Are You Ready for #REASONDAY at Freedom Fest? Saturday, July 12 in Vegas w Matt Welch, Remy, Nick Gillespie and More!


FreedomFest—"the world's largest gathering of free minds"—kicks off today in Las Vegas. Created and organized by Mark Skousen, FreedomFest features a couple of thousand attendees and dozens if not hundreds of speakers such as Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Cato Institute President John Allison, Fox News legend John Stossel (who will be taping a show from the event), P.J. O'Rourke, The Independents' Kennedy, and many more.

This year's theme is "Is Big Brother Here?" and many of the talks and panels will focus on the rise of the surveillance state, the revelations of Edward Snowden, how to fight back against all forms of surveillance, and more.

Reason folks will be out in force at Freedom Fest, which takes place at the Planet Hollywood casino. Saturday is #ReasonDay at Freedom Fest and a wide variety of Reasoners will be talking up our particular vision of "Free Minds and Free Markets." Go here and scroll to Saturday, July 12 for a full rundown of Reason events.

Foundation President David Nott will be talking about how think tanks effect social change, Polling Director Emily Ekins will be giving the lowdown on the Reason-Rupe Poll of millennials (the report comes out tomorrow), Reason Foundation analyst Brian Seasholes will be talking about to use market forces to save endangered species, and Matt Welch and I will be talking about "How to Woo Millennials and Win The Future" while literally pelting the audience with tasty commestibles (apologies in advance both to the first few rows in Vegas and Gallagher fans everywhere).

And oh yeah: Reason TV will also be hosting a very special session featuring Remy, who will debut a new song in a special unplugged performance! Come on out and be part of a special crowd-sourced video stunt that will make you feel alive (again)!

#ReasonDay is Saturday! If you're in Vegas, come check it all out. If you're online, check your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other feeds, cause we're going to be all over them like the German soccer team on the Brazilian squad.

Official Freedom Fest site here.