Bernie Sanders Says He Has "Serious Problems" With Uber Because It's "Unregulated"

The socialist senator takes on the ride-sharing company.



Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist currently running for the Democratic presidential nomination, says he has "serious problems" with car service company Uber because it's "unregulated." 

Sanders made the remark in an interview with Bloomberg News. There doesn't appear to be any additional context to the quote. But for Sanders, there probbaly doesn't need to be. The fact that Uber is big, successful—it was recently valued at $51 billion—and relatively innovative is problem enough. The only way to solve that problem with regulation. 

Or, perhaps, more regulation. Sanders seems to be wrong to say that Uber is unregulated. A spokesperson for the company told The Hill that 54 different jurisdictions already have regulations for ride-hailing services in place. That's just what's in place already. Cities like New York and states like California have proposed and debated a slew of additional regulations over the last year or so. Uber, in other words, is already regulated—and, sadly, likely to grow more regulated over time. 

Read Reason's Brian Doherty on the various regulations faced by Uber and other ride-sharing companies here, here, and here

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  1. I can only imagine how he feels about the completely unregulated woodchipping industry.

    1. He probably needs to get a closer look.

      Closer, Bernie…closer….

  2. Statists gonna state.

  3. At least Bernie’s stupidity is 100% natural.

    1. I like that it’s artisan-made stupid. The very best kind!

      1. Heirloom stupidity

    2. Gluten free, free range stupidity, unlike that factory-farmed artificially flavored stupidity Clinton is selling.

  4. Bernie’s hair is unregulated.

    1. Sanders/Trump 2016!
      The Hair Bear Bunch!

      1. Eeeeew. Neither one of them is attractive or even remotely bearish.

  5. It’s funny that I often hear progressives mock conservatives for being scared of change. Progressives have to be the most terrified people on the planet.


    1. Progressives love change. Insomuch as they love new things, anyway. They also want to preserve everything (and all the jobs) of existing things and want all of the new things to be built by new entrants into the job force.

      And they want the new things to be powered by unicorn farts and rainbow droplets.

      1. Yes, they are certainly the advocates of the static world, from undoing labor fleeing from unions to turning back global average temperature. All to values they imagined for the past.

    2. It is like many things they do pure projection. When I attended the Army staff college I got stuck reading a sizable excerpt of Thomas Friedman’s book, Hot, Drunk and Stupid or whatever it was. And after you got over the bad prose and the name dropping, it became obvious that Friedman was terrified of uncontrolled change and that fear was behind everything he wrote. The entire book could be boiled down to “there is all this stuff going and and all of these changes and no one is in control of it, oh Noes”. His entire outlook was one quest to make sure nothing anywhere changed unless it was approved and managed by top men. Friedman is a great example of what drives most Progs.

    3. They’re not afraid of change, they’re afraid of anything that doesn’t rely on TOP MEN.

      1. Leftist top men.

        Note their lack of outrage for Google because Google is helping the Obama team on so any fronts and contributing to the leftist political campaigns? Even though they’re actively supplying the government with everybody’s computer browser info they can get their hands on. But they are outraged at the Koch Brothers even though they employ tens of thousands of workers, many in unions, and want the government out of everyone’s bedrooms but unfortunately want a smaller government.

        1. I once read a business book that was written by a Koch. I didn’t know who he was at the time.

          They had a whole chapter about compliance, and how they made compliance with regulations one of their strengths.

          But they’re the bad guys. Amazing.

      2. Progressives are the new conservatives. They want to preserve the current top down system in amber and crush anything that threatens the status quo of the state.

        Uber is still moving, so we must not have taxed it enough.

        1. When it stops moving they’ll subsidize it. Then it’ll just be another crony to extract campaign contributions from.

      3. What about TOP WOMEN, you chauvinist cunt!?

        1. Top BEINGS, you humancentrist.

          1. You people purposely and consistently slight the ethereal. Damn matter elitists.


  6. Bernie is mad he can’t get the Uber on his old people phone with 4 buttons.


    1. +1 landline phone with 4″ square number buttons

      1. I wonder what percentage of hipsters in Brooklyn have rotary dial corded phones on their apartment walls. If I had to bet, I’d put it at 50%.

        1. Somewhat redundant since I’ve never seen a rotary dial phone not on a landline, but point taken. And they probably all still work, or would if they have landline service. Those things were designed to last a lifetime. One of the most reliable pieces of technology ever produced.

