Consensual Campus Sex? Finally, There's an App for That



Readers will recall me writing back in June that perhaps the free market, rather than the government, would provide a solution to the consensual campus sex conundrum:

Ultimately, I'm counting on the free market to work its magic and provide a sensible and convenient method of demonstrating mutual consent. Several writers have suggested an iPhone app that allows users to clearly consent to sex—maybe they would have to input a password and then touch phones, or something?—would do the trick.

Consensual sex? There's an app for that. One day soon. Hopefully.

I am pleased to announce that the day is today. The developers of Good2Go have released their app on Google Play and for Apple products.

I was able to test out the app, which is remarkably well-conceived. When people want to have sex, they can use the app to make sure all parties have consented. The website explains more fully how this works in practice:

  • Are the two of you interested in sexual activity?
  • What is your partner's level of sobriety?
  • Partner's identity is verified with phone number and password.
  • You are Good2Go if affirmative consent is given and your partner is not incapacitated.
  • Good2Go provides privacy, facilitates communication, and reduces unwanted encounters and assaults.

Note that the app prompts users to verify their level of intoxication. There are four options: "Sober," "Mildly Intoxicated," "Intoxicated But Good2Go," or "Pretty Wasted." If the user selects the last of these options, he or she is told by the app that consent is not possible.

Some might wonder, what's to prevent people from lying? The creators have anticipated that issue and address it here. Their perspective is that if someone intends to lie, it's no different from lying with or without the app. At worst, the app would simply have no effect in that case. More optimistically, the app could deter liars by setting up another hoop for them to jump through.

Lee Ann Allman, president of Sandton Technologies, created Good2Go with her husband, Mike. They were inspired to do something about sexual consent after listening to their college-aged children—and their kids' friends—wrestle with the issues.

"We had had ongoing discussions with them and a lot of their friends around issues of affirmative consent," Allman told Reason. "They have seen firsthand how students at their own colleges have been involved in investigations. They have come away from all of this with a lot more confusion and worry and stress about what to do. So out of those discussions, and legislation that has been happening at the federal and state level, we all talked about, well, is there something we can do? In this day and age, one of the logical answers to that is, there ought to be an app for that."

The app is not intended to be legally binding, although it could serve as evidence in an investigation if a dispute arose at a later time. But rather than clearing up matters after-the-fact, Allman is optimistic that the process will proactively reduce assault by clearing up misunderstandings before they happen.

Skeptics might say it's too weird to ask people to use an app before climbing into bed with them. But modern technology is already changing how people find romantic and sexual partners. Nowadays, people use apps like Grindr and Tindr to find sexual partners all the time. Why can't consent work the same way?

Good2Go is holding a rally in support of SB 967—the bill that requires colleges to implement tougher sexual consent standards—at Los Angeles City Hall later today. Details here.

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  1. Has Jezebel denounced it as heresy yet?

  2. Such an app (or any other means to log consent) is useless since the woman can withdraw her content AT ANY TIME. Even if you jump through all the hoops, there’s nothing to prevent her from claiming she changed her mind partway through but the guy didn’t read her mind and stop.

    1. It does clear up the “I was drunk therefore non-consensual” argument, though. If she claimed she was sober enough for sex at the time of the encounter, how could we possible expect her partner to know better?

      1. If a drunk woman is incapable of giving consent for sex, isn’t that same drunk woman incapable of determining if she’s sober enough to give consent? Even if she claims to be sober enough at the time, she can always claim later that she’s wasn’t, and the guy should have known.

        1. Partner’s identity is verified with phone number and password.

          The question is how inebriated one can be and still enter a password through a soft keyboard.

          1. I’ve been blackout drunk and still managed to get money out of my ATM. An app that measures response time would be better, but would likely be condemned as being unfair to disabled people who can’t respond quickly enough when sober.

            1. I’ve been blackout drunk and still managed to get money out of my ATM.

              I must have been to pay the $8 convenience fee at the strip club ATM.*

              *I can only assume because the maximum was not removed that either I did it and none of the strippers helped me. I love strippers, but I don’t trust them.

