Police Abuse

"You Are Subject to Police Orders. You Must Comply."

A low-key look at everyday policing in these here United States.


Interesting video of an arrest of a young man named Pierre apparently in South Central Los Angeles, posted by the Free Thought Project.

It isn't the most colorful or most egregious video of police and citizens interacting, nothing apt to make national news.

It's just an interesting everyday look at policing in America. It begins with six police officers in someone's yard, trying to get a young man who apparently biked away from police when he saw them and went into his own home.

It is not clear from this video, nor does the officer state, exactly what the nature of the interaction between the police and the young man was nor why they need to get their hands on him.

The Free Thought Project says it was for a helmet law violation, though that isn't 100 percent clear from the video. The officers don't seem inclined to state exactly what law was violated that led them to lay siege to the home.

One officer is making sure that the people in the house know that "anyone on parole or probation" is also subject to arrest for interfering with their getting their hands on the young man.

Some bits of dialog: 

"If you interfere you are subject to arrest" and then to the young man, "you are going to get a ticket whether we come in there and forcibly remove you….Either way you are getting ticketed."

What for, the officer is asked?

"Whatever the vehicle code violation was," the officer blithely explains.

"I'm not gonna sit here and explain myself to a juvenile," he goes on. "Either step outside on your own accord or we'll remove you…if we have to remove you then other charges will be [unclear]…You are subject to police orders. You must comply…be a big boy and get your ticket…"

When the "boy" exits his front door, he is frisked, handcuffed, and taken away to the police car in the street. The video does not clearly show him being taken away in the car, nor does it show him merely being issued a ticket.

Much later in the video, a voice that might be a police officer is heard saying "he was on probation" which if true might explain why he wasn't in a hurry to let the police nab him outside his home. And doesn't at all give a good reason for any of this to have happened this way.

Again, nothing that colorful or newsmaking or stunning. Just six armed adults laying siege to a home and lying to the people inside in the service of squeezing revenue out of not-well-off people for a bicycle-riding "violation of the vehicle code" with no harm done to anyone else's life or property.

The video:

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  1. On probation and without a helmet on? Good work, gents! Huzzah!

    1. I feel safer already.

    2. On probation for failure to pay a fine for not wearing a helmut?

  2. And nothing else happened. Nothing ever does.

    It’ll be at least a generation or two before any American asks why the German citizens just sat and watched it all go down.

  3. Nothing to cut. We’re one laid off hero away from total anarchy. Typical of what I’ve seen on cop show. Female cop spots a guy wanted for child support, within minutes there is 10 cops there. Really?

  4. When police officers face no consequences for initiating force in response to someone failing to comply with an unlawful order, then their every word, no matter how absurd, is a de facto lawful order. That’s not rule of law. That’s rule of man. And the men who rule us like it that way.

    1. That’s not rule of law. That’s rule of man.

      Rule of law is a farce. Any “rule of law” enforced by man is de facto rule of man.


      1. That’s not cynicism, that’s idealism, comparing everything that happens in the real world to an ideal standard, and finding them all equally lacking in perfection.

        In the real world, there is more or less Rule of Law.

        1. No, in the real world there is corruption and scape goats. You get corruption when authority exceeds accountability, and, because everything balances, those poor suckers with accountability exceeding authority become the scapegoats.

          Victim prosecution solves a zillion problems. One of the primary reasons for the imbalance in accountability and authority is that police and prosecutors are 3rd parties with immunity from accountability. Crime victims have no authority, the government has too much, and anyone with half a brain could predict the result.

  5. I’m gonna say this would not happen in an affluent area. If a bunch of cops showed up on my front lawn because my kid was riding his bike without a helmet (which he does frequently), I’d lawyer up in the time it took me to speed dial my iphone.

    1. I also wonder how the hell we got to the point that riding a freaking bicycle w/o a helmet is a crime.

      1. Here in Maine it’s a crime for someone under fifteen to ride a bike without a helmet. It’s one of those laws that are only enforced when the bullies with badges find a target that can’t fight back in court.

        1. How would anybody fight back in court?

          1. Easy. You hire a lawyer who is friends with the DA, and the case gets dismissed. Happens all the time. Cop gets no doughnut, and learns to pick on smaller fish.

            1. Of course it will cost you a few grand, and that’s why cops prefer to go after poor people.

              1. I’m thinking those connections are going to cost more than a few grand, but dropping G’s on a ticket that probably won’t even result in a fine would be tre stupid.

                1. but dropping G’s on a ticket that probably won’t even result in a fine would be tre stupid.

                  Not at all. Convictions never go away. It’s not the fine that you spend a few grand to get out of, it’s the criminal record.

                  1. Convictions for juveniles do, and I seriously doubt a ticket for not having a helmet is going to impact his future prospects.

            2. “You hire a lawyer who is friends with the DA, and the case gets dismissed. Happens all the time.’

              Finger. touches. nose.

            3. For a helmet violation, maybe. It’s a lot tougher nowadays on other crimes. It used to be different but prosecution offices function less like the good ol’ boys network than they do like the DMV. There’s not a whole lot a good friend of a DA can get done because of all the background bureaucracy.

        2. In New Hampshire, everyone 16 and under has to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

          Many states and municipalities have laws about wearing helmets while riding a bicycle. Here is a list.

          1. Blech. I misread the list. It’s under 16, not 16 and under.

            1. that doesn’t make it better. What’s ironic is that those behind these laws managed to survive riding bikes without helmets. And then, they act surprised over ridiculous their kids are by the time they reach college.

              1. What’s ironic is that those behind these laws managed to survive riding bikes without helmets.

                True, but they have their control boner they need to take care of, and this is an easy way to do it.

              2. What’s ironic is that those behind these laws managed to survive riding bikes without helmets.

                Uh, yeah, because the ones who didn’t survive never had a chance to make laws.

                1. Oh, Tulpa, you’re such a transparently whiny cunt.

                  1. Don’t you remember the terrible Bicycle Holocaust of the ’50s and ’60s, when the streets of America ran red with the smashed noggins of our precious youth?

        3. “…a target that can’t fight back in court.”


          I used to watch court for the hell of it. I would just go sit in the court and watch the proceedings. Without exception the defendants were people who had either no lawyer or a court appointed one. They had no clue how the law works, had done egregiously stupid shit to get there and continued doing it after they were in court.

          The DWI’s were always handled in bulk. First, the judge would ask who had hired a lawyer. Everyone who raised their hand was dismissed. The court appointed lawyer advised everyone else to plead guilty. They always did. It is a joke.

          Unless you have killed someone important all you have to do is look like you are going to put up a fight and they will drop you like a hot rock.

          *More than once I was noticed by the judge. I wasn’t on the docket and didn’t appear to be with anyone else. Pretty soon one of the officers of the court would come sit by me, make small talk and try to figure out who I was and why I was there. Apparently I made them very nervous.

          1. First, the judge would ask who had hired a lawyer. Everyone who raised their hand was dismissed.

            Someone got paid. That’s all that matters.

            1. DWI = massive fines, lots of mandatory makework for the court system and their parasites (counselors, etc).

              I have a hard time believing the judge gave that up willy nilly when it’s not a difficult crime to get a conviction on. But, it’s possible.

              1. It’s also possible Suthen had his hobby a few decades ago. I don’t think the DUI racket has always been this lucrative for the state.

                1. So he’s complaining about a situation that has since been remedied, without mentioning that fact?

                  Whatever. You people are going to lap up what he says b/c it’s what you want to hear.

                  1. As opposed to abstaining from what you say because it’s not?

                    Did you want to flesh out that thought or just leave it hanging there, all obvious as shit?

