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UPDATED: Detroit Rejects Four-Night Curfew Plan

But a curfew will still be in effect Monday night.


UPDATE: The city council has rejected the four-day curfew—and while a one-night curfew will still go into effect on Monday, the restrictions then will start at 8, not 6. That isn't a complete victory for freedom of movement, but it's much better than a lot of people were expecting.

Original post below:

How Detroit intends to deal with an upcoming city festival and fireworks show:

Not to give away where I stand or anything…

An ordinance, which is expected to pass, would legalize a curfew requiring anyone age 17 and under to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with identification)—in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. for River Days, Friday through Sunday, June 19-21. Then, for the Freedom Festival fireworks over the Detroit river, Monday, June 22, it would run from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following day.

You read that correctly: On the final night, if this plan passes, Detroiters as old as 17 won't be allowed to move about in public after 6 p.m. unless they're with a legal guardian. The first three days' restrictions would only be enforced in the riverfront area, but they're still remarkably Draconian. As Bill Goodman of the ACLU says, this amounts to four nights of house arrest.

Some background: The council has imposed a curfew on fireworks night each year since 2012, but this would be the first time these limits are enforced those additional three evenings. Detroit also has a year-round curfew of 10:00 for all minors, so this wouldn't be a new intrusion so much as a serious intensification of an intrusion that's already there.

The city council is debating the issue right now. I'll update this post later with their decision.

Bonus link: "Baltimore Mayor to Curfew Foes: Go Live On a Farm."

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  1. Detroit is just full of good ideas.

  2. The Riverfront? Please.

    Let's see them enforce this around Southfield Fwy and McNichols area.

    It takes cops 45 minutes to respond in this neighborhood for a reason. You think they want to go try and round up anyone looking under 17 after 6 pm there?

    1. You know who else rounded up everyone that looked a certain way?

      1. Guards on Planet Of The Apes?

  3. Isn't Detroit broke? Is this a wise use of their city coffers?

    1. Don't be silly, they'll plea down all arrests to violations and charge fines. It's a revenue-generating ordinance.

  4. What's the point behind this?

    Was there "wilding" last year?


    1. Every day is "Wilding Day" in Detroit! Amirite! Come on - let's go see the Tigers!

  5. "...if these plan passes, people as old as 17 won't be allowed to move about in public after 6 p.m. unless they're with a legal guardian."

    Well, it is Freedom Festival, after all. They should also have a list of forbidden words or sentiments that may not be expressed in public.

    1. Forbidden equipment, say.

  6. It's four fucking days, why don't they just declare martial law and get it over with?

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    At work, company policy dictates that we use Explorer with no Reasonable or Adblock Plus. What a shitty, shitty browsing experience. So much crap with every page.

    That is all.

    1. The mobile site is even better.

    2. At work, I use Pale Moon with fascr and AdBlock. At home, I never got around to installing fascr (don't do a whole lot of reason browsing from home).

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        1. What does Pale Moon give you

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          1. White people butt pics.

            Go on...

            *notices it's SugarFree*

            NO DON'T!

        2. What does Pale Moon give you that Firefox doesn't?

          64-bit support, although in my experience Firefox's memory manager is so bad that most of the benefit is lost.

        3. What does Pale Moon give you that Firefox doesn't?

          As stated, native 64-bit support, and I don't have to use an add-in to put the tabs where they belong - below the address bar and just above the content.


          I still get my work done. How many of you have not been in an organization where standard operating procedure was "Hurry up and wait"?

    3. I like having admin rights on my workstation.

    4. My company's server is apparently based in India, so I get a bunch of weird Indian ads when I browse at work like right now.

      Is this really the best they can do with all them donations?

    5. Maybe they want you to be working rather than enjoying a pleaseant experience reading Reason.

  8. OT:

    Jezebel blogger gets lit up like a frickin' Christmas tree by the Tattoo-American community:

    Parting shot, which should leave a mark:

    Please apologize to my customers whose tattoos you mocked in your failed attempt to hurt my career in order to bolster yours.

    See? No smarmy acceptance of their premises. No handwaving about how they are good but misguided people. No concession that she has any point worth considering at all. Just a smashmouth punch. That's how you deal with these people. Take notes, Reason writers.

    1. My Tattoo artist friends were all over this story, and they were PISSED.

      So much fail, but so typical of your Jezebel writer; a spoiled rotter whiny millennial who cries sexism when she doesn't get what she wants.

      1. " I would also like to ask that all the harsh name-calling directed at "SeeJaneMarie" stop now. We strongly disagree with her opinion, but I also strongly disagree with calling women "b***hes" or "c**ts" for having strong opinions, even if those opinions are misguided."