              1. I love strippers, but I don’t trust them.

                Best comment on H&R this month.

                Well done.

            1. born again virgin

              1. I will not be hampered just because technology hates me!

              2. “technical” virgin

    2. Full audio and video recordings archived in a secure location is the only solution — your friends at the NSA will thank you.

      1. Recording without consent would, of course, also be a crime.

        1. You catch on quickly.

    3. Yep, AT ANY TIME, like even 40 years later! Cause patriarchy!

  3. Doesn’t Tinder already serve this purpose?

    1. You just don’t get it, do you? Female undergrads are such delicate blossoms that what counts as consent in other contexts just won’t cut it.

      1. I’ve said all along that teaching accountability to women at the college level is just too early.

        1. what about “reason“?

  4. Good2Go is holding a rally in support of SB 967?the bill that requires colleges to implement tougher sexual consent standards?at Los Angeles City Hall later today.

    From start-up to rent seeker in record time.

    1. My first thought as well.


  5. I was gonna applaud this free-market “solution” if it had been created ironically, and if it was for sale — but these people are serious.

    The app requires:
    full network access
    view network connections

    … so Uncle Sugar will be able to keep tabs on your hookups as a bonus.

    1. Additionally, I think it is clear that these App makers did this because they see an oportunity for forcing schools and or students to pay for what amounts to a recording of consent.

      Seriously, take out your phone, and turn on the video recorder:
      “Do you, slut, give me consent to plow you like newly fallen snow?”

      Problem solved.

      Additionally, this could be used as evidence for or against the “She was too drunk” claim. If the girl is fall-down drunk and he is trying to record this, he knows with high likelihood that he is going to get in trouble. But if he is taping someone laughing and having a good time, making coherent statements, he has a good argument that HE shouldn’t have known she was too drunk to consent.

      1. As I mentioned earlier, this would not solve the problem since she can withdraw her consent at any time and for any reason, and if the guy doesn’t stop quickly enough he’s a rapist. The only safe approach would be to record the sex as well–unless, of course, the woman is too drunk to consent to that as well. Face it, guys are screwed!

        1. I don’t think his intent was to exonerate men exactly.

          Merely to point out that this app adds precisely dick to the functionality of the phone, a generous portion to the legitimacy of obnoxious regulation, and marginal amounts of legitimacy (at best) to the ability to form and execute a private contract.

      2. A girl maintaining friendly contact with you after the supposed rape isn’t enough to clear your name.

      3. And while it is certainly completely wrong and awful to take advantage of someone who is truly incapacitated, if someone gets shitty and makes stupid decisions, that is really their own damn fault. If you tend to blackout and make stupid decisions that you regret when you drink, maybe you shouldn’t drink that much. It’s not everyone else’s job to make sure you don’t do dumb shit.

        1. That is why alcoholics call it “rock bottom”. No one deserves to be violated while blacked out. But you have to understand that there are sick people in the world that will prey on the incapacitated. Don’t drink to the point you are incapacitated.

          1. Everyone deserves to be banged while they are blacked out. It’s the only way they will know they have reached rock bottom. The banger is to be commended for helping the banged to realize the error of her ways.

      4. Seriously, take out your phone, and turn on the video recorder:
        “Do you, slut, give me consent to plow you like newly fallen snow?”

        Sorry Brett, THIS is the best comment of the month.

  6. The best features of the app are the option to automatically send a text message to school administrators and parents to let them know the students are having sex, and the option to enter exactly which sex acts took place and for how long (also texted to administrators and parents).

    1. I am sure that absolutely no technically savvy pranksters, extortionists, or political operatives would be interested in somehow obtaining this service’s records.

      1. I was trying figure out what ways Apple and Google will monetize this information.

  7. “Two of you”???? I feel othered.

    1. Well, the cases of one person alone, consent is usually not an issue, unless you actually have multiple personalities.

      1. What if I’m drunk?

        But yeah, if I were the kid who woke up in a dorm room of four girls, two who said I assaulted them and two who said no assault occurred, I’d feel pretty ‘othered’ by the 2-person limit. Especially if all four said no actual sex occurred.

