Martin O'Malley

Guess Who's Fearmongering Over PATRIOT Act 'Obstructionism'?

Martin O'Malley vs. Rand Paul


Is there an old Zell Miller sign we could use too?
Crockett Johnson

Martin O'Malley's role as an establishment man trying to run as an anti-establishment candidate was awkward enough when he entered the presidential race on Saturday, as progressive protesters heckled his progressive-sounding speech. It got worse on Sunday, when reporters asked him about the weekend's PATRIOT Act debate. Endorsing some reforms—he supports the USA FREEDOM Act, which has split the pro-privacy community—he nonetheless couldn't help engaging in a little fearmongering about the maneuvers taking place in the Senate. BuzzFeed reports:

O'Malley warned that [Rand] Paul's actions in the Senate on Sunday could put Americans at risk.

"I think we could be less safe if we resort to obstructionism when it comes to something as important as protecting our homeland from the threat of terror attacks," he said.

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  1. hecked

    Is that a combination of hacked and heckled?

    1. and hexed

      1. Heckled & Jeckled.

        1. Laverned and Shirleyed?

          1. I prefer to be Tangoed & Cashed.

            1. Tangled, Mangled, Cashiered, & Swirlied, by the law firm of the same name.

          2. Ever see the 80s porno flick Laverne on Shirley?

            I didn’t think so.

    2. Ah, heck Ma!

  2. Democrats cannot risk ceding the vital job of terrormongering to those goddam rethuglitards.

    1. Because he’s a government man. Government is good for you and good for me.

  3. After watching that speech in Baltimore, he’s no threat to Shrillary.

    1. Is anyone, really?

      I mean, I guess if you were able to get Medusas head in a bag and pull it out as she emerges from a limo…

      1. What good would holding a stone Medusa head at her do?

        1. “It was very nice of you to make this carving of me.”

    2. All the people in Baltimore who have been getting killed the last couple of weeks, and he wasn’t one of them. So tragic.

  4. Does BuzzFeed actually report anything?

    1. And I have to ask, did this “report” fall under OMG, WTF or LOL?

      1. April Fools

  5. Slightly OT but I watched most of O’Malley’s speech the other day announcing he was running, and it was unbelievably bad. I’m 99% sure he wrote it himself; if he’s paying a speechwriter for shit like that, he should be embarrassed. Well, he should be embarrassed regardless, because he did give the speech after all. But it was painful to listen to, aside from any political issues.

    1. “I watched most of O’Malley’s speech the other day”


      1. It’s only fair to give each candidate a shot. Though there might not be enough time between now and the election to get through all the Republicans.

    2. I watched most of O’Malley’s speech the other day announcing he was running, and it was unbelievably bad.

      Oh, just wait until he gets *really* wound up. He’s like a gospel preacher speaking in tongues.

      1. Do you have to nudge him now and then to make him do the back flip?

        1. “Oh. My. Friends. The man is HERE!”

  6. General Warrant Officer – Martin O’Malley says:

    I tap your phones and read your emails. Because I can.

    So, FYTW – bitches

  7. I think we could be less safe if we resort to obstructionism when it comes to something as important as protecting our homeland from the threat of terror attacks,” he said

    Anything is possible says Strawman McTruism.

  8. The best thing about Rand’s successful blocking of the section 215 renewal is all the delicious salty ham tears.

    That and all the fear mongering ass hats are outing themselves. Granted most of them we already knew, but it’s nice that shit heals like O’Malley have now put themselves on record supporting mass surveillance.

  9. A proggie actually told me on Saturday “government is good to you and good for you”, as a way to shush my objections on government overreach.

    Then, the proggie called me a psychopath.

    I laughed so hard that tears fell from my eyes.

    They are unreal.

    1. Psychopath is the standard go to when all else has failed. If you don’t want government taking care of people then you want people dying in the streets. And only a psychopath would want that.

      1. Then, I WEAR THE LABEL PROUDLY!!!!

    2. A proggie actually told me on Saturday “government is good to you and good for you”

      The fact that there are people our there who actually believe shit like that is just fucking unbelievable. I don’t know if I would be able to resist the urge to punch someone who actually said that to me in the face as hard as I could.

      1. Wait – the proggie ALSO wanted to eliminate all private charity too – because, well – of the Calvinists. Only government can and should help the poor. So say the Calvinists.

        I find that proggies are expecting a punch in response to their retarded ideas.

        They are more bothered at mocking derision and sarcasm.

        So I laughed. Loudly. Condescendingly.

        It still makes me chuckle.

        1. Only government is capable of properly directing where money should be spent. Charities all either spend money on the wrong things or don’t have enough because others are spending money on the wrong things.

          1. The Gospel according to Calvin?

            1. “Please turn to Hobbes 5;13 – the Rules to Calvinball”

      2. Not sure if they believe that or just want to or just say that to not have to think.

        1. I believe they believe that. But only with someone else’s money.

    3. A proggie actually told me on Saturday “government is good to you and good for you”, as a way to shush my objections on government overreach.

      I saw a vehicle with oregon plates and a bumper sticker that read: “Pease tax me and others like me for a better future”.

      I found it interesting on several levels, especially the “and others like me”.

      Basically, he’s not willing to voluntarily step forward unless everyone around him is forced to step forward at bayonet point.