              2. I have a hard time believing the judge gave that up willy nilly when it’s not a difficult crime to get a conviction on. But, it’s possible.

                Depends on the volume of defendants. The judges are compensated on a revenue-per-minute basis. A lawyer can only reduce the judges rate. Besides, whether it’s the court or the lawyer, someone in the justice system is getting paid and that is the point the corrupt American justice system is trying to get across. The cheap fucks that won’t pay a real lawyer will have to pay the other parts of the system.

          2. The DWI’s were always handled in bulk. First, the judge would ask who had hired a lawyer. Everyone who raised their hand was dismissed.

            Doesn’t line up with my experience in the slightest. Every time I saw a DWI person in court with a lawyer they were pleading guilty; the lawyer was there to try to get a light sentence. Maybe you just live in a corrupt jurisdiction.

            1. I have seen this exact scenario a couple of times. It does appear to vary not only by jurisdiction, but also by individual prosecutor.

              The two courts I was in where I saw this type of activity were in major suburbs of big cities (Charlotte and Atlanta). The courts had a DA handling things directly. Everyone who had a lawyer got to go first. So lawyer number one walks up and has a big pile of tickets. He sets down about 35 of them and says “All of these are under 20 mph over the speed limit, etc…” The DA gives them all a blanket “faulty equipment” fine and they go away. Number one plops down another pile and they get reduced to something more serious.

              This continues for a minute or two. Then they handle the serious offenses. The DUI’s get looked at one by one. Most get referred for alcohol treatment and get the charges dropped. I even saw one guy with his 5th DUI that hit a family in a van get off. He promised to pay restitution and go into treatment and the charges were dropped.

              The handful of attorneys who handled all of the traffic cases were done in an hour or two. Most of their cases were dismissed without even looking at the particulars.

              Then came those without representation. There were only a couple of DUI cases that didn’t have lawyers in the time I was there, but they got the sentence as advertized on TV. Mandatory 30 days in jail and license revoked for one year. None of them were smart enough to request a lawyer, so off they went.

              1. The only other jurisdiction I have been to court in was Atlanta. They have traffic court judges with no DA. All the serious offenses get kicked up to a different court, so no DUI cases. So any deals made between the DA and the traffic attorneys to clear a couple hundred cases from the docket must happen before it gets to court.

                The judge I saw was more like a hybrid DA/Judge. She seemed to be representing the state as much as doling out justice. But she seemed reasonably fair. In my case she offered to drop the speeding charge if I went to traffic school. I wasn’t speeding – but it seemed like the best I would be able to do, without a dashcam video (which didn’t exist at the time).

                The motorcycle cop just made a mistake and pulled me over instead of the pickup that passed us in a busy residential neighborhood – he wasn’t paying attention when the radar beeped. That wasn’t really the bad part. The bad part was claiming under oath that “the weather was clear, traffic was light and I had clear vision of the vehicle at all times.” Actually, it was starting to rain, traffic was rush-hour heavy and he was turned around doing something on his clipboard as we approached, only turning around just as we passed him. The pickup truck passed me because I was doing the limit and left a gap in the bumper to bumper traffic.

                After watching 5 or 6 other people he had pulled over complain that he wasn’t truthful and fail, I didn’t even bring it up.

          3. Fascinating. You continue to be one of the best posters here.

            1. Because he tells you what you want to hear with no evidence backing it up?

        4. The point of ever more law isn’t to prevent crime, it’s to create criminals.

          1. This is exactly right.

            Any sentient being (which of course excludes Tulpa) sitting in a court for two hours and watching the sheer volume of petty offenses being sent through the court system – meaning at least three dozen government employees per offense – cannot come away with any conclusion other than 90% of government is pure waste.

            Every law and regulation passed just creates more waste. If government was cut by 90%, crime would drop and environmentalists would notice cleaner air and cleaner water.

      2. Everything is a crime. They didn’t go after him because of the helmet. The helmet was excuse to go after him to check for warrants or drugs which they probably suspected when he took off. That’s why cops love these ticky tack laws because they always can find a reason to fuck with you. If you fit their profile of someone who they think might have something on them they can find any reason they want to pursue that. IT’S BULLSHIT! That’s a big part of the problem and why black people who live in high crime areas who fall victim to these fishing expeditions consistently feel persecuted.

        1. “Whatever the vehicle code violation was”.

          “I’m not gonna sit here and explain myself to a juvenile,”


          1. At the beginning of the video that officer says he wasn’t there when the violation occurred — so he may not know exactly what the violation was. Presumably he was called in (along with the other 5) when the original officer saw the kid flee into his home. The video starts long after the original incident.

          2. Unnecessary translation – “FYTW”

      3. Or walk to school.

        Or play in your own backyard unsupervised.

        Or sell someone a loose cigarette.

        Or jaywalk.

        Or be homeless.

        It’s amazing how many crimes there are these days.

        1. America is a rich country because it is a crime to be poor.

        2. You sound like you know a lot about those things….

          Say, what are you guilty of?

        3. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you are in a coma.

    2. I’d lawyer up in the time it took me to speed dial my iphone.

      This is good advice no matter your police interaction. Police prey on the poor because the poor don’t reflexively call lawyers when they’re confronted by cops.

      1. Because lawyers are free.

        1. No, but they’re quite worth it when compared to getting shot in the street like a dog or thrown in jail for not wearing a helmet.

          1. There’s no evidence he went to jail or even was removed from the area of his home. Considering the cameraperson’s expressed opinions, it seems likely that if they took him away in the police car that would have been on the video.

            1. Oh Tulpy-Poo, sucking cop dick…again? You just can’t get enough.

        2. Because lawyers are free.

          Gideon v. Wainwright?

    3. They’d be more likely to send in CPS.


    4. You’d lawyer up over a ticket that probably won’t even result in a fine?

      If your argument is that if you outrun the cops to your house you can’t be ticketed, speed dialing a competent lawyer should put that belief to rest pretty quickly.

      1. Well, Tulpa, as I said above, CPS might well come after her. Surely it would be wise to lawyer up for that.

      2. I’m sorry; when did pedaling away from cops become a crime in itself?

        1. Fleeing the law is an offense regardless of the perp’s choice of conveyance.

          1. respect for the law rests on two things: 1) it has to make rational sense. Giving a 16 year old a ticket for bicycling without a helmet does not meet that standard; it is so transparently arbitrary that it requires being ignored. 2) It requires some moral authority in order to be followed. When cops act like baboons with guns, they lose any regard they might have from those whom they protect and serve.

            1. The law doesn’t depend on being respected — that’s why it’s called the law.

              If you disagree, explain why I should care when congresspersons and presidents break laws they don’t respect.

              1. Jim Crow used to be the law. SSM used to be against the law. Women not being allowed to vote was the law. And nice job of missing the point. When people like congressmen and cops break far more serious laws – AND NOTHING HAPPENS – they lose their moral authority and the law as a whole is cheapened.

                1. Tulpa and Tony, hand in hand, marching Jews to the oven, because it’s the law.

                  Moral idiocy bred deep in the bone, folks.

          2. Christ, what an asshole. May you get shot by cops over something sexually embarrassing.

            1. It’s Tulpa, dude. Asshole is just the tip of the iceberg.

              1. It’s the tip of the something, that’s for sure.

                1. Just the tip?

                  1. Let’s play with it.

                    1. That’s just what your mom said!

                    2. You’re such a whore.

                    3. You’re on to me!

        2. Apparently you are not aware of the “pedaling while black” statute. It is most commonly to profile adult men riding kid’s bikes (a profile technique I approve of).

