Get Rebooted in SF, July 18-19, with Rand Paul, Nick Gillespie, Kmele Foster, and More!

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Attention, Bay Area-area Reasonoids! I'm appearing at the Lincoln Labs Reboot conference on July 18-20 at San Francisco's W Hotel.

"Reboot" is bringing together libertarian and conservative programmers, entrepreneurs, activists, and others to explore common areas of concern in all sorts of tech policy and possibilities. 

The list of presenters is pretty awesome (despite my inclusion). Sen. Rand Paul is keynoting and characters such as John Dennis, the libertarian office-furniture magnate who ran a spirited campaign against Nancy Pelosi; Derek Khanna, who got bounced from the Republican Study Committee after questioning intellectual property laws; and Kmele Foster, the co-host with Kennedy and Reason's own Matt Welch of Fox Business' The Independents.

I'll be giving a talk titled "WTF: How to Woo Millennials and Win the Future with Free Minds and Free Markets."

Go here for a full list of speakers, sessions, and events (hmm, hackathon…).

Reason.com readers get 15 percent off all tickets by using the promo code reason when registering.

Read more about the conference and its goals in this Wall Street Journal piece. A snippet:

"The purpose of the conference is to set a high bar for what can be achieved if you bring together problem-solvers in the political space with problem-solvers in the technology space," said Garrett Johnson, a onetime aide to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar who co-founded LincolnLabs.

The group was established to help recruit tech talent for libertarian or conservative causes at a time when liberal groups and the Democratic Party have a massive advantage in using technology to find voters and persuade them to support its candidates and causes. Its founders are careful not to align themselves directly with the Republican Party, but GOP leaders hope the group attracts talent to its more official efforts to modernize the party.