Election 2014

How Republicans Can (or is That Will?) Blow Their Midterm Victory


How can the GOP blow the advantage it gained at the state and national levels in last week's midterm elections? By mistaking hostility toward Barack Obama's failed policies for a positive embrace of a vaguely defined conservative agenda heavy on increased spending (especially on defense) and the promotion of a narrowly defined range of acceptable lifestyles.

As can be gleaned from some of the midterms' other results, voters want a government that keeps its nose out of our private lives and morality. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. all legalized recreational pot and staunchly anti-abortion "fetal personhood" initiatives were voted down in the two states that put the matter before voters (support for Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that guarantees a woman's right to a first-trimester abortion, has remained above 50 percent for decades). Gallup finds fewer and fewer Americans think the state should "promote traditional values." Currently, 48 percent agree with that notion while an equal number says "the government should not favor any particular set of values….

At the same time, twice as many Americans think there's too much regulation of business and the economy as believe there's too little and 59% think the government has "too much power." That's up 17 percentage points from a decade ago.

That's from a column I wrote for Time. Read the whole thing here.

If Republicans move quickly to shrink the size, scope, and spending of government, we'll know they got the message. If they act instead on symbolic issues and work to pay off their favored constituencies, we'll know that they will be likely to get bounced in the next cycle.

Here's Reason TV's "The Very Best (and Worst!) Election Outcomes." Go here for full text of that.

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  1. Yeah, people didn’t vote for George W. Bush (in his first term) because they wanted to invade Iraq. A lot of them wanted to repudiated the ethical lapses of the Clinton Administration.

    People didn’t vote for Barack Obama because they wanted to nationalize healthcare. A lot of them wanted to repudiate the excesses of the Bush the Lesser Administration–especially in regards to Iraq.

    I don’t think people voted the Republicans into the Senate because they wanted anything from them, in particular. They voted the Republicans into the Senate because they wanted to repudiate the excesses of the Obama Administration.

    It’s a great argument for principled non-voting when you think about it. Even if you think you’re voting against some greater evil, the chances of the lesser evil claiming your vote as a mandate are pretty close to 100%.

    And doesn’t it often seem to be the case that greater evil = lesser evil + legitimacy of election win + time in office?

    1. At the federal level, yes.

      At the state and local level, we’re increasingly seeing traditionally deep blue states like Wisconsin, Illinois, and New Jersey vote for republicans, but not as a repudiation of Obama specifically.

      It’s because even a decent chunk of democrats are beginning to understand that big government welfare-state liberalism doesn’t work when you can’t print your own money. Scott Walker didn’t win three gubernatorial elections in four years because Wisconsonites hate Obama.

    2. I voted for Obama in 2008 because the economy was collapsing and the deficit had passed $1 trillion per annum and McCain and his idiot Grizzly Mama were clueless.

      On those two counts Obama has been successful.

      1. Look upon the face of denial, folks. Here on display, we have another typical dumbocrat in total denial.

        1. I’d love to know exactly what dickhead did to get himself cut loose from the Washington Post for good.

          Knowing that he’ll never work there again has got to be more than a little depressing.

          1. Is there a theory floating around that Dave Weigel posts here?

              1. Is there any other kind of Weigel?

            1. Palin’s Buttplug IS Weigel.

      2. I don’t care why you voted for anything.

        We’re talking about swing voters and others who are deciding which way to vote–or for a third party candidate or whether not to vote at all.

        Not true believers who always vote for their party regardless.

        True believer votes generally don’t count for shit. Probably no one else in the thread needed that explained to them.

        1. I voted for Reagan you idiot. Then only LP until the Bushpigs took over.

          1. No one cares who you voted for or why.

      3. Boy you’re a shitty liar. Even though you dishonestly ascribe the stimulus spending to Bush in order to blame him for the totality of the deficit, the stimulus wasn’t passed until 2009, and therefore it’s impossible for a trillion dollar deficit to be the one of the reasons you voted for Obama. Furthermore, there was no reason to believe that Obama would spend less than McCain, so again your citing of the deficit being one of your reasons for voting for Obama is further evidence for your dishonesty.