          1. Adult man riding kids bike screams stolen bike.

            1. But what are you opinions on yaoi? I’m agog, truly.

      3. Hey Tulpa, how much have you spent on reconstructive surgery? You seem like you must get punched in the face a lot.

      4. You can use online services that ask legal advice. I had a simple question and it was answered correctly.

    5. Yes – my lawyer would have been there before the end of the video. I would have offered him a substantial sum to make the cops’ lives hell for treading on my lawn.

    1. Your not gone to slaughter that animal here?

      It’s OK, I have a permit.

      This is just a piece of paper that says “I can do whatever I want”


    2. It all started to go south for Rand Paul when he turned down a chance to cameo on Parks and Rec. I know correlation doesn’t equal causation, but I also know that if he fails to become president it can be directly attributed to not hanging out around Ron Swanson more often.

      1. This is going up in my office.

    3. You know what makes Jack Donaghy so funny? He’s a parody, not of successful conservative businessmen, but of what lefty writers think of successful conservative businessmen. He’s meant to lampoon the totally one-sided nature of lefty entertainment. And he’s often proven right by Liz Lemon’s antics, because the show revolves around her flawed character much of which involves her numerous left-leaning sensitivities.

      I don’t find Ron Swanson amusing in the same way. Swanson seems to be what the show’s authors really think of libertarians. He’s the caricature, not the outrageous and obvious parody of their caricature.

      1. Stan from American Dad is another one. He’s a likable buffoon like so many TV dads, but his conservatism is a pastiche of Nixonian political cynicism and optimistic Reaganism and post-Bush II defensiveness. It should set him up as the show’s antagonist. He incarnates everything lefties say they hate, but it’s done so flagrantly and heavy-handed that he’s always the show’s protagonist, not its villain. He’s a parody of a caricature. And later seasons have gotten away from the low-hanging dems-vs-GOP fruit entirely, and humanized him as a character. But Swanson just feels like a one-dimensional take on libertarians.

        1. The episode that was presented as a stage play with a real live Patrick Stewart (season 9 episode 10, Blood Cryeth Unto Heaven) is one of the best things ever to appear of the idiot box.

        2. Stan is sort of a modern Archie Bunker: on one hand a parody of conservatism, but even his creators seem to acknowledge that he’s often more correct than his opponents. Let’s face it: Archie’s predictions have often held up better than Meathead’s.

  6. Yet another reason (DRINK!) to dread a Clinton or Biden Presidency

  7. So if a cop catches me speeding near my house, and I flee the officer and make it into my house before he gets there, that means I shouldn’t get a ticket? Is that Reason’s position here?

    Everything the police do in the video is professional behavior, especially in the face of the bigmouth cameraman trying to instigate them saying “fuck the police!” over and over. Not sure what Doherty considers to be a lie that the cops told.

    When the “boy” exits his front door

    The “boy” is 16 years old, a minor juvenile, according to the person in the video — not sure what Doherty’s problem with that term is. Nice attempt to bring race into the mix.

    1. No your right, they should burn down your house over a $50 speeding ticket..

      1. I guarantee that if I — white, relatively wealthy male — fled a cop trying to pull me over for speeding and fled into my home… it’s going to go a lot worse than it did for the kid in this video. Doesn’t matter what lawyers I have.

    2. How cute. Tulpa’s mom is letting him use the computer again.

    3. What’s wrong with it…

      1) You don’t need to surround a house with six cops to hand out a ticket for not wearing a helmet. It’s nothing but raw intimidation and overreaction to the most minor of offenses.
      2) You don’t need to hand out a ticket for not wearing a helmet. A warning would more than suffice.
      3) The lie was in implying that if he just came out all he would get was a ticket, then cuffing him like he was a dangerous criminal. A 16 year old not wearing a helmet while riding a bike has got to be the most mis of misdemeanors.

      On top of that it’s a BS law.

      1. You don’t need to surround a house with six cops to hand out a ticket for not wearing a helmet.

        How do you suggest they hand out the ticket then? Considering the violator is hiding in a house full of hostile individuals.

        The handcuffs were probably intended less as a safety measure than as a punishment for contempt of cop, but he certainly earned it by being an idiot and running away. I like how Doherty thinks that being on probation is an excuse for fleeing the law.

        1. How do you suggest they hand out the ticket then? Considering the violator is hiding in a house full of hostile individuals.

          Stick it in the fucking mailbox (oh wait, that’s a crime in and of itself). Drive back to the precinct and mail it to them. That’s how they do it for red light cams.

          1. How are they going to do that without ID’ing the perp. Last I knew bikes don’t have license plates. Good to see the RLC’s getting credit for being a superior system though.

            1. ‘the perp’? Are you serious? He rode a bike without a helmet. No one was harmed, threatened, or otherwise violated in any way whatsoever.

              1. Do you ever get the feeling that when Tulpa was reading “Diary of Anne Frank”, and they got to the part where the cops found the secret door that he breathed a big sigh of relief that the Frank family would no longer get away with breaking the law?

                1. tarran, he was probably screaming “turn her in you lawless fucks!!!” at the book the whole time. Tulpa’s a true moral paragon.

                2. He probably fist pumped under the school desk and quietly muttered, ‘Yes!’

                3. The gestapo was out of their jurisdiction in Belgium. The Franks were not violating any Belgian laws. Borders matter, regardless of Reason’s feelings about them.

                  1. FIRE THAT JEW

                  2. Look at his little tap dance. Look at him go, everybody.

                    How old do you think Tulpa was the first time he molested a pet?

                    1. Sex molested, or torture molested? Though with Tulpa, I imagine those are the same thing.

                      Probably at about age 5.

                  3. Holy shit, you missed the point so bad. So what if the Franks had been within Germany?

                    1. Holy shit, you missed the point so bad.

                      He missed nothing. He’d march that little Jew bitch right into the oven and later use her carbonized femur as a buttplug.

                  4. “The gestapo was out of their jurisdiction in Belgium”


                    1. Lawfleers!!!!

                      “Get those fucking lawfleers!!” blam BLAM blam.

                  5. Why would Belgian law matter in a situation that occurred in another bloody country? I know you’re dim Tulpa but The Netherlands and Belgium are two discrete nation states. Also, to be pedantic, the Geheime Staatspolizei (secret police or Gestapo) certainly did have jurisdiction in all German occupied territory but it was another branch of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Reich Main Security Office or RHSA), the Sicherheitsdienst (the uniformed security service or SD) who carried out the raid and arrest of the Franks and company. Also, FUCK OFF SLAVER!!

                    1. Invading another country doesn’t give you lawful jurisdiction.

            2. How are they going to do that without ID’ing the perp.

              Maybe by doing some old fashioned police work. You know, like calling the local school and asking them which 16 year old lives at that address.

              Maybe, also, they could just go on with their business. Perhaps a helmet infraction isn’t worth 6 cops? It’s like the high-speed chase rules, there’s a certain point where the risk of bad outcomes outweigh the “social good” that comes from writing tickets for not wearing one’s helmet.

              Good to see the RLC’s getting credit for being a superior system though.

              Yes, mailing tickets is preferable to having a standoff in the front yard. No, your response is still utterly moronic.

              1. Down below he expresses confusion as to why libertarians would have an issue with the government setting up structures on someone’s private property without consulting them.

                Tulpa is not smart.

                1. I think Tulpa secretly fears everyone else is as utterly immoral as he is. h/e is smart enough to know he wouldn’t last a second in such a society. Thus he wants everyone punished. Because fear of punishment is all that keeps him in line.

                  1. There are definitely people on this thread who are being driven by perverse needs and fears and not by logic or rational argument.

                2. It wasn’t about not wanting it on her property, she just didn’t think it was a well-selected location because of road safety and suggested a different one.

