughing and crying dude
                      Trying or lying my brother, walking or flying fool
                      Now half of you are gone, find the time to shine
                      The other half? ‘Gon’ find crime, money, weed, wine
                      Till it’s too late, in a disillusion state of mind
                      I just found my peace of mind, now they want a piece of mine
                      Too late in a disillusion of mind
                      The orthodox is the unorthodox, they just got you on the names
                      The insane and the sane, are the same
                      It’s a damn shame, so many people’s aim is so lame
                      And their gain is so minimal, caught up in the subliminal
                      It’s pleasure and pain, water for the flames, the wild and the tame
                      The style still remains, if you use the right side of your brain
                      Instead of going against the grain, you can penetrate the vein
                      To the point where what remains is a stain, of this universal thang
                      called Balance

                    4. So life, and wealth creation is a zweo sum game ?

                  2. that said = kool keith is still my single favorite motherfucker in the entire universe

              3. The ATL rules you all.

                1. ATL never produced a rapper other than outkast folks, goodie mob, TI, and party-yellers.

                  Do you really want points for hiphopness? i’d doubt it. Most of you are happy taking credit for Lil Jon and some booty music, which frankly is pretty awesome and doesn’t need any brains.

                  1. apologies. = and of course… Ludacris….. probably the best mainstream rapper of the early 2000s.

                    still, not new orleans, which actually has a claim to an entirely homegrown different industry

  37. Jenny McCarthy – “I wish for peace between countries blah blah blah. This was a crazy year!”

    Ryan Seacrest – “So well said.”

      1. Happy tape-delay New Year !

  38. Tick Tock.

  39. The President of the United States openly declares that it is his intention to criminally, extrajudicially circumvent the federal legislature, the fifty sovereign states, and the founding document whose prescriptions established the very office he occupies. He plans to commit this act of treason in outright and complete violation of the supreme law of the country whose government he heads, and the design he has devised for the execution of this travesty wholly delegitimizes the authority of his office.

    He publicly seeks to enact tyrannical edicts in the most brazenly despotic manner the degenerate apathy of his citizenry allows him. He is indisputably a traitor to the Republic to which he has taken an oath of allegiance, and his forcible removal from office is now the absolute duty of every individual who retains any loyalty to the principles this tyrant’s every breath offends, and especially so of those among us who have sworn fealty to the Constitution, and to the United States.

    Instead, Americans busy themselves with earnest concern over which petty bureaucrat will rape them the least feverishly once in power, or which retarded politician will shower them with the greatest amount of stolen wealth.

    May God forgive us for what we have done to our inheritance.

    1. I only hope this will not lead to me buying a one-way ticket back to the states, handing out chunks of my armory to people I have contacted via the internet, and branding “Molon Labe” across my chest. I swore to defend the Constitution and I actually meant it.

      1. …and an Amen to you too!

  40. And now… fireworks outside my window for the rest of the night.

    Seacrest out!

    1. It brings a tear to my eye to witness all my Brooklyn neighbors thumb their nose at “the authorities” and their anti-fireworks bullshit. Libertarian moment!

      1. What do people do? Just light them and toss them out the window?

        1. off the roof, same thing

        2. Pfft. They must be launching them from their roofs. These are sophisticated operations.

          1. Oh, mortars. Good. That makes me happy.

            You guys must have an Indian Reservation nearby. That’s where I used to buy my goods (back when I used to have free time and hobbies). The stuff from Mexico isn’t even cool anymore.

            1. Maybe it’s legal in Pennsylvania? I don’t know about any reservations near NYC.

              1. Bummer. Where do you buy your whiskey and cigs?

                1. New Jersey.

  41. New Year’s in rural North Carolina, where I’m not sure if those loud bangs I keep hearing are fireworks or gunfire.

    1. Rural North Carolina? That’s like 95% of the state!

      1. True.

        My in-laws own some farmland (like 20 acres?) around here. Was on it the other day just getting fresh air and walking around, and kept hearing somebody in the general vicinity shooting, in what I can only assume is target practice. For somebody that grew up and lives in big city suburbs, it’s hard to tell my brain that something isn’t terribly wrong, even though I know it’s perfectly normal.

