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Rand Paul's announcement is supposed to happen right around noon.

For Reason on Rand Paul, go here.

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  1. Think Progress, who idolize FDR and Woodrow Wilson, says that Rand would be “the worst President on civil rights since reconstruction”. I can’t even begin to imagine how that makes the slightest bit of sense, even in TP’s twisted minds.

    1. NOT if you only think in terms of race and protected classes.

      1. No, even then it’s still idiotic.

      2. No, but you have to weigh internment camps against the glories of the New Deal, without which we would still be reeling from the Great Depression.

    2. Think Progress’s idea of civil rights is a caste system.

  2. I’d prefer a walking commentary…

  3. Rand’s wife is pretty in a Maggie Gylenhall kinda way. The Left is going to fucking hate her.

    1. “pretty in a Maggie Gylenhall kinda way”

    2. What’s the over/under on the chance within the next two weeks that a shrieking harpy bubbles up from the fever swamps of DU/Daily Kos/Alternet declaring that his wife deserves to be sexually assaulted because, you know, social justice or something?

      1. 60/40


      2. I was going to say the Left would hate the wife of any Republican presidential candidate but recalled that Laura Bush was not generally hated. Of course, they brought up the story that she ran over a man, but she remained rather popular during her husband’s presidency. Are the things worse now than 10-15 years ago?

        1. Laura remained out of politics and therefore above the fray. Her only speeches about her husband were all personal fluff stuff about what a good Christian man he is. Rand’s wife doesn’t show any compunction towards making policy speeches or being anything other than the wife of the guy running, but should she ever make a political statement, she’ll become fair game and get the Palin treatment.

          1. Google Laura “pickles” Bush…

            Remember when Hillary went on 60 Minutes in 1991 when Gennifer Flowers was the thing?

            How about when she appeared on the Today show when it was the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that said Bill spooged on Monica’s dress?

    3. “pretty in a Maggie Gylenhall kinda way”

      You know how every democrat candidate wants to be the re-incarnation of JFK and the elegant Jackie O ? How they try to claim Michelle is elegant ? How the actual Kennedies keep getting more inbred looking by the generation ?

      Take a look at Rand and his wife. Those are two good looking people. Not Hollywood unrealistic, but just two very attractive folks you might like to spend some time with. That can’t hurt. Just sayin…

  4. Are they using a hand-held camera? Video is shaking like crazy. Who’s got Dramamine?

    1. It’s iPhone found footage


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  6. “Congress will never balance the budget unless you force them to do so…”

    Wait a minute, force? IS THIS GUY A LIBERTARIAN? PURITY TEST, STAT….

    On the other hand, I am curiously… aroused.

  7. Damn, that bodyguard is fucking fat.

  8. “Brian Williams here, on assignment, covering a potential GOP challenger to my 2016 Presidential run.”

  9. Get ready for the entrenched left and right to go apeshit over this. Paul scares the shit out of them, since he’s actually for something and often actually does what he says, unlike them.

    This is going to be…interesting.

    1. Quoting Martin Luther King and then attacking radical Islam…I’m sure a few heads have already exploded.

    2. “Get ready for the entrenched left and right to go apeshit over this.”

      I’m sure there are dedicated individuals right now parsing his words and working on spin and sound bites to smear him (Did you notice that he said white and black but totally avoided mentioning Hispanics? Racist!)

      Truthfully Epi, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a lot of new names around here this morning/today.

      1. The new trolls will be along as soon as the talking points are issued.

        1. He has no chance and you’ll waste your vote
          A vote for Rand is a vote for the Democrats
          This is the most important election ever
          Moving the party in the right direction is better than another 4-8 years of communism (or socialism)

          What else, Dark?

          1. Left of Obama on foreign policy.

            Not realistic.


            The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

            Hostile to business.

            Along with standard proggie trolling.

            Racist, throwing grandma off the cliff, hates the poor, etc, etc. Expect the progs to lay it on extra thick though. They’re truly terrified of someone like Rand.

            1. You forgot “JIM CROW.”

  10. I can’t see the You Tubes here… no bee attacks, yes?

    1. No. All non-human fauna was ritually sacrificed to the Aquabuddha at the start of the festivities.

  11. I’m running for president.

    1. You’ll have some work to do. I think Almanian has the HnR vote locked up already.

      1. I’m comfortable labelling Almanian THE Frontrunner.

        1. He really locked it up with his Bo Cara policy

          1. Scorched Earth?

    2. Me too!

  12. Holy crap, have we left any Reason writers out. Dalmia? What does SHE think of Ran Paul, that’s what I’m just dying to know.

    1. Here’s my vision of what a Shikha article on Rand would be headlined:

      Rand Paul’s Border Policy Would Decapitate Undocumented Adults and Sell Their Children Into Sex Slavery

      1. That would be the one and only time she believes that sex slavery exists though, right?

        1. I thought ENB was the big sex-worker advocate?

          1. You’re correct. I can totally see Shikha poo-pooing the notion of sex trafficking whenever it comes up in the context of immigration controls though. Or, actually, the opposite. “Border controls foster sex trafficking! Think of the children!”

            Now I’ve completely confused myself.

    2. They’re all gunning to be his press secretary.

      1. Didn’t Maggie Gyllenhaal play a secretary once?

        1. Her weirdly hot role. Yes. She was a bad secretary. Or a good secretary. I couldn’t tell the difference.

  13. He’s named after some character in Atlas Shrugged or something, right?

      1. Snap into a Slim Jim! And then the Fed!

      2. No, he was obviously named after the villain from Steven King’s The Stand.

    1. He was named after the Rand Corporation. CORPORASHUNZ!!!!!!!

      1. Which means he’s working with the saucer people under the supervision of the reverse vampires.

        We’re through the looking glass, people.

        1. The saucer people are causing power outages in govt buildings as we speak

          1. +1 Attack of the Blood Donors.

            (tying in with BiMonSciFiCon’s comment)

  14. But what does he think about intellectual property laws?

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