  2. The corporate media is doing its part to help TEAM Red shoot itself in the foot by asking “now that the Republicans are in power, what do they plan to do about immigration?” Because of course, TEAM Red made its gains last week on a wave “TERKIN’ OUR JERBS!” rather than “Harry Reid has log-jammed the Senate for the last four years, the Obama administration is the most lawless, secretive, powergrabbing, anti-liberty presidency since FDR, Americans don’t want another war in the Middle East sandbox, the economy is in the shitter.”

    Nope, let’s talk about Mexicans.

    1. There was a lot of “terkin our jerbs” talk too though. Even here in Texas where the outcome was secure immigration was a significant part of the advertising.

      1. Makes sense. Here in Missery, we didn’t get any immigration talk.

    2. Establishment Republicans are all amnesty, all the time, so perhaps the media are just trying to widen the rift between pols and voters? Because the Repubs would love to give the Chamber of Commerce cheap labor; the voters…not so much.

      1. so perhaps the media are just trying to widen the rift between pols and voters?

        Noooo…..the corporate media would never do something like try to establish a frame for a party they don’t like and then try and place that party within that frame. That’s not what impartial, unbiased reporters of truth would do.

      2. Establishment Republicans are all amnesty, all the time

        This is what bordertards actually believe.

        1. Well, we’ll find out in due course what the Republican establishment does about amnesty.

    3. Because of course, TEAM Red made its gains last week on a wave “TERKIN’ OUR JERBS!”

      Can you point to a specific link from a seat that flipped from Team Red to Team Blue where that was the issue?

      Because this allegedly huge wave came down to about 20 seats out of 535 changing TEAM affiliation.

      1. Can you point to a specific link from a seat that flipped from Team Red to Team Blue where that was the issue?

        Hi there. Good morning. Have some coffee. You’ll need it to catch all the rest of the sarcasm I’ll be throwing out.

    4. The Senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill. You can’t hang that one on Harry.

      1. You mean the immigration bill that violated the Constitution by originating a bill that would raise revenue from the Senate rather than the House?

        Crackerjack work there, shriek, defending a guy sworn to uphold the Constitution who doesn’t seem to have read Article 1, Section 7. Harry Reid should have to go back to GWU Law and retake ConLaw.

        1. I didnt look at it. GOP Senators voted for it.

          I don’t get worked up about immigration.

          That and Israel and Palestine. I don’t comment because I don’t really care.

          1. “That and Israel and Palestine. I don’t comment because I don’t really care.”

            You don’t ever….. but then you just did while saying you never do.


  3. Crazy racism, HuffPo style.

    She Looks Black, but Her Politics Are Red: What Mia Love’s Victory Means for the Face of the GOP

    Mia and others like her are seemingly out of touch with the political realities of African Americans and what remains at stake for them. It would be a mistake to assume that all black people are monolithic and share the same political inclinations — the Pew Research Center estimates some 3 million self-identified black Americans are registered Republicans — but there has yet to be a groundswell of support for the right-wing ideology among the vast majority of black voters. Thus, for most African Americans, it appears counterintuitive that someone black, female and Mormon could possibly endorse the GOP given its history of anti-Black, anti-feminist and anti-Mormon sentiment. Whether this is due to her LDS faith and the apparent Stockholm syndrome of black Mormons (in the past, the LDS church perpetuated racist folklore to justify the marginalization of black people) or due to her racial consciousness, this may not be so preposterous when we recognize that American politics is a deeply partisan and fractured system, in the business of servicing big corporations, wherein Americans are duped into voting their values even when they contradict their success as a social group.

    “All black people aren’t monolithic, but I’m angry they’re not.”

    1. “Rice/Carson 2016”

      1. Are you talking about Condi Rice?

        1. Duh, Ray Rice.

    2. Man, what a clever title. As for Obama, he looks black, but his politics are blue. And hey, Allen West looks black, but he’s all red-white-‘n’-blue. Then there’s Van Jones who looks black, but his politics are green.

      The possibilities are endless!

    3. Oh, the white left is comin’ after her big time.

      White Man’s Burden, you know!

      1. Maybe Hillary will let Mia get her coffee in 2016?

      2. It’s actually a black guy. Based on his turgid, incredibly annoying writing style I’d guess he’s a witless academic of some kind who is mindlessly regurgitating the New Left talking points he was indoctrinated with at the last Social Sciences Conference.

        1. I’m seeing the same kind of piece about this woman–and exactly those kinds of reactions to it–in various places.

          SF Gate, Salon, etc. I dare you to go to any of those sites and read the comments.

