Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the Political Equivalent of Floyd Mayweather

Whether you want her to win, her rope-a-dope strategy of defensive silence is pretty damn brilliant.


Daily Beast

I can't imagine ever voting for Hillary Clinton—for president, dog catcher, you name it. She was an undistinguished senator from New York and a truly godawful secretary of state. She is pro-war, pro-surveillance, anti-drug, and phony as a $3 bill.

But I do think she's been playing a pretty smart game so far of generally being silent even after announcing for president. In a new Daily Beast column, I argue that she's learned from the best—Bill Clinton—how to outwit, outplay, and outlast virtually all rivals.

She is smart to be running a rope-a-dope strategy, essentially letting her opponents (Democratic and Republican) punch themselves out in the early rounds. When they've taken their best shots and mostly exhausted themselves, she can come off the ropes and throw a haymaker or two. Along with forgoing shame, this is another great tactical advantage she's learned from her husband.

Bill Clinton outlasted his opponents—think Newt Gingrich and a gaggle of moralistic congressmen, many of whom had skeletons of their own to hide. Bill was like Muhammad Ali taking on George Foreman in the jungle heat, a personable motormouth who loved to talk and press the flesh (sometimes a bit too much, to be sure). Hillary is turning into a defensive master, but on her own terms. She's more like Floyd Mayweather, nobody's idea of a fun person to hang out with, but capable of taking huge amounts of punishment and coming off the ropes in the late rounds to secure victory.

She is hardly invulnerable, though Republicans are always capable of clenching defeat from the jaws of victory too. What to do, then?

If the eventual Republican nominee—whether it's Jeb Bush or Rand Paul or god help us all Donald Trump—wants a real chance at the crown, they'd do best to back away from Hillary and the anger-bear rhetoric that only makes her more sympathetic. The nominee would do well to outline an actually positive and inclusive message about how they plan to guide the country into the 21st century rather than constantly harp on last century's scandals, the need for even newer and bigger wars, and protecting us from the scourge of immigrants so desperate for a better life that they're willing to risk arrest to come to America.

A Republican employing positive rhetoric—which is exactly how Barack Obama toppled Clinton in 2008—would pull her out of her crouch and cause her to swing recklessly and wildly. In all that lunging, she'd be likely to knock herself out. But so long as the Republicans keep smacking themselves in the face, she's smart to hold her punches.

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  1. She’s soooo blatantly fabricated and unauthentic.

    1. But Vajayjay! Clap your hands! Clap!

      1. She’s got clap too?

    2. I’d hit it.

      1. Probably because there’s nothing – animal vegetable, or mineral – that you *wouldn’t* hit.

        1. Exactly.

      2. Hillary? Are you fucken mad drunk insane?

        1. “Hit” has many definitions.

          1. Exactly. I’d go to town on her, but only like Tyson or Clemente.

            1. like Tyson

              You mean you’d rape her before biting off her earlobe?

                1. I figured as you are a well-known earlobe fetishist.

                  1. Location, location, location…

            2. Check yoself before you preet yoself.

          2. Oh. Ah. Eee.

            I get it.


  2. This female mammal is most promising. We look forward to her surrendering this territory to our intergalactic fleet. For amusement we will demand her email password. Even my people enjoy some lulz

    1. Wait, what? She’s not one of yours??

  3. Nick Saying nice things about nominees of the Communists. What a shock. When are you going to change your name to Jan Masaryk or Wilhelm K?lz?

  4. rather than constantly harp on last century’s scandals

    Incredible hypocrisy.

  5. her rope-a-dope strategy of defensive silence

    Um, you do realize that a compliant media is a key part of that, don’t you?

    1. It’s the only part of it.

  6. So long as no one asks her any questions, she never has to answer any.
    And I am quite confident that any ‘journalists’ worthy of the J-shool degree is not about to risk the wrath of that steaming pile of crap.

    1. There was one enterprising and ambitious young journalist who just the other day asked her what her favorite ice cream was.

      You guys are never satisfied.

      1. Well, what is it? Ben and Ghazi’s Deuce Trax? No, wait, Bananas Vince Foster?

  7. This is why she is smart to be running a rope-a-dope strategy, essentially letting her opponents (Democratic and Republican) punch themselves out in the early rounds. When they’ve taken their best shots and mostly exhausted themselves, she can come off the ropes and throw a haymaker or two. Along with forgoing shame, this is another great tactical advantage she’s learned from her husband.

    Which isn’t, let’s recall, how Mayweather beat Pacquiao. Mayweather won by decision. And while it’s tempting to compare the American electorate to a panel of boxing judges, they’re not. The judges don’t get to elect to sit out a judgement because they’re not super excited about either fighter. American voters do enjoy that liberty, at least until America goes the way of Australia. And I very much doubt Hillary is able to incite as much fervor for a Democratic revival as Obama was.