          1. And now I have another long-list project, damn you. Rotary dial cell phone, or cordless phone.

            All my best to you, Banjos and the girls.

            1. A fucking rotary dial cellphone would be pretty fucking hilarious to see.


              1. Ooooooh! Kewl. Thanks.

              1. Curses!

                /Prof Chaos

          2. You wouldn’t be able to hook an unmodified ‘old style’ phone up to anything other than a ‘POTS’ (analog) line now, those suckers run 50 VDC.

            If your phone provider is anyone other than a traditional telco, you don’t get a local analog loop.

            1. Yeah, I know all that, but thanks.

          3. You are so right. My mom STILL has one of our original two phones at her house. The desktop one with 900′ of cord (that we bought special so you could move more than 2 feet while taking a call(. My parents bought that house in…..1964. Damned phone STILL works.

            SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK clikclikclikclikclikclik

            SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK clikclikclikclikclikclik

            Those phones are/were amazingly durable. I forget what happened to the black, wall-mounted phone. Prolly the cops killed it. Cause it was black.

            1. If the surviving phone has the old fashioned bell in it, you can use the phone to erase your clandestine email server’s disks, IYKWIMAITTYD.


                1. And really, what difference, at this point, does it make?

              2. And in my search regarding phones, I came across this:
                Edge of Darkness (1985)
                If the plot looks familiar, Mel Gibson was implicated in a vastly inferior remake not too many years ago. This one is far better. With many familiar faces, including the incomparable Joe Don Baker.

            2. How about the ringers? Those coils burn out.

          4. I still have a 1958 Western Electric black dial phone with the old style phone number in the center of the dial (Glenwood 4-6875). It works great; sound is very clear as if the person is right next to you. When I speak to people using that phone they almost always ask what phone I am using it is so clear.

  7. Remember … Freedom of Association includes personal AND economic associations. Like all fake lweft-wing “liberals”, they always oppose economic association .

    Any claim to being liberal is a lie because they don’t support Freedom of Association.

    1. They only oppose economic association because corporations will act corporationy and will exploit workers and use them as assets instead of essential means of production. Then they’ll get super-corporationy and exploit the consumers by charging more than things are worth.

      Why do you hate…everybody?

    2. We really need to take the word ‘liberal’ back from the totalitarians.

    3. Like all fake lweft-wing “liberals”, they always oppose economic association .

      And they really aren’t that hot on freedom of personal association.

  8. “Unregulated” means “not contributing to my election campaign.”

    1. Good thing his campaign contributor Ben & Jerry’s is super regulated, along with their parent company Unilever (who happens to own Axe, you know, the deodorant company.)

      1. You have permission to buy deodorant from approved unilever brands

  9. Not any specific regulation, mind you, just “regulation”. No specific policy, just magic that you have to sprinkle on the economy to make the Ayn Rand spirits go away.

  10. There’s a meme going around on Facebook in which Bernie complains about the private prison industry. His statement is worded in a way that makes it pretty clear his problem is with private companies making a profit, and not with the incarcerations of millions of people per se.

    1. As opposed to the public prison industry. No sirree, there’s no such thing as powerful prison guard unions that demand MOAR PRISONERS in order to justify their jobs and pensions.

      1. It is possible Bernie is just so dumb he actually thinks that private prisons go out and randomly arrest people themselves. Because KKKORPORATE PROFITZ!

        1. He strikes me as the exception to my rule that politicians are evil, not stupid.

          1. Someone here pointed out that Sanders has been in the Senate for almost three decades making about $176k a year and yet has net worth south of $500k, which implies that he either gives most of it away (which i’m sure he or his supporters would be bragging about) or has no idea how to handle money AT ALL.

  11. I will never forget watching CNN one afternoon about ten or fifteen years ago. They did this story on “unlicensed cabs in Chicago”. They ended up doing a sting where they caught some guy in his fifties who didn’t look like he had a lot of job prospects but was at the Chicago Air Port hustling cab fairs. it was both sad and infuriating. Here this guy is doing nothing but trying to make an honest living and having to risk being arrested and put on national TV and humiliated by some bitch newsreader all to protect the corrupt Chicago cab racket. I remember the reporter being so smug and awful to the guy. I just wanted someone to come by and punch her and tell her to leave the poor guy alone.