          They’re going to come after her big time.

          And the impulses behind things like the War on Drugs–assuming their best motives–aren’t much different from the White Man’s Burden. It’s still about a bunch of white liberals (mostly) thinking they can go in with guns and force “civilization” on the uncivilized.

          It’s just that when white liberals do it today, they’re not sending troops into Africa. They’re sending cops into Compton.

          I think they see redneck American in much the same way, and the existence of Mia Love flies in the face of their neoimperialist narrative. She’s going to be a lightening rod.

          If she had to go through a confirmation process, they’d do to her what they did to Clarence Thomas.

          1. There was an article about her on Jezebel and the commenters agreed that black immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean are awful because they don’t realize they’re black and spend too much time refusing to engage in racial solidarity.

            Mia Love came here when she was four with her immigrant parents who were fleeing the Haitian military police and had no money upon arrival. She was far less privileged than African-Americans (who are lucky through the simple fact of being born in this country rather than Haiti or Somalia) and made something of her life. For that she must be punished since her very existence contradicts the leftist’s view of reality.

            1. There was an article about her on Jezebel and the commenters agreed that black immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean are awful because they don’t realize they’re black…

              But a black immigrant from Indonesia can get 95% of the black vote when he runs for president.

              1. He acculturated through the Chicago plantation.


        This article is by the same guy:

        The Transformation of Justin Bieber From a White Youth to a Black Man

        Representation of blackness as exotic and base, closer to nature and animal-like are racial frames lodged deep in the minds of most white Americans. Because racism is foundational to the American experience, all things associated with blackness has been deemed different, deficient and outside the confines of white normativity. The process works differently, however, when white males perform (musically and physically) black music. These young, white artists are regaled by their fans, earning a legion of global followers and the spoils of fame.

        Yes, whereas there are no popular black artists and Jay-Z and Beyonce were completely denied fans, global followers, or the spoils of fame.

        They probably live in cardboard boxes.

        1. I saw that article about a week ago on Facebook, and I thought it was The Onion.

    4. Thus, for most African Americans, it appears counterintuitive that someone black, female and Mormon could possibly endorse the GOP given its history of anti-Black, anti-feminist and anti-Mormon sentiment.

      Yeah, because it’s not like the Republican party did anything so anti-Black as fight a Civil War that led to the end of slavery under law in America, or passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments (over the vocal objections of the Democrat Party), along with the anti-KKK Act, or the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And it’s not as if Democrat President James Buchanan not only campaigned on anti-polygamy and “Mormon domination” in the Utah territory, but upon election, sent troops into the Utah territory and placed Mormons under military occupation.

      Nope, just more of TEAM Red being EVIL and TEAM Blue being sunshine and puppies and warm blankets, history be damned.

    5. “The back of our bus is much nicer!”

      I’ve had arguments with those who think that all Hispanic voters inhabit a similar monolithic (D) voting bloc. Coconut is the requisite pejorative for those who stray from the orthodoxy but it’s not racist because something, something hand-waving.

      1. Spoken like a true coconut.

    6. A little unintentional irony from the HuffPo article:

      As a black, female Mormon, her conservative ideals are deemed peculiar as she begins her office in the House of Representatives while balancing a triad of oppressive social constructs that are leveled against her … Mormons remains grossly misunderstood and often unfairly judged

      Yes, there are definitely people who grossly misunderstand that Mia Love winning in Utah had nothing to do with her ethnicity, and everything to do with her political beliefs about the role of government.

      1. At one point he argues the following:

        Thus, for most African Americans, it appears counterintuitive that someone black, female and Mormon could possibly endorse the GOP given its history of anti-Black, anti-feminist and anti-Mormon sentiment.

        Wait, the GOP has a history of anti-Mormon sentiment? Why are Mormons the most consistent of all Republican voting blocs then? Why did the Republicans run a Mormon for president in 2012? Why does Utah have a Republican Governor, two Republican senators, and 4 out of 4 Republican congressmen?

        Plus, the people who insult Mormons for being Mormon are Democrats. Recall the things they said about Mitt Romney.

        This guy lives in a parallel reality.

        1. Hmm. The Republican party did, upon its inception, vow to end the twin evils of slavery and polygamy. By resurrecting a bit of history, Democrats could construct a whole “Republicans hate Mormons!” narrative that would open endless possibilities — if only they could erase that other twin evil.

