Mandatory Minimums

The Tougher-Than-Thou Senator

Has Chuck Grassley ever seen a prison sentence he thought was too long?


Last week the newly created Coalition for Public Safety, a bipartisan, transideological campaign to reform the criminal justice system, made a big splash by bringing together political adversaries such as Koch Industries and the Center for American Progress. Notably absent from celebrations of this strange-bedfellows alliance: any mention of actual policy changes the coalition plans to pursue.

The lack of specifics was understandable but telling. While there seems to be broad agreement within the coalition about what should be done to "make our criminal justice system smarter, fairer, and more cost effective," the current Congress may settle for little more than lip service to those goals.

The problem can be summed up in two words: Chuck Grassley. The Iowa Republican, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, is not the only legislator who can be expected to resist real reform, but he embodies an outmoded tough-on-crime mentality that must be overcome by Americans who view their country's excellence at locking humans in cages as cause for shame rather than pride.

Grassley's idea of reform begins and probably ends with something called the CORRECTIONS Act. Although it has one of those silly names that is clumsily contrived to generate a meaningful acronym, it is not a bad bill. But it does not go nearly far enough to address the egregious injustices inflicted by our blindly punitive penal system.

The CORRECTIONS Act, introduced by Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), would allow federal prisoners to shorten their sentences by participating in "recidivism reduction programs" (such as drug treatment or vocational training) and "productive activities" (such as prison jobs). But the bill's limits on eligibility are strict and largely arbitrary, and the relief it offers is limited: 10 days off a "low risk" prisoner's sentence for every 30 days he participates in a qualifying program or activity, with the reduction capped at 25 percent of his sentence.

If the problem is excessively long prison sentences, why not shorten the terms prescribed by law instead of merely trimming some of them after the fact? Grassley, who last year supported an earlier version of the CORRECTIONS Act, is not persuaded by that logic, mainly because he does not think prison sentences are too long.

Two weeks ago, Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) reintroduced the Smarter Sentencing Act, which goes further than the CORRECTIONS Act but not as far as the Justice Safety Valve Act, which Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) reintroduced on February 4. While Paul and Leahy's bill would effectively abolish mandatory minimum sentences by allowing judges to deviate from them in the interest of justice, Lee and Durbin's bill would reduce mandatory minimums for various drug offenses, retroactively apply the shorter crack sentences that Congress approved in 2010, and widen the "safety valve" that allows certain low-level, nonviolent offenders to escape mandatory minimums.

That approach was moderate enough to win support from the Senate Judiciary Committee last year, when it was chaired by Leahy. But Grassley, the new chairman, opposed the bill then, and the day it was reintroduced he rose on the Senate floor to condemn it as "lenient" and "dangerous."

In his speech, Grassley equated the requirements for receiving mandatory minimums with violence, which is more than a little puzzling. If you are convicted of growing 100 marijuana plants or selling 28 grams of crack, for example, you are subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of five years—10 if you happen to own a gun. If you plead guilty to mailing more than 10 grams of LSD (counting the weight of the blotter paper) and you have two minor LSD-related priors, you will be sent to federal prison for life. No violence is required.

If Grassley cannot see that injustices like these cry out for a remedy, I'm not sure how he can be persuaded. The Coalition for Public Safety has its work cut out for it.

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  1. “The problem can be summed up in two words: Chuck Grassley.”

    So THAT’S what’s wrong with Kansas.

  2. Look,he’s protecting the children,why do you hate the children? Hell,one guy put seafood in the wrong packages. You want that? Some people carry cash in their pockets and cars! Many like to grow and smoke a devil weed,leading to the rape of white women! You want that?

    1. It’s time for you meds and your nap. I hear they’re serving pudding with tonight’s dinner.

      1. I want meat cheese and beer sir.

        1. Hillbillies want to be called sons of the soil, but it ain’t gonna happen.

          1. Ok ,just the beer,pudding’s for girls.

            1. ^to wrestle in

  3. Sentences arent as much of a problem as the procedures leading up to them. More ground-level reforms are sorely needed. I would start with having the cops and courts respect the law.

    Now, someone make a joke about unicorns.

    1. I agree. Putting a felony on someone’s record is almost as bad as locking them up. You might as well put a tattoo on their forehead that reads “do not hire”. If we only arrested people for violent crimes, I doubt anyone would care about sentence reform. It is a tacit admission that our justice system is broken, but we refuse to fix it, so we talk about sentences being fair instead of repealing bad laws.

      1. It does not have to be a felony to ruin someone’s like .

        1. Facederp ruins people “Like”

          1. whoops,life,crap

    2. I hear they breed unicorns in Somalia.

      1. Why do you think it’s called the ‘Horn of Africa”? Sadly, however, the East African Unicorn is an entirely different genus to the Classical Unicorn.

      2. Well with that road system, they have no choice.

    3. “What did the unicorn say to Chuck Grassley?”

      “Fuck you”

      1. “But Charlie”

      2. Talking unicorn? It probably was the one who disguised into a horse in Ylvis famous video

  4. The shirt-tie-sweater-sportcoat look really is quite the fashion statement. I think that statement is “help me!”

  5. One minor thing, as much as I would like to distance my state from him, Chuck Grassley is from Iowa. (He also has a great twitter account that everybody should read)

    1. Thanks for noticing that. I have made a correction.

  6. If you are convicted of growing 100 marijuana plants or selling 28 grams of crack, for example, you are subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of five years — 10 if you happen to own a gun.


    “Late paying your taxes, eh? Do you happen to own a gun?”

    “Ran a red light, eh? Do you happen to own a gun?”

    1. You only get rights if you do exactly what they tell you to do at all times, even if the commands are contradictory.

      1. Of course they’re contradictory, makes it easier to catch you in violation.

  7. Chuck Grassley is not from Kansas.

    1. Thanks. I’ve fixed that.

  8. Why do so many people fail to understand that harsh punishments are deterrents for reasonable people but reasonable people rarely commit violent crimes.

    1. many of these laws are not about violent crime,like say,growing some pot or being caught with crack or other drugs and owning a gun. If you have a fully stocked bar or cooler of beer your ok though.

  9. In the 1990’s The Tax Honesty movement brought hundreds to demonstrations in front of the IRS building. Bob Schulz and the We the People Foundation had enough clout to organize a meeting with the IRS to air Tax Honesty concerns openly, on C-Span. Grassley was the Congressional contact to help facilite the meeting. At the last minute, Grassley rolled over to the IRS and the meeting was cancelled. The IRS then announced that it would not discuss the issues except in court,and rigged prosecutions of Larken Rose and others ensued.Schultz protested the lack of First Amendment rights after that, including a hunger strike. Tax Honesty held a meeting on C-Span themselves, without the opportunity, as always, to criticize the IRS and Congress directly.

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  11. “…by Americans who view their country’s excellence at locking humans in cages as cause for shame rather than pride.”

    Acute withdrawals: lynching, tar and feathering, burning at stake, town square humiliation, firing squads- the list goes on.

    And it’s not only the cage that people love so much, they’re ecstatic over the possibility of further punishment by other inmates.

    People haven’t changed much, the tools they use are the only things that have progressively evolved.

  12. 10 grams of LSD (counting the weight of the blotter paper)

    Government: “We have no idea how to properly weigh the substance we’re controlling”

    PSA to LSD manufacturers and dealers: start using aerographite as the blotter paper.

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  16. The spirit of Carrie Nation lives on in Iowa

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