    1. It’s an analogy, and analogies are almost always imperfect.

      The Ali/Mayweather analogy works only to the extent that one was talkative and boisterous and the the other more reserved in public.

      The worst part of the analogy was to compare Bill to Ali, who liked to “press the flesh (sometimes a bit too much, to be sure)”. Mohammad Ali was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War (“I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong”) whose courage of conviction caused him to face a five-year term in Federal prison. (Overturned on technicality by SCOTUS.) Bill Clinton is a creepy sex addict who has used his positions of authority to pressure women into sex, has lied under oath when caught, and was accused of rape by several women (not imaginary rape, but rape rape.) It would have been more accurate to compare Clinton to Mike Tyson in his proclivity to “press the flesh”.

      1. Yeah, how quickly some forget that Bill Clinton, elder statesman, philanthropist, and citizen of the world, is basically a white, quaalude-free version of the Bill Cosby who is currently being burned at the stake with less evidence of wrongdoing.

        1. It’s Cosby’s own fault. If he’d been elected with a (D) behind his name, all of this public scrutiny by the hard hitters at CNN and ABC might have been avoided.

          1. Victim blaming! How dare you!!

            …. wait, is that not the right answer?

  8. And where would Gillespie be without a shitty pop-cultural reference? Is Anchorman II still the most important film of 2013?

    1. You jest, but rock ‘n’ roll ushered in the glorious Arab Spring.
      Or was it Twitter?

    2. Yeah, if Nick was seriously with it, he’d link the cat version.

    3. My god, man. I can set my watch to your whines.

      1. Can you show me Gillespie’s review of Anchorman 2?

        1. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

          Gillespie posts, you whine. Every time.

          1. https://reason.com/blog/2014/01…..portant-mo

            For a guy who called something “the movie important film of the year” he didn’t seem to give a shit once it came out. Did he write a review that I missed? This is part of the annoying hipster shit he barfs out.

            Gillespie posts, you whine. Every time.

            I’ll stop complaining when he stops sucking. I’m stop bringing up Anchorman 2 if I find that he wrote a review of it and loves it.

            1. if you piss off everyone ends up happy Winston. So piss off.

              1. Shorter Jay Dubya: Leave Nick Alone!!!

                1. No no. We give Nick shit all the time. But you are are being a turd burger with cheese. Get the fuck over it…

  9. Is Reason going to change its name to Der Morgen? Or Sloboda?

  10. “she’s learned from the best?Bill Clinton?how to outwit, outplay, and outlast virtually all rivals.”

    Except for that one time, in 2008.. when she got her ass kicked by Mr. Coffee

    1. Yeah. I’m not seeing Hillary as the embattled survivor. Obama beat her, for f’s sake.

      If Rand doesn’t win I want Hillary because I’d rather we hurry our way to the end times rather than meandering slowly.

      Everything about her annoys the piss out of me.

  11. Arkansas Attorney General, 1976[5]
    Bill Clinton (D) – elected unopposed

    So will Hillary withdraw become of her ugly legacy of slavery and segregation?

  12. Oh for the love of God, you have to be kidding. Taking advantage of a biased media that refuses to call you to account by being an utterly shameless criminal is what passes for brilliant? So according to Nick “fuck you that is why” is pure genius.

    Nick on police unions, “whatever you think of it but police unions’ rope a dope strategy of refusing to investigate or hold anyone accountable for the misconduct of their members is brilliant ‘.

    1. ^^^THIS^^^

    2. There’s indeed, to me anyway, a difference between brilliance and cynicism for political expediency.

      1. Shorter Nick, “What difference does it make?” Charming

        1. You missed:

          rather than constantly harp on last century’s scandals

          1. That is just hipster for what difference does it make.

            1. ^^^This^^^

    3. Politicians are in the game of using whatever legal and extralegal and paralegal (hur) tactic is available to them to serve their interests. It comes with the territory. Nothing in Nick’s article can be taken as approbation. It’s a call to arms against an obvious tactic. I think he’s wrong about Clinton’s endurance, but he certainly isn’t wrong to point out an enduring Clintonian strength, playing the media like a fiddle.

      1. He is wrong to call it brilliant and dismiss her criminality as last century’s scandals. And that same logic could be applied to police unions. Are they brilliant too or cynical evil assholes who are doing immeasurable damage.