  8. OT: Looks like Obama has found a way to get his critics talking about something besides the whole coffee cup thing.

    President Barack Obama favorably quoted and praised on Wednesday in his speech before the United Nations a controversial Muslim cleric whose organization has reportedly endorsed the terror group Hamas and supported a fatwa condoning the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

    “Look at the new Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies?Sheikh bin Bayyah described its purpose: ‘We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace,'” Obama said, quoting the controversial cleric.

    Concern over the administration’s relationship with Bin Bayyah started as early as 2013, when outrage ensued after he was reported to have met with Obama’s National Security Council staff at the White House.

    While Bin Bayyah has condemned the actions of groups such as Boko Haram and ISIL, he also has taken controversial positions against Israel.

    He issued in 2009 a fatwa “barring ‘all forms of normalization’ with Israel,” according to a Fox report on the White House meeting.

    Additionally, the notorious 2004 fatwa permitting armed resistance against U.S. military personnel in Iraq reportedly stated that “resisting occupation troops” is a “duty” for all Muslims, according to reports about the edict.

    1. Bin Bayyah, my Lord, Bin Bayyah,
      Bin Bayyah, my Lord, Bin Bayyah,
      Bin Bayyah, my Lord, Bin Bayyah,
      Oh, Lord, Bin Bayyah.

      1. It is a little known fact that “Kumbayah” actually means, “murder the white women” in Swahili

    2. controversial Muslim cleric whose organization has reportedly endorsed the terror group Hamas and supported a fatwa condoning the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

      [citation needed]

  9. We are beyond parody as a society.

    1. At first I thought this was parody, sadly, you’re right.

      1. When you have a “libertarian” magazine suggesting we use ‘advanced technologies’ to better comply with absolutely ridiculous, politically-correct, contrived standards of human conduct based entirely on internet-enabled Moral Panic… Yeah, that qualifies as ‘bizarro world’.

        Robby is no longer Rico Suave.

        1. Electronic chains lie upon one more lightly than iron ones!


        2. I’ve written many times that I oppose the California bill. As for whether this technology is addressing some legitimate need, I’ll let the market decide.

    2. We are beyond parody as a society.

      I blame 9-11

      1. 10? what did 10 ever do to you? There’s nothing funny about the metric system buddy. Nothing.

      2. Clearly you meant, “0.8181818181818…”, one of the darkest days in American history

  10. I’d rather be a nominal ‘rapist’ than ever submit to any kind of statist behavior-policing, thank you.

    in the choice between ‘tolerance for politically-motivated, privacy-invading laws’ versus ‘open contempt for authority’, i’ll choose the later, thank you.

    I seem to recall ‘general contempt for authority’ having been a thing with younger people once. Or at least i saw something on TV about it.

  11. I thought craigslist casual encounters already had consensual campus sex covered.

    Oh, wait. This is not what I thought it was.

  12. Nothing is hotter than someone whipping out their smart phone.

  13. Does anyone think the vast majority of college kids getting it on are going to bother with this shit? Really?

    1. Millenials already seem to think “Free Speech ‘Zones'” are de rigeur

      Why not having to register every copulation with the Fuck Police?

      1. I don’t really know what “millenials” think about much, since they’re all individuals and not some moronic generational collective.

        But hey, let’s not let that get in the way of some tasty, tasty collectivism that is encouraged by Reason in every other fucking article.

        1. “since they’re all individuals and not some moronic generational collective.”

          Only a burned out old anarchist would say something as naive as that.

            1. When you’re Gen X, everyone *else* is old.

          1. You must get consent to “take the pole”.

        2. WTF? Herd behavior is real.

          I understand bitching about Reason incorrectly thinking political marketing articles are in demand by its readership, but people assemble, even in extremely loose groupings.

        3. I can tell you as a millenial. it is a Fuck stupid idea.
          People that bang via one night stands are not going to use an app. Might as well call this app a cockblock.

          The students that would use that app are in relationships or are virgins.

          The only way I could see it used is after sex, where the guy tells the girl its hip and she consents therefore saving his ass.

