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Ted Cruz vs. Rand Paul in Presidential Vids: Do you want a "Blessing" or "a different kind of Republican?"


Here's "Blessing," Sen. Ted Cruz's first campaign video as an official candidate for the GOP presidential nomination:

And here's Sen. Rand Paul's first entry into the same category. Paul will announce his run for the White House tomorrow:

The differences go far beyond the formats imposed by a 30-second TV spot and a longer online video—and they're indicative, I assume, of different emphases by the candidate. Where Cruz, who announced his bid at Liberty University, the world's largest religious college, is clearly driving hard toward evangelicals, Paul is stressing a larger, more-inclusive vision of the GOP. He talks about being "a different kind of Republican" and the need for specific things such as a balanced budget. The rhetoric about finding a "road back" to prosperity and respect abroad seems misbegotten: You don't have to go full Don Draper to know the best roads lead forward, not backwards. But overall, this is a strong market being laid down by an insurgent candidate whose main selling point is that he's not your typical big-government GOP hawk cum social con. 

Ted Cruz's YouTube page here.

Rand Paul's YouTube page here.

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  1. I look forward to the day when politicians no longer have to pander to the Evangelicals.

    1. Agreed. Should Paul win the nomination, I’ll vote for him, and just hope that all of his recent talk is just sucking up to evangelicals for votes.

    2. If you want their votes, then you have to win them.

      1. So, you can’t just point out that “Not voting for *me* is a sin!”?

    3. I don’t understand why they do it. Evangelicals aren’t going to shift parties. Just marginalize them like they deserve.

      1. That’s what I think. With the shrinking numbers or Evangelicals out there, it’s a net loss to even pay them lip service.

  2. the rhetoric about finding a “road back” to prosperity and respect abroad seems misbegotten

    I can excuse the “road back” as a somewhat-poorly-chosen figure of speech. If he gets”respect abroad” by eliminating (most) foreign aid, withdrawing (most) troops, and washing our hands of the Middle East, a lotta guys would be on board with that.

  3. It probably helps Rand more than anything if Cruz wants to take the mantle of SoCon Guy. It weakens Huckabee in Iowa by diluting the Evangelical vote while Cruz will attack the establishment favorites like Jeb and Rubio.

    1. But Cruz came out SO FAR RIGHT that it’s laughable. The only other things he needs to do is kill an abortion doctor with his legally registered “assault” rifle.

  4. I was more than a little surprised to hear a pundit refer to Rand Paul as a “Frontrunner.”

    1. Who else is there? I mean, who does team red have out in the space now? Cruz and Paul have to be the front runners. Who else is it going to be right now? Lamar Alexander?

      1. Spencer,

        “Who else is there?”
        The likely-to-run men who many pundits are/have been talking about.

        To elaborate; I fully expected more negative coverage and even some hostile coverage. From my observations of the past four cycles, media pundits usually reserve the “Frontrunner” label for establishment type candidates.
        During one presidential campaign many corporately owned outlets referred to men who hadn’t even entered the race as “Frontrunners” or “Top Tier” candidates, while ignoring candidates in the race or one candidate (Ron Paul) whose popularity and fundraising were surging.

        1. I agree. I was just stating that there aren’t really ANY establishment hats in the ring.

          1. True.

  5. Stock photo approved.

    I figured out who it reminds me of: “Him” from the powerpuff girls.

  6. Great, so now Ted Cruz goes on the list of people living in the wrong millenium to be taken seriously.

    Keep it in your pants, God-boy.

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