        1. In the sense that they’re getting exactly what they want, a complaint media immune to criticism, yes, they’re brilliant. Are they doing immense, perhaps irreparable harm to American democracy, yes, absolutely. And the media is most certainly ready to dismiss their crimes as yesterday’s news, which is Gillespie’s point. It’s also why Republicans are going to need to be brilliant themselves in crafting their responses. I said I’d vote for a troll, and not just for schadenfreude. It’s their only hope. Democrats have gotten along too long on sanctimony, and it’s begging for an irreverent troll.

    4. The media–always Hillary’s greatest ally.

      1. They’re literally in bed with her.

        1. Ewwwww!!! I was eating!

    5. Also, the piece headline starts off with “Sorry, haters”. Wait, what?? “Sorry, haters?”

  13. Nick, I think if you’re going to make boxing comparisons, you should keep up with the latest news


    Floyd Mayweather Jr. Loses Title Won in Manny Pacquiao Fight

    He failed to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee with the WBO. they took the belt back. Its petty and meaningless, but it would be akin to the NYT publically revoking their endorsement of Hillary

    Its humiliating, in other words. I don’t see Hillary making similar screw ups. That the media bothers to follow, at least.

  14. Sometimes I think these guys write things just because they have to.

    1. I know it is a kulturkampf clich? but….Cocktail parties!

      1. Seriously I did read that one of the reasons (drink!) for the decline of classical liberalism was that they didn’t like how the intellectuals regarded them as heartless reactionary plutocrats (for example many conservatives defended labor unions, opposed child labor, supported protection and the welfare state to expose what they felt was liberal hypocrisy). Another part was political expediency to defeat the socialists. The World Wars did grave damage too.

  15. I can’t imagine ever voting for Hillary Clinton…but

    Everybody has a big but.

      1. Good, but not your best work.

  16. And the alternative to this, if Team Red has their way, is Jeb Bush? It really has come to this America, choose your poison. You will never be given the choice of restructuring, you will only be given your choice of managers. The sad thing is, my animus lies more with the everyday people than it does the perpetrators. At least their motivation is predictable. The naivete and downright ignorance of my fellow citizens is sickening. The fact that any of this bullshit political theater is acceptable on any level, to anyone, is fucking bizarre.

    1. Just keep saying “libertarian moment!” will make things away.

    2. There’s always suicide. I hear sleeping pills and whisky is fun.

      1. Who told you that ?

        No one who knows, that’s for sure.

    3. Outside of his family and the people on Bush’s payroll, I am not sure who this team red is that you speak of.

      1. Well, he’s raised over $100 million for his campaign so far. No other R is even close. How would you categorize that as anything other than Team Money?

        1. Yes. People hoping to be on his payroll.

        2. Jeb and Hillary are very similar. Both have big time connections that can raise a lot of crony money. Both have a lot of name recognition. And, I believe, both are at the peak of their popularity for this election cycle. Difference is, Hillary is only opposed by a handful of old white men while Jeb has a huge field of other contenders. Jeb is polling at what, 12% among republicans? I doubt he’ll ever get much more then that no matter how narrow the field gets.

        3. Money isn’t always determinative. John McCain was in 4th place for fundraising in the GOP race in 2008 and still got the nom. He got outraised by Ron Paul for goodness sake.

    4. Rand Paul is Team Red too. So was his Daddy. Amash, Massie, Cruz, Lee, another 25-30 RLC reps Reason doesn’t like to talk about because too much Christfaggotry even though they run from Constitutional Conservative off into the fringes of An-Cap territory…

      Team Red isn’t just Jeb, and Mitch, and Todd Aakin. There’s a big bench and you might want to think about who you’d want as starters. /HitandRunpublican

  17. Speaking of Hillary, this is just awesome–a shitlib version of John, mistyping like a champ.


    1. What an amateur

    2. Is that our good ol’ Barb Mikulski!?!? The pride of Baltimore??? Bless her heart, I’d gladly contribute all my tax dollars to keep her and the ghost of Willie Don Schaefer on a nice farm somewhere in Delmarva and just mic them for an hour-long variety show once a week.

  18. Nick makes a good point about her strategy ‘so far’.

    but my comment would be “so far? so what”

    She can’t ‘do nothing’ forever. and the campaign doesn’t even really start until late this fall.

    so far is just a bunch of question-dodging and burying her email trail. I suspect the media-organized Kulturwar bombs that they’ve been lobbying to rally up the Dem base is being done far too soon, and people are going to be super-sick of it by the end of the year. They’ll be no Confederate flag to point to, no gay marriage to dominate headlines, no War on Wimmins worth making a fuss about. I think Hillary will stick to TV ads and ghost-written editorials, minimize her stump speeches, and make a number of token public appearances, but in general will try and remain elusive and symbolic. While i think it will prevent her from imploding, i also think it will fail to inspire anyone. By next year, its going to be a whole different ballgame. Everything so far is just the previews before the previews before the movie theater tells you where the concession stand is.

