On The Independents: 2015 Resolutions, Predictions, Politics, Economics, Gadgets, and Cyberwars, With Peter Schiff, Michaels Moynihan and Malice, and More!


He was so good in 24 Hour Party People. |||

Tonight on The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three and five hours later) we gaze into our crystal balls to see what fresh horror the next 12 months have in store. Joining to help is a rakish yet elfin Party Panel of Michaels Malice and C. Moynihan, who will preview 2015's presidential candidates (frontrunner, longshots, crazies), whiz-bangy technological things, Star Wars, Stephen Colbert, and God knows what else. They will also take part in our 2014 News Quiz.

Well, at least the economy will be booming in 2015, right? NOT IF YOU TALK TO PETER SCHIFF. And so, etc. What about all the cyberwars and such? Cybersecurity person Allan Friedman will suggest some ways to think (and maybe calm down about) our frightening, infowars-style future.

Kennedy will harass civilians about their resolutions, the co-hosts will offer up a few of their own, and you won't want to miss our bah-humbug Black Swan predictions for 2015. It is a rollicking good time, and a perfect way to let your two-day-old hangover finally come down.

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