        Agree to disagree.

    2. A hand or neck tattoo may mean the difference between that next job or promotion, and also may spur daily judgmental looks and harassing comments from strangers as many of my friends have experienced. It's not a thing to be taken lightly and I long ago drew an ethical line in the sand for myself as professional tattooer to turn down "job stoppers" on those who are not already committed to living as a heavily tattooed person.

      Sounds like he told her "fuck off, colonist", and she got super butthurt. Good for him. The tattooed shouldn't have to put up with this kind of cultural appropriation.

      1. Ha, I should have finished reading before I posted. That's exactly what he told her.

        Tattooing is my tribe. We will allow you to be a tourist, we will even welcome you to join, but don't be surprised that in 2015 there are still some things that cannot be bought, just earned.

    3. My only beef with that response is that he shouldn't have done the throat-clearing "I'm not a misogynist, just ask all the women in my life!" Doing that just implies that these Jezbian idiots have any intellectual or moral ground to stand on. They don't. They're emotionally stunted narcissists who don't deserve any benefit of the doubt or assumptions of sincerity.

    4. Couldn't read it earlier but that was a hell of a good read, thanks for posting.

  9. [Masterpiece Theatre theme plays]

    And now, the Detroit City Council:

  10. I'll update this post later with their decision.

    Why? We know what it will be. They're leaders of a big city--stupid rules governing peoples' behavior is their crack.

    1. *blinks*

      Isn't this what shotguns behind the counter were made for?

  11. OMG, instituting a curfew on the evening of the Freedom Festival?? is an irony that would be so delicious if it wasn't so pathetic

    1. Remember the legal threats to the guy who objected to the "Live Free or Die" slogan on the New Hampshire license plates?
      I think they finally forced him to "live free!".

  12. Come on, guys. It's the 'Freedom Festival'. What do you have against celebrating your freedom?

    (hangs head, start muttering "Jeez, for a magazine named Reason.....)

    1. I can't drink this fast! Slow down!

      1. Which brings up a burning question - How do woodchippers play into the Reason Drinking Game?

  13. Jesse - Apropos of nothing, I'm lodging a complaint about the complete lack of any kind of articles/posts on the subject of economics (not really your thing, I know).

    Other than some stuff by Doherty and occasionally by Veronique, reason is not addressing the "free markets" part of free minds and free markets. Potentially, you're missing out on the most important aspects of current events by giving cursory coverage to real economics.

    I know you're more culture stuff, but economics is, in the end, about the culture.

    I know Cato is there, but, geez, would a researched article about Greece or the current volatility in the bond market kill you guys?

    1. Are we getting chippy over your perception that there is not enough economic wood in Reason's forest?

      1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest you're not barking up the wrong tree. Let's see if she shreds your argument.

  14. Darn that Snyder and his aggressive balance-the-books style of government! :shakes fist:

    1. I blame Bush.

  15. Freedom Festival? I think not.

    1. There's an opportunity for pranksters to start putting up "Freedom Funeral" posters.

      1. Probably illegal.

  16. Detroit City Carnival - Rated R

  17. What's the problem here? If there's a curfew, no one will be out on the streets. Look what gun bans have done in Chicago, just to name one shining example of many!

    1. There already is no one on the streets of Detroit after about....6:00, interestingly enough.

      Don't know why they think they need a curfew. Belt and suspenders, I guess...

      1. Actually, not.
        Downtown is hopping on any night, even when it's cold and snowy. There are so many new restaurants and hipster bars. For example, Wright and Company, Small Plates, Joe Muer, Roast, Texas de Brazil all within the last five years, and all full every night--and that doesn't include the night clubs, which is not my scene. Some of them don't take reservations, and you can wait over an hour, on the street. And folks do.

        This is a curfew against unaccompanied kids. Because being under eighteen is simply criminal. Or something. I think they actually have good intentions here. But we know what that means...

        1. Cops beat and taze people who can't even drink away the pain?

  18. Always remember, when it comes to Detroit...

    ....think punk...

    .........think thug.....

    ...............think punk-thug Coleman Young.

  19. A curfew ... for a "Freedom Festival" ... celebrating overthrowing a tyrannical government.


  20. Kind of disappointed to get all the way to the bottom of the page without GKC posting how he's theoretically okay with a mandatory curfew for kids, teens, and certain other "undesirables" but he's not sure that police departments as currently constituted can't be trusted to administer it fairly.

  21. I thought they were going to turn Detroit into a zombie theme park. Whatever happened to that? Why are they letting all this perfectly good ruin go to waste?

  22. This patch of land called "Detroit" sure is doing some bad stuff. They should send it to bed without dinner.

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