Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Announces His Candidacy for the Republican Presidential Nomination


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a Tea Party favorite who gave a phenomenal victory speech on Election Night 2010, is officially running for president.

From USA Today:

"I honestly believe that the country is at a moment in its history where the choices it makes over the next four to six years is going to determine the identity of our nation moving forward and the choice us before is: Will it remain a special country?" Rubio said during a recent Fox News interview.

Rubio's announcement comes the day after Clinton made her long-awaited entry into the race. Throughout the run-up to his campaign launch, the Florida senator has made little secret that he will make contrasts with the former secretary of State as the "architect of a failed foreign policy."

That honestly is a bit off-putting, don't you think? Is that a tell or what?

A Cuban American from Florida, Rubio drew ire from nativists when he backed a non-draconian immigration plan a couple of years back. He's backed off that, gave an unintentionally comic response to a State of the Union Address, and is now pushing to maintain sanctions about Cuba and regularly calls for a more-boffo defense budget and interventions abroad. He is also terrible on The Patriot Act, as Tea Party Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is only too happy to explain.

Rubio has been a vocal critic of Obama's approach to foreign policy, on everything from his handling of Iran and tensions in the Middle East to the threat from the Islamic State. He denounced Obama's steps to normalize relations with the Communist regime in Cuba and has clashed with GOP rival Rand Paul on the issue.

Rubio counts among his mentors Jeb Bush, who has yet to officially jump into the race, and said the former Florida governor's candidacy would not impact his decision. He has said he's confident of raising money and putting together staff to show his will be a credible campaign.

More here.

Along with another Tea Party senator from the Class of 2010, Utah's Mike Lee, Rubio has sponsored a "family fairness" tax plan which is a budget-busting attempt to buy votes. More about that here. All of which makes him "one of the strongest GOP candidates running in 2016," says NBC. And he's "real" and he's "spectacular" according to The Daily Beast's Eleanor Clift in a Seinfeld homage.

A big announcement from the man himself is slated for 6 p.m. ET tonight.

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  1. Rubio’s running for Veep I’d say.

  2. Cuban Mitt Romney? Hell, they even have the same initials.

    1. Nah, Cuban Hannity.

      1. Cuban Santorum?

        1. Cubantorum?

          1. Septic Unsanatorium?

  3. Of course the media likes him. He’s a lightweight that would be picked apart by Hillary, so they don’t fear him in the slightest. By comparison, look how they’ve treated Paul so far, because he scares them.

    I agree, he’s running for VP. Then the Rs can say they have a ‘diverse ticket’.

    1. I am not certain that the media treatment of Senator Paul so far has resulted from any “fear” they might have of him.

      The national media may dislike all Republican Presidential aspirants but it stretches things quite a bit to say they “fear” any of the possible contenders.

      I don’t think Democratic operatives actually fear Senator Paul and in fact they may view him as one of the weaker candidates. (“social darwinism” monocles, et al)

      I say this not because it may actually in fact be true, but for a Democratic politician or strategist, the strongest candidate would be the one closest to them ideologically.

      1. Perhaps operatives aren’t scared, but some Dems crappng their pants over Rand Paul. There was a letter in Sunday’s paper alleging the “large majority of Paul supporters” are “neo-nazis” because on non-support for Israel.

        1. So what does that make Obama?

          1. Obama is not non-supportive of Israel. Obama hates Israel and is openly supportive of Iran. Obama wished Hitler had been a little more successful in his final solution than he was.

            There, I think that covers it.

      2. I think they fear him in more of a general sense that they fear the possibility of some “radical libertarian” getting elected president and undoing all of the “progress” they’ve made. I’m sure they’re still smugly confident that they’ll be able to win because afterall, Paul’s a nutjob and all “right thinking” people know that.

  4. Oh good, that should take the heat off Hillary.

  5. Not a frontrunner in my book. Should have gone for another senate term if he wanted to stay elected

  6. First Mexican president! Making history!

  7. I’d say he’s pretty much guaranteed a spot in the top 4 along with Jeb, Walker, and Rand. Checks off the right boxes and says the right things but I don’t see him as being particularly inspiring or ready for a primetime campaign.

  8. That’s some winning alt text you got there

    1. They have all been bringing their top alt-text out today!

  9. Sorry Herr Rubio, the best I can muster is a “meh”.

  10. Opposition to his candidacy is indicative of virulent racism. Doesn’t Hillary want the causes of diversity and equality to triumph above petty squabbles demonstrably by seeing a Rubio presidential victory?


  11. No. Sit down Rubio and STFU.

  12. No.

    How about, Hell No?

    No Fucking Way?

    At this point Rubio could walk on water and I still wouldn’t vote for the guy. He signed on to McCaskill’s atrocious anti-due-process “campus rape” bill. That alone is enough to ensure I’ll never vote for him

  13. Look, he is only running so Republican voters think they have a choice of whom to vote for. For the rest of us, he’ll just be another stage prop.

  14. That honestly is a bit off-putting, don’t you think? Is that a tell or what?

    It roughly means, “I generally tell lies, but I think you’re too stupid to understand the significance of this ‘honestly’, or perhaps I’m being arrogant here, but you can totally trust me that I’m not lying about this despite me just admitting to be a huge liar.”

  15. The Atlantic delivers the unkindest cut of all: Marco Rubio Everyone’s Second Choice.

    Truth is a mean bitch.

  16. “I honestly believe that the country is at a moment in its history where the choices it makes over the next four to six years is going to determine the identity of our nation moving forward and the choice us before is: Will it remain a special country?” Rubio said during a recent Fox News interview.

    What eye-rolling tripe. Did he also make the announcement that the 2016 election is The Most Important Election In Our Lifetime?

  17. Does anyone know of anything even remotely substantial that Rubio has done since joining the senate? Legislation? Leadership? I recall back at the time people seemed very hopeful the guy would be good but as far as I can tell he basically vanished?

    1. He hasn’t done anything concrete because every time he did, he managed to piss off some group (for example: his immigration reform bill). God forbid.

      So he just stopped trying to actually do anything which required any amount of political guts. Instead, he criticizes anything Obama does with providing specifics on what he’d do and only sponsors legislation which only the “fringe” can possibly object to (like the recent campus rape prevention bill).

  18. Lets see how many times we can mention “Tea Party” in one article.

  19. Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, this is ineligible. He cannot hold that office., Which is sad, as he’d make a president far superior to the present kinyun pretender, who is ALSO not a Natural Born Citizen…..

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