Which States Will Legalize Marijuana This Year and Next?

A preview of upcoming ballot initiatives


Jacob Sullum

So far four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana. In my latest Forbes column, I look at ballot initiatives in six states that could be next:

At the beginning of 2014, when Colorado became the first state to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use, the whole world was watching. "It was insane," says Toni Fox, owner of Denver's 3D Cannabis Center, where the first sale happened. "On January 1, there were close to 200 reporters here. Controlled chaos. It was just packed with reporters."

But the more successful Colorado's model is and the more imitation it inspires, the less attention it will get. "Colorado is not going to be the top dog for much longer," says Kayvan Khalatbari, co-owner of the Denver Relief dispensary. "I think it's only a matter of time before Colorado really gets overlooked."

Khalatbari predicts that "up to a dozen states" will have legal marijuana by the end of 2016, which may not be far from reality. Last year Alaska and Oregon joined Colorado and Washington, where voters also approved legalization in 2012, and similar ballot initiatives have a decent or better chance of succeeding in at least half a dozen states this year and next, while legislators are considering legalization in states such as Vermont and Rhode Island. These are the ballot initiatives to watch.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. OT: apologies if if someone already posted this
    Anyone seen today’s nutpunch?

    1. ah, there it is. Dances w/ Trolls early this AM/last night in the SC post.
      I’m guessing since he’s not black, it’ll get much less coverage. Plus, aren’t cops allowed a 2 min grace period to beat a subdued suspect anyway?!

      1. aren’t cops allowed a 2 min grace period to beat a subdued suspect

        It may be more of a cool-down after the strenuous chase.

    2. I can’t speak to the behavior of anyone else involved – but the horse seems to have his priorities in order…

  2. I’m too high to read all of this. Is it good news or bad?

    1. It’s no news at all yet.

      Smoke ’em if ya got ’em….

      1. You know what would be real news?

        Obama firing up a doobie in front of Congress.

        1. That would make me like him. A little. It’d be a start.

      2. Roger that… *slap*.

  3. “The advantage to including the regulation of medical marijuana is that it would allow the existing medical marijuana people to find a more legal way of being involved with medical marijuana and not being in a gray area if they wanted to move out of the gray area.”

    Okay ??..

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  5. Wonder what policy prescription is being dreamed up to combat this great scourge on America? Sexy men make others take bigger risks with money:

    There’s nothing like the sight of a rival to embolden a man, it seems. If you want a straight man to make a riskier play in poker, you should consider getting a hot guy to sit with you.

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    He did four behavioural experiments involving 820 men and women. After being shown pictures of attractive men, the heterosexual men in the study were more likely to choose a riskier bet when given the choice than at other times, or than when shown a picture of an attractive woman.

    1. some men were shown male models in Abercrombie & Fitch advertisements, while others were shown female Victoria’s Secret models. A third group were shown photographs of “average” looking people. The participants were then offered the choice of getting $100, or taking a bet where they had a 90% chance of getting nothing and a 10% chance of getting $1000. The men who saw male models were more likely to choose the risky bet

      No homo!

      1. More like No Self Confidence.

  6. Don’t expect California’s recreational marijuana laws to pass. The last time such a law was on the ballot the anti-pot crusaders ran lots of negative ads filled with lies and totally hoodwinked the low-information voters (most of the state). But I hope I’m wrong…

    1. The medical marijuana industry also fought to protect their control remember.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. I remember one radio commercial that said if the legalization proposition passed then people could legally go to work stoned and their employers couldn’t fire them. It was an outright lie but the idiotic public believed and voted it down. Not confident that won’t happen again.

    2. The medical marijuana industry also fought to protect their control remember.

  7. You know who else sought to legalize behavior that others thought should remain illegal…

    1. Rosa Parks?

    2. Roman Polanski?

  8. “members of the Specialized Investigations Detail are responding to conduct the criminal investigation.” They will review “the totality of the incident,”

    a third was injured when the horse kicked his back

    The horse lived? Seriously?

    1. Booyah ! totality of the circs FTW.



  9. The governor in my state is pointing to Colorado as proof that legal marijuana is a bad idea because it hasn’t eliminated the black market. If the legal stuff is more expensive than the illegal stuff (thanks to government imposed licenses, taxes, and fees), then of course there will be a black market. Duh.

    1. So….pot is cloudinng LePage’s judgment ?

  10. So… any bets on long it is before we find out our anti-discrimination laws require you allow stoned guests to pass out in your business or other place of “public accommodation”? Or when the mayor of NYC leads the Junkie Pride Parade through Times Square?

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