No One Will Be Getting High in Colorado Under a Christie Administration

New Jersey's governor warns cannabis consumers to toke up while they still can.


Fox News

In a field of Republican presidential candidates who mostly seem willing to let states go their own way on marijuana, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has distinguished himself by promising to reverse legalization in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Although the political wisdom of that minority position is debatable, Christie is not retreating. To the contrary:

"If you're getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it," Christie, a Republican campaigning for the 2016 presidential nomination, said Tuesday during a town-hall meeting at the Salt Hill Pub in Newport, New Hampshire. "As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws."

Christie seems to think he can show how tough he is by picking a fight with peaceful cannabis consumers. But in the unlikely event that he is elected president on the strength of such threats, voters who found them appealing are bound to be disappointed.

It is clearly absurd to suggest that no one in Colorado will be getting high under a Christie administration. The feds play a very small role in marijuana enforcement, accounting for less than 1 percent of arrests, and they cannot constitutionally compel states that have rejected prohibition to help enforce the federal ban. Even when state and federal governments work together, they have never managed to arrest a significant share of consumers or dealers, let alone come close to shutting down the black market. People were getting high in Colorado long before the state legalized their supply, and they will continue to get high no matter what the next president does.

Another obstacle to Christie's cannabis crackdown: Three of the four states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, plus the District of Columbia, allow home cultivation as well as commercial production. A determined prohibitionist in the White House, aided by DEA agents and federal prosecutors, could make life difficult for state-licensed growers and retailers, albeit at the cost of antagonizing political leaders in the states with legal pot (a list that probably will have expanded by the time the next president takes office). Going after thousands of scattered home growers, each of whom is free to share his produce with friends and neighbors, would be considerably harder. The federal government simply does not have the resources for such an eradication campaign.

Christie's threat, in other words, is not only inconsistent with Republicans' avowed support for federalism; it is utterly fantastical. He cannot possibly deliver on his implied promise to wipe out cannabis consumption in Colorado, which reflects either his overestimation of his own powers or (I hope) his underestimation of Republican voters' intelligence.

Watch Christie respond to a question about his resistance to medical marijuana in New Jersey:

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  1. Fuck you fat boy.

    Bring it on.

    1. Fuck you fat boy.

      That’s pretty much all that needs to be said re: this heaving turd.

    2. He has about -100% chance of becoming President. Who cares what shit comes out of Stay-Puff Jr.’s mouth.

      1. True. He is trying to distinguish himself by going after the drug warrior vote. Here is a tip fat boy. Look down. If your waist is larger than 67 inches it is not 1985 anymore. The only thing he could do to make his campaign more comedic is to rail against sodomy and interracial marriage.

    3. My sentiments exactly.

    4. Fat boy seems to have forgotten Colorado is a swing state, and the more we see recreational treated as a legitimate industry, the higher the approval rate goes. That pretty much makes him irrelevant here, and resultantly, probably nationally.

    5. “If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it. As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.”

      Surely you joke Mr Christie. You haven’t got a pig’s chance in a poke of being president of these United States. You can’t even control your underlings from closing off a bridge. What dumb-ass is going to cast a vote for you?

  2. You’d have to be high to think New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie will ever be president. I suspect this stance on federal drug laws is a combination of him being a former prosecutor, a big government statist and his wanting to set himself apart from other candidates

    1. He needs to set himself apart from the dinner table.

    2. A BIG government statist. That he is. #Fatso

  3. This guy’s a bully,he’s a former USAG and I think that is a jrequirement .for that job. His support of thw WOD’s and ‘terror’ and the NSA should scare any sane person

  4. In addition, his domestic “world view” goes no further than the east coast. Any base he might have is in the northeast. He might find a few fans in the PRK but other than that it’s gonna be slim pickings in the rest of the US.

    1. I think you mean DPRK….

      1. I think you mean DerPRicK.

    2. “slim pickings”


  5. “The feds play a very small role in marijuana enforcement, accounting for less than 1 percent of arrests, and they cannot constitutionally compel states that have rejected prohibition to help enforce the federal ban. ”

    Ok, I hate Christie as much as the next libertarian, but I WTF is up with how cavalier the tone of this article is?
    The FUCKING FEDS don’t matter?!?! REALLY?!? Don’t I read EVERY DAY about how the DEA has arrested some medical marijuana dude and ruined his life and seized all his stuff?! That doesn’t matter? The fact that – because it is still against FEDERAL law – you could be doing everything legally and once you get TOO successful you can have the DEA come in and LEGALLY fuck you over?

    Reason needs to be a little consistent. Until they DESCHEDULE pot FEDERALLY, nothing changes. IT is still against the law and you are still subject to their arbitrary whims.

    1. Dude’s got a point.

    2. ^^^ THIS

    3. They can fuck individuals over but they don’t have the resources to roll back legalization all by themselves.

    4. The point is that the feds basically need the states’ support. Without it, they can’t do even the miserable job they do now in the war on freedom. A LOT of Coloradans began growing at home, and most of them medical patients, BEFORE A64. We won’t be stopping, and they can’t find the vast majority of us without the state’s help.

