Police Abuse

The Spring Valley High School Assault Is Exhibit A for Why We Need Fewer Cops in Schools

Cops in schools is a recipe for disaster.



Spring Valley High School Resource Officer Ben Fields' decision to knock a defiant female student out of her desk, drag her across a classroom, and pin her against the floor—a horrific assault captured on video and widely shared on social media—was completely unjustified.

It was unjustified, no matter how much inappropriate behavior preceded it. It was unjustified, even if school authorities had every reason to expel the student from the classroom. It was unjustified, precisely because there is no conceivable circumstance in which it's okay for a cop to brutalize an unarmed, unthreatening teen girl.

But it isn't enough to criticize this one police officer for committing a terrible crime against a teen. We must also criticize the culture of misplaced fear about safety in schools—a culture that requires cops to patrol high school classrooms as if they were prisons.

The sheriff's office has asked the FBI to investigate the incident, and Fields is on leave while the authorities examine whether he broke any policies. He is entitled to a fair and judicious review of his actions, of course. But if he is somehow cleared of wrongdoing, it would not mean that his actions were correct. It would only mean that official policy is far too deferential to the men with guns in schools.

This isn't Fields' first run-in with controversy. According to The New York Times, a student who was expelled for "gang activity" sued the officer in November of 2013 for "recklessly and unfairly" accusing black students of being in gangs. This student was expelled after getting into a fight behind a store near the school. The case has not yet gone to trial.

Some students—black students—said Fields was tough but fair, and were surprised at what they saw in the video. Other students offered a less positive appraisal of the man's approach toward delinquency:

Nygel King, 16, another sophomore, said that Officer Fields "acted like a typical cop" in the hallways — "But never in a bad way," he said.

The video, he said, stunned him. "For one, she wasn't resisting at all," he said. "And two, I've never seen him be super-aggressive with another student."

But some of the students said that they had heard that Officer Fields had a reputation for treating students harshly when he was called to intervene in a skirmish or make an arrest. Several of them told stories, but about incidents they had only heard about, not personally seen. What it said about Officer Fields' record was not altogether clear: It is, perhaps, an immutable law of nature that an officer in a school will be treated, in some quarters, with a certain amount of suspicion.

The article refers to cops in schools as if they reflect some perfectly natural state of affairs—as if cops are just as indispensable as teachers, janitors, and principals. In fact, cops did not become a ubiquitous presence in public education until recently. While the term "school resource officer" first came into being in the 1950s, it wasn't until the '80s that schools began hiring cops en masse. Between the late '90s and 2007, the number of SROs nationwide increased to 19,000 (a 55 percent rise).

Do police officers decrease crime in schools? In some cases, sure. But schools are already very safe places. And in a very real sense, the involvement of SROs increases crime, since the mere presence of a cop often escalates a minor infraction of school rules into a criminal matter. It does this by definition, since the police are invariably involved, even in situations that should be resolved by competent administrators, counsellors, or parents.

Take the girl who wouldn't leave her desk at Spring Valley High School. Is she making trouble? Sure. Is she a criminal? No. But now she's been arrested anyway—the involvement of Officer Fields rendered this a foregone conclusion.

The girl should count herself lucky, I suppose, that she wasn't killed in the process. But we should expect better for the millions of young people compelled to attend public education in this country. We should not teach them, from a very early age, that small acts of defiance will be met with vastly disproportionate state-sanctioned force. We should not funnel these kids—many of them racially and socioeconomically disadvantaged—into the criminal justice system for making the kinds of mistakes that perfectly regular, well-adjusted kids have been making for centuries. And we should not pretend that public safety requires these trade-offs.

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  1. So let me get this straight. You, Robbie Soave, a supposed libertarian who wants less – fewer – no, less government spending, wants the school to have to call 911, have a police officer get into his car, use taxpayer gas to drive all the way to the school, all the while the class is waiting, mind you, to body slam a teen perp and drag her authoritatively through the halls? Instead of having him right there, conveniently already patrolling his acne-ridden beat?