    1. “While i think it will prevent her from imploding, i also think it will fail to inspire anyone.”

      I’m not sure it will take any inspiration.
      See the admiring gazes of the fems in the photo? I’m afraid that is all it will take: ‘She’s one of us and everybody makes mistakes!’

    2. BTW, I’m *hoping* your optimism is justified…

  19. Holy God. In that article from The Interrobang about the woman who called Amy Schumer a racist, she actually showed up in the comments section and is even crazier than I could have imagined:

    “Gotta love the condescending spin you put on this one, Debra. This article is a perfect illustration of whitesplaining on fleek.

    I’m not surprised though given that you spent more time during our interview giving me YOUR opinion and defending Schumer than demonstrating journalistic integrity by listening to your source and then representing her quotes accurately. Gotta love how you cherry picked my quotes to couch them in your own perspective. Seems that you did the same thing with the WashPo editor. You showed your dirty drawers right after “hello.”

    So what if I haven’t seen Amy’s standup? Did you read my book, all of my articles, watch my TV interviews, listen to every radio interview I’ve given over the years, or watch my keynotes before writing this piece and fixing your fingers to type: “I’m sure she means well?” Of course you didn’t. LOL.

    The Post piece that David and I wrote was not a “review” of Schumer’s body of work. Journalistic accounts of racist jokes are enough to provide commentary. Eff me for assuming that you’d know that distinction. Our piece specifically zoomed on Schumer’s racist statements about Mexicans and engaged a larger discussion about the role of racist comedy in American culture.”

    1. I’m confused. Who is saying what? I demand better gossip.

    2. She accuses the author of not listening to her source. The irony burns with the heat of a thousand suns. And she is not crazy, she is spoiled and stupid. She is a 20 something snowflake who always got a trophy and was never questioned as long as she spouted the right talking points like a trained seal

      1. You know who I hate? That Carrot Top guy.
        He’s not even funny!

        1. The way he uses props encourages violence against the animate-challenged.

          1. And what’s with that hair?

      2. They didn’t keep score in T-ball for this very reason. You have to hand it to the democrats, they think a generation ahead.

      3. But she’s that “on fleek”

        (The stupidest term ever devised)

    3. Debra didn’t go to Columbia.

    4. “whitesplaining”

      great, now I know that exists

    5. Wow, not just one comment. She engaged a while thread war. Can someone spoof Sandi on there “it’s OK Dr patten , I also shit on this thread”

    6. I mean, it’s the Washington Post. The DMV is home to the absolute worst racial tensions between black people and pretty much everyone else in the entire country. And the Washington Post is the echo chamber where the generals of the Great DMV Race War stoke the flames.

  20. Speaking of controversial Democrats…

    The Memphis City Council voted to sell off the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Oh, and to dig up the body of Mr. Forrest under the statue. And the body of Forrest’s wife.

    It’s OK, the cemetary which hosted the bodies before they were moved under the statue in 1905 will be willing to take the bodies back.

    But digging up bodies requires court proceedings, so stay tuned.

    (from Memphis Daily News)


    1. You know who else dug up bodies and got rid of statues of people who had fallen out of favor?

      1. Really drunk frat boys trying to carry out some weird *Weekend at Bernie’s* prank?

    2. I will give them $39 for all the bodies. Don’t need the statue.

    3. So will Six Flags, Stone Mountain and the National Statuary Hall Collection be purged of Confederate symbols?

      1. True story. Black people in Georgia love Stone Mountain

        1. Despite the whole “Second Klan was formed there” part?

          1. It’s a nice place.

            1. 6 miles away from me when I’m home.

              1. Stone Mountain was donated to the State of Georgia with a very strict covenant that it has to be maintained as a perpetual memorial to the Confederacy.

                War would be well underway before anyone goes Bamiyan Buddha on the carving.
                At that point there would be much more important things to defend to the death than just symbols of southern heritage.

                1. very strict covenant that it has to be maintained as a perpetual memorial to the Confederacy.

                  What will Roberts or Kennedy say?

                  1. You won’t be able to hear them over the whirr of the woodchipper.

                    1. Your subpoena is in the mail.

      2. Let’s just paint mustaches on them and call it even.

    4. And why not get rid of the National Anthem and rename Washington and the District?

      1. “Earth” is next. Never liked that name.

        1. Soil is also called “earth” and is black. So racist.

      2. Maryland’s considering axing its song. Apparently references to “Northern scum” are no longer acceptable.

        1. Why the fuck not? I guess Maryland IS Northern scum these days. Tell Jesse Walker to put a St Andrews cross in the winder.