        2. Why does Utah have a Republican Governor, two Republican senators, and 4 out of 4 Republican congressmen?

          False consciousness. Even when TEAM Blue insults by claiming you have secret wives and your family looks like the Osmonds, or takes a swipe at your adopted grandson because he’s African, they really just have your best interests at heart.

        3. “This guy lives in a parallel reality.”

          It may be parallel but it isn’t reality.

    7. Mia and others like her are seemingly out of touch with the political realities of African Americans

      There is so much wrong in that paragraph that I don’t even know where to start.

      Do these idiots really believe Republicans are racist or do they still realize they are lying to sway votes? I honestly can’t tell anymore.

      1. Maybe, you’re just a racist. Ever consider that? It would certainly explain why you are defending the racists Repugs.

        1. Or maybe you are an idiot. There is always that.

            1. My theory is that John was sarcastically responding to you, not Millenial.

          1. John, please see Francisco’s comment. I was attempting to be funny at least.

    8. Do they exhibit similar suspicions of white, wealthy Southern Baptists who are Democrats?

  4. I’m starting to lose faith in the theory that peak derp is not attainable. Team Blue is in complete denial. Could it be peak derp?

    Look, David Koch, he’s a monster, a monster I tell you!, why can’t you see it!!!???

    So here’s the Dems new strategy.

    1. Blame Democratic candidates’ losses on them shying away from the President.


    2. Blame it on David Koch.

    /Double Derp

    1. Did you see that Politico article about how Democrats plan on doubling down on their Koch attacks? It’s hilarious. Basically attacking they Kochs did nothing to help the Democrats, but leftist activists inexplicably want them to keep trying.

      “This will be easier now that they are in power,” Brock wrote. Citing polling showing that the Kochs ? who were relatively little known at the beginning of the midterms ? became more disliked as attacks from his group and its allies escalated, Brock said, “Our efforts will continue, because the alternative ? staying quiet as these secretive billionaires pour hundreds of millions into politics to further their own bottom line ? is impossible. ? We’re going to dig deeper into their business in states that are key to 2016 ? at the presidential, Senate and gubernatorial levels.”

      David Brock is such a fucking idiot. He thinks making the Kochs personally unpopular somehow counts as a victory. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter unless a Koch is running for office himself. Otherwise, all you’re going to do is make some private citizens unpopular as Democrats lose tons of elections and waste money.

      1. They’re desperate and they have no answers.

        What are they going to do, just abandon everything that they have worked on for the last 100 years? They hid their true identity for so long, even changed their name to progressives, more than once. But during Obama’s early years, they became super emboldened and came right out of the closet and started openly attacking free markets and advocating for leftist economic solutions. Why just a few weeks ago, their prime candidate for potus 2016 made the statement that businesses don’t create jobs.

        There’s no real road back for them. They have to double down.

        1. And they have Lena Dunham as a celebrity spokeswoman. The gift that keeps on giving.

        2. Oh, and I really hope they double down on fracking. I hope it gets as much media attention as possible.

        3. That is just it. They had no answers in 2012. They just ran on bullshit. Well, that only works so long.

          1. Really? The vast majority of politicians have been running on that for 200 years. It clearly works for some.

          2. Unfortunately, you and I both know that it’s a midterm thing. The Dems came back just fine from having their bullshit repelled in 2010. The gullible idiots come out of the woodwork for presidential elections. 2016 is going to be much tougher.

  5. Yes, the GOP can blow it. And the probability that they will blow it is high, but not certain.

    At the risk of being redundant, well certainty, here’s a few ways:

    Moar warz!

    Go all out to oppose any cannabis legalization referendums.

    Moar cronyism.

    Leave Orange Man as speaker the entire 2 years so that he can have a love fest with Obama while telling the public ‘Not only no, but hell no! blahblahblah…’

    I can see one way that they don’t blow it:

    Rand gets control of Turtle Head, forms a strong coalition and gets the GOP moving in the right direction, a more libertarian direction. Which also sees Rand getting the GOP nomination for POTUS 2016.

    1. You forgot Team Red’s main obsession – policing the uterus.

      1. Your desperation is amusing us. Please continue.

      2. The Rs didn’t bring up abortion at all in my state.

        If it bothers you so much, why don’t you move?
        What the fuck is keeping you in GA?