        1. East or West? I’ve been working in rural areas along the I-95 corridor as of late. I spent two years working in the West up in the mountains (only a couple of hours from the ATL). I most enjoyed getting paid to stay on Atlantic beach for about 6 months a decade ago. NC is almost my favorite state. It seems Texas sized if you try to drive from Murphy to Hatteras or Okracoke, Island

        2. I’m from Mecklenburg County, and my brain’s still proudly wired to ignore gunfire as benign background noise.

    2. Move to Texas, where the options are fireworks or cannons. I’m hearing pretty big booms.

    3. It’s gunfire.

      There’s no black market for fireworks this time of year. Except for the “surprise” I have in the garage. It’s roughly the size of a shoebox and I have no idea what the fuck it does.

      1. “In lieu of flowers, please donate to Pl?ya’s favorite charity, the Reason Foundation.”

        1. (I thought you meant you were setting it off)

          1. I might, if I’m still awake in 2 and a half hours.

            And I’ll wake the kids up to watch. That’s what a good dad does.

            1. “No, sweetie, cut the blue wire, not the green one…”

  42. The all-good God was not ashamed to be circumcised in the flesh,
    but He offered himself as a symbol and an example of salvation to all.
    For the Maker of the Law submitted himself to its commands
    and to what the prophets beforehand told of Him.
    O our God who hold all things in your hands,
    and yet were wrapped in swaddling clothes,
    O Lord, glory to you!

    1. The Lord of all endures circumcision and being good, he cuts away the sins of mortals. Today he grants salvation to the world, and the bishop [St.] Basil [The Great, Archbishop of Caesarea], the Creator’s morning star, rejoices; he has been initiated into the mysteries of Christ.

      1. How is it that this childish nonsense does anything for you?

        1. It tickles the brainwashers who reduce an individual’s brain function to babbling mysticism. The Chinese thought it was cute and dainty to cripple baby girls by folding and binding their feet. Mystical brainwashing is the foot-binding of the mind.

  43. Fucking can’t post shit past this wall bleed.

    Fucking make your writers unleash all sorts of shit on the world, G.

    1. It is Fucking 2016 you fucking black leathered smoothy. Make the lovely fuckes smash some shit out. FUCKING turnt and waiting for this site to be great and as of yet it seems to have all the genitals of the genders fucking the lcd CNN scrims. Well, fun is sweet but jesus FUCKING christ, whores.

      1. It’s not 2016 yet in the midwest, 3 minutes or so

        1. also, it’s too cold for fireworks, so I’m just drinking wine and chillin

          1. Happy new years!

              1. You guys are living in the past, man

  44. Two fuck zero teen bitch ass punk year. Alright, no ones gives a goddamn FUCK. So, my FUCKING shit is fondling a ghost goat while her spaceship streamlines cum from my dick holes. So FUCK this shit. my FUCKING face has to smash into the concrete of modern ships and shit.

    1. Thank you, but I prefer the more traditional greeting of “Happy New Year!”

  45. small spaces under the lights cringe.
    tall giants look up and then down.
    speed isn’t.
    lonely cries pause when the door knocks.
    clouds are light when they aren’t fucking assholes.
    alleys are cool when the sun is brightest.
    gutters capture nothing but the lost.
    notgkc is sweet when it isn’t.

  46. I was less than amazed by his best selling book but we have common enemies. Gotta respect.

    1. That dude is pretty fired up about something or other.

      1. That dude is pretty fired up about something or other.

        It’s actually brilliant marketing. In his upcoming book, Taleb discusses why he thinks Pinker’s argument in The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined relies on poor statistical methodology. (And he’s probably right). Harris seemed to have come to the defense of Pinker, which seems to have been enough for Taleb to start launching invective at him. I don’t know what Shermer’s sin is in Taleb’s eyes.

        1. And that’s good marketing ?

          For what

    2. New year resolution: Invite someone who has no friends to lunch or coffee.

      That should be a wake up call if a mathematician feels sorry for your lack of social life

  47. The months in preview. Old video tape footage from old school crap. Nothing changed bitches. After all the bullshit of previous fuck-uppery nothing changes. people still want to make my fucking PC/s buy their shitty apps and the government is still a gigantic asshole even tho Salon writers still wriggle in its guts like parasitic shits and even pen shit people read. The sun is still awesome however and if you fucks have children… they are still fucking amazing.

    If your dick made kids. They are awesome no matter your vices which I have plenty but no matter… I love my blonde 2016 slut because her pussy is fantastic and my kids are fucking new people and shit.

    the world is still young and all of us are old still no matter the modes.

  48. The year previous is a fuck, whores. But a ton of fucking shit wears little green sweaters and twinga twanga like a super cocaine fuck dancing on a glass table that broke and shit. Ya’ll been down that goddamn shit road.

