Watch Stossel on 'Capitalism vs. Communism,' Featuring Matt Welch, Tonight at 9 pm on FBN

Other guests include Michael C. Moynihan, Tom Palmer, Jesse Myerson, and Yaron Brook


I miss the graphics department. |||

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, the terrific Stossel program will dedicate its full hour to communism and its superior competitors. I will be on to discuss the role of culture both in dictatorial stifling and democratic opposition; other guests will include former Reasoner Michael C. Moynihan (talking about Che chic), Atlas Economic Research Foundation Executive Vice President Tom Palmer, Ayn Rand Institute Executive Director Yaron Brook, Amerian commie Jesse Myerson, and more. The episode also features crucial footage of a younger Stossel patrolling the streets of soviet-era Moscow, which is pretty great.

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