        1. He’s afraid to come out of his house for fear of being burnt at the stake by those roving bands of Christian extremists who have his neighborhood living in terror. Or that is what he’d have us believe.

          1. A super dooper financial genius like PB should be able to afford to move, right? I think he likes his neighborhood.

            1. He can’t, the fundies have his house under siege.

    2. The Republicans can’t start a war only controlling Congress. Obama and by extension the Democrats will own any more wars good or bad.

      1. And of course what we do in Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc, aren’t wars because we’re just killing people and blowing stuff up.

  6. Florida Man?

    How about Florida Woman?

    You’re welcome.

    1. I’m so glad for URLs that tell me all I need to know without actually clicking.

      1. Awww!
        You have to click it. There’s security footage!

        1. omg

  7. It’s a given that the Rs will botch the next two years.

    They can’t do otherwise — they have no real agenda and neither do their voters.

    They can’t succeed if they don’t have anything to succeed at. If their only agenda is ‘repeal ACA’ and ‘impeach the prezdnit’.. well, they’re going to fail. And don’t tell me they’re going to shrink gubmint; fergawdsake, this is the Republican Party we’re talking about here. We’re going to get prayer in school and War On Women garbage, is all.

    1. You had me going right up until “War On Women”.

      Back to Troll school. You’re not ready yet.

      1. Weren’t the trolls of somewhat higher quality before the election? At least there seemed to be more variety before. Did the Soros checks start bouncing?

        1. No. They have no idea what to do. All of the talking points relate to the same lame ass shit that they talked about in 2012. Those don’t work anymore. So they are just getting more and more incoherent and desperate.

          1. We should call them ‘Hit and Run’ trolls, since it’s true in more than one sense.

            They come here and post the latest incoherent proggie talking points, then run off never to be seen again.

            It’s like someone suddenly makes them aware that there’s a Koch controlled site named Reason that is full of Koch puppets and that they need to get on a mission to come shout us down. Which typically lasts for a few minutes and they run away.

            1. Well, you don’t really expect them to debate us, do you?

            2. Just sockpuppets.

            3. How about “bungie trolls”?

    2. Don’t forget the AbortoFreaks in the GOP. They will legislate too.

      1. Flail about some more, shrieky. It’s always entertaining.

      2. Well those of us here on this site will donate to your abortion fund, we sure as hell don’t want you pro-creating, there’s already enough backward luddites in society.

    3. Did you forget to tell us that the GOP will also give machine guns to pre-school children without the proper background check, make birth control illegal, and that the planet will never survive until 2016 because the GOP will rape mother Gaia unconstrained now?

  8. My advice to the GOP is to pass a bill to cut corporate taxes to the world rate of 28%. A clean bill without lard on it. This is so repatriation occurs.

    I don’t have much hope it will happen though.

    Obama supports it – that is why.

    1. If you’re as smart as you claim, shouldn’t you be really rich by now? Why don’t you just write a check for a house in NY or CA and get away from the scary republicans?

    2. Obama doesn’t want to reduce corporate taxes = he wants to spend more money and will agree to any kind of bullshit headline-rate meddling (with other revenue-grabbing clawbacks in the fine print) that gives him leave to blow another $100bn a year on his crony constituencies.

      You’re not weigel, because you’re apparently far dumber than Dave was.

      1. Dave Weigel?

        1. It is an attempt to insult me for not expressing sufficient fealty to the GOP.

          1. I’ve always wondered what Palin’s butt was like. Can you tell me? Does it smell bad?

            Like most politicians, sh*t spews from her mouth constantly, so I wonder how much actually comes out the other end.

          2. No one except you cares much about the GOP

            You’re just so TEAM oriented you can’t accept the idea that people who think you’re an idiot aren’t on some other team.

            Sort of like bo. he’s so fucking retarded he needs to convince himself his detractors are ‘conservatives’.

            ‘Oh, the wonders of Obama’s tax-cutting generosity…’

            “the plan would further complicate business taxation. Only about 15 percent of U.S. businesses file corporate tax returns. The rest report their income on their owner’s 1040s. It appears that Obama is proposing to lower rates only for corporations. As a result, many other businesses could lose their tax deductions and credits without the benefit of a rate cut.”