    But, this IS 2016 and maybe JUST maybe this is the year where fucking people either live or die online. MAYBE the internet will FUCKING be a crass bullshit fuck like cutting grass because tons of Americans wake up and realize that modern Internet is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking FUCKED UP because of all the wonderful American shit powers and crap that ALL the Americans decided that their government is a total dick..

    erm.. hahhahhahahaahha… wait…. I just stabbed myself with a thousand rolling eyes… praise the lord…. I am now fucking perfectly in disbelief

  49. every time is a distraction when the dust of the gatherings
    I pause and look into the rivers when the trees float magic banks
    and my arms struggle with the answers when the waters fall
    on the great mind but I do not get wet

  50. Miss Virginia has an ancestor who fought in the Civil War and died in the siege of Petersburg.

    Which side he fought for may surprise you.

    1. notGKC. miss Virg is the rocket comet of power.

  51. time is scare and all bones within us fall to the poisons of the clock
    when his alleys creep upon our nightmares and the curved lights disappear
    upon the old walls and fallen collections outside the broken
    mirrors as the snakes fly into the lost dreams of the greats

  52. reason bros live short dives along streams
    where slanted gatherings cackle but the the tables
    in the cinders raise their bricks to the the loud voices

    and the lines and fonts scream for a fucking goddamn motherfucking bullshit
    scream from the fucking goddamn escape from all this crap because all this
    shit SUCKS like a fuck.

  53. Under the soft dreams of nothing and 2016
    comes the anger that agile fears
    Under the soft lights of loves
    the rays of lost sweet souls wander
    and ask enterprising questions. are we real

  54. What do you see? It is real?

    We watch all sorts of shit. Is it real?

  55. Is the internet real?

  56. Or is this entire THING fake?

    1. My part of it is real. Really real. The rest of you are figments.

    2. It’s fake.

  57. Wife brought home a cheapie blackberry Merlot and damn is it good.

    1. That sounds good, I had a malbec that was just ok

    2. I Hate Merlot!

      1. terpentine

  58. All right. Time to hit the hay.

    *cue station music and title card*

    1. That beat is weirdly similar to the beat of the song I just happened to be listening to

      Or maybe it’s not that weird and I’ve just been drinking too much.

  59. Lotsa end -of-year updates to my neglected popular fashion blog I especially like the hot Ukrainian girl who custom hand sews all her Etsy-vended lingerie product modeled by her even hotter friend. Check it out if you like almost SFW pics of hot chicks in their underwear from around the world and over the past 100+ years. God Bless and good night. Happy 2016!

    1. Happy Federally Approved Changed of Calendar Day!

  60. hound dog has more credibility and he’s been dead for 40 years

  61. When Agile Cyborg gets altered and posts streams of consciousness, do you suppose he hits the preview button first?

    1. Shiiiite… I assume he hits a mental cosmic button which allows him to preview every repercussion of every post to 328 days in the future. From that he can extrapolate the average karmic impact of our intentions on the whole of mankind, living or deceased, and from that vantage he pronounces our fates.

      From there you draw, fold, or raise the bet.

  62. UPDATE: After two mistrials, former Madison, Alabama, police officer Eric Parker will be tried a third time for paralyzing a visiting Indian man with a body slam outside the home of the man’s son.

    While the act was criminal, at some point you have to stop wasting time and tax dollars, or learn how to prosecute police.

    1. the process is the punishment

  63. UPDATE: Former South Carolina State Trooper who, in 2014, was charged for shooting unarmed motorist for retrieving his ID as ordered, while still not yet tried in court for that offense was arrested on unrelated charges back in November.

    On the plus side, no bullets flew in this latest incident.

  64. They aren’t interested that their proposed gun control laws wouldn’t have stopped any of the mass shooting events. They want to change the culture and demonize gun owners the same way that they demonized cigarette smokers, as reprobates that harm everyone just by breathing.

    The same fervor that the gay crowd brought to destroying the lives and careers of people who oppose gay marriage, they are going to bring that level of zealotry to destroying the lives and careers of gun owners.

    I hope that the culture does change to the point that we can pass a constitutional amendment limiting if not eliminating the second amendment. We don’t need firearms.

    Just the other day a mother shot her daughter by accident because she thought the daughter was an intruder. She was just coming home late from somewhere.

    Not to mention the suicides. Even though I think we all win when a so-called responsible gun owner kills himself.

    We don’t need guns. And just because we have a bunch of American cry-babies that want to hold on to their guns doesn’t mean we can’t stop it.

    First and foremost, take the guns away from the Police and have them deploy NET GUNs that are used in hunting to catch deer and other animals running at 40 mph. If a net gun can stop that, we should have no problem with stopping a mentally disturbed person without killing them.

