Watch a Special Stossel Tonight at 9 p.m. ET* on Campaign 2016, Featuring Matt Welch!

The 'stache of freedom will interview Gary Johnson and talk with Reason's EIC about Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush


Tonight's episode of Stossel (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET*, 6 p.m PT) is a humdinger, even with me on as a guest! Libertarian Party 2012 presidential nominee Gary Johnson will be on to talk about his 2016 plans, the inadequacy of the current field, and his attempts to open up the debate process. Nineties candidate Gary Bauer will talk about the role of social conservatism in the election, and why pot can't be legalized.

There'll be draft-Biden types, draft-Elizabeth Warren types, and the World's Smallest Political Quiz. Stossel will talk about his preference for Rand Paul, and I'll be on to discuss Paul, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton. A web-only tease from that:

* corrected from original.