    2. No, of course they won’t. They will do just like college students have long done and drunkenly hook up the old fashioned way. And in the vast majority of cases it will work out just fine.


  14. Last time I had any questionable experience with this topic, I was camping with some friends. Me and one of the ladies there were having a drinking contest, and everyone else was crashed. She could really drink a lot for a girl who couldn’t have weighed more than 105 soaking wet.

    So we finally exhausted the alcohol supply and argued a little over who had won and called a truce.

    I went to my tent, and about 15 minutes later she showed up. It had started raining and she told me there was a leak in her tent and could she sleep in my tent. I said sure, plenty of room, and then somehow we wound up sort of snuggled up together. After that, my hand wound up on her ass, not sure how. So then she asked me ‘are you sure you want to just have drunk sloppy sex the first time we do it? And I said sounds good to me’. That was the end of the controversy and to this day she hasn’t yet decided to withdraw consent. Maybe next week, year, who knows…

    1. “and that’s ‘How Your Mom and I met’! Good night kids!”

      1. “Daddy, I’m traumatized! Can I have some vodka to forget what I just heard?”

        1. “Shut up and go to bed before I slap you to sleep with my dick!”

        2. “Not the top shelf, use the cheap crap if you’re just trying to erase bad images”

    2. Did Penthouse Forum reject your letter again?

      You have to lead with your 12-inch cock and her 36 DDs.

      1. I thought he was going to go into some sort of SugarFree-esque work – but no bear came in and raped everyone in the tent, so I guess not.

        1. and by ‘Bear’, we of course mean ‘Warty’

        2. See how you libertarians are? Never satisfied! First you rejected my stories because no milfs were banged.

          And then I tell one were a milf was banged and you want 12 inch cocks and bear rape!

          1. We are always striving for perfection…

      2. Actually, I’ve never even looked at Penthouse more than a couple of times. I always found it too tame, I went for the smuttier mags.

        1. Warty Illustrated

          SugarFree Literary Review


    3. Thing is, outside of a place like college where they can punish you with no regard for due process, how many people actually get charged and convicted of rape when a woman later decides to “withdraw consent”? I hear a lot about how hard it often is to get a conviction for rape, but I’m not sure how valid that is or what the numbers actually look like. And I must say, as much as it would suck if you had been raped to see the fucker get off, it seems like there has to be reasonable doubt any time the case comes down to “he said/she said” sort of thing.

  15. “Are you looking for rebound sex after an emotionally-devastating breakup with with a previous lover? (YES/NO)” IF YES – “I’m sorry, you probably don’t have good judgment.”

    “Do you have low self-esteem and are trying to get affirmation from a sex partner?” IF YES – “build your self-esteem with a more reliable method, like founding a business or winning at a sport.”

    “Do you have major Daddy issues?” IF YES – “It is highly unlikely that you are making a rational choice you won’t regret later.”

    “Do you have a predatory, score-keeping attitude toward having as many sex partners as possible?” IF YES – “That’s really sad, you know that?”

    1. Sad, yes – but not a deal breaker!

    2. I can hear Siri (m)othering my kids already.

  16. When I was a kid we walked to school. And we had to deliver newspapers if we wanted to have any spending money. And to keep track of all the chicks we banged, we didn’t have some fancy smartphone app to do it for us – we wrote her name into a little black notebook.

    Now get off my lawn!

    1. Trigger warning:

      Get off my lawn or I will pull this trigger!

  17. The eagerness with which these people and their idiot spawn embrace profoundly stupid and dehumanizing concepts like “affirmative consent” for sex is truly depressing. The problems with this stupid app are:

    (1) As noted, post-app withdrawal of consent.
    (2) As noted, the idiocy of trying to police the incapacitation issue via self-certification. Which, I am quite certain, does not release the other party from reaching an independent conclusion as to capacity.
    (3) Once this is available, it will be assumed that not using it is prima facie evidence of rape. Way to expose your precious flowers to even more criminal penalties, you morons.

    1. “MegaloMonocle|9.24.14 @ 2:29PM|#

      The eagerness with which these people and their idiot spawn embrace profoundly stupid and dehumanizing concepts like “affirmative consent” for sex is truly depressing.”