            3. Oh, look! A big, sloppy turd on the sidewalk! I’ve just got to run over and kick it!


              (My reaction to every Tulpy-fest ever)

        2. Tulpa, fuck you.

          They wouldn’t even say what the ‘violation’ was. The cop explicitly said ‘we need to write you a ticket for whatever the vehicle code violation is’ and then when asked what the violation was, he said ‘oh, that doesn’t matter.’

          Sorry, I was under the impression a cop should actually tell you what you did wrong before threatening your entire family with arrest for not turning you over due to the fact that you supposedly committed a ‘crime’ which they won’t even identify.

          “The handcuffs were probably intended less as a safety measure than as a punishment for contempt of cop, but he certainly earned it by being an idiot and running away.”

          So you admit they handcuffed him illegitimately as an extra-judicial means of harassment and abuse. Thanks for saying you’re okay with this, prick, but in the United States of America the cops can’t fucking handcuff you as a ‘punishment.’ Handcuffs are for restraining a suspect, not for punishing someone who committed a minor traffic violation.

          1. Oh, and what’s your opinion about the dipshit cops ordering everyone out of the house when they already had the guy who broke the law, and then threatening them with prison if they closed the door?

            What right do they have to order people out of the house over a helmet violation after they already have the person they were after? The cops escalated the situation with their own thug tactics, knowing full well people like you would defend them.

            1. You do realize that Tulpy-Poo masturbates furiously to the idea of being able to do this to people himself, right? Scratch a cop-sucker, and you find they all just wish they had the goon power themselves.

            2. Minutes and seconds where they order everyone out of the house? I don’t see that anywhere in the video. They order the people in the house not to interfere.

          2. It’s enough of a gray area that they can get away with it, considering he already tried to flee. If I were a cop I wouldn’t do it but it’s something you pretty much expect.

            You’re so sticklerish on the cops pushing the envelope of what’s legal, what about the kid who broke the law by running away from cops?

            1. Here we go with the ‘just comply’ crap.

              Kids are kids. If they run away it’s not a reason to, you know, blam, blam, BLAM!

            2. Tulpa, it’s too bad your mother didn’t strangle you with the umbilical cord. But you know that.

              1. I think she may have tried to, and failed, frying the parts of his brain responsible for higher-level thought.

        3. Hostile individuals…hmm I can’t imagine why they would be hostile after being threatened with arrest for refusing to exit their home and submit to authority.

          1. They weren’t told to exit. They were told not to interfere.

            1. Fair point. Still, the cops escalated the situation. They create a condition that breeds hostility when they are supposed to be the professional ones.

              1. How the flip did they “escalate the situation”? By not turning tail and letting a lawfleeer get away with it?

                1. A lawfleer? Get away with what?

                  A teen on a bike ran away from a cop. The appropriate response is to calmly knock on the kid’s door and have a 5 minute conversation and then leave. The cop made himself an enemy by being a dick. Dick’s be dickish.

        4. “than as a punishment for contempt of cop”

          Gang members always punish people for disrespect.

      2. A 16 year old not wearing a helmet while riding a bike has got to be the most mis of misdemeanors.

        Isn’t a civil infraction, not even a misdemeanor?

      3. y’all never lived in the ghetto… nigga was up to SOMETHIN’!

    4. it’s a 16 year old riding a bicycle. You need a half dozen cops because he didn’t wear a helmet? Really?

      1. You need a half dozen cops in case the house full of hostile dudes decides to intervene. You know what Farrakhan said on this topic.

        1. bullshit. The hostile reaction was solely due to a half-dozen cops showing up to enforce a nonsensical law, complete with cuffing a juvenile. Over a helmet. That’s why black folks see cops as a hazard.

          1. “That’s why black folks see cops as a hazard.”

            That’s why cops are a hazard and black people are more likely to notice because they’re the ones getting disproportionately harassed.

            1. The cops are the biggest and most lethal gang to everyone.

          2. The house full of hostile dudes happened long before the cuffing. The cameradude in particular seemed to have a preexisting antipathy, likely nurtured by anti-cop fomenting by left wing statists eager to nationalize policing. I’m sure when the progs cash in on that you guys will disavow any responsibility, just like you did with the other fashionable issues that wound up turning in an anti liberty direction.

            1. I can’t imagine what led to his pre-existing antipathy. What could it possibly have been? And just how was liberty served by a squad of cops corralling a helmetless bike rider?

          3. That ticket was going to cost that family money. $50 bucks isn’t worth the fuss for most people, but if you’re poor it’s just another straw on the camels back.

            Why couldn’t the cop just stop by the house, calmly knock on the door, and remind to kid to get a helmet without writing a ticket? That would be the human thing to do, but the city needs its money and squeezing poor people is one way to get it. Another way is to over tax homeowners via property taxes – but that’s another issue.

            1. and as an aside, this is a Dem-run city, controlled by the same party that pretends to love the little guy and the black man and so forth.

            2. “Why couldn’t the cop just stop by the house, calmly knock on the door, and remind to kid to get a helmet without writing a ticket? That would be the human thing to do,”

              That’s the way to answer your own question.

            3. For all we know the cop would have let the kid off with a warning if he hadn’t fled.

          4. trust me, they see EACH OTHER as a hazard far more than the po-po

    5. They are doing this in a city where 46% of murders go unsolved. It’s called prioritizing.

  8. 2 words = citation quotas.

    they have to get their 2 per shift. When they get towards the end, they get desperate, and they start trolling… and why not the ghetto? because those people don’t have lawyers for friends.

    1. What precisely do you think a lawyer would do with this case?

      1. Tulpa sock?

        1. Your probably right. Guess we should go ahead and start ignoring him.

          1. Or you could just lawyer up in case TPS comes after you for psychological abuse.

        2. I’m going with that ex-cop that. I forget his handle.

          1. Dunphy? Not enough moronic acronyms and claims of banging Morgan Fairchild.

            HTH, SMOOCHES

            1. Ah, that’s right. I remembered the use of police jargon but forgot the idiotic sign off.

              1. Dude, I was fucking Morgan Freeman on the beach when a couple rode by on bikes without helmets. I showed them why there’s a fucking law by smashing their heads into the cement and giving them a ticket!

                HTH, SMOOCHES 😉 😉

                1. Morgan Freeman


                2. Everyone, welcome the visitor from Stormfront.

          2. Dunphy

  9. If they did that shit it the ‘burbs there would be a new police chief or there would be a new mayor.

    1. Very true. And yet look at who does get elected in neighborhoods like this : Sheila Jackson Lees.

  10. Harsanyi writes rational article about Trump and immigration at the Federalist. Much hilarity in the comments.

    1. The comments are amazing… they freely admit that they like Trump for speaking to their resentments. They embrace that it’s totally emotional: they’re mad about immigrants, and someone is proposing ways to punish immigrants. Simple as that.

      1. Imagine….TRUMP V SANDERS

        as i typed this, there was a clap of thunder and the wail of a thousand dying geese

        perhaps these truly are the end times. (turns back to Ron Paul’s Infomercial)

        1. Would the anti-immigrant crowd break for Sanders or for Trump?

  11. So armed goons dragging him off to a rapecage is because he might have been doing something that endangered his safety?

    1. The video doesn’t show him being taken away in the car, and there’s no other evidence it happened either. From his running commentary on the video, pretty sure this cameraman would have creamed his pants to get him being taken to jail on camera.

      1. It is understandable that you keep trying to troll here with new handles. The problem is that your style is too recognizable so it doesn’t really give you any credibility.

        1. And yet the claim is that this person who can’t mask his/her style is also responsible for every troll on the site going back more than a decade.