    1. Why do you want to see women get raped? Because, you know, the only alternative to a medallion system where cabbies pay a $250k extortion to the state to work is for rapists to troll the city in face “cabs”.

        1. I’m sticking with face cabs.

          Although face trucks would be a bit too much.

      1. “$250k extortion to the state for” a taxi license??!! ha ha ha. You are living a libertarian fantasy world. The price NYC taxi medallions reached $1.3 million each at their height. They are still about $700,000, down due to Uber competition.

    2. Libertarian moment!

  12. Uber is regulated. By customers, drivers, and the company. As well as it’s competitors. It’s just not regulated by government workers.

    This needs to be repeated often. Lack of government regulation doesn’t mean no regulation.

    1. …but, Brawndo’s got what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes,


    2. “Unregulated”

      It’s a type of curse in proggieworld.

      1. Almost as criminal as “unfettered”.

        1. I love that particular term, which means shackles for the legs, often used to keep slaves and convicts from escaping. When they say “unfettered capitalism”, what they mean is that they think it’s dangerous for entrepreneurs to not be shackled by the legs to prevent their escape from incarceration and tyranny.

          1. Great catch. I never thought of it that way.

        2. You know who else is “unregulated” and “unfettered”? Bernie Sanders himself!

    3. Have you ever had a job where your boss classified you as an independent contractor? Because I have, it’s a nightmare. You’re treated the same as an employee, without the freedoms of an independent contractor, and you get NONE of the protections/benefits that an employee is supposed to get. And don’t even get me started about filing taxes when you’re classified like that.

      The truth is, all these Uber-fans who are hating on Bernie here in the comments, don’t understand this, and wouldn’t be talking if they did. Bernie isn’t against Uber itself, he’s against how they classify their employees, and any other company that does this. Uber is taking advantage of a loophole, and ripping-off their drivers. THAT is what Bernie is talking about, he just wants to fix the regulation loophole that allows that bs.

      1. It’s always unfortunate when some third party has to interpret a politician’s rants so they make sense. Of course, we are required to trust that the interpretation is accurate.

      2. Uber is taking advantage of a loophole, and ripping-off their drivers.

        If some store keeps ripping you off, do you keep going back and buy more crap from them?

        So, if their drivers are being “ripped off”, why do they keep driving for Uber?

  13. I love it when idiots like Bernie oppose Uber because it shows how utterly stupid their ideology is. Usually the case against regulation relies on a lot of unseens or markets that people aren’t too familiar with. But Uber v taxicabs is stark. On one hand, you have a highly regulated taxicab industry that has truly horrible service at high prices. On the other hand, you have (relatively) unregulated Uber that has fantastic service at lower prices or truly high end service at prices a bit over taxis. To anyone that has actually taken a taxi and an Uber in any major metro area, the justifications for regulation of taxicabs (safety, reliability, cleanliness, etc.) are so transparently bull that no one but Bernie could actually believe them.

    1. And it shows how horrible, elitist and out of touch they are. Cab fair is a huge expense for a lot of poor people. If you live in the city and can’t afford a car, you often can’t avoid taking a cab. Older people or disabled people can’t carry their groceries home from the store and have to rely on cabs to go to and from. The price of cabs is a real hardship on a lot of people.

      And running a cab service is one of the best ways for someone just coming back into the work force or has kids and needs really flexible hours to make money. It also lets people who have cars and jobs supplement their income. But Progs like Sanders and his brain dead supporters are basically rich white people. It would never occur to them how much even an extra hundred dollars a week made driving for Uber actually means to some people.

      1. But even most brain dead lefties can see that Uber’s service is far superior to a taxi’s, and that the claims that regulation somehow make the service better are therefore complete and utter hogwash.

        1. You’d like to think that, but I doubt it. All most elitist rich lefties know about Uber is that they were caught “price gouging”, aka using surge pricing to entice more drivers to voluntarily give up their holiday and work instead of having fun, and that’s doubleplusungood. That and the CEO was/ is a fan of Ayn Rand, and therefore EVUL!!!!111!!!!!!!

          1. I don’t think so. There have been a number of attempts to go after them, including by DeBlasio and a number of other leftist city governments where usually the residents have never met a regulation they didn’t like, but Uber wins nearly all of these battles. I think the case for regulation of taxis is just so transparently bad once one actually uses Uber that they can’t rally the normal pro-regulation base.

