List of 13 Creepiest Clowns Inexplicably Leaves Out Joe Biden, Other Pols


To capitalize on the season premiere of American Horror Story, People mag has assembled a list of "13 of the Creepiest Clowns in Pop Culture History."

It's a sharp list and many of your faves are almost certainly there, from the original Ronald McDonald (created by star weatherman Willard Scott) to serial killer and Rosalynn Carter photo op John Wayne Gacy to Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie's films.

Notably missing, however, are all the politicians who should fill out the list. I'll start with the most clownish (and eminent) of all clown-show pols: Vice-President Joe Biden, who is currently managing to alienate virtually every country on the planet from the United States. Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., yeah, Biden's hit that and more.

Back in 2009—that's like 50 years ago in Biden-Gaffe Years—Reason TV saluted Joe Biden, Real Man of Political Genius: