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Senate Democrats Fail to Amend the First Amendment


constitutional amendment that would have given Congress and state legislatures broad powers to suppress political speech in the name of "democratic self-government" and electoral "integrity" died a deservedly ignominious death in the Senate today. A motion to consider the proposed amendment, known as SJR 19, fell six votes short of the 60 needed.

The Washington Examiner's Sean Lengell notes that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) voted in favor of the motion, signaling that Democrats do not plan to bring the amendment up again. When Reid wants to preserve the option of reviving a bill he supports, he will vote against it, which under the Senate's rules allows him to try again another day. Lengell says Reid's vote confirms that SJR 19 "was mostly intended as a campaign season stunt."

If clamoring for a clampdown on freedom of speech really does help Democrats get out the vote, that's a pretty sad commentary on the state of their party. I find it hard to fathom why they want to be known as the team that tried to amend the First Amendment. Yes, I know: Citizens United was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever, corporations aren't people, money isn't speech, and the Koch Brothers are evil. But at the end of the day, it's the Democrats who are demanding a freedom-restricting change to the U.S. Constitution for crass political reasons, while the Republicans (who, of course, have crass political reasons of their own) are unanimously defending the Bill of Rights against ill-considered editing. Even if this debate was all about appearances, it is pretty hard to argue that the Democrats won.

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  1. If clamoring for a clampdown on freedom of speech really does help Democrats get out the vote, that’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of their party

    Oh, and it is. The TEAM BLUE base almost went out of their fucking minds over Citizens United, which tells you a tremendous amount about where their priorities actually lie. It sure isn’t with freedom of speech. And the TEAM BLUE politicians saw that and so did this accordingly.

    1. yeah, this

      I’ve seen repeat mentions of this abomination being described as a “repeal of Citizens United” and a “return to a REAL PEOPLE’S DEMOCRACY”

      It seemed their main reason for believing that it was overall a ‘good thing’ was that ‘conservatives opposed it’.

      Progs seem so convinced by their own rhetoric about CORPORASHUNS POWER MONEY!! that they think the entire first amendment will probably have to go as well (being that it was to blame for Hobby Lobby too.. and consequently the Great Raping Of Women By Corporations, or something)

      Some ‘less retarded’ people tried to explain that no law would “repeal” Citizen’s… which was a court ruling, not a law…. but THESE DETAILS ARE UNIMPORTANT!!!

      1. ^^ what you both said, times infinity

      2. Well done GILMORE!

      3. Yes. I saw references to “rich corporations like Citizen’s United which gave millions to conervative candidates.” No reality involved.

    2. if you get any dumber, you might
      get arrested for it

      1. Fuck off slaver.

      2. Cool story bro.

      3. Josh knows from experience. Weekly incarceration due to his stupidity.

    3. It is a sad commentary on the state of the country when politicians feel confident that abridging the freedoms in the first amendment will win them elections.

      1. I guess you don’t understand the complete ignorance of the liberal mob.

      2. Flag burning . . .

  2. Headline: Senate Democrats Fail to Amend GUT First Amendment


    Fascist cunts, them and their brain dead supporters. May posterity forget they were ever our countrymen.

    1. May posterity forget they were ever our countrymen.

      So no more praises for Ron Wyden or Bernie Sanders?

      1. I’ll sing the occassional praise for Wyden, but Bernie Sanders is a Stalinist.

        1. I read that as, “Bernie Sanders is a Satanist”….and I thought, OK, maybe…

      2. Unfortunately we do keep forgetting them, and what they have done, and how badly it always ends up.

    2. May posterity forget they were ever our countrymen.

      Posterity will. Thank the Demiurge.

      1. The progtards have ALWAYS not been our countrymen!


    3. hey, stupid, fascism is on the right
      god, you people are idiots

      1. B+ trolling.

        Would read again.

        1. Short and sweet. Haiku form would have moved it up to a solid A.

          1. See my comment at @10:03.

            Great minds and all that.

        2. My guess is you’re the dipshit in a band called “The Organics”



        Replace state (which has fallen out of favor among leftists) with society and tell me which part of the spectrum does that sound like to you?



          “The government is the only thing we all belong to.”
          — 2012 Democratic Convention video

      3. So which one of these is you? Rendell&sid=0.4690966459456831&ref=br_tf

      4. We’re not fascists! Now shut up and do what we say!

      5. It’s not like stalin would lie.

      6. Yay!

        Ignorant troll!

      7. Wise up, Rendell. Your stupidity is showing.

      8. Fascism and Communism are both sects of the socialist faith. Right and left isn’t that important when it comes to the shared articles of the faith — a reaction against liberalism, a belief in a totalitarian theocracy governed by the technocratic priesthood of the artificial god called “the State”.

      9. Hey, joshrendell, the political spectrum has more than one axis.

    4. I guess they’ll have to go back to trying to gut the second. Maybe they’ll just alternate.

  3. So the Gutting the First Amendment is now Mainstream Democratic policy. This is a centrist positions now. Be very afraid.

    1. Just wait until the stars align and they get the House/Senate/Presidency again.




    2. This thought has chilled me a bit, yes.

    3. …and only 1 or 2 SCOTUS Justices in their way.

      1. I sort of hope Obama will pull an Obama and just say that he can’t wait around for Congress to act and suspend the first amendment. It will be an even better casus belli, and the damage will be easier to undo with the text of the Constitution intact.

      2. The bar for amending the Constitution is pretty high. Even if this had passed the Senate and the House (zero chance) it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states (less than zero chance).

        I don’t know if that makes the fact that they were willing to propose this amendment even more alarming. They knew it wouldn’t pass, but they also knew that the electorate has become so lazy and ignorant that there wouldn’t be an immediate movement to tar and feather every Senator who voted for it and run them out of their home states on a rail.

        BTW, fellow Ohioans, our own Sherrod Brown voted for the amendment. I’m all up for a good tar-n-feathering.

    4. It’s a goddamn travesty. If the Republicans had any guts they’d run national ads about how the Democrats in the Senate tried to gut the First Amendment in order to restrict political speech. Put every Democratic candidate on the defensive about this.

      But they won’t, the dim-witted wusses.

      1. The Stupid Party cares about power as much as the Evil Party (and is only slightly less evil).

      2. Yep. Most Republicans are useless.

    5. One step closer to pushing people into taking up arms to end progressivism and progressives.

    6. wow, more stupid from the right

      1. Well we can’t all be as enlightened as the Left.

        1. SF’d

          1. I thought it was poetic really.

      2. wow, more stupid from the right

        Shitlibs gonna shitlib.

        1. i don’t suppose that this mindless asshole is actually Tony, or slightly more intelligent, an anonbot?

      3. Be careful, moron. You are walking on thin ice with your rants.

    7. That it got 54 votes is horrifying.

  4. that’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of their party.