            1. Which really speaks how effective their “damn the torpedoes” approach is. Move into a market, get people using it, let the regulators try to catch up.

        2. But safety, reliability or cleanliness were never the reasons for the regulation. They were its justification. The reason was always a combination of rent-seeking by the taxi industry and the desire for control by the progressives.

          That’s the thing about progressives that I think a lot of people, even here, don’t get. Watch one of them when they think they have a chance to impose their will on people. Really watch them. They get a gleam in eye. It isn’t about any policy consequences. It’s about some sick thrill they get out of controlling others.

          Progressivism is essentially just the political expression of sado-masochism.

      2. Cab fair is a huge expense for a lot of poor people.

        Here in NYC cab fare is completely out of reach for poor people. Which is why you see old people carrying their groceries on the bus or club kids taking the subway home at 4:30am. And yet… the city still ruthlessly tries to stamp out any competition like jitneys and yes, Uber – because they think if top men don’t provide it, there’s no need.

      3. The lower and middle classes are nothing but clay to be molded into the image that progs approve of. That they have their own needs, priorities and motivations is at best meaningless, and at worst an inconvenience, to the proggies.

    2. You’re misunderstanding what Bernie is saying. He’s not opposed to Uber. He’s opposed to Uber misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors, but then treating them more like direct employees.
      It means the drivers have little freedom to be independent, while also depriving them of the protections that traditional employees are supposed to get.
      Uber makes record profits, and can charge less for fairs, because they’re ripping off their drivers.

      1. Why is it your business if they are cool with it? How are they being ripped off? What is record profits with respect to what?

        1. It depends on how well the drivers understand the arrangement. In general, what often happens is that workers who don’t normally work as contractors get hit with the burdens of being contractors but without the benefits. They don’t realize this until afterward when it’s too late to change their mind. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are working as a contractor (just didn’t read the fine print) until much later. I’d certainly be in favor of requiring employers to better inform prospective workers of the requirements and liabilities involved in contracting. Although, this would probably end up as some 12 page document that no one would read anyway.

      2. Can you explain why more are becoming uber drivers?

      3. “He’s opposed to Uber misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors, but then treating them more like direct employees.”

        Direct employees are contractually obligated to show up at prearranged times and stay for a prearranged number of hours, or however many hours the employer requires their services. Direct employees would be fired if they just showed up and left whenever they felt like it. Direct employees will be given a very bad review (to other employers) if they just leave without giving two weeks notice.

        Those are the key features of direct employment. Can you back up your claim that Uber is treating their drivers as anything other than independent contractors who work as much or as little as they want, who come and go as they please, and who can stop working for Uber whenever they want with no notice?

  14. CAPTION: “…drawing his thumb and forefinger into the shape of an L, Mister Sanders said, ‘Uber a LOSER….'”

  15. “If you’re working at a diner on a weekday, and it’s raining, and people are not coming in, you’re not getting any tips,” he said.

    And it would stand to reason that the diner itself isn’t making any money under these conditions either, but let’s completely ignore that fact. This Sanders fellow is a real rocket scientist.

    1. What the hell is bern talking about with respect to this quote

      1. Not even Bernie Sanders knows the answer to that one.

        1. Im wondering if he implies they should be hourly employees or something. Then i would just sit at home and not drive people and say no customers ah shucks.

          My opinion the lure of uber driving is flexible schedules.

        2. I think he’s saying someone should pay more people to do nothing.

      2. He’s saying that if you don’t make enough money, you won’t be able to afford an onion for your belt.

        1. Obviously, the government needs to step in and provide belt onions for every American. Yellow, on account of the Kaiser.

        2. Which was the style at the time…

      3. He is signaling his compassion for waiters; it doesn’t need to make any logical sense.

  16. “On one hand, you have a highly regulated taxicab industry that has truly horrible service at high prices. On the other hand, you have (relatively) unregulated Uber that has fantastic service at lower prices or truly high end service at prices a bit over taxis.”

    Yup. Back in March, I took Uber to the airport from my office. It cost $6. When I got back, since Uber isn’t allowed to pick up at LAX, I got in a cab. He told me it would be a flat rate of something like $24. The weather was nice, so I said screw it and walked.

  17. Way to go after that millennial vote, Sanders.

    1. ^This. Srsly.

      The gig economy is the perfect place to insert a wedge between older progs and the younger ones.