    Anyway, what makes you think school administrators are even equipped to handle the children of today? I mean, MOST OF THEM ALREADY HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS.

    1. Going to change my bio to “supposed libertarian.”

      1. “Alleged” can work as well.

      2. Pretty sure Gillespie, Welch, ENB, and Suderman have all beat you to it.

        That’s why libertarians never get any traction in politics: because there’s never been one.

        1. What’s the narrative today? Do libertarians control everything in government or nothing?

          1. Only the things that go wrong. I mean we would never have this zillion dollar debt if it wasn’t for the libertarians.

            1. The reason there is so much drug violence is because libertarians want drugs to be legal.. /statist logic

          2. We’re the ‘true’ lost tribe.

            1. So….we’re……………SCOTTISH! I haz a happy!

              /one true Scotsman

              1. Is that a happy in your pants?

                Or are you just glad to see me?

    2. The whole thing is just a giveaway to the Phone Companies anyway…

      1. +1 Dr. Johnny Fever.

  2. It was unjustified, no matter how much inappropriate behavior preceded it.

    Fan service.

    1. “Hello, boss, could I be reassigned to another high school…say, in Tokyo?”

      1. “Giggling too loud again? You’re under arrest!”

        1. “Fields! Wake up! It’s time for your paid vacation!”

          “But boss, I was having this great dream…I’d been reassigned to this new high school…”

  3. The Spring Valley High School Assault Is Exhibit A for Why We Need Fewer Cops in Schools

    It is an example of why we don’t need government schools at all, but perish the thought of that idea coming up in an article here.

    1. I think getting cops out of schools will be an easier sell to the public then getting rid of public schools completely.

      1. What about during a mass shooting? Who’s going to run outside and call for backup if there aren’t any cops in the schools?

        1. Do these school cops carry guns?

          1. I assume they do, just like the ones hiding outside at Columbine.

            1. Don’t forget the one hiding inside Columbine, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Neil Gardner. He hid behind stuff as one punk with a shotgun and another punk with a 9mm rifle (IIRC) shot up the place.

              1. Did Neil Gardner make it home safely?

      2. Save that jive for Slate, Salon, The Nation, etc.

  4. a culture that requires cops to patrol high school classrooms as if they were prisons.

    As if? They use the same type of vehicle to transport both populations!

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    1. Is the opening pitch sponsored by Hershey’s this year?

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      1. Does Episiarch have his number? Cause Epi’s ALL about all the “pants shitting”, y’know.

        1. But it’s never HIS pants!

        2. That’s why I use D-Pants.

  6. a student who was expelled for “gang activity” sued the officer in November of 2013 for “recklessly and unfairly” accusing black students of being in gangs. This student was expelled after getting into a fight behind a store near the school. The case has not yet gone to trial.

    “Oh, very well. You were expelled for getting into a fight behind a store near the school.”

    1. All the gang members hang out behind that store. That’s how you know they’re gang members.


  7. Uh oh. NRA wants armed guards in schools. Not police? Who? Militia?
    Whoever these armed guards are, they will be more reserved than police? Sez who? You?

    1. So joe, starting early seems to be more and more of a trend for you. What happened? Did you lose another substitute job? Did you somehow get even shorter? What happened?

    2. Welp, they won’t have immunity for what they do, so I’m betting they are more likely to be well behaved.

    3. What would be perfect is private schools with the level of private security that the parents and school owners wish to have.

      Again, not like anything like that could make it into an article here.

    4. ?

      Take your meds.

    5. They wouldn’t be cops with the power to arrest students for being unruly. They’d be guards, guarding the place in case of an active shooter scenario. Frankly, I’d want to be paid well for that. Mostly it would be standing around bored as fuck. But you also would have to be constantly on alert for that one time when you have to risk your life. Yep, that job would suck.

