This is What $1,000 Gets You! Support Reason's 2014 Webathon!


Reason's annual Webathon, in which we ask readers to support our journalism with tax-deductible donations, runs through Tuesday, December 9. This year, we're trying to raise $200,000 to pay for our print, video, and online efforts to explore, document, and grow "Free Minds and Free Markets.

Founded in 1968 by a Boston University student named Lanny Friedlander, this was our rallying cry: "Logic, not legends. Coherance [sic], not contradictions. This is our promise; this is the reason for REASON." Since that humble beginning, we've grown into an award-winning magazine, website, and video outfit with 50,000 print subscribers, 4 million visits, and 1 million views a month.

Give $100 and you'll get a year's subscription to the print mag, a great winter beanie cap, and a free sub to the soon-to-be-launched digital edition (which will includes 46 years worth of archives).

Give $1,000 and you'll get all that, plus a Reason grocery bag, a Reason t-shirt, a signed copy of Damon Root's great new SCOTUS history Overruled, an invitation to our hoidy-toidy Reason Weekend conference, and lunch in DC with a Reason editor.

Give something in between and you'll get a range of different goodies. Go here for details on giving levels and swag. Yes, we take bitcoin and every other sort of payment under the sun with the possible exception of barter (and even then, we're willing to negotiate).

While you're digging out your blockchain, listen to the sweet sounds of Reason TV and Remy's latest collaboration, "Don't Tell 'Em (Obamacare Version).