          1. No, not *every one* of the trolls.

            Only the ones that were super-dicks.

          2. Not everyone on this site subscribes to the Grand Unified Troll Theory.

            Still: fuck off, Tulpa.

            1. GUTT or GTFO

    2. Do it for the children!

  12. Worried that the US government doesn’t fuck with people enough? National Review is on it.

    The simplest option for cracking down remittance payments may be taxation. The state of Oklahoma charges a one percent fee on all personal wire transfers of cash to accounts outside the state. The state treats the fee as withholding from state income tax, so any Oklahoma resident who files taxes eventually gets the money back. Those in the country illegally obviously don’t file state income taxes, so they never get the money back or have it credited against a state tax debt. The “wire transmitter fee” brought in $10.5 million in 2014, and $9.7 million the previous year. Wire-transfer companies in the state don’t like the tax because it increases fees.

  13. Somewhat OT: There was a lady in the news yesterday here in Montreal who was squatting in protest of Canada Post setting up community mail boxes (door to door delivery has been phased out) – without public consultations of course because, well, fuck you – on her property. When the cops arrived they asked why she wouldn’t comply with their authority. She stood her ground. Good for her.

    When the reporter asked one neighbor about it he said it was ‘silly’ and that she should just ‘comply’.

    That in a nutshell is how, to me anyway, full of shit people are. Like my wife blurted, ‘No kidding. He says that because it doesn’t affect him. No one ever understands the plight of another until it happens to them’.

    The asshole is so up the ass of government, he sides with it and against a fellow citizen.

    1. So you all complain about govt not cutting things 6 days a week, then when the govt does cut something you complain about that too.

      1. I’d complain too if the government decreased the quality of its services while simultaneously banning a private alternative. If the government is going to claim a monopoly on something they should at least try to do it well.

        1. That’s my take.

          Not only that. It actually posts (pun! yay!) profits:


          Alas, you can’t have precious mail in the hands of private companies, right?

      2. He’s not complaining about the government cuts, dipshit. Do you read much? He’s complaining about the neighbor’s conclusion that the lady doesn’t have the right to protest and should just give in.

        1. Bingo.

          Tulpa, whoever you are, you suck.

      3. I like Tony better.

        1. This one seems sort of simple-minded

          Maybe its Bo, but without the desperately-pretending-to-be-smart part.

        2. Tulpa has managed to become possibly the most despised commenter at this site. He’s beat out socks and griefers and retards and morons and insane people. That’s…quite an achievement. He should be…uh…proud?

          1. I hate Bo more than Tulpa.

            1. Bo is one of Tulpa’s socks, dude. He got caught. So you still despise Tulpa the most, don’t worry.

              1. When did he actually get caught? I remember the thread but didn’t think it was conclusive.

                1. It was on a weekend weeks or months ago. It was a similar outing like when he fucked up with Rollo; he forgot to change the handle and then talked out of character for the handle, and just like himself. He’s been desperately trying to get some more mileage out of the handle, but it was right after that that “Bo” went from super-prolific-on-almost-every-thread to only occasionally appearing.

                  As you said above, Tulpa isn’t smart.

                  1. What if Tulpa is Kizone Kaprow?

                    Did I just blow your mind?

                    1. Hmmm……


                      Irish’s Wonderland Guide
                      By Irish

                      Wonderlands, Daydreaming, that ‘One’ Place

                      We all have a special place that we would rather be. It could a place that you love with a passion or a place where you’d rather want to be. Wonderlands are a joyous idea and subject to the human pleasure. A wonderland can be literally ANYTHING whether you’re a messed up individual who enjoys blood and gore out of Saya no Uta or an otaku who wishes to be in the land of the little girls (Japan).

                      REMEMBER: A wonderland is a simple thing, do not take any longer than 30 minutes to an hour. If you can’t think of a good place that you like then there’s no use trying, right? Just get to work on the tulpa.

                      In Detail

                      A wonderland is a specific form of meditation that doesn’t really have much to do with actually meditating. It’s really a placeholder for that empty void when you close your eyes and try to meditate. When you’re trying to clear your mind and can’t really do it because your mind wanders off or just doesn’t fully clear. It’s supposed to just be a place that you can make and enter into, picturing yourself in and averting ALL attention to. Where tulpas come in I’ll explain with a bit more walls of text.

                    2. Alright we know the wonderland is supposed to be a place that you can enjoy for yourself and just be a place where you can relax and avert ALL attention to. This sounds bad when you’re making a tulpa right? Why am I doing this if I just want to make a tulpa? The tulpa is in itself your creation. Well it’s a little hard to just MAKE a tulpa some people have fritzy minds, and some are just messed in the head (For more details on tulpas just read the guides made by FAQ_man and I). Well the wonderland comes into play with a tulpa for those who are more troubled with their minds. As you are in the wonderland think of your tulpa, imagining your tulpa there. Keep doing that. It will most likely be hardand keeping concentration may be hard as well, or it may be easy who knows *shrug*. When you’re working on factoring the tulpa into the wonderland you can basically go two ways. First way, avert all attention you gained from the wonderland to your tulpa and you can basically just use it as a stepping stone to get to your tulpa (for some it’s actually hard to visualize them). Second way, you can keep visualizing both your tulpa and your wonderland together to have it interact and have an environment to essentially ‘grow up’ in. The tulpa will be able to affect the wonderland and do whatever it wants to it (if you let it, which I suggest doing in my opinion this part’s pretty fun).

                    3. Oh, look everyone…

                      Want to know why you can’t post over 1500 characters at a time? Because Tulpa and his greifer pals used to fill entire threads with copypasta like this.

                    4. It’s on-topic copy pasta and it’s in English. Deal.

                    5. Go fuck yourself, you unemployed loser.

                    6. What if Tulpa is Kizone Kaprow?


                      KK’s vanity blog is chocked filled with spit-flecked diatribes that read as cut and pastes of tonight’s performance.

                      All that’s needed is an update concerning his ghost pepper chili plants.

                2. For what it’s worth, I don’t think they’re the same person. Their voices are too different. I can usually tell a Tulpa sock because his voice is so obvious.

                  1. Did you ever notice how Bo and Tulpa have *exactly* the same total inability to understand reputation and reputation economy? Ever notice that Bo whined constantly about people ganging up on him, *exactly* the same way Tulpa always does? Ever notice that Bo has exactly the same utterly delusional belief in his own intelligence and knowledge that Tulpa has? Ever notice how Bo would argue with people over shit he *literally knew nothing about*…just like Tulpa?

                    1. Yes, those are some annoying qualities they shared, and possibly they are the same person.

                      I’d just observe that they sound distinct. Everyone has voice which is really hard to disguise. It’s possibly that he is a psycho and has more than one voice in his head.

                    2. “I’d just observe that they sound distinct. Everyone has voice which is really hard to disguise. It’s possibly that he is a psycho and has more than one voice in his head.”

                      That’s why I always know it’s you even when you stupidly change your name to something worse than it was before.

                      And it’s always worse, Bertrum. You have yet to upgrade when changing your handle.

                    3. Hey, how’d that middle-school graduation go? Finished the 8th grade then? High school is a bit scary, but I’m sure you’re gonna do swell!

                    4. Strip away the weak-ass cover story he concocted for Bo (that’s had about 1000 holes blown in it), and have him stay away from subjects like this thread when he’s being Bo, and Bo is pretty much straight up Tulpa. Look at the core, not the superficial details.

