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  1. OT: Losing their brains? Or were some of the brains retained?

    “The case of the University of Texas at Austin’s missing brains has apparently been solved.

    “On Wednesday afternoon, after a day of much confusion, the university issued a statement that most of the 100 brains, preserved in formaldehyde in jars, that had disappeared from the basement of the Animal Resources Center had been disposed of by the university’s environmental health and safety officials in 2002, under protocols for biological waste….

    “Not everyone is convinced that the university’s explanation accounts for all the missing gray matter. But if accurate, the statement resolves the status of a most unlikely collection of missing items ? the brains taken from mental patients in autopsies as far back as the 1950s. They were kept in heavy glass jars, each with an identification label, a diagnosis and the date of death, according to Alex Hannaford, co-author of a new book, “Malformed: Forgotten Brains of the Texas State Mental Hospital,” with Adam Voorhes, who photographed the brain collection….

    “Mr. Hannaford said he was skeptical of the university’s conclusion that the 100 brains had all been disposed of.

    “”I don’t buy it,” he said. “These jars were designed to hold one brain, and I find it hard to believe that if 40 jars were disposed of, that accounted for all the brains.””


    1. Hmmm…I wonder if Mr. Hannaford can account for his movement at the time the brains disappeared?

      NOTE TO HANNAFORD’S LAWYERS: This is strictly a joke, ha ha.

    2. Why didn’t they just go with hard drive failure?

  2. Why is the same population video in every post?


  4. It is a pity that the Reason store does not sell the Bastiat silver coin offered to some donors. Also unfortunate that the Reason store does not offer top hats, monocles, or orphan whips.

    1. How about a silver tipped cane for fashion and occasional chastisement of my servants?

  5. ‘plus a Reason grocery bag’

    Why would I want to pay $1000 for a vomit bag?

  6. What makes you think I have $1000?

  7. Give $1,000 and you’ll get all that, plus a Reason grocery bag, a Reason t-shirt, a signed copy of Damon Root’s great new SCOTUS history Overruled, an invitation to our hoidy-toidy Reason Weekend conference, and lunch in DC with a Reason editor.

    I’m tempted to give this. Do I uh, do I get to choose the editor?

    1. At the 100,000 mark, maybe.

      1. At the 100,000 mark, I get to BE the editor for 1 yr. I’m the Vanity Mogul, bitches. Welch, get me a coffee, and Mach Schnell this time…

        Gillespie, get your leather-clad ass in here and take some dictation. And has anyone seen Moynihan?!!

    2. The thought of giving a grand briefly crossed my mind. But lunch in DC with an editor kinda dissuaded me. Talk about two things I really don’t need.

    3. For $1000 I should go on a date with one of the Reason gals.

      1. There are Reason gals?

        1. They’;re inflatable and kept in a back closet.

          1. No, they’re filled with liberal’s tears. Inflation is undesirable…

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