  8. Goddammit, Robby.

    I see you’ve written another article on this event, and I’m hoping that chewing on you for being weak-kneed and conciliatory toward our enemies will cleanse my palate of the rank utopian nonsense of the Syrian refugee column, and . ..

    I got nuthin’. Good article. You smeared blame on all the right suspects.

    1. That is what that secret, right-wing Democrat/Gawker adorer wants you to think.

      Don’t fall for his ruse, R.C.

      1. I can’t help it. He’s just so . . . soave.

    2. He successfully exposed your inner Statist. Congratulations.

      1. Are…are you retarded? Serious question.

      2. I’m a minarchist, so I guess I’ve got a little Statist in me.

        Wait, that came out wrong. I think. I’m so confused!

        1. You’re a minarchist that opposes open borders. DERP

    3. “our enemies”


  9. We must also criticize the culture of misplaced fear about safety in schools?a culture that requires cops to patrol high school classrooms as if they were prisons.

    The teacher and principal get to absolve themselves of any responsibility and just hand the child off to the police.

    1. It’s government, dude. Responsibility and thinking are hard, force is easy because they can engage in it with no repercussions. So all difficult interactions start to inch more and more towards going directly to force. The cop’s there, right? And he can just take care of it, that’s his job, right?

      1. Yes. But ten years ago this was not something that could have happened. They have gotten worse within ten years.

        1. And it will continue to get worse, because more and more things will be handled immediately with force. Because that’s easy.

          A cop in school was *unthinkable* when I was in high school. If a cop car even came into the school drive we were like “what the fuck is this?” And now there are 19,000 of them or more.

          1. Same here. Cops never roamed the halls, and my high school was the only one in town, so we had everyone there, not just the bemonocled scions of wealthy plantation owners.

            1. Ah, so you had to rub elbows with the bemonocled scions of middle-class plantation owners?

  10. Please leave the classroom. Please leave the classroom. Please leave the classroom or you can repeat this year because you’re expelled. Mrs. Whomever, can you please come pick up your child, she’s expelled.

    1. you think that would work? Or that it would have the intended effect? This cop’s behavior aside, how much belligerence is okay and what should schools reasonably do about it?

      1. Would you sit in school after you’ve been expelled? If so, what the fuck, let her sit there. She’s just punishing herself at that point. The best thing you can do is to inconvenience the shit out of the parent(s). Make their problem their problem. Whatever happened to calling the parents anyways?

        1. I’ll tell you what happened to calling the parents because I saw it when my kids were in school – used to be that if a teacher or principal said you were wrong, your parents also said you were wrong. Period. Now it’s flipped – not my little snowflake; he/she is special and would never, ever do anything to disrupt a classroom.

          The teacher is not going to keep rolling as though nothing happened even if expulsion could be done summarily on the spot. No idea if the parents would be inconvenienced or not, though my sense is that if that were likely, this sort of situation would not have occurred in the first place. This went to shit and seems the dueling camps are anti-cop or painting the kid as a thug. That does not sound like an answer.

          1. Your kid no longer goes here. We might let them come back if YOU and your kid attend extensive counseling for the next six weeks. Any more problems if we do decide to let her back and shes gone. It’s not optional.

          2. I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-overreaction and anti-escalation. Unfortunately that too often doesn’t seem to be part of any training nor does it seem to be expected.

            1. not saying you are anti-cop; just saying that is one of the two predictable reactions, the other being the authority thing. Maybe this highlights the problem – we spend more time analyzing the incident and aftermath than in having people prepped to deal with the periodic shit that will happen.

              1. Yeah, they seem totally unprepared to deal with any situatuon that does not require violence. Remember the old mentally ill women who was dragged down her stairs by the cop maybe a month or so ago. Not appropriate.

                1. Being anti-cop is a prerequisite to being a libertarian.

                  There is just no rational basis upon which to be either cop-neutral or pro-cop for one who wants to live in a free society.