                    5. Seems to be a common problem.

                      Stereotype Threat
                      This is something that is less a common issue for the person making a tulpa, and more one for everyone who views their tulpa.
                      A lot of times I see people with tulpa who act really oddly, strangely, or stupidly. I call these tulpa “stereotype tulpa” because it seems like they act entirely within a very simple set of personality traits.
                      It’s hard to define where this is a problem, because it’s kind of in the nature of tulpa to have a more simple, and easy to identify, personality, than a person does. However, one of the biggest tip-offs are odd ways of speaking, and the second-biggest tip offs are the tulpa always taking a extreme or severe position.
                      I’ve seen tulpa that always speak with certain dialects, or tulpa that always are mean, or tulpas that are super cheerful. While these things don’t hold back forcing, necessarily, they are a sign that the host hasn’t actually been considering the personality of their tulpa on a deeper level, and/or are taking shortcuts to make their tulpa appear more distinct in their head.
                      The only real way to combat this is more focus on nuance in personality, and development so that such stereotypes aren’t necessary for the host to pick out the tulpa’s thoughts.

                    6. More walls of copypasta text, Tulpy-Poo? I seem to remember a time when this website had a terrible problem with scumbag griefer(s) doing that constantly.

                      Don’t you?

                    7. I remember that he tried to blame us as a distraction.

                    8. Well that’s not suspicious or anything.

                      Just remember how stupid he is, though. It changes things.

                    9. Nobody here is doing it constantly. It is happening in an on-topic and controlled manner and it’s all in English.

          2. who despises the insane people?

          3. My very first encounter with Tulpa was all it took for me to grok he was a dunce. He tried to tell me I was wrong about an aspect of NYC law concerning food trucks. Never mind that I have been running a mobile catering concern in NYC for a decade and spent that entire time negotiating my way through this city’s Byzantine laws regarding food service; a failed mathematician from another state knows more about my business than I. Fuck that kid.

            1. yeah. That’s sort of the classic case-study of his steez.

              Which is fuel for the argument that he was always bo. who more than once tried doing exactly the same thing re: topics i happen to have spent a decade+ on. Asserting authority on subjects that it was clear he had barely-superficial knowledge of.

    2. She wasn’t doing it because it was her property, she just didn’t agree with the location.

      link to news story

      Last fall, Canada Post employees came to her house and told her a community mailbox would be installed on the most westerly portion of her property on Graham St. Gagnon lives at the corner of Ferncrest St. and Graham.

      The hole for a box was dug at the beginning of June and, shortly thereafter, a concrete base was poured and two mailbox units installed. At the end of June, another hole was cut two metres from the corner of the intersection.

      Gagnon called Canada Post to complain that the second site was unsafe for the following reasons: there are two stop signs at the T-intersection, school buses use both sides of Graham and cars travelling south on Ferncrest have a blind spot before turning onto Graham.

      “I called so many times and was given three complaint numbers,” Gagnon said in a written complaint to the Canada Post ombudsman. “I was told the (community mailbox) would be moved to the first hole.”

      1. Holy shit, you’re special. And this somehow dismisses her argument?

        I was doing it from memory but it doesn’t detract from my main overall point. She has a right to protest.

        The location is totally irrelevant and besides people have been fighting Canada Post for placing the boxes on their properties – which is a location, right?

    3. When the reporter asked one neighbor about it he said it was ‘silly’ and that she should just ‘comply’.

      And then he promptly volunteered to host the mail boxes on his property, anywhere Canada Post chooses.

      right? RIGHT?!~

  14. “You Are Subject to Police Orders. You Must Comply.”

    Resistance if Futile.

    1. “You Are Subject to Police Orders. You Must Comply.”

      You know who else had subjects?

  15. Again, nothing that colorful or newsmaking or stunning. Just six armed adults laying siege to a home and lying to the people inside in the service of squeezing revenue out of not-well-off people for a bicycle-riding “violation of the vehicle code” with no harm done to anyone else’s life or property.

    That’s the “justice system”, baby. Policing isn’t about protecting the community. It is about revenue generation by force, an equivalent to the IRS in concept, but a local version that uses person-to-person contact for the potential violence, as opposed to the IRS giving you an audit.

    People really need to stop thinking of cops in the Andy Griffith sense, because very few, if any, such police still exist. They are tax collectors with guns and no repercussions for their actions.

    Bad combo, with horrific incentives.

    1. “It is about revenue generation by force, an equivalent to the IRS in concept, but a local version that uses person-to-person contact for the potential violence, as opposed to the IRS giving you an audit.”

      Bureaucrats with billy clubs.

      1. It’s a horrible evolution of bureaucrats. Your traditional bureaucrat got their power from “the rules”. They could be massive pains in the ass, but they really couldn’t beat the shit out of you. These are, as you put it with the billy club comment, bureaucrats who don’t just misfile your paperwork because you annoyed them. They misfile your face.

  16. I don’t want to raise my blood pressure right now, so I’ll skip the video for the moment. Maybe I’ll watch it when I get more context – is the guy a probationer, when (if any time) did they tell him the cause of his arrest, what were the bystanders doing, etc.

    I’ll say in general that I don’t always see cops using dunphy’s fabled “verbal judo.” Sometimes it looks like “o, please God, let the perp get an attitude so I can *crush* him!”

    Why do cops act like such defensive, whiny bitches when they clearly have the upper hand?

    1. Act?

      1. To be clear, I’m talking about *some* of the cops on *some* of the videos.

        1. They seem to want to skip the whole “let’s be civil and maybe it won’t escalate” part and instead decide, “why should I be civil, I can just bark insults and orders and slap him around if he disobeys.”

          Which isn’t how a *peace* officer thinks, it’s how a guy with a chip on his shoulder thinks.

        2. They seem to want to skip the whole “let’s be civil and maybe it won’t escalate” part and instead decide, “why should I be civil, I can just bark insults and orders and slap him around if he disobeys.”

          Which isn’t how a *peace* officer thinks, it’s how a guy with a chip on his shoulder thinks.

          1. OK, the cops seemed civil – under the circumstances – but I still don’t know if at some point they told they kid why they were arresting him. That part is kind of key.

  17. Does Nick ever get Dizzy?

  18. Rand Paul: Healer of the Blind

    Just don’t let any of those Haitians into America or they’ll infect us with their poorness. Or something like that.

    1. “Just don’t let any of those Haitians into America or they’ll infect us with their poorness.”

      While i’m a generally pretty-open-borders type…

      …and I’ve known dozens of Haitians in NYC
      (AND! their hot-ass daughters)

      …I’d seriously make a quota or something, like we’ll only take a few at a time. So they don’t clump together and make the voodoo that makes the zombies come. Bad Juju

      1. How are voodoo, hoodoo, or juju still legal in this day and age?


    Jeff McLane

    A little scuffle between #Eagles-Ravens third team offense and defense until Tim Tebow parts them, as @MikeTanier said, like the Red Sea.
    1:44 PM – 19 Aug 2015

    1. I like Tebow. He gets a lot of shit because of the way ESPN treats him.

  20. OT – another day, another Commie whitewashed by Hollywood:


    1. Not just a commie, but a full-on Stalinist that actively suppressed the making of movies that were critical of Stalin or communism.

      1. As a young ‘un, I read his *Time of the Toad* at a time when I was working up an indignation at the oppressions committed in the name of anticommunism.

        Now, I would make this disclaimer: The term “un-American” is simply too vague to found a criminal charge on, and the HUAC charter said only they could investigate “un-American” activities. So I’m against the committee on that ground. If they had a “committee to investigate the activities of hostile Communist governments and organizations sponsored by them,” maybe there would be less of an issue.

  21. And another digression:

    Has anyone else heard that ad on the radio where the guy gets arrested for drunk driving and has to sell his car to pay his lawyer, and then his girlfriend leaves him?

