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"Why I'm Actually Pretty Psyched For the New Sarah Palin Channel"


Sarah Palin has started a new subscription-only web channel that she says will allow her audience to create a community and discuss the news with "no need to please the powers that be."

Good for her, I argue in a new column:

Palin's new project is the latest sign that we live in world of gloriously fragmented media and culture that allows just about anyone to express themselves more fully than at any time in human history. That's a great thing, even if it means trouble for long-established media companies and empowers conspiracy ranters such as Alex Jones.

Twenty years ago, just as the Internet was developing into a mass medium that catered to individuals' unique tastes and interests in unprecedented ways, critics were foolishly flipping out about "media consolidation" and how a few companies such as AOL Time Warner would control all our news and information (as if!). Now, they are more likely to worry over the loss of a common news culture and the seeming ability of people to consume only self-confirming points of view. That may seem plausible on the face of things, but it's equally wrong….

Far from walling ourselves off in ideological gardens that tell us just what we want to hear, "the majority of Americans across generations now combine a mix of sources and technologies to get their news each week" [according to a study by the American Press Institute]. We go deep on stories that interest us, reading multiple accounts from multiple places to get more information—something that wasn't possible back in the days of three broadcast channels and one or two hometown newspapers. Perhaps most interestingly, we apply a sliding scale of credibility based on sources, with 43% having high trust levels in reports from well-established news organizations, 21% from "word of mouth" ones, and even less from unsubstantiated social media sources.

So welcome to the 21st Century media world, Sarah Palin. New voices and platforms are always welcome, but it's a jungle out here. You don't have to "please the powers that be," but you do have to bring real value to your readers and viewers – and that's no walk in the park in the mediascape of endlessly fascinating and proliferating choices.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. John?….

    this wouldn’t be appropriate without an explanation of why no one here really appreciates how awesome she is.

    1. I appreciate how much she’s able to make the left act even more insane than they usually do.

      1. I am surprised at how a little thing like daring to run as VP against Obama can cause the left to so quickly drop their pro-woman facade.

        And how long lasting it is. She lost the election in 2008, nearly 6 years ago…how deeply pissed do you have to be to still hold a grudge after that?

        1. She’s a female Republican. That’s like droning babies to the left. Well, if they objected to droning babies, anyway.

          1. Did you see the True Blood “Republicunt” episode?

            What is odd is the very next episode Bill Compton kills a woman because he gets pissed over having to pay a Deathtax.

            The politics of that show are wildly confused.

            1. Alan Ball and his writers are pretty liberal. There was plenty of anti-Republican stuff on Six Feet Under. True Blood has actually kept that stuff under wraps pretty well because they didn’t want to alienate any viewers, but this is the final season and I’m pretty sure they’re slipping that shit in just because they can. It’s tedious as fuck and childish in the extreme, but it’s not really surprising.

              1. There was plenty of anti-Republican stuff on Six Feet Under.

                Yeah. I binge watched the entire series a few months ago and it really is pretty blatant, and nonsensical. The last season was probably the worst because of Bush’s reelection IRL, every main character launched into a leftist rant that was usually completely out of context at some point in that season. The one not leftist character was Claire’s boyfriend, but he was, of course, a caricature of a Republican.

                The one scene that sort of made sense was when a seriously inebriated Claire launched into a tirade at a military family for having a “Support Our Troops” sticker on their Ford Expedition. Of course, she ranted about them having a gas guzzler while the troops were fighting a war for oil, all the while standing in front of the early ’70s Cadillac hearse that she tools around in, which assuredly burns more of Mother Gaia’s blood than the modern SUV does.

                I will say this though, I’m glad I kept watching because the end sequence of the series is seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen.

                And the Subaru “They Lived” commercials also use the music from Sia’s Breathe Me, which is kind of amusing and quite clever.

        2. Identity politics scumbags (who tend to reside much more on TEAM BLUE) hate someone who doesn’t play their identity game the way they insist they do. In fact, they hate them more than anyone else, because people who refuse to conform to the identity they’ve assigned you blatantly show how fucking retarded identity politics are. And they can’t have that.

          1. I just read Mugger Blood, one of the Destroyer novels. Let me just say that no leftist should read it, because they’ll have a stroke and die. I’m almost not kidding–it’s pretty rough on some blacks.