      Really, is that how we’re describing the Reason Staff these days? Its sad. I blame Millenials, and articles about Millenials.

  18. Of course, this is just a theoretical problem for me being way too old and way to married to ever fuck a college girl again in this life.

    1. Sending the wife back to school solves that problem.

      Personally, I’m biding my time until using the word ‘co-ed’ has the maximum psychological effect on the kids.

      1. did that already. and she gets pissed if I call her a “girl”. 😉

      2. Hey, I never thought about it like that! My wife’s getting her masters (Special Ed…STOP SNICKERING!) I’m gonna bang a coed tonight!

  19. Good2Go is holding a rally in support of SB 967?the bill that requires colleges to implement tougher sexual consent standards?at Los Angeles City Hall later today.

    Oh, hate fuck these people, without their consent.

    1. Dear Government = Please create more problems for which we can provide Faux-‘solutions!’




  20. I was able to test out the app, which is remarkably well-conceived.

    Pictures or it didn’t happen, braggart.

  21. “Nowadays, people use apps like Grindr and Tindr to find sexual partners all the time. Why can’t consent work the same way?”

    People don’t use Grindr and Tindr* because they’re afraid “not using them” will result in someone going to jail.

    Subtle difference, i know.

    *note: as far as I know. I dont know WTF those things are.

  22. I was able to test out the app, which is remarkably well-conceived, except for the part where it does nothing to address the primary sources of abuse by campus authorities – incapacitation and post-facto withdrawal of consent

  23. It seems to me that women ought to be a lot more outraged about the horribly sexist condescension of this whole thing. A lot of people of both sexes go out to bars, parties or whatever with the intention of drunkenly hooking up with someone. And maybe it’s just me, but constantly checking to reconfirm consent just isn’t that sexy. How fucking hard is it to say “no” if you don’t like what is happening? All of these rules are just telling women that they are too weak and stupid to manage their own sex lives.

    1. “Zeb|9.24.14 @ 2:53PM|#

      It seems to me that women ought to be…


      1. I know you are making a joke. But I think that would have been better phrased as “I would have imagined that more women would be outraged”.

  24. See, this is why it’s just easier to pay for sex.

  25. I wonder what would happen if lots of male college students started making claims that they were raped by women who took advantage of them while they were wasted or failed to get affirmative consent. How blatant of a double standard can they get away with enforcing? I fear I probably won’t like the answer, but it would be interesting to see.

    1. “The difficulty of defining incapacitation and consent was underscored last week when [Duke University] Dean [Sue] Wasilolek took the stand. Rachel B. Hitch, a Raleigh attorney representing McLeod, asked Wasiolek what would happen if two students got drunk to the point of incapacity, and then had sex.

      “”They have raped each other and are subject to explusion?” [the attorney] asked.

      “”Assuming it is a male and female, it is the responsibility in the case of the male to gain consent before proceeding with sex,” said Wasiolek.”…

      1. Yeah, wow, as I guessed, they will go really far down the double standard road.

        I hope he followed up with “Well, what if it was two males? Is the assumption still that the party being penetrated is one whose consent needs to be affirmed, or do you just assume that women are fragile pathetic creatures who can’t say “no”?”

        1. You better believe you need my consent before penetration. And before you ask, the answer is NO.

          1. But do I need your affirmative and enthusiastic consent?

  26. Good2Go is holding a rally in support of SB 967?the bill that requires colleges to implement tougher sexual consent standards

    IOW they’re already mastering the art of cronyism. Great.

  27. SB 967?the bill that requires colleges to implement tougher sexual consent standards

    Why would a legislature want a college to define sexual consent standards. Isn’t that their job? Also, wouldn’t this be counter to the equal protection clause as it establishes a different set of rules dependent on one’s enrollment status?

    1. Your second question answers your first question.

  28. Reason #2347287 “WHY BEING GAY IS BETTER” =

    ‘Less Paperwork’

  29. Remember when taking of your clothes was consent?

    A team of expensive lawyers got someone out of that one and now look at the mess it’s created.

    1. *note to self: wear pants in prison shower

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