    This ad portrays the effects of a drunk driving *arrest,* not a *conviction.*

    Can’t these admen at least maintain the pretext of respecting the presumption of innocence?

    1. They’re just telling the truth. The process is the punishment, after all.

  22. Policing as we know it would die on the vine without the super fucking rare serial killer and the super fucking rare terrorist and the super fucking rare kidnapper of a minuscule amount of our offspring. All tragedies of course but of the few cases these stunted retards in the suited Jimmy Hoffa bureaucracies solve they are emboldened to save the streets of millions of speeders, millions of shits with their left blinker not working, millions of drivers who look suspicious, and millions of Americans who have some smidgen bullshit wrong with the cheap ass crate they drive to work to bring home food to their hungry starlings.

    Yea, American cop FOP fucks- your jobs program is awesomely clever but entirely bereft of intelligence to the ethical you over-lawyered shit lickers.

    1. Preach it, AC.

      1. Ah, my blurry bulbs sees the Troll Dancer. Peace out, baby.

  23. Starting this transaction with “Gebt mir ihre papiere” could not have made the tone any clearer.

    The ghosts of Gestapo troops would wonder just what they did differently to warrant the poor reputation they got saddled with .

  24. Charlie sings about you baby Riff Raff. Peace out, white nigga.

    I just need Charlie to sing about all these motherfucking giant gold statues littered all over this fucking place. C’mon Charlie bring some bars down and tell the motherfucking goddamn world about this universe of gold, bitch. Swing that slice of downtown into the pregnant wanting vagina of the out there. the creaming cocks of dilapidated shunts- I don’t know what a goddamn shunt is, Charlie.

  25. True story, at least according to a buddy of mine: he’s a pretty regular drinker and one night on his drive home from the bar picked up a cruiser who followed him to his driveway. He parked, left the car, and made his way to the house. The officer jumped out and instructed him to get back into the vehicle. So he turned around and shouted “Sorry, I’m safe!” while doing the umpire gesture.

    Needless to say he was promptly arrested and charged.

    1. Funny story. I’ve heard some grieving parents tell stories about drunk driving that aren’t quite as funny, though.

      1. Hello, darkness, my old friend.

        1. And that’s one to grow on.

    2. lol.

      I’m impressed he remembered the story that well.

      I’ve had a few friends call me from the police station, and ask, “hay, what happened last night? I don’t believe any of the shit the cops are saying, it just doesn’t sound like me”

    3. So he turned around and shouted “Sorry, I’m safe!” while doing the umpire gesture.

      Typical drunk mistake. Had he not confused his role in the situation with that of the umpire, he would have been sliding across homeplate welcomat and through the doggy door.

  26. If Ben Carson and Jeb Bushy boy would stick cocks in each other I think Carsons sperm would win and Jeb Bush would be pregnant with tons of angels carrying bazookas and Carson would be so goddamn happy he could fuck Jeb for a couple of presidencies for free angels carrying bazookas and Carson would send god’s free gift to all the borders because god works in mysterious ways. Sometimes men have to be pregnant and birth free shit from god as long as a good evangelical gave his sperm ninjas into a dark wet space. Kinda how Jesus made wine from water. Jesus makes angels carrying bazookas from sperm in white boy asshole.

    Fuck drones. God’s free angels with their bazookas crapped from the ass of Jeb can line the borders in all the directions and little Ben Carson sperm missiles by millions can laser the fuck out of all the goddamn shitty humans crossing into this place because only motherfucking god knows why anyone would come here.

    1. The next time John accuses Reason of not having an immigration plan I’m just going to link him back to this post.

    2. They look like this. Much luv.

    3. I want a Kickstarter for a book of Agile Cyborg writings. Someone set that up.

      1. “For Your $50 donation to the Reason Foundation you’ll receive this beautiful, hardbound copy of Agile Cyborg: The Anthology, 420 pages of cosmic mindjizzing fun for the whole family.”

  27. This bitch is in opposite mode on this eve and this bitch thinks murica should make humongous reverse walls around this place where all the humans automatically end up in piles in the canyon of we hate you, also the sharks and dolphins, and the canadians and the errant Rusky sub… and a lot of pot and cocaine, and seals they would also end up in the reverse wall of we hate you forever you miserable living things.

    the super ditch wouldn’t require angelic mass forces or shitty drones… the super ditch would instantly kill all living things because Agile Cyborg would personally line the entire bottom of the super ditch with spam pikes and Hillary hair pieces with metric tons of hair spray on them. The bodies of living things would fall for hundreds of feet to be piked and gloriously turned into Ben Carson angels.

    no living thing could invade this goddamn country, whores!

    1. I would then take all the pot and cocaine and bodies impaled on my thought construx and infuse these dark mattering floating edifices with blatant life. to swim in the new worlds

    2. I’m sorta super fucked up on various maladies and I just noticed I am personally responsible for killing and maimaging untold lives…

      not comfy with this…

      I thinkage my sarc of the quaint wings oh man.. dude… I am tripping so hard right nowledge…

      1. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  28. Deez Nuts polling 9% in NC


    1. Polls must adjust for Deez Nuts. Deez Nuts makes race a little hairier. Deez Nuts hangs around polls. Support for Deez Nuts is uneven. Deez Nuts is making race uncomfortable. Hillary looks to Bill for advice on how to handle Deez Nuts. Deez Nuts provides an itch that some voters thought couldn’t be scratched. Some voters can’t get enough of Deez Nuts.

      1. WARNING: Processed in a facility that also processes Deez Nuts.

        1. The pan fried willy factory?

  29. My art of space is my fucked up version of I love you reason

    in the on light
    the beneath seems over
    and swan when darklights prick
    the pullish balls of vector if you notice
    the natural tendency of my fuck fuck to crawl
    under the falldown of realeses and sporadic spews
    the line ebbs and floats and bloats and falls and decrafts
    the right fucking little blue line boys i can’t stop fucking with the
    right ningas…. you knoweth my arms and bullets love you outside the
    walls the magnets pull like asterloud and swiss and ghosts and falldowns…

    1. “Chapter One: The Pullish Balls of Vector”

  30. pyramids tap skeletons
    and if you crawl into your own spine you can see how lightning can ooze its death

  31. Is “lawfleer” the same thing as scofflaw? Should Kramer have been escorted out of the apartment at gunpoint while Jerry and George were being held hostage on the couch pending a warrant search, and Elaine is being felt up in the bathroom by an overfriendly officer executing a body search?

    1. Not Kramer… Newman. Whatever. Newman’s escorted out on some pretext, Kramer has his mouth shoved full of tubesock while he’s surreptitiously beaten across the hall.

    2. Kramer committed assault on Jerry’s girlfriend and let his NYU intern take the blame and go to jail.
      Jerry had illegal cable and committed insurance fraud with the smelly car.
      Elaine kidnapped a dog.
      George harbored an escaped convict.

      That show was more of a cesspool of criminality than Breaking Bad.

  32. man fuck this shit…. i keep on deleting shit
    I hate myself when I do this.. erase this fuckshit and that fuckshit.

    Fuck it.

    discernment can even happen when a dude is tripping like I am as now.
    i don’t think humans use discern power anymore outside these chutes. The golden statues damn the outs.
    discern means to judge apt and thoughtstruck.

    Modern everybodies in the malls and churches have died under the bricks and masonry of stores
    the blocks of restaurants with sameness
    the everyday villages on every exit
    the travel across the lines of the earth and to see nothing new

    I traveled across the lines and mountains and hills and humans have allowed power to
    erase us. our vectors call higher plane and higher call but to what?