    1. Fuck off slaver. You want my guns? Come take them with your own hands.

      I could care less how much you enjoy living in ignoble servitude to your statist god or gods.

      I have served decades in the ranks of those you and your government send to kill the people you fear the most – you must fear them, otherwise you wouldn’t be sending others to do it in your name. In my own home I will have at least a similar level of protection as you trusted me with on foreign soil.

    2. How about mentioning a few of the thousands of times guns stop crimes and/or save lives? If you don’t wanna gun fine, but if you don’t want me to have one I hope you have the balls to come and take it from me yourself (at which point I’ll give you the bullets first) instead of hoping some government goon will do your dirty work for you!

    3. “We don’t need firearms.”

      The first person plural doesn’t justify using the coercive power of the state to impose your own preferences on other people.

      Incidentally, we don’t “need” gay marriage, free speech, freedom of religion, the right to protest, etc. either, but we all have an obligation to respect each others’ rights anyway.

      Neither other people nor their rights exist or don’t exist simply because you (second person singular) don’t need them. “We” are not here for your convenience.

      1. “”The first person plural doesn’t justify using the coercive power of the state “”

        Oh, but he has feelings ken. deep feelings. And he needs to express his feelings through a police state.

    4. Way to start off the New Year with an epic example of derp!

      And just because we have a bunch of American cry-babies that want to hold on to their guns doesn’t mean we can’t stop it.

      Yeah, you’ll say that all the way up until Jethro and Billy Bob use you for target practice when the Day of the Rope comes.

    5. Mama La Pinga is clearly a paid shill for the NET GUN industry.

      1. Lol….You guys and your little guns will be no match to SWAT team.

        And, as you become more and more armed, so will the Police.
        That’s why simple warrants are pretty much served with very Militarized Police.

        I won’t need to go take your guns. You’ll get to keep your guns…In your Cold Dead Hands, that is.

        1. And there it is, folks! Wishing millions of people death.

          1. Confiscation is like a violent fantasy to gun grabbers. It wouldn’t be anything like that in the real world–not even if they repealed the Second Amendment.

            They’d probably do things like go after the ammo first, and then they’d do things like sic the IRS on people who’ve passed background checks in the past but haven’t accounted for their guns–and they’d make you account for it on your tax forms like they’re doing with ObamaCare.

            There’d be lots of things they could do to try to disarm us by making it impossible to verify our social security numbers for prospective employers, etc. Just like they make you account for your previous addresses before they give you a passport. They’d do all of that before they started knocking down people’s doors. Sending in SWAT teams after otherwise innocent Americans because they have guns is just a sick fantasy.

            But then that’s the way most non-libertarians are. They’re all fantasizing at various levels about forcing everyone else at gunpoint to do whatever they want. Maybe that’s why they don’t think other people should own guns–because they’re so fundamentally unethical in regards to respecting other people’s rights, they assume the rest of us are like that too.

            1. They said the same about slavery

              1. What did they say that was the same about slavery?

                That they could mostly stamp it out by harassing people by refusing to confirm their social security numbers for prospective employers and siccing the IRS on them?

                Neither social security numbers nor the IRS existed back then.

                Or maybe you’re saying that it also required horrible violence by way of the Civil War to end slavery?

                If you know anything about American history between Reconstruction and the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, you’d know that the violence of the Civil War may have ended slavery in name, but that was hardly the end of the fight. Slavery gave way to sharecropping, segregation, and Jim Crow. One of the main reasons blacks didn’t leave the South was because the police would pull them over and send them back to where they came from if they were caught–the local farms needed their cheap labor.

                If you think a Civil War style fight would bring an end to gun ownership by otherwise law abiding Americans like the Civil War did slavery, then using the end of slavery as a guide, you should expect the fight to eradicate gun ownership to last about a hundred years.

                And how can you go on about wanting to stop killing and then advocate a civil war like that out of the other side of your mouth? I don’ think you really care about the killing at all. You just seem to be fantasizing about forcing gun owners to do your bidding. Was your father an abusive Baptist or something?

                1. What I’m saying is that the south would 1st Die and lose all of their wealth than give up the nigger on a chain.

                  You people are no different.

                  1. You’re the one who wants to keep other people on the chain of your god, the state.

                    You have already admitted that you want to commit violence via your version of the government but you claim that gun owners are violent?

                    1. You have already admitted that you want to commit violence via your version of the government but you claim that gun owners are violent?