    More like a pretty terrifying commentary on the political mainstream of America.

  5. I find it hard to fathom why they want to be known as the team that tried to amend the First Amendment

    Because the MSM supports them? And will Reason even make a big deal over this?

    1. This is where we end up when we stop people like Joe McCarthy from doing his duty and allowing Marxism to fester. Now they feel comfortable being open about their treason.

      We should have been jailing and executing them all this time. Not electing them president.

      1. Jailing and executing people for their political views is this proposed Amendment, a million times worse.

        1. No, it isn’t. Treason is never legal. And Marxism is treason by definition.

          1. God damnit people like you are the reason my peers (the Millenials!) don’t vote R for the most part. Too many visibly crazy conservatives

            1. Are you really that ignorant?

              1. Yes, yes it is. Fairly stupid, too.

            2. Did you all get together someplace and decide on that shit?
              Speak for yourself. Let Elkins speak for the “millennials”.

      2. You don’t really get the concept of freedom of speech, do you. Yet you think you do. You realize that you’re exactly like the progs, right? Of course you don’t.

        1. Forget it, Epi. It’s Suicidytown…

          1. Despite the cut at me, I appreciate the ‘Chinatown’ reference.

        2. I do. I also get the concept of carve outs for treason and sedition. Overthrowing the constitution isn’t protected speech. Just as certain directed threats aren’t.

          Allowing Marxism to fester is never the answer.

        3. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

      3. marxism?? hahahha, you know nothing
        politics goober

        1. Turd.Burglar.

        2. Politics peanut? I’m afraid I’m not following your logic…

  6. Al Franken can eat a bag of dicks.

    1. Too late, from every picture I’ve ever seen of him, it looks like he already did.

        1. Mmmmmmm…..deep fri….WWAAAAIIITTT!!1 OMFG GROSS!!!!

    2. Al Franken IS a bag of dicks. One that’s been setting in a damp warehouse for 6 years.

  7. Even if this debate was all about appearances

    Harry Reid would still look like an enthusiastic sucker of Satan’s cock.

    1. Reminds me of Mr Charles Montgomery Burns of the Simpsons

    2. so you still haven’t found your
      way out of the schoolyard either
      what a bunch of retards

      1. This has four more syllables that is necessary for haiku. Plus, the seasonal reference isn’t clear. Is this invoking someone forced to take summer school or a young child lost in school during the first few days of fall?

        1. The eternal prog
          Ever afraid of freedom
          Quiets the dissent

          1. Beautiful.

            And not only that, but I can imagine Japanese fighter pilots calmly reciting that as they crash into the deck of an American aircraft carrier.

            1. Soudesu. Ganbaroune.

            2. Oh, hey, I forgot to mention that I bought the goat simulator. It was worth the $0.50/min spent playing it.

  8. …”in the name of “democratic self-government””…

    Did any single one of them read “1984”?

    1. Of course. Greatest “how to” ever written.

      What is self-government if not behaving in constant anticipation of how the government knows you should behave?

    2. Where do you think they are getting all these ideas from?

    3. Aka “Statism for Dummies”. With forward by Tony.

      1. does using the word “statism” make
        you look smart, like perrys glasses?
        the stupid never ends on the right

        1. C- trolling.

          While the lack of capitalization adds to the “impotent tears of rage” feel, the three line format invokes haiku; however, the phonotactics are completely off. Therefore, we are left with something more fit for scribbling upon a restroom wall.

          1. See, I read the lack of capitalization as a cummings reference, evoking a kind of “lowly worm” position from which to speak truth to power.

            I think you are mis-reading this as a haiku attempt, which makes it seem to fall short of a high-brow pretentiousness, rather than climbing from a trough of populist humility.

            Still, C+, since it takes a nose-dive in the last several syllables.

            1. I can see where you’re coming from. Though, the world-weariness of the last line still reminds me of Kobayashi Issa.

              1. And it is maybe the stylistic tension that undoes it in the end. This particular poet would benefit from reducing his output – the work is imbued with an off-the-cuff-ism that works against the Asian-wise-man posturing.

                1. Jesus H. Christ!!! You sentimentalist fools sound like you’re considering taking on another unloved, unwanted retarded monkey, to fling shit around any time we’re having a discussion. Isn’t one Tony enough? i realize, i even sort of understand, why we can’t quite bring ourselves to put rat poison in Tony’s Monkey Chow, but now, it sounds like you’re about to buy a new monkey cage and bring “Joshrendall” into the living room? i mean, he’s not even funny! And you’re all saying ‘how cute; he trying to write haiku’. Why are you apologizing for this retarded harelip (assuming he’s actually carbon-based). Do we really need 2 Tony’s?

                  1. I’m enjoying their commentary, though personally the grading looks like it’s a little too generous for my taste.

                  2. Isn’t one Tony enough?

                    To be fair, Tony at least makes an attempt (however futile) to appear intelligent. I base this on the fact that he uses punctuation, demonstrating a decent enough grasp of language.

        2. I like the double question I one question. Akin to: do you feel guilty when you rape children. Anyhow, it is my Mensa membership that makes me look smart.

          The right is (almost?) equally responsible for statism as is the left. Keep living in a binary Coke/Pepsi, black/white, East/West, right/left world.

          And apparently josh rendell is the one doing the forward.

      2. I’m thinking Animal Farm is probably more their speed.

  9. So does this mean that the Democratic party are no-kidding communists? Not that there was any doubt before.

    1. So does this mean that the Democratic party are no-kidding communists?

      Communists, socialists, and even mercantilists, they’re all the same to me. It’s total statists all the way down.

      1. that’s because you are so utterly
        stupid when it comes to politics

        1. While it is interesting to see Western poets experiment with the classical Chinese couplet, or du?li?n, I feel that this doesn’t capture the form’s spirit. The two lines of a du?li?n should have both contrast and correspondence with one another at the sentence level and at the word level.

          1. You are doing the Lord’s work here.

            1. The Lord Buddha maybe..

              1. Aqua Buddha?

          2. Holy God, I am laughing so hard right now.

            We get the dumbest progressives here. I’ve met smart progs, but apparently they have better things to do than troll a libertarian blog.

  10. Daily Kos has a sad over this.

    Trigger warning: Mask wardrobe malfunction.

    the fact that every Democrat sided with the people?and every Republican sided with the rich and powerful?will make this a potent campaign issue in November.

    The rich and powerful aren’t people!

    1. And if we were powerful, we wouldn’t have to put up with the likes of Reid.

      1. Different rich people give him lots of money.

    2. Gotta go all out in favor of being able to ban books and movies based on funding. For the people.

      Got it

    3. What will the leftoids say when “the peepul” throw them out of the Senate this November?

      1. Sloganeering!

        1) We’ve got to take the power back from the one percent!

