Nick Gillespie Talking Entitlements, Rose Wilder Lane, the Fed, Zoning, & More!


I was recently interviewed on a podcast called Outstanding Ohioans. The host Ron Siliko covered a huge amount of ground during the 75-minute conversation, including the following:

  • how [Nick Gillespie] preps for an interview
  • why he hates the political process
  • how does Nick consume so much content (very well-read and well-versed)
  • book reference to Rose Wilder Lane
  • we covered the following political topics
    • entitlements-mandatory and discretionary spending
    • pension reform
    • eminent domain & civil forfeiture
    • regulations, including the hot topic of Net Neutrality
    • zoning
    • tax code
    • ballot and voting access
    • the FED
    • link where Reason.com does periodic polling
    • are we getting closer or further away to "free minds and free markets"?
  • the work of the Institute for Justice
  • Reason's YouTube Channel Reason TV

Quite possibly the only thing we didn't talk about was the kitchen sink. It's a fun, loose podcast and blog.

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