                  You can not, consistent with liberty, have any empathy for the state’s privileged purveyors of violence.

                  Its not as if incidents like this do not happen hundreds of times per day all across the American Soyuz.

                  Ever notice how the brave billystick brandishing Bolsheviks never initiate aggression without their guns and badges and buddies?

                  1. As a young man I had the opportunity to, oh let’s say socialize we’ll go with that, with quite a few cops. Some of them were assholes, big time assholes, no doubt about it. In fact all Highway Patrol are assholes. I also came across some that were pretty cool. A lot of them we’re pretty cool. Shit some cop that arrested me was about as cool about it as you could get. I would say most of the cops around here are ok guys. The assholes ruin it for everyone though. No, I am not anti-cop. I don’t really give a shit whether or not I’m considered a libertarian or a librarian or a Rastafarian.

                    1. What type of person is attracted to becoming a cop?

                      Even the cops whom you characterized as cool, what were they doing feeding at the public trough, not making or producing anything upon a peaceful and voluntary basis? How can that be cool? Is that not the epitome of being uncool?

                      Do you honestly think that some of those cops who you thought were cool never initiated aggression against peeps? Busted somebody for weed? Collected revenue for the collectivists?

                    2. That is the system we currently have. They’re not all dicks. What can I say? I’ve never been a fan, even as a youngster. but I’m not going to put then all in the same bucket either as tempting as it is to do coming here and reading about the sociopaths all the time. That’s not the totality of my experience though.

                    3. There was a cop who pulled me over three times in about a 9 month span many years ago. He let me go each time because I just happened to share the same name as his best friend….and because I was polite.

                      The third time he pulled me over, he just laughed as he realized it was me again. We chatted for about 15 minutes, about the Celtics (they were in the playoffs at the time) and other things.

                      Even though he was nice to me, should I let that cloud my judgment? And distort reality?

                      When I was a senior in high school, after the football season, my buddy and I would train at the local YMCA. There were two cops who trained together and they were nice to us and friendly. One of them actually became a born-again Christian and eventually got run out of the department because he became an outspoken libertarian / voluntaryist who would not respect the blue line and played Serpico.

                      Its not as if I think that an individual cop can not be a good guy, but, if they start to think and reason and question things, they won’t last long as a cop.

                    4. I would not argue with that. I certainly agree that we would be much better off without them.

      2. Zero belligerence is ok. But the schools have a ridicules amount of power to remedy that. If you’ve ever had a kid in school you would know how much they can fuck up your life if they want. There is no need to introduce violence into a non-violent situation. Somebody has to be the adult.

        1. you are assuming that all students go home to adult supervision. Rules have to matter to people in order to have currency. Someone not giving a shit, I suppose you can wait till the end of the day and say “you are not welcome anymore” like you said, but you almost count the do-gooders lining up to plead for the child.

          1. She broke the rules, now she doesn’t graduate with her friends. Seems like that would carry currency to most everyone. Fuck at least try it. Tell the do gooders she can come to their house everyday the rest of the year if they want. Doing the right thing gives you opportunity for community support forthcoming or not. Assaulting the kid cost you community support and probably a million dollars in this case.

            1. No bigger manifestation of do-gooder than those who cheer on the regime’s ruffian caste.

            2. Every time someone makes comments like this, it’s obvious they’ve never taught in inner-city schools before.

              Inner-city kids think on a completely different level than surbaban kids. They tend to be low-time oriented and don’t respond to the same incentives. If you really think “not being able to graduate with her friends” would be some huge hammer over their heads, you’re kidding yourself.

              1. Ok, yeah inner city kids all want to repeat the same grade over and over cause thats so much fun. It’s a lesson. If they don’t get it, thats their problem. The lesson learned here was if you act out your parents will get a million dollars. Thats much better. Every kid is talking about poor whats her face that got attacked by the cop instead of stupid whats her face that has to repeat this year.

                1. Ok, yeah inner city kids all want to repeat the same grade over and over cause thats so much fun.

                  You really think they give a shit what grade they’re listed at? I went to school with plenty of these types, and I promise you that the threat of repeating sophomore year didn’t register with them at all. “Shit, I don’t care, muhfugga, I’ll get muh GED anyway.”

      3. Depends on what you mean by “work”. If you mean “get the obnoxious little shit out of the classroom so everybody else can get something done” then yeah, expulsion will work. I would just let her sit there until the end of the day or whenever she leaves (will have to go recharge the phone eventually), and then not let her back in.

        Mandatory schooling should end around age 12. After that age, kids know how they are supposed to behave and those who consistently don’t should just get out of the way and go do something else. I hear their little hands are good at picking fruit. Or maybe they can serve an apprenticeship in something they actually want to do. Either way, the ones who want to learn something will then be able to do so.

        1. After that age, kids know how they are supposed to behave and those who consistently don’t should just get out of the way and go do something else.

          I agree with the sentiment; good luck with the implementation. That’s what I mean by what would work? This idea will not work in the current climate and I don’t see the educrat landscape changing much. Between the knucklehead factor and zero tolerance, the losers are the kids who actually want to learn something so they can move on to higher ed, to learn a trade, or to do something else productive.

          I hear their little hands are good at picking fruit. Or maybe they can serve an apprenticeship in something they actually want to do.

          and the old German system (not sure if it has changed) would do this, reckoning that not everyone is cut out for academia. We’re not Germany. How long before this girl is a ward of the state?

          It’s a sucky situation. Not enough money in the world to get me into schools.

        2. Mandatory schooling should end around age 12. .

  11. Hew and cleave, man… to cut apart and to stick together? Who thinks of these things?

    *hits bong again*

  12. She got off easy. The cop was standing by the side of the desk and was not in any danger so he could have shot her in the back and not been prosecuted.

    1. It is a wonder the folks holding the cameras weren’t shot for “interfering” or some such jive.

  13. Serious question, does Barbara Eden head up the Spring Valley PTA?

    1. I thought she was Harper Valley.

    2. Ah, the adolescent memories of Jeanie.

  14. “to knock a defiant female student out of her desk, ”

    He flipped the desk over with her still in it. That’s what makes it so exceptionally dangerous. It’s a probable head or neck injury.

    1. You can say that again… I mean, the chances that the cop might have pulled something while bending over are astronomical. He should sue.

  15. i remember the first time i ever heard other people, and they weren’t criminals, talk about how you better not mouth off to police. you had to know, they said, what would happen. this was 25 years ago maybe, and i still remember how they said it, and i’ve heard it repeated numerous times. it wasn’t with a tone that suggested respect for authority, it was a tone that someone has when they’re afraid, but accept that fear as just being apart of the world we live in…sort of casual and matter of fact, like if you were warning a friend to mind himself around a bully. it’s a vivid memory i have for some reason, and it scares the hell out of me that we keep raising children with the same mindset, as if it’s really ok.

    1. Same here. My father, who wasn’t the most fatherly of gents but when he was would say, ‘never try and fuck the government because they will always get you in the end and always be polite to a cop because you never know if you land on an asshole.’ And this was repeated over the years from my elders.

      Always stayed with me forever and ever.

      1. This is why both of you guys are still around.

        Regardless of whether one’s feelings or emotions at the time of apprehension, Citizens are expected to remain composed, calm, and let the police officers do their job.

        The time to fight your case and to bring up grievances is later in court.

        It’s just not worth it.

  16. You want to lose faith in humanity (in the unlikely event you had some left)? Read the comments to the Richland County Sheriffs Department’s Derpbook post on the subject.
    They make Tulpa look like a cop-hater.

    1. I dunno, it’s not that bad actually. People be callin’ the Sheriff out.

  17. It’s her fault for not being a cop.

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  19. Wanna see the lamest costume ever?

