Police Abuse

Police Unions, Prostitution, and Holograms: a Conversation With Conor Friedersdorf


Earlier this week I recorded a bloggingheads.tv segment with The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf. We talked about an almost unbelievably egregious case of police union thuggery out of Orange County (which Jacob Sullum has been covering here for Reason) and why the criminal justice reform-minded left won't take on on police unions; Amnesty International's call to decriminalize prostitution and the unholy alliance of religious zealots and radical feminists that oppose it; a misguided attempt to crack down on child pornography in California that could wind up discouraging pedophiles from seeking treatment and ensnaring sexting teens; and what we think the future of journalism holds, including (hopefully) more holograms. Whole thing here; clips below…

On marijuana-edible-eating, amputee-abuse-joking Santa Ana cops and the unioneers who love them: 

On "john stings" and cops enticing people into illegal behavior:

On California's anti-child-porn efforts:

On prostitution decriminalization, Backpage.com, and sex trafficking: 

On the early days of "those blog things" and a journalistic landscape that Conor understands "less and less":