        2) We fight for the middle class!

        3) We believe in working Americans!

        4) My opponent was funded by SCARY RICH DONOR WHO IS NOT A DEMOCRAT, therefore his argument(s) is(are) invalid!

        5) Your apathy keeps us employed!

        6) We will steal other people’s money and give it to you!*

        *Phrasing may differ.

        1. 6a) We will steal your money and give you some of it back.

        2. I thought saying something about taking America back was racist, or something?

      2. more infantile namecalling, that’s all
        you children have

        1. joshrendell you are in grave danger of irony poisoning. Please seek mental health medical attention immediately.

        2. You came in here guns blazing. Like a little petulant idiot child.

          Go buy a helmet. You need one.

      3. They will say “The Koch brothers stole the election!” Just call me Nostradamus, thanks.

        1. You have to at least recognize the effort, when someone works that hard on future plausible deniability.

    4. Over 12,000 Daily Kos members sent personalized emails to their senators last week?and we produced another 15,000 personalized messages yesterday alone.

      Our community is engaged and energized on this issue, and I could not be more proud of all the great work you have done. Now, we must channel our efforts into making sure Senate Republicans pay the price in November.

      I pray that in some other dimension, there’s an alternate universe where this passed, and the Daily Kos is shut down and all of its regulars are arrested on campaign finance violations. Because every word they say is an in-kind contribution to the Democrats.

      1. Ah yes, but per the amendment Congress gets to decide the rules of play.

      2. You’re not taking their religious sincerity and righteousness into account.

      3. and your stupid comes shining thru

        1. Says the dipshit who consistently gets poetry, grammar, spelling, and capitalization wrong.

          Back to your trailer, lower being.

          1. Not all houses are homes. But all trailers are. They are mobile homes. And josh knows this.

      4. “Except we are the press, not like those people over at Fox.”

      5. If Daiy Kos shuts down, will unemployment go up?

      6. I guess the ACLU isn’t “democratic” enough, since they spoke out against this amendment as well..

    5. From the comments:

      “Every single Republican voted against it. And every single Democrat for it. Whether you are for or against democracy now comes down to which party you are for. The one redeeming part of this is that it couldn’t make it clearer when it comes time to vote who favors democracy and who favors oligarchs.”

      This is true, but not in the way the poster thinks it is.

    6. “The rich and powerful aren’t people!”

      No, they are a class. It’s called Marxism. Look it up some day.

  11. So can Reason please stop referring to Ron Wyden as a “Civil Libertarian” now?

    1. Senator Wyden has had some good ideas, but voting for this is inexcusable.

  12. Harry Reid is a puzzle to me. He is a white male who grew up in the american west. He’s tough guy, an amateur boxer. He’s a Mormon. He’s a lawyer with a reputation of being honest. And he hates himself.

    1. And grew up poor with an alcoholic dad, so the legend goes. He’s the self-hating Mormon in some off-the-wall competition with Jews.

    2. I am reading a bio of Hitler. There is a lengthy treatment of the way he grew his own legend by hiding his past and his family’s history and replacing it with half-truths, vagaries and bullshit he invented. (Remind you of anyone?)

      I believe exactly jack shit about who pols say they are.

      1. hitler was on the right, you know
        your side, airhead

        1. Libertarians aren’t on the right. Doesn’t really fit into the left-right dichotomy.

          And even thought this really shouldn’t need to be said, Hitler wasn’t a libertarian.

          1. Keeping the tired, old left/right political spectrum alive is the best way to polarize issues and people against each other.

        2. Just a few points from the Nazi party:

          Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.
          In consideration of the monstrous sacrifice in property and blood that each war demands of the people, personal enrichment through a war must be designated as a crime against the people. Therefore we demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
          We demand the nationalisation of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).
          We demand a division of profits of all heavy industries.
          We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.
          We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalization of the great warehouses and their being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, county or municipality.

          Pretty right wing, right?

          1. And don’t forget, the Nazi’s were against Freedom of Speech too. 😉

        3. Thanks Josh.

          I’m burning my History degree as we speak!

    3. an amateur boxer

      All boxers are fucking amateurs, if that’s all they do.

    4. He’s a Mormon. He’s a lawyer with a reputation of being honest working for the people behind running the casinos.

  13. Collectivism!
    Our feelings know it’s true
    And if you speak against it
    It’s the gulag for you
    We the enlightened,
    Do shut you up hereby
    For fiat dollarz, free shit, and open
    Borders for all time

    /hymn no. 4-24-A, pg. 537 from ‘Das Leftoid’

    1. Libertarius, I picked up a new Lever Action. A ’94 in 32 special.

      1. An underappreciated caliber, that 32 Special is. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, you know it would bring a quick death to deer and hogs everywhere. They just legalized rifle hunting in Ohio (lever calibers only, excluding the 30-30), so everybody is scooping up the Marlin 45-70s. I might grab Henry’s new 45-70, it looks pretty jazzy.

        I can’t stop oogling Henry’s new reissue of the original 1860 Henry, it’s the first time they’ve made it since the Civil War. It’s the most gorgeous rifle I’ve ever seen, with a price tag to match it’s beauty, elegance, and symmetry.

        I’ve got lever fever, alright. Probably won’t buy that 1860 yet, since I would never shoot it anyway. But I think that Henry 45-70 is a go.

        1. To be precise, they legalized hunting with pistol-caliber rifles. Not all of them are lever guns, though many are. Most significantly, .45 ACP is allowed, which includes many semi-auto carbines.

          1. You’d have to be a clueless noob or a total dumbass to hunt deer with .45 ACP. I’ll assume your innocence.

            And to be actually precise, it isn’t pistol calibers they legalized; you don’t use pistol calibers for anything but self-defense and target shooting. Some of the calibers that were legalized, however, are also revolver calibers ( .38,.357,.44 mag), but the criteria is that it must be a non-necked round, which excludes all modern bolt calibers, and effectively limits your (legal) rifle hunting to the aforementioned lever-revolver calibers, plus the old oddball lever rounds like the 44-40, 30-40 Krag, and the twin powerhouses of the 45-70 and 45-90.

            The .45 LC would be a good deer round, but for the love of all that isn’t retarded, don’t go out there and shoot at deer with a pistol round.

    2. libertarians are total wackjobs

      1. omg totally dont you think daily kos is the best they told me kochs rule the planet and are raising unicorn rents which is totally undemocratic also hobby lobby makes the rape culture stay alive vote democrat and we will take all the bajillionary monies and give it to the poors so we can all read chomsky and never work and free weed yay feinstein!

        1. Gilmore kindly provides us with an example of post-modernist American poetry that is evocative of Ginsberg or Ferlinghetti.

