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Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Will Pot Give Him the Electoral Edge?


Interesting supposition from a good Rolling Stone article from Tim Dickinson surveying all the victorious fronts of the recent past and likely future in the rolling back of our evil war on drugs:

Among likely 2016 contenders, of either party, the Kentucky senator [Rand Paul] is the most progressive on marijuana. He's sponsored legislation to make medical marijuana fully legal in states that have adopted it. In the last election, Paul championed the right of D.C. voters to decide on legalization for themselves. Paul has also been a vocal advocate for decriminalization, decrying the practice of booking kids for cannabis. "I don't want to encourage people to do it," he has said. "I think even marijuana is a bad thing to do. But I also don't want to put people in jail who make a mistake."

If Paul were to face off in a contest with Hillary Clinton, pot could emerge as an unlikely wedge issue for the Republican – particularly in libertarian-leaning swing states like Arizona and Nevada, where legalization initiatives are expected. That's because Clinton has continued to talk like a 1990s drug warrior, recently fretting over the dangers of marijuana edibles to children in Colorado, and even declaring that "the feds should be attuned to the way that marijuana is still used as a gateway drug."

The political logic here is not mysterious. White male independents – those most open to a Paul candidacy – are firmly in the legalization camp. (In Oregon, this slice of the electorate voted 65 percent to tax and regulate.)…

Hillary Clinton is a malleable foe and there's a strong chance that at the slightest sign of this issue becoming a problem for her, she'll become a born again drug war dove (despite right now female support for legalization being only 46 percent), simply because being anything else will rapidly become untenable for ambitious politicians. And for that thank all the people working for decades to shift the public perspective on the Drug War's wrongness and futility way ahead of the political perspective shifting.

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  1. no alt text on Nicki? Those breasts are Macro-aggressive [and dat ass!]

    1. And barely safe for work.

    2. I am saddened to see that, according to Boobpedia, they are implants.

  2. Pot gives a little edge to Rand. Foreign policy gives him a much bigger edge over Hillary. Rand is perfectly suited for destroying Hillary. His is a Hillary Terminator essentially.

    1. Foreign policy gives him a much bigger edge over Hillary.

      With us, yes. The general electorate will probably be impressed by her SOS experience, which Paul lacks. That same general electorate is more interventionist than we are.

      1. *We meaning the typical libertarian. Cyto is pretty hawkish by our standards.

      2. The American people are uninterested in both the dogmatic non-interventionist faith and in playing TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE. I highly doubt they are down with a serial pol who voted for the Iraq War, was okay with the Libya War, and loves surveillance. Rand Paul fits into this perfectly.

    2. Marijuana has been ILLEGAL for over 70 years!
      What are the results?
      *Today marijuana is America’s #1 cash crop.
      *Today American kids can buy marijuana easier than they can buy a beer.
      *Marijuana is stronger and easier to get than ever before, albeit much more expensive than it should be. To smoke casually from the “black market”, it will run you $100/month. This is much more expensive than it needs to be. More expensive than my cell phone ($20/month from Tmobile), car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), netflix ($10/month), and gym ($15/month from PF) COMBINED!!! Would you rather put money into the hands of violent gangs and drug dealers? or into taxes for schools, hospitals, public infrastructure, etc.???
      *Today marijuana is the #1 source of income for violent drug gangs and drug cartels who are richer and more dangerous than ever before.
      *Guns are illegal in Mexico yet Mexican drug cartels are buying machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, airplanes, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, and even submarines.
      *There are over half a million Americans in jail right now for non-violent drug crimes.
      *The DEA has been having sex parties funded by drug cartels.
      The ATF/DOJ has given thousands of guns to drug cartels.

      I have this stupid thing I do called THINKING, and clearly I can see that marijuana prohibition can never work! America should have learned this simple lesson from alcohol prohibition!

  3. Okay, I just thought of a couple of reasons to like Rolling Stone again.

    1. Hold off on that until Robby Soave comes out with his blockbuster article questioning whether Nicki Minaj is a well-orchestrated hoax.

    2. What you did there, Ham…

    3. Have you ever heard of Google Images?

  4. Hillary will say she’s “evolved” after her cousin’s best friend’s daughter had some medical issue or another and needed legal weed.

    1. I seriously doubt she’ll make it through the Dem primaries. Old, tired, and a terrible campaigner.

    2. Hillary will not evolve on the drug war. She’s an authoritarian, full stop.

      1. Yes this is what I’ve been telling people. And I also believe that Rand Paul of all the Republican contenders is the only one who will be able to beat her.

  5. BTW, wouldn’t an optometrist know the benefits of weed, for, like, glaucoma?

    1. Why would a Rethuglikkkan like pot just because he’s happy all the time?


    2. It was just that this quote is puzzling to me

      “I think even marijuana is a bad thing to do…”

      Maybe he’s referring to recreational pot, but he should specify. And also, if he is referring to recreational weed, why is it bad? Does Rand not drink alcohol for fun?

      I get that he’s principled (mostly) and even though he personally thinks it’s bad, it shouldn’t be illegal. Just wondering why he personally thinks it’s bad.

      1. Because elderly voters are scared of it, and they vote. And potheads can’t be counted on to remember where to vote. Or what day it is.

      2. Maybe because smoking weed produces an inferior version of a person. Dumber, lazier, less coherent, less healthy, physically diminished, etc.

        1. No it doesn’t!

          1. You convinced me.

            1. No more convincing than your anecdotal opinion.

          2. That reminds me of how they found out about half of long-term heavy pot heads damage their serotonin receptors enough to suffer permanent memory/cognitive problems from pot, as if they were high all the time, but the other half is unaffected. So too much pot have a 50/50 chance of causing brain damage…
            the irony is the hysterical propaganda that passes for anti-drug education will guarantee that a nuanced scientific finding such as this will be automatically disbelieved were anti-MJ advocates to actually promote it.

            1. Truth or propaganda, what matters is the deprivation of choice.

  6. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic on Rand getting out of the primarHELLOOOOO

    1. THIS ^^^^

      Team Red Establishment and half of Team Blue establishment, and all of the MSM will fight tooth and nail to keep him out.

      I bet right now he gets to have 2 bullshit questions in one early primary debate. Then it’s GTFO, thanks for your time.

      Of course they have a right to be scared of him, a Rand Paul president might just tell us where all the bodies are.

  7. the most progressive on marijuana

    Fuck you Rolling Stone.

    1. How is Rand “progressive” on cannabis? Does he want to put in place a heavily regulated market and tax the shit out of every transaction incentivizing an extra-judicial black market?

      1. You are failing to consider the very low bar. He is extremely progressive compared to the rest of the field, who all still believe that the gateway theory is a real thing. And that is both on the R and the D side.

    1. Yeah right. Next thing you’ll tell us is MTV is going to play music videos

      1. “Rich Ross also assured the assembled media that he only reads Playboy for the articles…”

    2. His idea of an ideal Discovery show is one that “makes people care and do something about it.”

      Almanian’s idea: I’ll watch your fucktarded channel if you have interesting shows that make me want to watch them…like Street Outlaws. YEAH, I SAID IT!

      Also, Megalodon was REALLY funny. We watched it…twice….when it first aired a couple years ago or whenever.


      1. “FARMAGEDDON!!!!” – Almanian when Farmtruck takes off from the line

        /Street Outlaws

      2. Only thing I watch on there id Deadliest Catch, and usually just the first couple episodes each season. I loved Everest: Beyond the Limit, but that only lasted 2 and 1/2 seasons.

      3. I probably watched more Discovery Channel when I was a kid than any other network save Fox. But that was back when they had shows like Wild Discovery or the like. Also, I was a huge nerd.

      4. That quote jumped out at me. I think that means round-the-clock global warming programming.

      5. I watch Fast and Loud and even Misfit Garage.

        Thank you for taking a stand and making the rest of us really bad guilty pleasure TV watchers feel accepted.

    3. Oh Thank God. Discovery and its sister channels have fallen a long way. May this be the start of a restoration. No more pandering to uneducated rubes.

      1. Maybe they’ll have a program on the Military Channel that is somewhat military-related. Same for the History Channel.

        1. Hey, it’s called Ancient Aliens for a reason!

    4. So the mermaids weren’t real? No Bigfoot? No ancient alien astronauts? Dang.

    5. At any rate, The Weather Channel is taking up the mantle of unscientific paranormal/crytozoological shows. Seriously. The Weather Channel.*

      *If you haven’t watched Prospectors yet on TWC, do. Everyone on there is a rugged individualist, if not outright libertarian.

  8. ‘for personal relationship’ cop slang for abduction with intent to defile under color of law.


    “RCMP Const. Kevin Theriault took an intoxicated woman he had arrested out of a cell and drove her to his northern Manitoba home to pursue a personal relationship.”

    Theriault and another officer had arrested the woman at a party back in 2011 according to the report. They placed her in a cell “to sober up” but six hours later Theriault came back, out of uniform, and requested that the woman be released into his custody.

  9. Will Pot Give Him the Electoral Edge?

    No. (unfortunately)

    Next question!

    1. Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Will Pot Give Him the Electoral Edge?

      Depends on how often he lights up.

  10. So it is possible for Nicki Minaj to not look like a muppet. Huh. Today I learned. Dem tittays…

    1. Those are motorboat worthy.

  11. Progressives hate Rand Paul because he dares to take on issues that is usually in their domain like the War on Drugs and mandatory sentencing. When Obama held the White House and the Democrats held majorities in both the Senate and the House, they did shit to slow down the WOD. Basically, Paul is making them look bad and they hate that with a passion.

    1. “Progressives hate Rand Paul because he dares to take on issues that is usually in their domain like the War on Drugs and mandatory sentencing.”

      This is true.

      And they consequently insist that his ‘approach’ to any of their favored issues are “crackpot”; even when its something they probably entirely agree with him about = they find some reason to assume that its *motivated by evil republican-y desires*


      Rand Paul declares war: What’s behind the Tea Party senator’s latest stunt

      “…we can’t help noticing how neatly this top legislative priority of his corresponds with his political interests. A war declaration allows him to a) brag to the hawks within his party about how he introduced a WAR DECLARATION, b) show the Constitutional Conservatives how he restored constitutional war-making authority to the legislature… and c) tell his anti-interventionist supporters that the war declaration he introduced restricted the overall level of warring permitted.”

      And they have the temerity to accuse other people of ‘Vile cynicism’.

      more of the same =

      Rand Paul’s “anti-torture” sham: Why his ignoring CIA scandal says so much

      1. It’s because Progressives could give two shits about civil liberties and are only angry because now they actually have to put some effort into curbing the power of the state.

  12. I suspect pot will give Rand the Electoral Mellow, and *Hillary* will get the Electoral Edge, at which point she will lock herself in the Electoral Bathroom and lie on the floor

    1. Hillary totally strikes me as a “it just gives me a headache and makes me go to sleep” kind of girl. I imagine Hillary passed out in the bathroom while Bill goes at it with an intern in the spare bed room.

  13. Rand Paul, fucking rock on, bitch. You should be as a powerful hammerhead at least 18 feet long swimming in the D.C. shark tub- but hand out intellectual lightning on the tips of your fucking fins, bro.

    Always be a hammerhead shark, but shoot out intellectual lightning from your fins instead of ripping those humans apart like a feeding session at a surfer contest.

    Hammerhead power with Libertarian sweet lightning.

    1. I hope Rand legalizes whatever drugs you’re on, bro.

      1. As an occasional poster, Agile’s posts puts a smile on my face.

    2. Dude, you should be writing lyrics. If you’re not already.

    3. This post really ties the thread together, man. (given the shark week/Discovery stuff above)

  14. I’m voting anti-Prohibition in 2016. If Hillary is the most anti-Prohibition candidate God help me but not only will I vote for her, I will support her.

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