    Trump? a devoid and empty abu dhabi of American borenuts

    I will never disrespect the greatest fucking collection of beau on this globe called reason but I am falling under the jets bros. I am feeling and dying here the men who want to lead us are simplistic toads and the women are not better…

    my soul is breaking in American culture

  33. America is due an eagle
    America is due a power
    America is due her power
    America is my love
    America is planet earth
    America can die but we must love her…
    America is the heart swell of every man and women who love her glades

  34. America is the root of my lovers in these threads
    America allows me to enjoy every one of your letters, my brothers and sisters
    America offers my family a pure expression like a volcanic release untampered by
    America is the last pure place where great Americans on Reason line papers and keyboards with mystical phrases the which I enjoy deeply weekly….

    Let us love America and not give way to the bullets and fists and hatred of tall grey hairs topping angry wrinkled faces- I speak of you Peter King. You have been on all the shows forever. and your handsome angry face jerked its cock off into the lenses of Americans for months. Your red face shouting and screaming like a person not a single motherfucking founder of this nation would have liked. Washington would have hated you Peter King. Jefferson’s brain was wildly more brilliant than you. A donkey is more brilliant than you Peter King. Because you, Peter King, have lost your heavenly connection to America, Peter King. You have decided that demons and middle-ages and the tactics of UAE are more special than PURE AMERICANISM, Peter KING.

    Peter King, sir,.. can you leave this country? and serve like so many of the prosecutors of your country on the boards and countries of the United Arab Emirates?

  35. my dust is filled with angels, bros
    my bottle is filled with spirits, bros
    my arms are filled with angels, bros

  36. a magnet pulls a dream into a spectre
    a lost mind drifts into collides, man
    agile is adrift my loves and I might not
    come back but i see lights and i can fall
    on keys for my bros and as i lie here so above earth i see the lines that make earth bro i see the voices that fall on the ancients i see the glow of pyramids falling on comets lingering and hovering the gone man.
    the gone is a lost ,mna
    the gone is where light skeeps where gones and losts chase triangles. bros

  37. I have song no one knows about.
    I am atheist but a genius i knew once wrote a song
    that is and will be forever under all society but I listen to it now…
    and it cranks the cliff hanging piercings of my beating muscle

    atheists are mostly boring fucks

    I am an atheist that loves the spirituality blues of great worship… mix a great worship song with cocaine and shrooms and high grav hops and you have a placid mountain of sweet honey….

    you can use worship that pulls the psychotic strings of gods and mix it in a glass with vodka and sniff a line on a quivering tight blonde ass and fall back into eteranl

  38. I offer such love to my lovers in these threads and the great scribes and writers of this site
    I have lived within and loved the pull of the majesty that erupts daily in these tunnels…

  39. I worked for Tommy very occasionally on roofs and he’d pay me ok but he wouldn’t stop talking about how small his penis was. In Toledo I was like fucking 19 or fucking so and this bitch had a business and shit going on in the late 80’s but I needed some cash and Tommy knew I could kick ass but Tommy constantly farted on boards and I was like “Tommy, can you stop fucking talking about your tiny penis”?

    Kind of an attractive man, Tommy. And his second wife was sorta fat and I had no dreams about fucking her. But Tommy was sort of cool in a late 70 surfer way and I liked his hair and tan and muscles. Tommy gave my pretty sister a quarter when she was 7 and the milf never forgot that shit and Tommy is dead now and I genuircenely feel bad. I liked Tommy.

  40. I just want to dash the heads of threads motherfuckers with a bitchass intense nuclear bomb killage smackdown. up and fucking down and fucking buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn the fUFKCIN MOTHERFUCKNG EARTH LIKE A GODDAMN SUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Despite being Asian, I have a grandparent-like incompetence with most modern technology, so maybe someone here can help me out…

    Is there way to set up my smartphone so that any videos or pictures I take will automatically be uploaded to a cloud server or sent to another computer?

    This story got me thinking: if I were ever to witness (or be involved in) an unjust police encounter, I would want to videotape it, and I would want that video to survive even if the police steal my phone and/or shoot me dead while I’m filming because they “thought” my smartphone was a gun.

    So, does such a thing exist?

    1. I think such a thing exists.

      1. I am perhaps perusing the military stores on streets named after cowboys?
        Like western, or Claud, or Horseman ave?
        I think my train of thought can assist the Asian.

        1. I also think the Asian should search the shuddering screams of dead cowboy bulges.
          If the Asian unzips the cowboy bulge more than likely an erect huge cock will flap out upon the deadalicous cowbob and the ASIAN can use his ASIAN NINJA powers to tap into the erect veins of the dead cowboy cock and Sir Asian you must imaginin your Samauri powers while you grip the dead cowboy cock and dream big sir Mr. Asian…

          If the dead cowboy comes right into your mouth all your dreams in that place with the weird arches and tweeking porn girls comes to pass… if dead cowboy cock cums above your head you should just stab yourself in the head with a lion..

      1. ComS[pit has an app and the app is a dead beethoven up his sweet crinkly asshole plying the boards like no CommDi Spit has ever erected. ever.

      2. Thanks, spittoon! That sounds like it could be what I’m looking for.

    I WILL MOTHERFUCKING EAT SPACE ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will suck galactic cock but no scientist have ever discover this awesome bear. I enjoy Asian pussies and cocks occasionally but I prefer cock and American Asian pussy … strained and cleverly mixed like a true Italian song under the singular light of the timothy leary and the moon?

    yea ok…. so we will enjoy asian space meteors and some bitch just said tim leary is dead.
    Of COURSE our special loving doll timothy is dead but of all of sudden that song started fucking with my head and I did not expect that shit.

  43. Sorry band of horses, papa gotta absorb ludwig

  44. orange winds shift in the fingers of ghosts
    and you know mama and Sir Juggles loves poltergeists and if you fall asleep under the damp tones. boys and coupla girls… agile has the magik to visit your nap…. deeper sleep deeper creeper yon
    loft…. blur winds shaft and language across times sits at the deep searching for life.

  45. My eyes dont work,, shit seems like a million pages on a pond of face fucking piano altars

  46. bitchass dead piano fuckers are hangin with this bitch this eve…. I did not know if one gets fucked up
    piano gods raise from the dead…. I shall enjoy this until my system dies… Sirs of the lost sounds for this shitty fuck called agile fucking cuborg……. I dont know all this shit, bros and it will collapse i bet and then I can trip in peace //

    ,my eyeballs are queery and fuckery and my arms want to fly but I cannot fly arms

  47. If a lost pond
    has your faces
    and you dive down
    demands for pond
    to release your lost
    past times POND should release
    its property to its lovers. No brutalitee required…

    release in peace..
    and agile’s cock will be stroked to effervescent pianos tonight and stars will bow on the hill of humanity and deep space will fist bump sir agile as I pleasure my cock under the spacial beethovens and the trumpets of lost planet soldiers….
    agile will spill his cum under the bright keys of space

  48. i think agile cyborg is lost in the alley where jimmy ran
    but jimmy did not die but mike did. I threw his book across the street when we were alive and young in the late 80’s and Mike got pisses at agile and threatened to beat the fuck out him… but Mike died in early 2 grand according to Billy.. agile liked to punch Mike in the power thigh on the way to school and throw his books like a football NOT NOT NOT to bully cuz MIKE waas a big dude but Mike was a bit boring but now he is dead and so it goes. shit


  50. pigs should be locked in a pen until they are called for an actual emergency. this is abuse of tax dollars

  51. The next time the people plan a little protest they should go to the mayor and chief of police neighborhoods with signs that say “Stop your Cops from harassing us and we will stop harassing you.” You might be suprised how fast revenue generating cops find somewhere else to park their butts.

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