  14. And the Democrats from Virginia did not abstain on this one. Man I don’t like Kaine. Warner is sufferable compared to him.

    1. May I assume they voted ‘yes’? (I can’t be bothered to go to a gov’t or gov’t-tracking website.)

      1. Yes and I hope it bites them in the ass

        1. This is such a shame for the State that bred the likes of J. Madison and (my homeboy) T.J.

          1. you don’t know crap about the history
            of this country, goober, if you got homeschooled, you should have tried
            someone else’s gome

            1. Hey Josh, still trying to make the rest of society suffer for your daddy issues?

            2. you don’t know crap about the history
              of this country, goober, if you got homeschooled, you should have tried
              someone else’s gome

              Hey, I think I’m getting it:

              Don’t know crap about history
              Don’t know much biology
              Of this country, goober if you got
              Homeschooled, would have said a lot
              You should have tried someone else’s gome
              And by the time that you got home
              What a wonderful world it would be.

            3. you don’t know crap about the history
              of this country

              I bet I know more than you. It wouldn’t even be a contest. Btw, nice job throwing baseless and unsubstantiated accusations at me. Though, I should not be surprised. You’re peddling the prog play book to a ‘t’.

              1. I’m waiting for the “shame on you” posts followed by accusations of racism.

          1. Let me dream dammit

            1. Nightmares are still dreams.

    2. Warner wasn’t a terrible gov. and I actually consider him honest for a pol. Kaine is terrible.

  15. If clamoring for a clampdown on freedom of speech really does help Democrats get out the vote, that’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of their party country.

    Since they, you know, pretty much run the country.

    1. you believe all the stupid crap
      from the right

      1. You’re my new favorite troll. You’re just so adorable, like watching a newborn puppy flop around because it hasn’t learned to use its legs yet.

  16. A mere 6 votes is not a comforting margin. That said, I do not believe that it would ever have made the other req’s to become an amendment. (Though, the 16th amendment, somehow, passed…)

    1. A mere 6 votes is not a comforting margin

      This. Every time someone raises a retard flag, it seems like somewhere around 48% of the country salutes. This never makes me feel comfortable.

      1. This is a bit long and focused on economics, but I think can be extrapolated to explain the phenomenon.

        In theory democracy is a bulwark against socially harmful policies. In practice, however, democracies frequently adopt and maintain policies that are damaging. How can this paradox be explained?

        The influence of special interests and voter ignorance are two leading explanations. I offer an alternative story of how and why democracy fails. The central idea is that voters are worse than ignorant; they are, in a word, irrational-and vote accordingly. Despite their lack of knowledge voters are not humble agnostics; instead, they confidently embrace a long list of misconceptions.

        1. De Tocqueville called it in the beginning of the experiment.

        2. I think I remember this article. I’ll have to give a (re)read.

        3. “The influence of special interests and voter ignorance are two leading explanations. I offer an alternative story of how and why democracy fails. The central idea is that voters are worse than ignorant; they are, in a word, irrational-and vote accordingly. Despite their lack of knowledge voters are not humble agnostics; instead, they confidently embrace a long list of misconceptions.”

          The Constitution is supposed to prevent the dictatorship of the majority and the market requires them to negotiate rather than shoot.
          And progs hate both with a passion!

        4. a great description of the republican

          1. Rrrriiiggghhhhttt….because Republicans are broke-ass bums who throw public temper tantrums for free shit and live with their parents ’til their 40 years old…

            Nope, that’s lefty losers like you, of which this country has wayyyy too many.

    2. It isn’t at all. It should have died before it even started with scorn from both sides.

      1. so you don’t even know what it’s about
        you must be a fox news viewer

        1. This is a really pathetic troll. It borders on being non-sentient, like an adbot. It makes me wonder which one of you sick fucks programmed it.

          It was Epi, wasn’t it.

    3. A mere 6 votes is not a comforting margin.

      Oh, the Dem idiots who voted for it knew it hadn’t a hope in hell of passing and they knew it shouldn’t. It was just a show so they could claim they’d stood up for the little guy against the Very Big Corporation of America.

  17. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t know how else to describe it. That they would piss away the most important right enshrined in the Constitution boggles my mind. They’re so far gone that I’m not certain the country will come back. In a just world they would be tarred and feathered for this.

    1. It’s like a mass insanity. Their collectivist impulses and groupthink are making them so retarded that they’ll piss anything away if it will hurt someone they hate.

      1. They only see obstacles to their agenda. If corporate money were not being spent they would have had all their goodies by now. Single payer, President Gore, free rubbers for all, carbon taxes, solar panels on every roof… It would be a proggie utopia. They cannot conceive that people would disagree with them in good faith, it’s ulterior motives and false consciousness all the way down.

        1. “They only see obstacles to their agenda.”

          Yep. This.

        2. And I still don’t get it. They have the presidency. They have the Senate. They had control of Congress too. They have California. They have Massachusetts, they have New York, they have Washington, in fact, they’ve got a lot of the most populous states.

          Ok, I’m asking it…

          *pull out checkbook*

          What’s it going to take for these people to clear off?

    2. That this got so close proves to me that the most important Amendment is the 2nd.

      1. +1 Hornady Lock n Load press

        1. Get a Forster. That Hornady, though a very good press, will start collecting dust.

      2. 1. You have a right to speak, and Congress shall pass no law abridging it.

        2. Barring 1, you have the right to shoot back. Primarily because the state needs a well regulated militia, regular folks get to carry guns too.

    3. If there were few or no progressives left things will be fine. Just get rid of them.

      1. What is this? An invitation to say something stupid?

        1. It’s some kind of cretinous moron or a terrible attempt at agent provocateur. Either way it’s fucking retarded.

    4. you people are so F’ing stupid
      it’s amazing

      1. Josh would like some cake.

        1. You know, of course, that they ALL want cake…

          1. Don’t fall for it Josh! The cake is a lie.

            1. No Josh. There really is cake. Really! Chocolate cake. Or whatever your favorite kind is if it isn’t chocolate. And none of the dumb libertarians on the right are allowed to have a piece.

      2. Pfft. At least we can right sentences without inexplicably breaking them in half.

        1. Although we apparently can’t spell write right.

          1. Joe’z law strikes again!!

      3. Not once has this boob offered a thought or idea.

        Just derp, derp, ad hominen.

    5. It’s an important right only if you expect not to be in power. It’s like how the 2nd amendment is important only if you expect not to be the only one holding the gun in the room. They expect to run the table, never having to give up the pool cue.

  18. In the proggy worldview, a DVD by Citizens United = corporate money corrupting politics, but the New York Times editorial page = the voice of the people.