    1. Better than the Duracell costume. Hey, it’s a tube around my body… I’m a battery… get it?

      1. Get it…lame?

    2. Is that the Half-Life guy after his adventure is over?

  20. Speaking of police stuff I just finished season 1 of Fargo and while it was well acted and directed the overall story sucked.

    They substituted body count for drama and weakened what they were trying to do which was capture the incongruity of showing evil in a place known for it’s you betcha pleasantness.

    They probably could have told much the same story in 6 to 8 episodes with about 1/4th of the killings they showed or described.

    1. If it bleeds it… fills script pages!

    2. I hears ya Warren. I still gave it a B to B+.

    3. Season two has been better so far, but I am admittedly a fanboi of the show.

  21. Now I’m just trolling

    1. We hatin’.

  22. A rather Tasteless Joke about Amadou Diallo who was killed in NYC.

    Amadou Diallo

    Knock Knock !!!
    Who’s there ?
    Amadou who ?
    Amadou exactly what the police tell me to do next time.

    1. You finally got around to fixing the handle, huh, sockpuppet. Top-notch work, there.

  23. OK, nerds, have your inhalers handy, because this is going to be intense.

      1. What’s that? You want to see Sexy Captain Kirk? Very well

        1. That was none of those words.

          1. As a well-known fan of women who are prone to making bad decisions, I wholeheartedly disagree.

            1. I agree with your disagreement. I can definitely a situation where I’m being interrogated by the police after a fun night with her.

              You know, wednesday.

  24. At my high school we had two plainclothes guys but they didn’t patrol the school as such they would deploy themselves where ever the stoners and white trash would hang out on breaks or lunch. We didn’t have gangs, just a gaggle mildly unruly teenagers.

    So two guys at $X to watch over about 25-40 misfits.

    1. Yeah, I saw that lame series too.

    2. The cop.thing started when I was in high school. Old Floyd. We called him Pink Floyd. The only inconvenience was having to hide below the dash when he cruised by and you were out toking some weed and hitting the Jack. I got along fine with him. Pretty harmless really. Teachers of course took care of their own wet work back then.

      1. Thank god I graduated high school before there were cops in high school.

        1. He was in the parking lot all day. Car stereos were safer anyways.

          1. It was not necessary for him to be there at all of course

  25. “The Spring Valley High School Assault Is Exhibit A for Why We Need the private production of police Fewer Cops in and private Schools where both would be subjected to consequences by and choices of free individuals in a free market.

  26. “Third floor: Gardening supplies, and creepy elevator girls.”

    1. Wait, the girls weren’t on the elevator, sorry.

  27. By Jove, Watson, this eludes even my skill…” (insert your own punch line here)

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  29. Actual caption: “The flapper outfit is one of the sexiest, most fun costumes around. The dress, with its layers and fringe, is very flattering on a plus-size frame because of the way the tiered fabric moves and shimmies.”

    1. “What killed the dinosaurs?

      The ice age!”

  30. This is a nice Devo costume, but I can’t for the life of me think of a dirty joke to go with it.

  31. I can’t bring myself to read the whole thing at the moment…

    …but the headline already starts the nausea

    NYT on the Cop-Dragging-Girl incident

    “”COLUMBIA, S.C. ? Viral videos of a white sheriff’s deputy upending and dragging an uncooperative black girl in a high school classroom have played into a contentious national issue with particular resonance here ? the intersection of race and school discipline and whether black students are disproportionately punished.””

    See, its not about @#()*@($ cops utilizing maximal force in completely inappropriate situations, or schools which treat students like prisoners….

    …. no, its some shit about “Race” and how bad things only apparently happen to black people because injustice or somethig.

    Also…. when i saw the video via Robby’s link yesterday = I never even took note of the race of the Girl at all. And I don’t even see how it was relevant (at least in the 30 second clip i saw).

    1. I see this is already the subject of the post here.

      (looks around for box to hide in)

      1. I tried to turn it into a post about the Harper Valley PTA, but the commentariat was having none of it.

        1. Could try and revive it


    2. I never even took note of the race of the Girl at all

      That makes you super-racist.