      1. Millenials are idiots, they’re not going even notice Sanders’ position on Uber (or immigration) until after they’ve elected him. And if confronted with it, they’ll forget about it two minutes later, like gold fish. (yes, yes, I know it’s an urban legend that gold fish only have 30 second memories)

        1. I wish my cats had memories that long.

        2. I suspect the millenials who support Sanders are the trust fund crowd who would never stoop to using a service like Uber. That’s what a personal cheuffeur is for.

          1. Wow. Live in a bubble huh? I drive for uber and those young kids have more sense than this. They know when a republican starts to piss down their backs trying to convince them it’s raining.

        3. They’ll just convince themselves that Bernie’s horrible positions are OK because “the Republicans would have been worse!”

          They hate Republicans more than they actually like Democrats.

  18. God, I love seeing all of these 20-something morons gushing over the cranky old socialist. This is far more entertaining than Trump.

    1. 20 something white upper class….fify

      1. True. I just didn’t want to say millenials.

      2. No, they aren’t. My son-in-law and his best friend are nowhere near upper class, yet they love Bernie. They won’t listen to any realistic appraisal of Bernie’s idiotic fantasies about college, health car, or whatever. I asked his friend why he would want the VA managing health care for my daughter’s two children. ” Do you think so little of them? ” I asked. There was a long silence in the room.

  19. “I mean, that’s what Ronald Reagan’s ‘welfare queen’ was all about,” he said, referring to the former Republican president. “It was the illusion that we’re spending huge sums of money on people who are cheating, who are taking of the welfare system and so forth,” he said.

    The Vermont Senator reiterated his support for stronger oversight of guest worker programs, which he said should continue to exist in some sectors like agriculture, but are plagued by widespread abuse.

    There’s no such thing as widespread abuse of government benefits, except for those benefits I don’t like.

  20. Who knew Uber drivers didn’t need driver’s licenses and didn’t need registered vehicles nor license plates nor emissions tests?

    1. Shit, I reckon their drivers are even required to pay taxes and obey traffic laws.

    2. I know, right? If they’re unregulated, that means they can commit fraud, deception, and even murder! We better get some regulations in place to stop these out-of-control Uber drivers!

  21. Bernie Sanders will be our next President, so get used to it. The “free market” libertarianism you all claim to support is the greatest MYTH ever perpetrated on humanity – there is no such thing as a free market, there are only different people who make the regulations. As a Democratic Socialist – which is very different from a Socialist (see http://www.dsausa.org), Bernie believes that people should have a larger role in deciding how the market functions, so that the economy is there to serve the people and not vice-versa. I remember 1980 when Reagan won by a landslide, a far right Conservative winning NY, NJ, MA and every other blue state except Minnesota – it was a blowout. And now the country is ready for a blowout in the other direction.

    So hold onto your little propeller beanies, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for y’all.

    1. Democratic socialism is controlling means of production which is socialism.

    2. How is giving the political class more power and money good for the people?

    3. “Bernie believes that people should have a larger role in deciding how the market functions”

      Oh, so he thinks that big, powerful, coercive monopolists* should not interfere with individuals’ decisions on how to spend their money or how to run their business? Cool! I can get with that.

      *the US government

    4. Bernie believes that people should have a larger role in deciding how the market functions

      In a free market, people have the ultimate power to decide how the market functions, namely by choosing who to do business with and under what conditions. Bernie wants to restrict that power.

      The “free market” libertarianism you all claim to support is the greatest MYTH ever perpetrated on humanity – there is no such thing as a free market, there are only different people who make the regulations.

      You’re absolutely right that markets always have numerous rules. The libertarian position is not that markets should be “unregulated” by anyone, but that they shouldn’t be regulated by government.

      As a Democratic Socialist – which is very different from a Socialist (see http://www.dsausa.org), Bernie believes that people should have a larger role in deciding how the market functions

      If Bernie Sanders were a democratic socialist, he would believe in getting rid of private property. Good luck selling that to the American people. What Bernie Sanders actually advocates in practice is simply massive government handouts to a collection of voting blocs that he thinks will get him elected.

  22. My god.. the comments here are terrible. Turn back now!
    I don’t understand how people reading Reason could possibly be this stupid.
    Uber fanboys don’t understand how bad working-conditions are for employees that are classified as independent contractors. They have none of the freedoms of independent contractors, and none of the protections that employees are supposed to have.