    1. Well the NYT doesn’t make money, so they’re consistent.

    2. Well yeah. CU was a bunch of right wing wackos, whereas the NYT is run by Top Men. /derp

    3. Michael Moore’s voice, emanating from his $50 million vacation mansion, is ALSO the voice of the people. And don’t you forget it!

      Just look the other way when he makes a documentary criticizing a Presidential candidate during an election year. Its NOTHING like what CU did, at ALL!

  19. What’s with the hipster clothing ad in the sidebar?

    1. My sidebar ads have some big-titted gal wearing a Captain America outfit, and another ad for Jewish Soy Sauce. If either of those are hipster, I’m really out of the loop.

      I think most of the ads you see when you are on reason are cookie-tailored just for you.

      1. Jewish soy sauce sounds ironic.

        1. All I can say is “Soy Vay!”

      2. Yup. I’m getting Jeep ads. Which are too late, BTW.

        I research a lot of things writing novels. The ads generated are often wierder than stuff I dream up.

  20. It’s funny when discussing Citizens United with any liberal because they are incapable of NOT invoking those evil Koch brothers.

    1. Only money from big labor and similar organizations is allowed. Not money that comes from likely comservatives.

    2. Most of them don’t even know what the CU ruling was about: A documentary criticizing Hillary when she was running for Prez.

      Ask them how they feel about Fahrenheit 9/11, criticizing Bush during his run for a second term, before you tell them what exactly Citizens United was about.

    1. GoFundMe also denies me my right to crowdsource money to hire a contract killer.

    2. So, like ‘KickStarter’, but for abortions? SHARING ECONOMY (or something).

    3. So Proggies are Carthaginians?

      Makes sense.

      Carthago delenda est.

    4. Abortions are $2500? And they say inflation isn’t real….

      1. No, Planned Parenthood says abortions are $300-$800. Maybe she has to fly somewhere and rent a room for a few nights? Even then $2500 seems like too much.

        And of course, she might not have to beg if she hadn’t blown her dough on those stupid and ugly tattoos.

        1. Maybe part of the funds are to get the name of her aborted fetus tattooed on her somewhere?

          /bad taste?

  21. The Nation: How the Koch Brothers and Other Family Capitalists Are Ruining America

    Read that article, and tell me if you can actually find any information that proves their thesis. I saw a lot of wild claims but no citations to prove any of it.

    1. The Koch’s are their Emmanuel Goldstein. I’m really surprised they haven’t started making Five Minute Hate videos yet.

      1. Oh, they already have the Thirty Minutes’ Hate videos downpat. Just turn to any cable channel and pay attention, the way they smuggle their cheesy (and tired) narrative into everything is boorish.

    2. What a load of crap. I got thru 5 paragraphs before I quit. It’s all about the principals, the ad hominems. Principher don’t matter.

      1. Principles. Autocorrect

    3. The NAACP forced the recipents of a college fund to return the money because it came from the Koch’s pockets; talk about plantation living, you fall in line or face the overseer.

    4. It isn’t that complicated: the Left needs to believe that all opposition to them and their ideas is the result of a shadowy cabal of corporations and businessmen tainting our democracy with money and right-wing ideology.

      The fact that politics begets cronyism, corruption, and waste by its very nature is lost on them. Thus, they are convinced if they just pass enough laws targeting the Big Bad Koch Brothers and their ilk they can organize the people into socialists and we’ll have peace and prosperity and social justice for all.

      1. This. They do not believe that well intentioned people would disagree.

      2. Well, they also have to square the conflict in their minds about the people. They say they are “for the people”…but then a lot of the people go and disagree with them or oppose what they want to do “for the people”. How could this be? What they want to do is for the good of “the people”!

        So instead of going “why would people not want the things I want to force on them for their own good?”, they come up with nearly supernatural boogeymen and cabals who are blocking them so that they do not have to consider whether what they want is actually good for anyone.

        They are obsessed to the point of madness with certain concepts, and no matter how much a lot of people seem to hate these concepts–or, especially, the result of these concepts being put into law–they will not give up on them. So they have to do insane mental gymnastics to keep avoiding going “you know we might have had the wrong idea here.”

        1. Just Google false consciousness and GOP. It explains their mindset well.

        2. This too. If leftists were capable of introspection they wouldn’t be leftists.

          As I like to think of it, it’s easier to get a right-wing blowhard to come around on an issue like medical cannabis and gay marriage than it is to get a progtard to acknowledge opportunity cost, scarcity, and the basic notion that policies have unintended consequences.

          1. Speaking of unintended consequences I was reminded last night how much of an idiot Sean Hannity is.

            I had left the TV on after watching Obama’s staetofthewarcampaign speech and as I came back into the room I decided to watch for a moment because.. who knows.

            Anyway what I saw was Hannity and some random idiot discussing what the “unforeseen consequences of attacking ISIS might be.” Just a WTF moment.

            1. *Anyway what I saw was Hannity and some random idiot discussing what the “unforeseen consequences of attacking ISIS might be.” Just a WTF moment.*

              So there absolutely won’t be any unforeseen consequences of attacking ISIS? Wasn’t that the subject of about half-a-dozen ‘articles’ here at Reason?

              Take your mindless Hannity/Fox hate back to DailyKos.

    5. “Read that article, and tell me if you can actually find any information that proves their thesis. I saw a lot of wild claims but no citations to prove any of it.”

      The asshole craig was here a couple of days ago claiming the Koch Bros(tm-and I’ll bet he doesn’t know they aren’t in lock-step) were horrible because:
      1) ‘Dad built some refineries for the USSR’, leaving off the fact that Dad found the USSR so horrible he never did business with it again.
      2) ‘Dad started the John Birch Society’, leaving off that Dad left when they got whacko.
      3) ‘The Koch Bros(tm) own Reason’, leaving off the fact that they don’t.
      4) ‘The Koch Bros(tm) are associated with Cato!’, leaving off the fact of so what?
      Yeah, them Koch Bros(tm) are, uh, well, uh…
      I forgot to ask if he checks under his bed before hitting the sack.

      1. The Koch brothers also

        – fund the NYC ballet
        – the Natural History museum
        – multiple cancer research institutions
        – The Smithsonian
        – a sculpture garden at the Met

        and apparently they are doing a lot in Water Treatment/Purification these days, an issue of far greater importance to the future health of mankind than any of Tom Steyer’s bullshit ‘green energy’ ideas….

        but yeah, they’re Moar Evil than Hydra or something.

        1. Also major contributors to the Aspen Institute.

        2. …”and apparently they are doing a lot in Water Treatment/Purification these days, an issue of far greater importance to the future health of mankind than any of Tom Steyer’s bullshit ‘green energy’ ideas….”

          Hey, I live in SF, so I get a steady dose of Steyer’s BS. And of course none of the brain-deads here are griping about that.
          But let a company with a Koch stockholder develop a cheap water purification system and I’ll be posting the screams from the Chron in every AM/PM links for weeks!
          ‘They’re controlling our water!’; see the asshole craig earlier this week.

