Reason-Rupe Poll: Millennials Don't Like to Be Nannied


First published on July 10, 2014. Original text below:

"Millennials don't like to be nannied," states Reason-Rupe polling director Emily Ekins. "They opt for personal choice over government regulation across a number of products and activities that many governments have already banned or have sought to ban."

Two-thirds of millennials favor same-sex marriage. The poll also found that a majority of Republican millennials said the government should allow same-sex marriage.  

"This is actually a part of a broader socially liberal shift we're finding among young Republicans," states Ekins. "In fact, four in 10 identify as being socially liberal."

When it comes to marijuana legalization, 57 percent of millennials approve of lifting the ban on pot. Sixty-seven percent said that people should be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in public.  

Watch the video above to hear Ekins delve deeper into these results.
For full poll results, check out

Reason-Rupe has a new survey and report out on millennials—find the report here.

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  1. #sharingeconomy

  2. Millennials Don’t Like to Be Nannied

    Since when?

    1. There was a poll

  3. So the folks in question want to be left alone with their “guaranteed” medical care and “living wage”?
    ‘Gimme the money and buzz off!’

    1. Basically this.

      Reason’s continued bullshit on this is hilarious. Millennials, as a general rule, are incredibly pro-nanny state, with the exception of gays and pot. I mean, it’s great that they’re on the right side of those issues, but on the whole?

      How many millenials support seat belt laws, motorcycle helmet laws or DUI checkpoints? How many favor increased gun regulation? How many want college to be “free”? How many support Obamacare?

      1. Reason’s continued bullshit on this is hilarious. Millennials, as a general rule, are incredibly pro-nanny state, with the exception of gays and pot.

        Wrong, they’re pro-nanny state including gays and pot.

      2. I don’t Millenials are *incredibly* pro-nanny they seem the same as the rest of the population. The e-cig number is actually not bad.

        1. The e-cig number is actually not bad.

          A third of this so called anti nanny generation thinks people should not be allowed to inhale water vapor from a tube in public.

          I’m not sure how that’s anything other than a total disaster for freedom.

  4. I’m waiting for the big revelation: how many millenials approve of deep dish pizza?

  5. A whole 67% think that we should be allowed to use E cigarettes in public view huh? How tolerant of them.

  6. “Quit nannying me ma! I’ll look for a job… starting tomorrow!”

    1. To be fair, finding a job is hard right now. Of course, the retards who voted for Obama halfway through their undergrad years don’t see any connection between Mom’s basement and their precious President.

      1. Weird – my son went through four in a two week period. Kept the last two (the first two sucked).

        Depends on what *kind* of job you want.

        And I’ll note it wasn’t like my job was handed to me when I got out of college. “It’s HARD to find a job!” Welcome to life, kid.

        Now get the fuck out of my wallet.

        1. Well there’s the rub, because most millenials don’t seem interested in working as pipe-fitters in Mandan, ND, or electronic engineers in Houston, or roofers in Nashville.

          For them, a “job” means “being a certified member of the ‘creative class’ in a fashionable city, with an impressive title (think Coalitions Director for NGO specializing in clean water), where I get paid well to produce something of dubious value.”

  7. Oh, also –

    What do Millenials think of these poll results?

  8. Dude this makes a whole lot of sense, I liek the sound of that.

  9. Two-thirds of millennials favor same-sex marriage.

    That’s an indicator of one’s position on the Nanny State?

    1. “Two-thirds of millenials prefer chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream over butter pecan. This is proof positive that they resist the idea of a Nanny-State.”

    2. Yes, everything else is just details.

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