    1. Then don’t work there.

      1. I don’t? O_o
        But I did once have a job that classified employees as independent contractors, abusing that same loophole in order to get out of paying our taxes or providing any sort of insurance or the benefits normally legally required for employees. It was a nightmare of a job. I sometimes had to work from 8am until 11pm.. Needless to say, I quit that job after a short time. But it left me with some horrible tax problems.
        This is a terrible loophole that needs to be fixed, that’s what Bernie means when he says Uber needs to be better regulated. He’s not against Uber, he’s just against uber abusing their employees via this loophole that shouldn’t exist.

        1. Uber drivers make their own schedules

        2. Not all contractor jobs are the same. My partner quit his last gig because the socialist running the business he did work for decided he would be better off as an employee. Didn’t even ask what my guy wanted. He preferred being a contractor, it was better for him. Your bad experience =/= all experiences.

        3. Not all contractor jobs are the same. My partner quit his last gig because the socialist running the business he did work for decided he would be better off as an employee. Didn’t even ask what my guy wanted. He preferred being a contractor, it was better for him. Your bad experience =/= all experiences.

        4. This is a terrible loophole that needs to be fixed,

          And you have the power to fix it yourself: DON’T WORK THERE.

          No regulation needed.

      2. Oh, and most people who end up getting these kinds of jobs, don’t realize what they’re getting into, or how screwed they’ll be when tax season comes around.
        In my case, my boss was screwing over kids fresh out of college, who didn’t know any better.

        1. Um it’s not the business that screwed you over its your government with its shitty tax system that screwed you. Using Senator Sanders logic, do you truly believe that the “millionaires and Billionaires”,who donate heavily to the campaigns of both parties, that have tax problems run into any of the problems that those “college kids” end up in with the IRS or their state governments?

          Also all your arguments have so far been based on your experiences with a company that isn’t Uber. Why should I take your “evidence” over the experiences of people who I know that actually work for Uber, Lyft, and Yellow Cab services? Their evidence shows that yellow cab services take advantage of their workers and set high rates for their consumers while at the same time getting government to protect them from competition. Because polticians care more about those campaign donations than they do about the worker or the consumer.


    2. What are the freedoms of independent contractors? As your post above says indepent contractors are terrible

  23. Looks like this article was linked to by a leftist site…

  24. If he could, he’d tax and regulate farts.

  25. Animal has serious problems with loony old statist fuckknuckles like Bernie Sanders.

  26. I am not a huge fan of Uber because of their habit of spamming Craigslist with identical posts in every possible category but I have used the service a few times and it is better than regular taxis in terms of price and the drivers.

  27. Live Free[er]?

    Dear Reason reader,

    one of the most personal freedom- damaging beliefs you can have [one of many :-)] , is the belief in the necessity, and the effectiveness, of political involvement – to supposedly “improve” your own life and the lives of others via the political process.

    Fact: as an individual you will _never_ enjoy a freer life for yourself until you completely reject the “drug”, “religion” [ or whatever else you want to call it] known as “political activism” or “involvement”, in its entirety.

    It is nothing more than a trap- a dead end that dramatically _decreases_ your chances of ever achieving more personal freedom and happiness for yourself in this world.

    Regards, onebornfree.
    Personal Freedom Consulting:

  28. Your article is slanted and as an uber driver who has zero voice within the company I work for I am aware of very few regulations for me to drive. Uber is an irresponsible company with no moral compass. It’s owner is loyal only to himself and the almighty dollar. People like this need reined in.

    1. Of course it’s slanted. It’s an opinion piece. Your post is slanted too, unfortunately in the direction of silliness.

      Why are you working for “an irresponsible company with no moral compass”, one where you have “zero voice within the company? You are free to leave at any time if things are that horrible for you. Plus, the company isn’t yours, so you shouldn’t have any voice in it unless the owner wants to hear it. Maybe you should do all of us a favor and start the reining in with your own idiotic drivel.

    2. Uber is an irresponsible company with no moral compass. It’s owner is loyal only to himself and the almighty dollar.

      Based on what?

      as an uber driver who has zero voice within the company I work for I am aware of very few regulations for me to drive

      You do have a great voice within the company: you can stop working for it. If you choose to work for Uber, that means that you obviously share its “moral compass”. So it’s hard to see why you are complaining about the moral compass of the company.

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  30. I have serious problems with Bernie Sanders because he is unregulated.

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