      1. Yeah, I couldn’t tell from the video. I just assumed she was black.

    3. Forget it, it’s New York Times-town.

  32. Michelle Obama simply loves this costume.

    1. Best Halloween costume ever (although dated) was a woman dressed as a white Ford Bronco, and when she turned around, there was a cardboard cutout of OJ looking out the back.

    2. I bet he tells the girls to reach through the bottom door and feel around for free candy.

  33. The Daily Mail does a “we can’t admit we think these costumes is funny so we’ll pretend we’re doing an expos?” article.

    1. oops, “*are* funny.”

    2. Not to be a dick or anything but you really suck at Halloween costume links.

      1. Your reverse psychology won’t work on me, I won’t post any further links tonight!

        1. Damn! You’re so fucking smart. Can’t get anything by you.

  34. A guy named David French at national review on line has decided tha the officer did nothing wrong:


    Here is one of the choicer comments

    Lucien Midnight ? 10 minutes ago
    It looked like she tried to throw the desk at the deputy while she was still in it, backflipping out of it and ejecting the desk at the deputy. Was the deputy checked at the scene for injuries? Were his shoes scuffed? The deputy is a victim and due his day in civil court. Right now, we need to mobilize! Get to that school and hold a mass protest, sit-in, occupy, and detonate a total Twitter bomb on yet another senseless student attacking innocent civilian employees! We will occupy until dumb, disobedient students stop abusing cops, and their deputies!

    Ladies and genrlemen: A girl who can throw a chair while sitting in it! Could Bruce Lee have done that?

    1. That sounds like sarcasm to me. I think he was trolling French.

      1. He could have been trolling, but he was not far outside the boundaries of the rest of the commentors, when I looked anyway.

    2. Oh and yes Bruce Lee could do that cause he was superman:)

      1. Ugh. “Superman” is just problematic kryptonite. Please = Extra-Abled Physics-Privileged Cape-Wearing Personage

  35. If you, or I, or the next door neighbor were caught on tape doing this to a child we’d already have been adjudged guilty and hanged by the press and public. There would be no bullshit about totality of circs or FBI investigations. Assault is pretty clearly defined by the law and this is as clear an example as you can expect to see and I’m sure that the punishment will befit the crime committed. Yeah. Right.

  36. This cop was acting in a juvenile manner, as was the young women refusing the exit the class. Here are some better alternatives: (1) Slide the chair, with the girl seated in it, into the hallway and close the door behind, (2) Get another grown person to assist with gently carrying the young woman out of the class, (3) shoot the ute with a tranquilizer, cover her with a blanket to keep her warm, and call the ambulance to take her away and care for her, and finally (my favorite) (4) take the rest of the class down to the cafeteria to complete the hour while locking the girl in the classroom for evening.

    I’m open to other creative suggestions. Love to hear from my fellow libertarians.

    1. Mozambique Drill

      1. Have the class conduct a sing-along of “Come on Eileen” until she runs screaming from the room.

    2. Having two officers carry her out would have been the way to go. that said I’ve heard no other method of dealing with this brat. Note everyone calls him officer slam, for those who don’t know if you are the only person dealing with brats the safest and fastest way to quell a situation is to put them on the ground as fast as possible with a slam. I think what the cop did was fine for this situation.

  37. Ben Fields committed an act of terrorism on a classroom full of teenagers who were threatened with arrest if they dared comment in any way on the atrocity taking place before them. The girl never posed any threat to the officer, she just would not leave her seat. It boggles the mind that the two adults present did nothing to intervene in the act of violence they we witnessing. I find particularly revolting the methodical, deliberate and systematic way the officer cleared the area around her seat so that his grotesque maneuvers could unfold. I worry for the girl’s physical and mental well being as well as the residual effects this event will certainly have on everyone in the room that day.

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