      1. The driver was the president of a public sector union.

      2. Meaning it’ll be a better future if others like you, vehicle? Aw, poor car-car, so unliked.

  10. Stupid memes aren’t going to just make themselves.

  11. I did eight years with that piece of shit scumbag as governor, and I’ll be damned if I do four or more with him as president.

    1. But can he tell the difference between immoral and unjust?

      1. Yes, because he’s got a direct line to Il Papa.Any questions – Marty will phone a friend.

    2. Yep. You certainly served your sentence, Prisoner 200122. 🙂

  12. Am I supposed to be surprised that O’Malley is a Stalinist?

    1. The Baltimore prison system scandal will come out during the campaign. Hillary will eat him alive. It really doesn’t matter that O’Malley could use the same tactics on Clinton. The Clinton’s are immune to that sort of thing. O’Malley is not even popular in MD. He was beaten by a Republican here in the gubernatorial race. That doesn’t bode well for him on a national scale. And he’s not a liberal or leftist of any sort. Just another corrupt cronycrat with a huge ego.

      1. The Baltimore prison system scandal will come out during the campaign.

        This. He will be a national laughingstock when people find out how he tried to spin it.

      2. Sorry, O’Malley did not lose the gubernatorial race here, his hand picked successor did.

    2. Well, it’s not as if he has been a quiet and demure dictator. So, nope. No surprise.

  13. The thing that strikes me as really strange is that the Dems seem to be dead set on getting into a contest to see who can run the farthest left. This has disaster written all over it.

    I think they are trying to take the stupid party moniker away from the GOP.

    1. I think it’s all a ploy just for Hillary to be able to point and say how she’s not as crazy as those others.

      1. Such a low bar defines success?

        1. When you consider that the majority of people who will vote for her consider themselves moderate independents…

          1. If moderate independent means war mongering neocon, then it all makes sense.

            Whenever I hear the word moderate, it immediately makes me think of someone who has no real standing on any issues and who just goes along with whatever, to get along.

            1. In reality it usually means someone who senses that, as with most things in life, the extremes are bad, and it’s best to find the happy medium between them. You know, like how the Communists are way out there, the Liberals are too backward, so flip a coin between the Nazis & Social Democrats.

          2. The Vagina Monologues!! Yee haw

          3. True. I had friends who laughed at me in 2008 when I described Obama as a hard leftist. They assured me he was a pragmatist/moderate. Of course, when I described Pelosi as a hard leftist they had to think about that for a bit before agreeing with me.

      2. I think it’s that they are interpreting the electoral success of Obama in a totally wrong way.

        Obama’s success is due only to him being the first black president. He could have ran further to the right than Reagan and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

        The magic is gone, but they don’t realize it. They are running blindly into a brick wall.

        1. THIS. I think you have a better understanding of the electorate than most here do. Americans are stupid but they’re not that stupid.

          1. Well, the most important thing is have you built a PC yet?

    2. Great – then they can be stupid and evil.

      1. Stupid and evil or evil and stupid? I always get the parties mixed up.

        1. And hopefully, you always will 🙂

          We’re ALL in trouble if you ever capitulate.

          On a sidenote – I wonder if John McCain has tapped into our pleasantries today? Anyone got a message for Uncle John, if he is lisening?

  14. I laughed at the Tippecanoe & O’Malley too sign.

  15. “O’Malley warned that [Rand] Paul’s actions in the Senate on Sunday could put Americans at risk.”

    He’s got a point. Let’s say they stop recording all the calls and your answering service goes belly-up. Why, you’re at risk of losing those messages!

    1. Just more proof that democrats, who seem to be in a huge rush to go as far left as possible, are not liberals.

  16. I just got back from WaPo. I humbly accept your thanks for my sacrifice.

    I responded to a dyed in the wool lifetime team blue poster over there who was going on about how only the GOP are war mongers, approve of the drug war, approve of spying on Americans., etc.

    I basically pointed out all of the things that Obama is doing or not doing in regards to that, including droning people, starting more wars, expanding the NSA’s spying powers, expanding the drug war, etc.

    His comeback was ‘Stop making stuff up, Con!’

    I replied by asking him to point out what I made up.

    His 2nd comeback was ‘You love Bush, Con!’

    There are 1000 Buttplugs and Tonys over there. My head hurts.

    1. You’re a psychopath, CON!! And a racist to boot!

      1. You left out that I hate women and children, want to put minorities back in chains, and want the terrorists to win.

        1. CONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!


        2. Yeah, that stuff too 🙂

          You meanie.

  17. Who the fuck is Martin O’Malley

    1. A visiting faculty member at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, last I heard. He used to be governor and presided over building tax payer funded casinos for his cronies and running a drug and prostitution ring at the Baltimore City prison.

      1. So he’s qualified then

  18. Well, Marty – it’s been 12 hours. So, how much longer do we have to wait for that big, bad mushroom cloud? Well, how much longer?

    And don’t play coy. I know you’ve tapped all of our phones and are reading our emails.

  19. It’d be foolish to stand in the way of a measure to amputate all our arms, because nothing could be too good if it’s for our safety from terror.

  20. Yea, Rand Paul’s “obstructionism” may make it so someone may bomb a marathon, or shoot people at an army base, or have muslim extremists attempt to kill people at an event in Texas…….oh wait!

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