  6. Ha ha ha ha from what I’ve seen of Florida mammals, they seem to maintain a staggering level of intoxication on multiple ‘banned’ substances. Despite having sacred sheets of paper prohibiting such deviance, and a considerable enforcer class.

    1. *stops chugging jug of corn liquor*

      He’s not wrong.

      1. At least pretend to be classy, decant that into a mason jar.

        1. *places pinky in air*
          *sips daintily from jelly jar*

          1. You forgot to put on your monocle!!!

    2. I’m going to the gator county where the women and wine are free

      1. maybe it’s wine and women,still works

        1. Just remember – you get what you pay for.

          1. True, the chilled Beaujolais I had after mowing yesterday hit the spot

            1. You and your fucking grass harvest. Oops…

          2. So you say I’m flrting with disaster?

            1. I hope not, Disaster is a terrible name for a woman.

              1. Or a ex wife

            2. Just be careful with those toes.

    3. “Despite having sacred sheets of paper prohibiting such deviance, and a considerable enforcer class.”

      What on earth are you talking about? Why, just this year the government passed a law to allow us to buy 64 oz growlers!

      1. *waves tiny American flag*

  7. OT: Well here’s a shocker. Online trolls are literally losers. Explains our merry crew of morons.

    1. Except – the study was fundimentally flawed.

      And also, who trusts anything from ‘msn’, seriusly.

      1. If you want to dissect the actual study and dissect it yourself, here’s the link.…

        If that’s too much work, here’s some youtube rambler dissecting it instead:

      2. I didn’t really think it was a serious study, just presented an opportunity for some fun at the expense of our troll gang.

        1. sorry, I’ve been agitated of late due mainly to work stress, and it’s leaked over to other parts of my life

          1. No worries, you’re usually pretty cool.

    1. Hey!

      Oh, you mean Christie.

      Oh, you DO mean me.

      Well, OK then.

  8. The fucking guy can’t pump his own gas. Even Mitt Romney can handle that.

    1. something tells me he’s not the only candidate incapable of managing that feat.

      1. Fucking gas pumps – how do they work?? – H. Clinton

    2. I literally got into a shouting match with a gas station attendant in Oregon. I had no idea there were states you can’t pump your own gas. Dumb, dumb law.

      1. Yes, and isn’t NJ one of them?

    3. It’s against the law to pump your own gas in New Jersey. You have to let an attendant do it. He may not know through any fault of his own.

  9. Keep this guy talking. It is the best weapon to use against him.

    Gsus. What a complete asshole this guy is.

  10. Fucking Soul Train sub thread on the Rand Paul article was epic. Is there anything better than the Don-Cornelius-era Soul Train Dance Line?

    Well, maybe WGPR, Channel 62, Detroit’s own “The New Dance Show”(nee “The Scene” . Local dancers get they freak on every afternoon. It was EPIC while it lasted.

  11. what a maroon

  12. “Fuck Colorado’s electoral votes”

  13. Christie has as much of a chance of being nominated as a roach clip.

    1. He will not make the first rung of debaters! He will be in the “also running” group.

  14. Fat Man: I’m tanking in the polls. People have forgotten I’m even running for President. Fix this shit.
    Expensive Political Consultant #1: We need to do something big. Something to shake up the race and get some air time.
    Expensive Political Consultant #2: No shit. How about bad mouthing Mexicans. No one like those people.
    Fat Man: Trump already stole that shtick. Make a note to have him barred from Jersey.
    Expensive Political Consultant #1: What about that nuke deal with Iran? We’ve got to get the Jew vote.
    Expensive Political Consultant #2: You can denounce Paul as a wimp.
    Fat Man: I pay you fuckers for ideas. Not to just retread the other candidates actions. What would be right out of the park? Outside the box? Something crazier than Trump but will win a few votes?
    Bored waiter distributing plates in front of Fat Man: Why don’t you just go after the pot smokers – that’ll win you a few old people’s votes and get your name known to those millenials.
    Fat Man [through full mouth]: ‘Cheenus! Chur hir’d.

    1. I don’t think it’s that complicated. Christie is just the most arrogant loudmouth asshole in a pack of arrogant loudmouth assholes. He has no idea that anything he says or believes could possibly be wrong, and will defend to the death any statements made regardless of the amount of facts, truth, or reality amassed to the contrary. He has already said he would enforce prohibition and now would rather be torn apart by a pack of wild dogs than admit he may have misspoken just the least bit.

  15. Somebody needs to cut him off of food.

  16. If I’m not mistaken, this fatass is also a big NSA supporter. On the plus side, a Pres. Christie would appease radical islamists, because all of his executive orders would be considered fatwas.

