Matt Welch: 'When they ask to raise taxes that just means they've lost the nerve to face down public sector unions'


On Wednesday, I appeared on Fox Business Network's Money with Melissa Francis to talk about (among other things) the dozen or so states that are currently pondering tax increases. Lil' video clip here:

Reason on "Failed States" here.

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  1. I had a similar conversation about public school funding last night with a proggie wherein they were arguing that the problem in Baltimore was that the schools were neglected and underfunded. When I countered that Baltimore schools systems have one of the highest funding per student per capita in the nation they said that it doesn’t matter because clearly the money isn’t reaching the kids.

    When I argued that the reason it isn’t reaching the kids is because of Unions like the NEA and the local teachers union they argued that I was against teachers getting paid. Since the goalposts were moved again I argued that charter schools in the area that well outperform the public schools actually tend to pay teachers less in some areas than public schools they argued that the problem is we spend too much money on tax breaks for big businesses.

    Rinse, repeat.

    1. Cagey little fuckers aren’t they?

      1. Like watching a straw man slide down a slippery slope and impale himself on an ad-hominem.

    2. To try to cover logic to someone whose arguments are all based in feelz is an exercise in futility.

    3. I encountered similar idiocy (“It’s about the experience.”) but had a breakthrough moment focusing on administrative creep.

    4. Would they come through your door or window and rob you to give more money to public schools? Hell no, they would fear the consequences.

      They are shielded from consequences from politicians who are backed by standing armies and police forces. Could John Bohner, or Harry Reid really go to someone door and try to extort folks by themselves? Hell no, they would get the shit kicked out of them.

  2. They’re pondering not only massive tax increases where I live, but the implementation of an income tax, a capital gains tax, repealing the 1% cap on property tax, and various other new vectors to fleece us because we’re not paying our fair sharez.

    There’s one rule of taxation: It’s never enough.

    1. Dammit Paul, stop giving me reasons to struggle to fall asleep at night!

      1. But it’s far from certain that lawmakers will have the stomach to lift the property tax cap this year. Legislators are already pondering a statewide transportation package that includes an 11.7-cent per gallon gas tax hike.

        And then there are the multitude of proposals to change the local property tax levy system that helps fund education. The Supreme Court called for changes in its 2012 McCleary decision.

        Senate Democrats have proposed a capital-gains tax to help pay for education. Senate Republicans have proposed a levy swap that would increase taxes in “property-rich” areas like the Puget Sound region to compensate for “property-poor” areas elsewhere.
        Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson of Maury Island and Hunter, among others, listened to people from each of the state’s 49 legislative districts speak.

        “I pay my fair share in taxes ? others should pay their fair share too,” Shazia Anwar, a 45-year-old caregiver and member of SEIU 775, told those gathered.

        That’s what you’re up against. Professional, paid community organizers who represent “the people” demanding tax increases.…..rty-taxes/

        1. “I pay my fair share in taxes ? And consume a significantly greater share of those taxes,”

          Shazia Anwar did not add.

          /45-year-old caregiver == someone who gets more tax credits than debits.

        2. “That’s what you’re up against. Professional, paid community organizers who represent “the people” demanding tax increases.”

          These are the same people who were ‘striking’ at the local fast-food joints for higher wages. None of the store owners reported any of their workers ‘striking’, but the news org’s did find several who were ‘former’ employees of fast food joints, now employed by SEIU.

        3. I homeschool, but the neighbor’s boys tend to hang out at my house all the time. They have next Wednesday off because the teachers are going on strike.

          Me: So, what I’m hearing you say is that I need to stock up on food, because you’ll be around a lot more.

          12YO Neighbor Boy: No, it’s just the one day. They’re bringing in people to teach who have no education.

          Me: So just a symbolic strike, then, and at your expense.

          The kids at the local middle school are pretty hacked off about it, apparently. They think the teachers don’t give a rip about education, only money.

          1. Maybe start wearing a bra around the house. The neighbor boys will go back to xBox.

            1. Shhh, NutraSweet! No! Bad NutraSweet! Never suggest that! What’s wrong with you?!?

            2. Titillating!

              Their mother is a very nice lady with end-stage multiple sclerosis, and I serve regular meals and homemade goodies to good boys who run the trash out on their way back home. It’s cupboard love.

              1. I kept waiting for your story to go into Penthouse Forum territory, but it just stayed nice and sweet. Why hast thou disappointed me so?

                1. 2/10 NOT EROTIC

                2. Sorry, brah. I have no pervy stories about 12 year olds. I know, I know, how crazy is that?

                  I do have a pervy story about an 18 year old. I was hitchhiking up the 101, and landed in Astoria. This kid sat down next to me in a park and introduced himself, and then followed me around town for a few hours. I thought he was just fascinated by hitchhiking, until he asked me to deflower him.

                  1. (opens Word, types “Dear Forum”)

                    Go on…there’s more, right?

                    1. Just the part where I told him no.

                      I live to disappoint men. It’s my thing.

                    2. This is why I come here.

                  2. Deflower him? Like finger his butthole?

                    1. FINISH THE STORY

                    2. It doesn’t smell like a flower.

          2. They think the teachers don’t give a rip about education, only money.

            No one who has ever gone through public school could possibly believe such a slanderous accusation. SHAME ON YOU

        4. others should pay their fair share too,” Shazia Anwar, a 45-year-old caregiver and member of SEIU 775

          I don’t know the word but consider myself the antithesis of a caregiver.

          1. “Vampire”

              1. Leach?

                1. Give-a-Fuck-er?

            1. Who ordered the sexy Vampire? Oh hell no…… Hey!!!! Get away from me damnit!!

    2. Well, duh. The rich don’t pay their fair share. If the did then they wouldn’t be rich.

      1. But note how “The Rich” are never Al Gore (net worth in the neighborhood of $200 million) but some schmoo drawing an actual SALARY of six (not seven) figures.

        1. Principals, not principles.

  3. So BART (Bay Area commuter rail) is surprised that the tracks do not last forever! In fact, they are in such condition that a 10″ long chunk detached itself from the remainder and flew off who knows where yesterday and shut down an entire line.
    There is no money to repair the trackage, the unions have forever pointed out that BART is ‘flush’ and may as well spend the money on them. Since there is no downside, the managers have done so.
    And now they are oh, so sorry, but it looks like they’ll have to go to the public for additional money to cover these unforeseen problems!
    I’m sure you’re sympathetic to their plight, correct?
    Imagine moonbeam’s zoomy choo-choo; see any budgeting for maintenance there?

    1. Maintaining infrastructure is a low priority, non-core function of government.

      1. New infrastructure sells better than taking care of what we have.

      2. No one could have foreseen that capital improvements need repairs budgeted into their lifetime upkeep. No one!

        1. The toll was supposed to never go up!!!!!!!

    2. Another triumph of central planning! We should so do health care that way!

  4. ROADS!

    Welch brings roads into it.

    1. There’s nothing like getting teabagged by Welch.

    2. The Tolls are too damn high!!!!!

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    White shirt with spread point-collar
    We are satisfied

    1. You know what they call a guy that spends that much time thinking about his clothes?

      1. Well-Dressed

        1. No, a “grownup”.

          So you never saw The Wire?

          1. I forgot that scene.

            1. One of my favorite exchanges between McNutty and Bunk, after Bunk goes on at length about the Abboud signature look with the black buttons.

    2. Wider camera view
      Reveals Matt’s darker trousers
      Criminal mismatch

      1. gravy? or stained from the tears of a million orphans?

      2. Maybe haiku would have saved < i The Independents.

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          Let’s see GILMORE review that.

      3. I can’t have you complacent.

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