            1. It’s good that you can admit you’re a white supremacist, ProL. Or, more accurately, a Neanderthal supremacist.

              1. Wait.. are you suggesting that their are ‘some’ libertarians who are NOT white Neanderthal supremicists?

              2. This is correct–I am Neanderthal and hunger for justice. All races, religions, creeds, and ethnicities who claim injustice no nothing of the horrors perpetrated on my people. And our oppression extends back tens of thousands of years, not piddling tens or hundreds.

                Doing a quick bit of math, I figure the reparations, taking account a reasonable amount of interest. . .yes, the U.S. and Canada should about do it. I mean as my personal property.

                1. Know nothing. Human speech is hard for my people.

            2. Yeah, but Hollywood liberals got their revenge through the Remo Williams movie, no?

              1. But the black guy had a noble death and the actor who played Chen was a white guy who wore “yellow face”….

                1. I thought he did an okay job. Look, it doesn’t matter which non-Korean plays Chiun, as he’s inherently inferior from the get-go.

              2. It’s entertaining enough, though it’s not exactly like the books.

                If it weren’t for the PC holocaust that would follow, I think a TV series based on The Destroyer would be fun. Especially Chiun.

        3. Being “pro-woman” means you don’t give the dumbest person ever to run on a national ticket a pass because she’s a woman.

          There’s no grudge. There’s eternal appreciation that a man with John McCain’s judgment wasn’t elected president.

          1. Being “pro-woman” means you don’t give the dumbest person ever to run on a national ticket a pass because she’s a woman.


            “Being pro-woman means relentlessly attacking a candidate with views I don’t like on the grounds of her sex.”

            The left (and your puppeteers) attacked this woman not just for her views, but on the very basis of her sex. They attacked her family, they attacked her mothering skills, they insinuated that she didn’t actually give birth to Tig (Chris Matthews did this FFS, not just the fever swamps of the lunatic left blogosphere), and they’ve continued to do this even after the election. After they made her governorship impossible with ridiculous nonsense and she resigned for the good of the state, they attacked her for being a weak woman.

            And really, dumb? The DNC had Obama, a man of no accomplishment and hours long reels of gaffs and idiocy at the top of the ticket backed by the most vacant fuckwit in Senate.

          2. *you don’t give the dumbest person ever to run on a national ticket a pass because she’s a woman.*

            Joe Biden is, almost assuredly, NOT a woman.

    2. You know, before she was named as the VP candidate, I saw her on TV a few times while she was governor. I actually wondered then if she might be a touch libertarian, because she certainly sounded that way then. That might have been to play to some audience in Alaska or maybe an attempt to surf the Tea Party wave that was starting up back then, but I still had a more positive opinion of her pre-2008 election.

      Now, I think she tends to try to stay in the limelight with provocative opinions and isn’t particularly consistent. She does occasionally say something reasonable (or even unreasonable) that pisses off the left eleventy billion times more than it should, which, of course, amuses me to no end.

      1. I agree. I said that she was a reasonable pick for VP based on her pre-VP pick persona. Today, she seems a bit like Ann Coulter in that she just says things to get clicks.

        1. No doubt at all that she’s cashing in. That’s part of the humor to me, too, as the left has once again made a bogeyman out of someone who just talks for a living. Not in office, not running for office. They’d be much better off fearing those in power.

          1. Yeah, but their simpleton base needs easy to identify targets for hate. That’s why they just keep re-using the most “popular” ones. Bush is out of office for 6 years, but they make Bush jokes still. It’s pathetic, but…sheep are pathetic, so it makes sense.

            That being said, I was sick of hearing about Palin about five minutes after she showed up, and I’m still just as sick of it.

            1. I’m still disappointed that she didn’t turn to porn, like some of the other public figures whose time should’ve passed. It would’ve been fitting, somehow.

              We have an amazing capacity to obsess about celebrities. I often wonder how much that obsession makes a lot of our political nonsense possible. It’s obviously akin to the popularity that dictators often have. Or other types of abusers.

              1. I’m still disappointed that she didn’t turn to porn

                Lisa Ann does a better porn Palin than Palin herself ever could.