  17. So, will Christie give up his eating vice? He’s so quick to judge others and wants to control what they put in their bodies, while he can’t even control what he puts in his.

    One can even say his eating vice is more costly and even more dangerous that the one he despises and wants to control.

  18. “Last year, the Garden State lost more residents as a percentage of its overall population than any other state in the country, according to a 2014 National Movers Study commissioned by United Van Lines of St. Louis.”…..outh-taxes

    1. A long-established trend that pre-dates the Chrisie administration.

  19. No need to rush or be anxious. Butterball will never be president. I could never vote for a glutton. Here’s a man who cannot even control his own appetite.

  20. What part of the 10th Amendment doesn’t this buffoon understand?

  21. What part of the 10th Amendment doesn’t this buffoon understand?

    1. It needed to be said twice.

      It needs to be said more than twice.

      What part of the 10th Amendment doesn’t this buffoon understand?

  22. Fuck you. Christie. I don’t even do drugs, but I do hate statist assholes like you.

  23. Presumably Chris Christie is just worried about how much weight he’d gain if he had to worry about being tempted by legal marijuana. Got already ballooned back up after getting a lap band.

  24. There isn’t anybody in the Republican field with more name recognition and lower poll numbers.

    That means America rejects you, Christie.

    Christie’s whole campaign is just about jockeying for his own TV show. That is all.

    He figures if Al Sharpton can get his own show, then anything can happen.

  25. I absolutely love Denver, probably one of my favorite cities in the U.S. That said, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a pot shop or liquor store, they love to self medicate in that town. Good luck un-ringing that bell Chris.

    1. If you had their state government, you’d be big on self-medication too (CA also qualifies).

  26. “As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.”

    Sullum, I double dog dare you to call Fatboy on Jan 21 and ask him how that’s working out for him.

  27. Bring it on, Christie. Let’s see how far your tough talk on pot smoking hippies gets you.

  28. and they cannot constitutionally compel states that have rejected prohibition to help enforce the federal ban.

    Like that’s ever stopped them? What’s the drinking age in your state, 21 per chance?

  29. he wants to be the other swine competing with Hillary over who gets to feed at the through

    1. I’m not John btw

    2. Just so you know, there used to be a frequent poster here named LoneWhacko. He was from the tinfoil wing of the movement. I think maybe also part of the Justin Raimondo antiwar dot com crowd.

      1. Someone should ask Christie these questions, videotape his responses, and put them on YouTube.

  30. An over worked Federal District Court isn’t going to tolerate misdameanor pot possession cases. Fuck, when I applied for a job in Cochise County, Arizona, I was told that the feds didn’t deal with possession cases under 500 pounds.

  31. No One Will Be Getting High Legally in Colorado Under a Christie Administration


    1. Good catch. I noticed that too, but let it slip by.

  32. Every year hundreds of people get run over by trucks, but its never Chris Christie.

  33. How cute. He thinks he can win.

    Someone’s apparently been lacing his pastrami sandwiches with LSD again.

  34. You mean states can nullify Federal Laws they don’t like, or intend to not comply with?
    I guess that entire Civil War thingie was pretty meaningless then.

    1. States aren’t nullifying anything. The people are. They do this because there’s no requirement for the states to enforce federal laws. There’s more money in letting it go.

  35. Insults about his weight are always a more effective argument than dealing with the issues at hand.
    Well Done, lads.
    You’ll graduate to long pants eventually……perhaps.

    1. You know what? His addiction to fat is stronger than anyone’s addiction to pot, so “get stuffed,” as they say.

  36. Fat boy won’t be laughing when they outlaw his double bacon cheeseburgers!

  37. It’s hard to imagine any candidate coming out stronger against state’s rights.

  38. What a pisser. I liked Christie too. oh well. fuck him

  39. Sounds like the next wanna be ‘dictator’ of America! One guy trying to rule over millions of ‘We the People’ I vote for his immediate removal from government service!

  40. If people could pull back a little on the fat shaming. It might alienate 60% of the country. Might not be so good if they get mad and vote for Christy because he is like so many of us! Overweight!

    Goad him on the issues, not because he’s overweight! Any idiot can see he is not slim and tall model material!

    Don’t we deserve better as a country?! Or are we fat people just another group to shame, just behind the blacks?!

    1. MichaelL — If Christie doesn’t have the self-control to manage his own weight and health, do we really want him managing our lives? I think not.

  41. Some people are incapable of reading the tea leaves. Just like the evangelicals with their losing Wars on Women, Gays and Drugs. The dinosaurs went extinct the same way these folks will. At least they’re good for a laugh.

  42. Amazing, isn’t it, how prohibitionists keep beating the anti-marijuana drum long after this issue has become moribund? Does Christie really think that anyone cares any more about cracking down on cannabis?

    Perhaps this is just an excuse to avoid dealing with real issues?

    (Oh yeah, what does this say about his commitment to GOP ideals like less government, states’ rights, and the 9th/10th Amendments?)

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