        3. What about Nova? The best show on PBS.

        4. Oh, that’s just them being cynical. They have to hide their misdeeds with that stuff.

        5. “The Koch brothers also

          – fund the NYC ballet
          – the Natural History museum
          – multiple cancer research institutions
          – The Smithsonian
          – a sculpture garden at the Met”

          Sounds like some states or governments I’ve come across. Next thing you’ll be telling me they fund research into IT and space exploration.

  22. Go ahead let the first amendment go to shit… Once the proggies are done with that I think they’ll be ready for another charge up hill GC.

  23. no citations to prove any of it

    You don’t need to provide a citation for a commonly known fact.

    1. Citation needed.

  24. Recall that the Citizens United case hinged on the fact that a 501(c)(4) corporation produced a movie that had a political purpose, in this case a documentary “Hillary: The Movie” that was intended to highlight Mrs. Clinton’s shortcomings at a time when she was running for president.

    I subscribe to some liberal sites, and as a result get regular emails from them. I recently received an email from Now, is also a 501(c)(4), who’s primary purpose lately seems to be opposing the ruling handed down in the Citizens United case.

    The email from Public Citizen was urging me to donate money to support their production of a documentary that highlights how bad the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United was.

    That’s right: a 501(c)(4) corporation made a movie with the express political purpose of protesting the Supreme Court decision that a 501(c)(4) corporation could make a movie with an express political purpose!

    Quote from the email “Support Public Citizen’s fight against runaway corporate power with a contribution of $40 or more today and get your own copy of “The Story of Citizens United” on DVD.”

    1. “Please, help stop us before we express political opinions again. Won’t you donate today?”

  25. I’m ok with Citizen’s, if corporations aren’t people how on earth can unions be considered so in terms of donations? This is one of the huge reasons the DemProgs hate Citizens, because it levels the scales in terms of “group” donations. Unions are people just as much as businesses are people.
    Team Blue has stooped to ever extensive and continual lows with each POTUS it has. I know there’s non-Proggies somewhere in that party … somewhere.

    1. I like to get around it by thinking that corporations aren’t people; they’re groups of people practicing that 1A right to assemble peaceably.

      1. This. People don’t lose their individual rights just because they choose to organize and act collectively. They also don’t gain new rights.

        1. I’ve tried to explain this to lefties, to no avail. It seems obvious to me that opposing CU is like saying individuals have the right to free expression of religion, but churches do not.

          1. Might not be a good line of attack. I think there are many lefties that would see that as a feature rather than a bug.

          2. Point out the slew of anti-Bush documentaries during his run for a second term, funded by corporations and one-percenters like Michael Moore.

            Chances are they don’t even know what CU was about, and just think it was some kind of arbitrary ruling about money being free speech.

      2. I get around it by remembering that a corporation is a legal fiction, an imaginary creature. Imaginary creatures don’t speak, so any actual existing speech attributed to a corporation was still created by a natural person, and attacking the corporation would be indirectly but deliberately impinging on that natural person’s ability to speak.

  26. First, we have the most recent entreaty on the part of Public Citizen, which is a progressive organization structured as a 501(c)(4) who’s purpose (currently) to fund political advocacy to urge Congress to overturn the right of 501(c)(4) organizations to fund political advocacy.
    If it weren’t for everything Public Citizen has done for the past 42 years and counting, the cloud of corporate greed looming over so much of our lives may by now have cast all of America under a permanent shadow.

    During my 16 years of service in the U.S. House of Representatives, I saw over and over again just how vital Public Citizen is to defending health and safety, consumer rights, and our very democracy from Big Business and its many puppets in politics.

    Public Citizen does the hard work behind the scenes that helps get good laws passed and bad bills stopped.

    I really don’t know another organization that more skillfully and effectively counteracts the vastly better funded legions of corporate lobbyists that infest the halls of Congress day in and day out.
    And ? most significantly at this moment ? nobody is doing more than Public Citizen to fight the U.S. Supreme Court’s stupid and stupefying decision in the Citizens United case.

    I hope you will join me in making as generous a contribution to Public Citizen as you can. Public Citizen can’t win without help from engaged Americans like you.

  27. Then we have the Daily Kos. The Daily Kos is a product of Kos Media, LLC. It’s a for-profit corporation sustained by advertising to and (non-deductible) contributions from its members.

    Here’s a sneak peek at our priorities for next year so you can see what your contribution would be supporting:

    We’ll be working to get Nancy Pelosi her gavel back and keep the Senate. And as bonus, we’ll be fighting to get rid of Mitch McConnell. (We raised an astonishing $1.6 million for candidates in 2013?and it wasn’t even an election year for most of the country. We’re going to blow that away in 2014.)

    We’ll continue to provide the news coverage that makes Daily Kos the go-to place for progressives when big things happen.

    This is going to be hard work. It’s also going to be expensive.

    Daily Kos has over five million unique readers every month and an operating budget of just $2.5 million. We could fund operations for two years if every reader chipped in just one dollar, but we all know that not everyone is in a position to do that?especially after the holidays.

    So, I’ll ask again: If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to give after the holidays, could you chip in just $5 a month to keep Daily Kos going through the 2014 election?

  28. I wonder if the folks at Public Citizen will ever put the Daily Kos or Kos Media, LLC, in their list of corporations ruining the electoral process by funneling “unlimited” monies to candidates?

    According to Wikipedia, during the 2004 U.S. election campaign, Daily Kos readers gave approximately $500,000 in user donations to fifteen Democratic candidates denoted as most needing funds and that Daily Kos led a fundraising campaign again in the 2006 midterm election campaign in conjunction with MyDD and State Project. This time around, they raised over $1.4 million for 17 “Netroots Candidates,”

      1. No, he’s right.

  29. A mere 6 votes is not a comforting margin.

    This was a cloture vote, a vote to go ahead and then vote. That requires 60 yes votes.

    Actually passing a vote to amend the constitution would have required 67 votes.

    1. It also has various other req’s (like State ratification). I was expressing my concern that it did not die in (or before) committee.

    2. And if I have this right, this was just a vote so that the measure could be debated and voted upon, correct? So if you voted for this, it doesn’t necessarily mean you supported the bill, just supported it getting out there for discussion. I would bet that actually a lower number would truly vote to try and amend 1A.

      1. It might have been playing with fire a little but the Republicans might have been well served in giving them just a little more rope in this case.

      2. It didn’t even deserve that.

      3. Reid typically votes against cloture for a bill since Senate rules would give him the option of reviving it later it it fails.

        So by voting for it he demonstrates that he just wanted to give Team Blue a few days to jawbone about KKKorporations and the perils they demonstrate to our democracy to rally up the base.

      4. An overwhelming majority of the Dem Senators (48)co-sponsored it. So while not everyone voted “yes” yesterday wanted to pass the amendment almost the entire Dem caucus put their names on it.

  30. All I can say is “Soy Vay!”

    1. damn, how’d that end up down here as well?

      1. You’re just an unwitting tool for big corporate kosher soy sauce!

      2. Mr. Yoshida’s is so much better. No contest.

        1. Mr Yoshida sold out to Big Ketchup!!!

          (Seriously though, Junki Yoshida is a fucking giant.)

          1. I like his many hats.

  31. Really, really SUPER proud that both progfuckstainbitchcocksucker senators from Michigan, Levin and Stabenow (both D-erp) supported this.

    And it looks like my fellow Michiganderanianites are SO. FUCKING. STUPID. that they might send Gary Peters ILO Levin, and elect the lightweight retard (whom my wife knows from HS – hah!) Schauer governor. Yeah, yeah, not that the TEAM BLUE are mega better….but they’re both clearly, incrementally better.

    If that happens, I’m gettin’ serious about moving. Gov Snyder’s kind of a puss and no libertarian – BUT – he’s largely unfucked Granholm’s hell spawn, and generally gets it right on taxation and regulation. They re-Dem this state – *shhhhhhhhhhhudddddderrrrr* – we’re right foked, I fear.

    Fuck Michigan! Government and retarded voters, esp

    1. oops – not that “TEAM RED” are incrementally better.

      My colorblindness got me on that one…

      /not really colorblind…

      1. They’re just two different halves of TEAM BE RULED.

        1. Exactly…TEAM PURPLE

        2. Isn’t BE RULED an anagram for RED BLUE?

  32. American liberties are said to rest on four boxes: the ballot box, the soap box, the jury box and the cartridge box. Each box is infested with termites (I think you know their names.)

      1. Plus the FDA for the soap box.

        1. Ah, yes. Good one.

          Also, the IRS. Not sure which box they infest….perhaps all of them equally.

    1. Where has the ACLU been? ** crickets **

      1. Actually the ACLU opposed this amendment pretty publicly.

  33. I don’t know why you people celebrate the fact the the 1% have so much clout and power in the political realm. Reason comments fight so hard for the Paris Hilton types who don’t even know that you are alive and consider you slaves. All because of the delusion that one day you will be one of them. Fittingly you guys do it for free…sad.

    1. All because of the delusion that one day you will be one of them.

      See, this is where you are incorrect. It is well known that the Reptilian shape-shifting aliens of the Illuminati possess the technology to hybridize humans with their reptilian DNA.

    2. Noodlez|9.11.14 @ 10:12PM|#
      “I don’t know why you people celebrate the fact the the 1% have so much clout and power in the political realm”

      I don’t know why ignorant lefty assholes show up to repeat the same, tired lies every damn time.

    3. We don’t celebrate it. In fact, one of the practical reasons libertarians want a minimal government is to to remove the incentive for the rich to buy political pull. The rich can’t buy what the government can’t sell.

      However, the rich of the same rights as everyone else. No more, no less. And yes, libertarians fight for the rights even of those they don’t agree with or know personally. Principles and all that. No payment necessary.

    4. So, you agree Tom Steyer is an evil shit undermining the political system then?

      Tell me all about it.

    5. We dont celebrate it. I dont know if you are aware of this, but Libertarians are very much in favor of limiting government, you know, that instrument that the evil 1% use to enslave the rest of us.

      1. “I dont know if you are aware of this, but Libertarians are very much in favor of limiting government, you know, that instrument that the evil 1% use to enslave the rest of us.”

        Lefty dolts know that, but are not about to admit it. It would ruin their specious claim to ‘representing the people’ while actually forcing the population to act in approved ways.
        Note asshat claims to be concerned about Paris Hilton, and I’m sure you’ve noticed all the harm she’s done. He doesn’t give a hoot, except that she hasn’t towed the lion in using her money to pitch his dictatorial ends.
        Note also that asshat claims to be concerned about “power”, but he’s more than willing to have the awesome power of state thuggery promote his agenda.
        Lies and hypocrisy! It’s what lefties deliver! In bushels!

    6. What’s hilarious to me about you fucking abject retards is that you don’t even bother to think about the fact that the politicians you support ARE the motherfucking “1%” (yes those are scare quotes).

    7. There have been several primaries and elections since the Citizens United decision that were not won by the candidate who had the most financial backing. How could this be when we were assured by shrieking progressives that CU would lead directly to every future election being bought by the 1%?


      It’s what we do.

      Noodlez, I’m guessing, is a student. 20ish?

    9. So, is Nancy Pelosi in the 1% with her personal net worth of $100 million, or is she exempted? Politicians in both parties use their position to increase personal wealth.

      You don’t understand Libertarians. Maybe you’re new here. But Libertarians do not want corporate interests running politics either. They recognize that power corrupts, and that the only way to avoid that corruption is to limit political power to begin with.

      That way you never have to worry about politicians being honest or the ability of the rich to buy political power.

  34. I’ll take Articles you will not see linked on Reason for $500, please.

    As an atheist, I cannot help wondering when this scrim of pretense and delusion will be finally burned away?either by the clear light of reason or by a surfeit of horror meted out to innocents by the parties of God. Which will come first, flying cars and vacations to Mars, or a simple acknowledgment that beliefs guide behavior and that certain religious ideas?jihad, martyrdom, blasphemy, apostasy?reliably lead to oppression and murder? It may be true that no faith teaches people to massacre innocents exactly?but innocence, as the President surely knows, is in the eye of the beholder. Are apostates “innocent”? Blasphemers? Polytheists? Islam has the answer, and the answer is “no.”

    More British Muslims have joined the ranks of ISIS than have volunteered to serve in the British armed forces. In fact, this group has managed to attract thousands of recruits from free societies throughout the world to help build a paradise of repression and sectarian slaughter in Syria and Iraq. This is an astonishing phenomenon, and it reveals some very uncomfortable truths about the failures of multiculturalism, the inherent vulnerability of open societies, and the terrifying power of bad ideas.

    1. Meh.

      Harris does speak truth to power when it comes to Islam, but one must keep in mind where such sentiments fall within Harris’s greater worldview. Harris’s entire argument against libertarianism is that people are too stupid for freedom. That Mr. Fawaz of Karachi believes it acceptable to burn his daughter alive because she insulted the family honor by smiling at a boy he didn’t approve of has no bearing on the exercise of my natural rights.

      1. I admit that this is the first article that I read from him, and noted some red flags, particularly towards the end. I suppose then that he is some kind of technocracy advocate?

        1. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, so I’ll link to the Harris post I’m referring.