      2. Obama has called for exactly such a tax cut. Your partitanship is blinding your ability to see facts.

        1. “Your partisanship has blinded your ability to see facts”

          – Creates a new tax on foreign earnings
          – Allows for punitive taxation of fossil fuel extractors
          – Eliminates the deductions that allow most US businesses to already wiggle themselves down below the headline ‘28%’ pretend-giveback
          – Wants in exchange to be given the authority to unilaterally blow as much new revenue as is gained immediately on bullshit handouts to his union cronies.

          I’m sorry, what were you saying about ‘facts’? Did you not see those?

        2. Shreeky no want to talk taxes no more?

          Shreeky need nap now?

          1. Cut the C corp rate while getting rid of the old cronyist Oil and Gas special tax subsidies on depletion and expectorates. Too stuff.

          2. “Punitive” taxation on O&G is getting rid of their crony tax subsidy?

            What a fucking joke.

            1. The point…

              (poor, silly shreeky, who was blind to these facts before he removed his partisan shades and actually read the proposal)

              …is that if your ‘tax cut’ proposal includes in it the repeal of

              – deductions affecting the vast majority of US businesses

              – and tax benefits of specific industries for purely-partisan reasons that have nothing to do with the ‘stimulus’ effect he claims he’s trying to go for…

              …then its a completely fucking dishonest proposal which he had no intention of anyone ever passing

              It was pure theatrics, and only you – the undying cocksucking partisan TEAM BLUE shill – swallowed the idea that it was the slightest bit sincere.

              No one else was fooled. Try harder next time.

              1. What are these deductions that effect the vast majority of business you keep babbling about?

                I know you can’t mean their choice to organize as a pass through.

                1. You’re a fucking retard = you accuse people overlooking facts because of ‘partisanship’, yet you can’t be bothered to read the goddamn laws you claim are so lovely.

                  In the proposal you cited, interest expense deduction would be reduced/capped. This would hit all US businesses, not just the (minority) corporations benefiting from a lower headline tax rate. It would increase the tax burden on private businesses in the US by a few hundred billion annually, and dis-incentivize business expansion through debt.

                  i don’t know why i’m explaining this to you since a minute ago you pretended to be some kind of fucking expert about the topic.

                2. Babbling – that is all you do. Why don’t you do the world a favor and remove yourself from it?

    3. If Obama supports it why didn’t he suppoort it when the Ds had all three branches ?

  9. How Team Red will screw up? My guess is they will nominate Romney again. I look forward to this since I would enjoy laughing myself to sleep every night for 2 years.

    1. I would love to see a Perry-Christie or Christie-Perry ticket for the lols.

      1. Perry would be a much stronger candidate than Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.


          ITT, Tulpa doubles down on his retarded choices for GOP nom.

        2. He can bench his own weight in bullshit.

    2. Jeb Bush or Romney.

      I think Jeb is more likely. The GOP is just that stupid.

    3. They could do a lot worse than Romney.

      1. Fuck off tulpa. Back to your hole.

      2. Not really.

        1. Lindsey Graham or John McCain. Or some Objectivist willing to kill hundreds of thousands or millions if they feel their rights will be potentially threatened.

          1. Millenial, for the last time Cytotoxic’s Canadian. He can’t run for the Presidency.

            1. That’s why I said some objectivist. I wasn’t referring to him.

              However, Cytotoxic doesn’t seem to have an issue commenting on what the US should do militarily, so I assume he would love the power to actually direct its actions.

      3. Why, is Romney also a big admirer of Hillary and a supporter of Common Core? Those will be important GOP selling points in 2016.

      4. Yeah, which is really saying something.

  10. The R’s won’t screw this up just by being the same ol’ party they’ve always been–just a different flavor of big government–they’ll screw it up by trying to appease the “middle” by caving to the Dems. The left doesn’t compromise, it just gives away free shit and passes the bill to someone else. Either the R’s can appeal to the people who do pay the bill (and those of us who just want the government to fuck off and leave us be), or they can try to be less effective leftists as a “compromise”. Each time they try the latter they lose their base and any voters they would have gained just vote for the Dems, who have been giving away free shit like candy for years and are much better at it.

  11. “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

    ? Mae West

    I think this is probably one of the most undeniable perspectives on human nature. Though more accurately… “Between two evils, I always pick the one I least remember.”

    1. “Between two evils, I always pick the one with the biggest tits”

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