          1. Didn’t used to be. In fact, the final transition to becoming southern New Jersey really kicked in during the early 00s. It surprises people, but even today a lot of Marylanders, particularly from southern Maryland, think of themselves as southerners, or at least not Yankees. Hell, the are governors still members of the Southern Governors Association.

    5. Has there been renewed attempts to get rid of Maryland, My Maryland? Or does the lack of Confederate Battle Flag make it okay?

      1. Oh, they’ll get around to it eventually. Don’t rush them. And they’ll be bringing the outrage.

        1. Note to self: Refresh before commenting.

    6. New York City and State, and Albany are named for a treasonous slave-trader. Time for those names to be dumped. And the City’s flag commemorates the Dutch slave-traders and orange is symbolic of sectarian anti-Catholicism and Apartheid.

      1. Just condemn the entire solar system AND BE DONE WITH IT.

    7. And doesn’t California’s flag honor traitors who hated Mexicans and Indians?

      1. Wiki on California’s name:

        California was the name given to a mythical island populated only by beautiful black Amazon warriors using gold tools and weapons in the popular early 16th-century romance novel Las Sergas de Esplandi?n (The Adventures of Esplandi?n) by Spanish author Garci Rodr?guez de Montalvo. This popular Spanish novel was printed in several editions with the earliest surviving edition published about 1510. The novel described the Island of California as being east of the Asian mainland, “very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it is peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they live in the manner of Amazons.” The Island was ruled by Queen Calafia

      2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calafia

        In the novel, Calafia is a pagan who is convinced to raise an army of women warriors and sail away from California with a large flock of trained griffins so that she can join a Muslim battle against Christians who are defending Constantinople. In the siege, the griffins harm enemy and friendly forces, so they are withdrawn. Calafia and her ally Radiaro fight in single combat against the Christian leaders, a king and his son the knight Esplandi?n. Calafia is bested and taken prisoner, and she converts to Christianity. She marries a cousin of Esplandi?n and returns with her army to California for further adventures.[2]

        The name of Calafia was likely formed from the Arabic word khalifa (religious state leader) which is known as caliph in English and califa in Spanish. Similarly, the name of Calafia’s monarchy, California, likely originated from the same root, fabricated by the author to remind the 16th-century Spanish reader of the reconquista, a centuries-long fight between Christians and Muslims which had recently concluded in Spain. The character of Calafia is used by Rodr?guez de Montalvo to portray the superiority of chivalry in which the attractive virgin queen is conquered, converted to Christian beliefs and married off.

        1. Is it weird that I have a chubby?

          1. It’s more weird that you wanted to tell us.

          2. Yes. Yes it is.

      3. California’s flag celebrates their hunting the California Grizzly into extinction. Haha, bear. you only exist on our flag now.

    8. The idiocy is strong… The writer of that news story called NBF a “Grand Wizerd”- not caught by proof-readers or editors- and it’s still on the page without a correction.

  21. Taking the Hildabeast down with a scandal. Sounds familiar…

    Melchett: Now, Field Marshal Haig has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the field.

    Blackadder: Now, would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches and walking slowly towards the enemy sir?

    Darling: How can you possibly know that Blackadder? It’s classified information.

    Blackadder: It’s the same plan that we used last time, and the seventeen times before that.

    Melchett: E-E-Exactly! And that is what so brilliant about it! Wewill catch the watchful Hun totally off guard! Doing precisely what we have done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they’ll expect us to do this time! There is however one small problem.

    Blackadder: That everyone always gets slaughtered the first ten seconds.

    Melchett: That’s right! And Field Marshal Haig is worried that this may be depressing the men a tadge.

    1. Well the British did win in the end,

      1. And sowed the seeds for an even worse war.

        That aside, trying to bring her down with a scandal (no matter how blatantly obvious) just isn’t going to work. Even if the press weren’t on her side so much the Republicans have pissed away any credibility they might have had with 7 years of chemtrail, anti-vaxx and birther horseshit.

        The only way through this for them is to build up a good candidate and platform of their own rather than take her down. As much as it should happen – it ain’t gonna.

        1. And sowed the seeds for an even worse war.

          Which they also won.

          the Republicans have pissed away any credibility they might have had with 7 years of chemtrail, anti-vaxx and birther horseshit


        2. “Republicans have pissed away any credibility they might have had with 7 years of chemtrail, anti-vaxx and birther John Boehner’s horseshit.”

          1. I’d guess most anti vaxx types and chemtrailers are Marin County progrssive types.

            If any team redder actually commited to less government I bet a lot of people would listen (though historically it’s hard to swallow).