                1. Lisa Ann does a better porn Palin than Palin herself ever could.

                  Yeah. I’m not a fan of the “too much plastic surgery” look, but Lisa Ann has undeniable talent. She mostly does pretty generic scenes, but in the right role she is incredible. Although I wouldn’t mind having been a fly on the wall during that “shocking” fling a young Palin had with that black basketball player.


                2. I wasn’t familiar with Lisa Ann but found her Wikipedia page. Good grief, do some guys really find absurdly enormous fake breasts enticing?

                  Those look like basketballs.

                  Give me an athletic gal with everything real every time. Also, someone intelligent who I can talk with long before sex is even considered, rather than just a pile of sculpted adipose tissue who fucks in the movies. But I guess I’m probably in the minority.

            2. Epi I don’t doubt that we will be making well deserved Obama jokes 6 years from now.

              At least I hope we will be able to.

              1. I’d rather just forget about him. Like, right now, if we could.

                1. Could we have implants that make it impossible to perceive him? Or others who annoy us? Just edit him out entirely?

                  Pohl did something like this in Man Plus, if I recall correctly.

                  1. I know it was a thing in Syndicate, but that was a different medium.

        2. Is that what Skeletor does? Play a character for attention? That would actually make me feel better. I’ve watched very little of her, but the other hateful shrew, Nancy Grace, seems to be a very genuine loathsome cunt.

          1. It’s often hard to tell. I think even the ones that do it have to have some real looniness under the surface to do what they do.

      2. She might be a touch libertarian. But whatever it is that would make her run for VP alongside a total douchebag POTUS candidate like McCain.

  2. I should have waited for this post to provide my link about the new Atheist TV channel:…..nt_4676450

    1. But is it anarchist-atheist TV? Or is it merely statolotry with atheist plumage?

      1. “Statolatry is almost as prevelant in our days as idolatry was with the ancient
        Greeks and Romans.”

  3. Is Nick actually trying to summon the Shreek? The title alone is like saying “Beetlejuice” three times …

    1. Yeah, his mom hasn’t payed the intertoobs bill yet, for sure.

      1. The stock market dumped like 300 points today.

        Shrike is crying in his bottles right now.

        1. I picture shreek begging for change outside a Varsity.

    2. Palin gets a TV channel, Weigel hurt most.

      I was trying to word the above correctly, so I googled “washington post women and minorities hurt cliche” and got nothing. There weren’t even any suggested results as I was typing it. Just a bunch of serious articles at various sites actually bemoaning the fate of women and minorities.

      1. For reference, in most versions of the joke I’ve heard, the wording is “World ends, women and minorities hardest hit”

  4. Oh noes, Caribou Barbie!

    The most interesting thing about this is all of the hyserical spittle flecked rages that this will throw the left into. HuffPo won’t be able to post about anything else for a while. The left’s vile hatred of this woman is one of the most pathetic things I’ve even seen.

    1. She stood in the way of The One.

    2. The subscription is like $9.99.

      I am guessing like 50% of her revenues will come from left wing Palin haters who subscribe “to keep track of that racist tea bag cunt”.

    3. Palin, Condi and Clarence make those masks fly right off progs’ faces. It amuses me to no end.

      1. Putting Palin in the company of Rice and Thomas seems like an insult to Rice and Thomas.

        1. In the sense that Thomas and Rice have clear intellectual heft and experience, yes. Palin is just a media figure and has been for a long while. . .even when she was an actual political figure.

  5. “Why I’m Actually Pretty Psyched For the New Sarah Palin Channel”

    The decades of low-level exposure to the toxic tanning chemicals being outgassed by your jacket has finally started to rot your brain?

    1. No. He is just has something you will never understand; an open mind.

  6. Nick should stop posting on Time. They seem to publish anyone willing to write something for them, and so he stuff gets posted along side SJW stuff that sounds like it is the ramblings of a high schooler.

    1. Uh, so it’s wrong to raise the level of discourse at Time?

      1. And I’m not just trying to kiss up to Nick to get a free jacket.

        1. Why would anyone want a real world alien venom symbiote?

      2. It won’t work. It just makes us viewed in a similarly low light. Nothing will raise the discourse in Time. Does anyone with the reading comprehension greater than an 8th grade Common Corer even read Time?

  7. Nick be trollin’.

  8. When did Sarah develop that turkey neck? Very unappealing.

  9. I read the piece!

    The clickbait is Sarah Palin. The message is media monopolies ain’t no thing!

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