Rand Paul

Watch Matt Welch Talk Rand Paul & Hillary Clinton at 4:30 PM on MSNBC's NOW With Alex Wagner


For roughly a half-hour beginning at 4:30 p.m. ET, I'll be on MSNBC's NOW With Alex Wagner talking about stuff like:

* Whether the Patriot Act obstructionism of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) can be cynically reduced to campaign fundraising.

* How numerical caps on televised GOP debates will affect campaign strategy.

* The Clintons campaigning together for the first time since Hillary threw her pantsuit into the ring.

* Whether the disappointing box office of Tomorrowland means that only superhero movies will survive.

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  1. Prediction: Grey suit, white shirt, blue tie. (More of a suggestion than a prediction.)

    1. Too ‘party-line democrat’

      I have not seen the Navy suit in a while. It would be a nice change of pace.

      He rocked pink on MSNBC before, and tactically out-styled Anne Marie Cox, whose Feminist barbs were deflected by his clearly gay-friendly color palette

      I tend to think you have to look “more fun” on MSNBC to ensure that the douchebag hosts don’t try and pigeonhole you as that “right wing guy” who hates the poor and is a puppet for the corporate elite.

      Consequently, purples, pinks, etc. would outperform relative to the more staid, Reds or Blues. Something like this would be excellent.

    2. He splits the difference with grey suit, lilac shirt, light blue tie

      The host is so clearly interested in making this, “How cynical should we be about Rand Paul?”

      How silly and ridiculous is he? Matt? Anyone? Can we show a clip of Lindsey Eyeroll Graham again?

      The MSNBC view is clearly = giggle our way past the issue of “NSA Surveillance” and mock republicans for taking political stands they are too cowardly to take themselves. Never mind Hillary remains completely mum about things like Drones, Surveillance, etc.

      1. I’d hardly call that splitting the difference.

  2. I saw Tomorrowland with my kids this weekend. It was okay, but it really fizzled at the end. When everyone has to explain everything in dialogue, there’s usually a problem. At least there is in a movie like this.

    1. My wife wants to see that. How many beers should I consume before going?

      1. All of them.

        1. Welp, I better get started.
          *cracks open case of lucky Buddha*

          1. I consumed all my beer while my wife and kids were seeing that movie.

            Still want to see it though.

            FYI – Sunny Bunch’s spoilers for Tomorrowland:


            He’s getting to be my go to movie reviewer (read his recent blog on Mike Judge).

            1. “a movie’s true lesson is the opposite of its more obvious lesson. Previous installments include “Elysium is actually an anti-Obamacare parable,” “Star Trek Into Darkness is pro-drone strike,” and “Godzilla: The Anti-Global-Warming-Alarmism Blockbuster.” ‘

              I’m in love.

              “The real lesson of Tomorrowland is that there’s no reason to make any special effort to change because nothing bad is going to happen anyway, despite all the doomsaying to the contrary. Things are getting better literally all the time without any particularly massive effort. Don’t worry. Be happy. Go watch Mad Max: Fury Road. You’ll be happier that way.”

    2. Maybe bad box office receipts will mean Lidenwhateverhisname won’t be getting to write movies that are good ideas until he ruins them?

      1. No, no, no, we’re blaming original content, don’t you know?

    3. The review that caught my attention was: “Of course the true love of a 50-something man is a prepubescent robot girl.”

      1. Only if that man is Jean Reno and the prepubscent robot girl is Natalie Portman.

        1. Just watched that movie again recently.

          Holy shit, is there ever a cuh-reepy subtext to that flick. How I missed it the first time I watched it, I don’t know.

          1. Maybe because you were so mesmerized by Gary Oldman’s over-the-top acting.

            “Eeeeeevery One!”

  3. “Whether the Patriot Act obstructionism of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) can be cynically reduced to campaign fundraising.”

    I heard two or three pundits make such claims over the weekend.

    A paraphrase: “Sure he filibustered, not that it would actually change anything but it’s good for fundraising and his presidential campaign.”

    1. Yep, not like Rand has been talking about this shit forever.

      Also, our awesome intel services are in danger of missing key intelligence without that Patriot Act, right…..right?


      Or maybe it’s just that the NSC adviser to Obama is a speechwriter?

  4. Mrs. Clinton attracted well wishers who … asked her questions ranging from common core education standards to how often she sees her daughter

    Too bad it’s not “Mrs. Clinton attracted well wishers who asked her questions ranging from government ethics standards to how often she sees her server administrator.”

    1. “Mrs. Clinton, should each email destroyed in violation of federal law be a separate criminal offense, or do you favor a single criminal charge regardless of how many emails are destroyed?”

      1. “Are you serious?”

  5. I tuned in late. Did Welch utter a single word?

    1. Does it matter if he did? It was MSN-fucking-BC for crying out loud.

  6. Whether the disappointing box office of Tomorrowland means that only superhero movies will survive.

    Or if only movies without an obvious, simpleminded, righteous and moralistic message that should’ve been sent through Western Union will survive.

  7. It was MSN-fucking-BC for crying out loud.

    It’s like shouting “Fire” in an empty theater.

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