            I had some hope for Walker after he successfully fucked with the public unions, but now he’s gone all in against gay marriage. Until these cretins quit obsessing over kulturkampf they are done.

            I know a lot of independent type voters, they know the economy is shaky and they aren’t getting ahead and are all sick of the fact that social issues are front and center, when Wall Street is the big winner (as is my 401k).

            If one of these team red dolts would ignore the narrative and point out that young people are never going to get back what they put into FICA. I ask a lot of young people would you rather have your retirement in an account with your name on it or in a government account, even those that aren’t politically savvy like that idea.

            These kids lean left (but aren’t overtly political in an SJW sense) and most work service jobs doing ok and having fun, but I don’t think most are addicted to free shit yet. If someone from team red could point out how government is killing their future in a solid way a lot of them would at least listen.

            I’m certainly not a team red guy, never voted for one, but the Hildog in the White House. They auctioned off the Lincoln bedroom before, imagine what they could sell off this go around. She’s an evil wench.

        3. Oh, there are enough scandals that would make for great attack ads. You could do a whole series, starring women she’s wronged.

          1. “Hillary Clinton claims she helps women, but that’s a lie. When I was raped, she made sure the rapist got off by attacking me. And then she laughed about it.”

          [Clip of Hillary laughing about the case.]

          2. “Hillary Clinton claims she helps women, but that’s a lie. When her husband raped me, she attacked me.”

          1. Oh that could all work as part of a larger strategy. And I’m not saying that there aren’t ways to use this stuff. But no one thing is going to be an automatic game-winner.

          2. And that will convince all those who already not going to vote for her that they made the right choice.

            And the ones who are going to vote for her ?

            Not so muuuuch !

          3. Didn’t stop Hera from becoming president of Olympus.

        4. Even if the press weren’t on her side so much the Republicans have pissed away any credibility they might have had with 7 years of chemtrail, anti-vaxx and birther horseshit.

          I’m not seeing this.

  22. I can’t imagine ever voting for Hillary Clinton

    Sounds like a lack of imagination. I can easily imagine Nick voting for Hitlery.

    1. Nick is a Nazi? How did he get a libertarian job?

      1. You Know Who Else opposed US foreign policy, opposed getting shot at by the cops, supported the right to die, immigration into and out of their country and wanted to smash the existing party system?

      2. They were impressed by his Hugo Boss suit.

  23. I can’t imagine ever voting for Hillary Clinton

    Indeed. Four years of her raucous cackling and meaningless hand gestures will have everyone reminiscing about the Teleprompter-in-Chief.

  24. “Bill was like Muhammad Ali”

    No fucking way!!

    You can never compare Muhammad Ali to Bill Clinton, or any politician for that matter. Ali was man enough to stand up to the government and its bullshit war. He refused to be enslaved by conscription and lost years off of his career, while in his prime.

    Bill, Hillary and these other politicians couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. These weak politicians hide behind standing armies and police to back up their desires to enforce rule of top men, and to rob and steal from hard working individuals at their command.

    Muhammad Ali is a fighter, and will always be. The gov’t went after him because of his religion, and what he believed in. He is no chump, and could take anyone on no matter how small the ring was.

    He’d whoop them in the ring, or whoop them in a telephone booth with ropes, and knock out the teeth of any of these political dopes.

    Though he has ailments, if you mess with Ali, it’ll be me defending him and giving you suckers mobility impairments.

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.

    1. ^ THIS

  25. I’ve been writing about the Clinton “rope-a-dope” method for years.

    Who was the only politician who lost his job because of the Monica-Lewinsky scandal? Newt Gingrich, that’s who.

    1. Tell us more about what a great guy Chuck Schumer is.

    2. Bill Clinton was absolutely not playing ropeadope on the Lewinsky story. He was denying any of the “acts” at every turn.

      Grinch’s collapse was due to his own stupidity in convincing his fellow GOPers that pushing the Lewinsky story would help them, when in fact they got massacred in 1998. His own caucus was set to vote him out as Speaker.

      1. Massacred = losing a couple of seats.

        That equation is one of the reasons that the phants are the stupid party.

        Meanwhile, there’s been a nationwide collapse of the democrat party caused by Obamacare.

        And the dem leadership don’t give a crap. Cause they’re advancing their agenda anyway. And know that the phants are too stupid and scared to reverse any of it. Best case they’ll have a temporary pause and then get blamed when it blows up – putting the donks back in power.

  26. Hillary Clinton doesn’t scare me. I just lived through eight years of Obama while residing in one of the bluest regions in the country.