          I think he could comfortably hang out with the Bleeding Heart Libertarian folks. He might have some technocratic impulses, but that just might be a side-effect of making a career out of stating that you believe 79% of your fellow Americans are mouth-breathing, superstitious morons.

          1. I think he could comfortably hang out with the Bleeding Heart Libertarian folks

            Now that there is some strong condemnation.

            might be a side-effect of making a career out of stating that you believe 79% of your fellow Americans are mouth-breathing, superstitious morons.

            I have nothing to back it up, but it has always seemed to me that atheists have an easier time falling into the top man trap than other varieties of libertarians, maybe for this reason.

            1. I have nothing to back it up, but it has always seemed to me that atheists have an easier time falling into the top man trap than other varieties of libertarians, maybe for this reason.

              I think a lot of that has to do with the notion that if people stopped believing in God then will be free from superstition and ignorance and in turn they will listen to TOP. MEN. and therefore they will Get Things Done.

              1. “I think a lot of that has to do with the notion that if people stopped believing in God then will be free from superstition and ignorance and in turn they will listen to TOP. MEN. and therefore they will Get Things Done.”

                The presumption here is that an atheist will simply replace a sky-daddy with a land-daddy.
                Possible (see replacement for ‘opiate of the masses’) but not indicated.

            2. “I have nothing to back it up, but it has always seemed to me that atheists have an easier time falling into the top man trap than other varieties of libertarians, maybe for this reason.”

              The number of ‘dumb people!’ posts here might suggest otherwise; we would like to trust the constitution rather than the popular vote.
              So an appeal to ‘the majority’ isn’t gonna win a lot of support unless you find it fits within a confirmation bias.
              And yeah, HM, at you, too.

              1. I suppose I should have specified “militant atheists” in my comment and by “top man trap” I refer to things like BHL publishing an article about the Libertarian Case for Licensing Parents and so forth.

                I wasn’t taking any shots at anyone here, just an impression I get from wandering the web.

                1. D-w-T,
                  I’m pretty ‘militant’ in that when someone mentions what Junior did, I point out there is zero evidence for an historical Jesus and that immediately rouses the troops. Why shouldn’t I just shut up about that?
                  Well, ’cause BS disturbs me, sorta like the AGW BS.
                  So you’re welcome to take a shot if you please; I’ll bet some bleever is here within an hour or so with the tired canard that not bleeving is a religion! ‘Cause a bleever says so!

                  1. Wouldn’t dream of it. Except maybe on a slow Saturday to liven things up? I’m a pretty casual Buddhist myself, atheists don’t bug me at all. I understand why some atheists get riled up about believers, the same way I understand why Eddie gets riled up about abortion, for example, while not agreeing with him at all. I generally stay out of the crossfire; no money in it.

          2. He also wrote an article praising guns, in which he casually said that we might as well ban semi-autos. Fuck Sam Harris.

  35. Guy who killed 3 kids in Chardon has escaped from prison in Lima OH.

    1. Ooops.

    2. That facility was right down the road from the plant in Lima I worked at in the mid 2000’s…..knowing how that place is laid out, I’m interested how he did it! Not easy…

  36. The Baltimore Modells are making the Yiner Rooneys look kinda silly tonight.

    I don’t root either way…but it is always great sport making fun of Yinzzers, so I’m rooting for the beatdown to continue.

    1. Huh – take the extra “z” that ended up in the second “Yinzers” and put it up with the first reference, where it belongs. Please.


    2. I root for the Steelers to lose every game except when they play the Modells. Fuck Art Modell and fuck the Steelers.

  37. OH! Almost forgot

    *applauds vigorously*

    That’s for Heroic Mulatto, who, as someone noted upthread, was doing the Lord’s work tonight! Right on, brother HM!

  38. Political stunt or not…..GOOD! But I have to ask, if “…the Koch brothers are evil”, what does that make George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates and numerous other notorious big democrat donors?

  39. Now that the Commerce Clause is taken as a rubber stamp for any government action not explicitly denied by the constitution, it’s time to go after those powers that are *explicitly* denied. All power to the State!

    I didn’t really think it had gotten so bad that they’d go straight after eviscerating the first amendment, though.

    Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

  40. LEts roll with it man roll with it.

  41. I come for the trolls.

    Look. It all boils down to ONE thing and ONE thing only. I had a lefty friend tell me this point blank. My brother too. These are guys that use all the proper left-wing talking points. My brother, in an attempt to deflect about his own short comings (heck, who am I kidding, his laziness) babbles on about capitalism. Despite him loving all technological gadgets (which he doesn’t pay for because he steals the wi-fi from my sister) and having a forceful say on my parent’s properties which they paid for through PROFITS!

    Here’s what they believe when you follow them along the sad, dreary path to logical ends.

    They don’t trust people to make the right choices. That is, the choices they deem necessary to a ‘civilized’ community they design in their minds. Moreover, freedom of speech MUST be curtailed, because people say stupid things!

    The pathetic, anti-human side of this position is it simply doesn’t consider all the subtle and intricate aspects of being HUMAN. It can’t be controlled. But there they are, wanting to control human vices and virtues.

    It not only makes them naifs but evil as well.

    1. “It not only makes them naifs but evil as well.”

      The word you want is paternalistic.

  42. Take Josh up thread for example. He’s an airhead. Clearly.

    I find his pathetic attempts at historical snark objectionable.

    I’m a History Major – and a damn good one! – and look upon his assertions in horror.

    But what can I do? Advocate for laws to suppress his right to an opinion? However embedded in abject ignorance he may be, he’s entitled to it.

    THIS is how WE at Reason differ from THEY – wherever they hang out.

    We respect. They don’t.

    1. *But what can I do? Advocate for laws to suppress his right to an opinion? However embedded in abject ignorance he may be, he’s entitled to it.*

      I say we run a candidate who promises to end the war on drugs and poverty and marshal all those resources in a war against the stupid. Just lay down a trail of FREE SH*T that leads to the grand canyon and set up machine guns on the ridge of the canyon. Problem solved.

  43. “Yes, I know: Citizens United was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever, corporations aren’t people, money isn’t speech, and the Koch Brothers are evil.”

    I hate this kind of sarcasm in articles, it seems too much like pandering and less like informing.

  44. Look at the names of those who co-sponsored this and all are Commies. That’s all you need to know.

  45. “To advance the fundamental principle of political equality for all”

    …sounds like something that came out a C-student’s sophomore social studies class.

    Isn’t this already covered under IV(4): “shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”?

    “for all”? All what? All citizens? All legal residents? All h. sapiens? All living creatures? All sentient entities (thinking forward to the coming days of artificial intelligence)?

    And it gets worse from there….

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  49. By attempting to amend, aren’t they basically admitting that in its current form the Constitution doesn’t do what they want it to on this issue?

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