Vince Vaughn Celebrates Snowden, Denounces Drug War, and Defends Guns in Schools!

True Detective star calls Edward Snowden "a hero," the drug war "fucking ridiculous," and denounces gun free school zones.


British GQ

Move over, Dixie Chicks and Bill Clinton! There's a new American celebrity denouncing U.S. policy on British soil!

Ron Paul supporter Vince Vaughn, set to star in the second season of HBO's True Detective, has nothing but praise for Edward Snowden, scorn for the drug war, and support for guns in schools (really). He tells British GQ flat out:

"Edward Snowden is a hero. I like what he did. My idea of treason is that you sell secrets to the enemy. He gave information to the American people. Snowden didn't take information for money or dogmas. Governments claim to write endless laws to protect us, a law for this, a law for that, but are they working? I don't think so. The consequences are that there is a staggering loss of freedom for the individual. I look at the drug wars and they are absolutely fucking ridiculous. There is a black market and the prisons are overcrowded and it's not preventing drug use. There's a corruption that goes all the way to the top."

OK, Vince, but what the Second Amendment? Here too, Vaughn has taken the safety off:

It's well known that the greatest defence against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back. All these gun shootings that have gone down in America since 1950, only one or maybe two have happened in non-gun-free zones. Take mass shootings. They've only happened in places that don't allow guns. These people are sick in the head and are going to kill innocent people. They are looking to slaughter defenceless human beings. They do not want confrontation. In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these fucking schools because they know there are no guns there. They are monsters killing six-year-olds…. You think the politicians that run my country and your country don't have guns in the schools their kids go to? They do. And we should be allowed the same rights. Banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat. Taking away guns, taking away drugs, the booze, it won't rid the world of criminality.

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