    1. You are a brave man. Or woman, I don’t know.

    2. We should increase the minimum wage…again!

  27. “undistinguished and phony”

    I heard when you repeat those words three times in the mirror Lou Reed appears and hands you a cocktail

    1. Lou Reed’s music is one of the direct sources of comsotarian magic. For example, Soave listens to a little Velvet Underground each day in the morning, and that is why his hair looks so perfect.

      1. I thought his perfect hair came from drinking a pina colada at trader vic’s.

      2. could you dance to the rock and roll station? Was it all right?

      3. Interesting, I figured his perfect hair came from closely studying the characters from The Last Days of Disco

      4. Millennials’ don’t listen to that boomer shit.

        1. So is Old Man Gillespie that old fogey desperate to prove that he is still cool or is the one complaining about how Kids These Days Don’t Act Like He Did When He Was Young?

          1. Both. And that’s what’s so obnoxious about the Jacket.

            1. Reason has the pulse of teh yutes! We have polls to show you!

  28. So will Gillespie write the “Libertarian Case for Hillary”? Or will it be Gillespie? Or Sudermann? Or Dalmia? Or Soave? Or Terry Michael?

    1. Special article from Godwin.

      1. Oh, yes, I forgot him. Will he write about how single-payer healthcare is libertarian?

    2. No, he won’t support Hillary directly. That’s not Reason’s MO.

      They will however do everything they can to nitpick the Republican candidate to death and dismiss any advantage he or she has over the Democrat on actual liberty issues, a la 2012.

  29. Friday night…
    At the time, the rockers didn’t have the management they had later, but they were beginning to understand that smoking, snorting and drinking all of it was not a good idea:


    Note the proggy comments: I’m sure they’d have been more pleased with an OD…

      1. Dog gets a vote!

    1. Of course, it could be a chance to bring back that old tradition from the hallowed mists… Don’t remember if it was more Walker or Wiegle, but…

      Prog rock Friday could be held… In the Court of the Crimson King

    2. Welcome Back, Kotter.

  30. Also: Libertarian Moment!

  31. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salami_tactics

    By portraying his opponents as fascists (or at the very least fascist sympathizers), he was able to get the opposition to slice off its right wing, then its centrists, then the more courageous left wingers, until only those fellow travelers willing to collaborate with the Communists remained in power.

    Can’t possibly work with Reason.

    1. I had something to say, but in today’s present speech climate…I think I’ll leave it unsaid.

    2. She doesn’t do a very good job in hiding the salami tactics.

  32. Still Friday night and libert’ns celibate human excellence. I defy anyone to watch this without at least dabbing at an eye:


    1. Lawdy! Her voice is unbelievable.

      1. Yeah, that kid is a FREAK!
        Hard to believe that physical structure delivers that volume and range. I hope she isn’t used-up by those who are ‘advising’ her.

        1. No doubt, she has sharks and vultures eager to ‘advise.’

    2. It’s a little dust, okay?

    3. Holy shit, what a set of pipes. Not into opera, but wow, what more can you say…WOW.

    4. Oh my god. I wouldn’t believe that voice was coming out of that little girl if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes.

    5. The conductor mentioned his guest was young. He wasn’t kidding.

    6. celibate human excellence…”

      LOL! You know a few libertarians.

  33. Is this the ultimate libertarian film?


    1. It’s no Josey Wales, but I like to think the servant that mixes the drink/injection is SugarFree. Not sure who the one sitting is yet.

      1. Josey Wales

        A Confederate written by the guy who wrote “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever”?

        1. shit, like two weeks ago that would have been fine.

          Goddamn it.

          1. Time for the bonfire, amirite?

      2. I just finished watching Josey Wales one more time.

        1. I’ve seen it countless times, but every time I happen across it sucks me in. Plus Dean Wormer is in it.

      1. The opening there should really have been part of Running Man.

    2. Weren’t those the days. They’re almost washed clean from our present collective memory. Which reminds me; collective memory blows.

      1. Back then there was segregation, Confederate flags and no gay marriage so of course it should be washed clean.

    3. I am really having trouble with this. Is it real? Is it a very, very well done spoof? It seems like a truly ernest, sincere parody of the genre, but totally, absolutely, undeniably modern. And there’s some guy in the comments giving detailed exposition on its making. I’m flummoxed.

      1. Okay, there’s a wikipedia page. But I spent half an hour convinced that the video was a very authentic parody piece. The humor was so spot on, it felt in parts like a brilliant SNL skit. I’m not a man given to conspiracy theories, but I do find myself wondering just how much effort would be involved in inventing a wikipedia entry for a wholly fake but sincere period piece.