                      Shitlib projection is certainly unceasing. Notice the analogy to the Civil War, another violent conflict that would have the standard Progressive shitting their pants because someone would actually be shooting back at them.

                      No wonder comic books tend to be a refuge for these type of social basketcases.

                  2. When you say, “You people are no different”, do you realize that the people you’re talking about are everyday, average, law abiding Americans?

                    1. “You people” makes me laugh.

                      But you can repeal the 2nd amendment, it’s pretty straight forward. You need 2/3 of the state’s legislature (you’ve been losing this front) and a majority in the house and Senate (not likely) Then the states can ratify a new amendment to remove or reword the 2nd.
                      Relating to your claim about fingerprints, do you know the costs associated with anything decent in biometrics? Cheap is there, but it doesn’t work 100% and allows other people to “pass” with an unauthorized print. How would we retrofit? How would you seriously try to keep track of ammunition?

        2. “And, as you become more and more armed, so will the Police.”

          That’s actually mostly about the Drug War.

          The drug trade didn’t used to be anywhere near as violent before Darryl Gates (ex-head of the LAPD) basically invented SWAT to go after drug dealing gangs in Los Angeles. The gangs started arming themselves with more firepower to defend themselves, and with all that firepower, they also started using it on each other.

          That’s why affiliates of LA’s most violent gangs control street distribution. The Crips and Bloods were the first to arm heavily against Darryl Gates’ LAPD, and when they spread out nationally, they took those heavier duty weapons and tactics with them. Even the gangs that control trafficking in Central America can partially trace their origins to that. They fled to LA to escape civil wars in Guatemala and El Salvador, but it wasn’t until they got to Darryl Gates’ Los Angeles that they really learned to be heavily armed and violent. Once they were deported en masse, they brought those LA tactics with them.

          If the gun grabbers put half the effort into legalization of marijuana as they do in grabbing guns, they’d do far more to lower the homicide rate than grabbing guns will ever do. Taking guns from innocent Americans won’t do anything to stop the overwhelming majority of “mass shootings” since they’re mostly the result of drug distribution gangs fighting over drug distribution territory.

        3. “Taking guns from innocent Americans won’t do anything to stop the overwhelming majority of “mass shootings” since they’re mostly the result of drug distribution gangs fighting over drug distribution territory.”

          Since we have so many visitors here, I should have stated the obvious.

          Taking guns from innocent Americans won’t stop gangs from killing each other over drug distribution territory, but legalizing marijuana will deprive gangs of making money from distributing marijuana on the street–and if there isn’t any distribution territory to fight over, there won’t be as many shootings.

          Those who want to take away guns from innocent Americans–and say we should do nothing to get rid of the drug war and deprive gangs of their incentive to kill–are some of America’s most horrible people.

          1. Progressives are either incredibly naive to believe that their proposed “common sense gun laws”will actually reduce gun deaths, or they have a long-term strategy in mind. The only way to significantly reduce gun violence is to eliminate guns. And that, I’m convinced, is their ultimate goal- no matter their assertions to the contrary.

            Reducing gun violence will only lead to other weapons being used. People will still use weapons. They will still hate. Crimes will still be committed. None of this will change with the elimination of guns. Therefore, the only reason to eliminate all public guns is to make intimidating the public easier. Given progressive’s penchant for authoritarianism, I’m convinced that reducing resistance to their policies is the ultimate reason behind their attack on guns and gun owners.

            1. Maybe we should make hate illegal?

        4. You guys and your little guns will be no match to SWAT team.

          The same police that shitlibs say are inherently racist? I suspect if you’re right, they’re more likely to go after Q’Juantrell and Shitavious before they come after any of us.

          I won’t need to go take your guns. You’ll get to keep your guns…In your Cold Dead Hands, that is.

          You misunderstand–I’m totally on board with Progressives being unarmed.

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  67. Al Smith would suggest we look at the record. In 1928 he was running for Prez. after signing repeal of the NY state prohibition law. Prosecutor Mabel Willebrandt argued on Sept. 7 that Smith could no nothing to repeal prohibition, viz: “A constitutional change is not a measure; it starts by resolution which when passed is referred to the sovereign states, and when three-fourths of them have ratified the proposed constitutional amendment it becomes effective. Unlike a measure or a law, the President does not sign it and is powerless to oppose it. It is therefore doubtful if a President can, without violating the very spirit of his oath established by the founders of the Constitution itself, engage in using the force and power of his office while he is President of the United States, to effect a constitutional change.” Conclusion: no Executive Order is going to repeal the Second Amendment.

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