        1. And Tod Browning was the guy who directed Dracula with Bela Lugoisi. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this was the director of Freaks’s idea of a comedy.

          1. I’m floored. Honestly. Absolutely flabbergasted. I had no idea this sort of thing existed. It seems so postmodern. It’s a totally cynical but delightfully transcendent romp. It’s a vision of RDJ as a 1920s hero. I showed part of it to my girlfriend and explained, with absolute conviction, what a superb parody it is. And evidently I’m wrong.

        2. It’s real. Was rediscovered and snickered about in the late ’60s/’70s. A staple of midnight movies and college film societies.

      2. It’s real. Douglas Fairbanks and Bessie were real famous actors.

  34. I have problems with considering Hillary to be brilliant in any sense of the word. It’s more about the average American being obscenely dim.

    1. “I have problems with considering Hillary to be brilliant in any sense of the word.”

      I’ll admit to “clever”. “Well advised”. Perhaps “cunning”. Certainly “ill-tempered” and “nasty”. And “slimy”.
      No, “brilliant” should never be used in a sentence with “Hillary Clinton”.
      But how about “wood chipper”?

      1. I’m buying more into the “closet drunkard” meme going around.

        1. Cite? Hope it isn’t Rush.

          1. Much more credible, Ace of Spades:


            (that’s the joke)

        2. Are you sure you aren’t confusing her with Mallory Archer?

      2. The Secret Service now has you on the radar. Fuck Hillary with Bill’s roaming dick.

      3. “But how about “wood chipper”?” *Mumbles into lapel pin*

  35. Deforest Kelley played a Confederate soldier in Raintree County, should Star Trek be wiped from existence?

    1. Abraham Lincoln pardoned him in Episode 77, before eye-raping Uhura.

    2. I mistook him as Forrest Kelley on F Troop….then again that was also racist.

      Ban Him.

  36. Floyd Mayweather is good. He’s undefeated and has a track record. Hillary is not playing defense, she is running around the ring because she’s afraid that if she tries to fight, one punch will knock her out. Eventually she will tire and have to stop dancing around, or she’ll trip and fall, or just be unlucky and catch an errant haymaker.

  37. “Whether you want her to win, her rope-a-dope strategy of defensive silence is pretty damn brilliant.”

    What the fuck are you even talking about?

    The only reason why this strategy works is because of a compliant press.

    “Oh the press won’t push me, oh I know I just won’t talk when I fuck up and I will wait till the news cycle drifts by then accuse anyone who challenges me with being a dirty right winger.”

    I mean for Christ sakes this exact “strategy’ was used right here at reason hit and run back in 2008 when David Weigel, reasons chief election correspondent and secret JournoList member, would ignore any and all bad press for Obama and instead focus intently on any two bit blogging truther or accuse Ron Paul of being a racist.

  38. “Bill Clinton outlasted his opponents?think Newt Gingrich and a gaggle of moralistic congressmen, many of whom had skeletons of their own to hide.”

    And Bill was one of those moralists (at least when it applied to other people). The sexual harassment standard he got onto legal difficulty over was one he helped push on everybody else. His argument was not that the law was wrong, but that he was too important to be covered by the law.

    The sexual harassment frenzy by the Left between Thomas’s confirmation and the Lewinsky scandal was one of the Left’s first embrace of neo-Victorian mores that continues with the anti-campus rape standards eliminating due process today.

    1. One difference is that many of the Victorians may have actually meant it.

      These strains of progressive “morality” are transparently cynical. The left’s taken the most wooden and manipulative aspects of the civil rights movement and then used them to stake out the moral high ground, which gives us student-council absurdities like BHO mugging for the cameras with Amazing Grace. Subtle.

      The most frightening aspect is that a good portion of the American public doesn’t seem fazed by how fucking gross and tacky these people are.

  39. In order to win, Hillary has to out lefty a true lefty. No matter how goofy and unrealistic Sander’s idea are, and they are totally goofy and unrealistic, the guy truly believes the non-sense that he’s talking. Hillary is as Nick says, as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

    The more popular that ol Bernie becomes, the more difficult it will be for Hillary. She has no strategy outside of hiding from the public and not saying anything at all. Her strategy is that she’s a woman and she’s married to Bill Clinton and pretending to be more left than anyone. That is it. So it’s up to her competition to take her out because she has no answer.

    Even Mayweather cannot win without occasionally going on the offensive and throwing some punches. Hillary’s never even coming out of that corner.

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  42. Okay, I smell rotting tuna. What’s going on?

  43. “She is … anti-drug” Does Nick Gillespie think the pharmaceutical industry is sweating it?

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  45. Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go? to tech tab for work detail,,,,,,, http://www.careers10.tk

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